August 28, 2009

The following is a comment I made in response to someone posting on my previous entry. I think the person I responded to is really just remarking on the level of anger she sees in this discussion, but it brought up a sore point. Of *course* this argument is acrimonious. This isn’t something that is going to be addressed by being friendly with people that want to use you. That’s called being a chump. The whole notion of going along to get along is used against good people by scoundrels to commit their crimes, and I don’t think being nice for its own sake is an ideal to aspire toward.

Most of us who are starting to speak up know that we aren’t going to be seen as nice women for doing so. Women who speak up never are. That is one of the ways we are silenced. The person who I respond to with this post is not trying to take the transgender position I don’t think, but I want to take the opportunity to address the attempts to silence women in this argument by accusations of “hatred”.

What hatred? I confess to hatred of other people’s actions. I despise being politically assaulted by others and then told to shut up and that my opposition to their attacks is hatred. I also do not like people demanding rights over women, and claiming that it is hatred if I object to it being done in my name. I will not accept that my declaration of independence is hatred, or an imposition on anyone else. If they feel that way, they are imposing on other people perforce and just don’t like being caught in the act.

Yes this is all very personal to me, that’s why I say “I” and “they” so much. I am quite tired of being held up as a human shield every time some TG plan backfires. There is a definite “they” when they do this to people born like me. I don’t accept their actions as valid. I speak for me, they do not.

On the topic of “intersex”, it’s important to define that term closely. Maybe the difference in viewpoint is that I already feel certain that my difference is physical in the brain, and also in the rest of the body. That was one of the first things that I understood before I began my treatment. But intersex in nature is a different thing than intersex as it developing as a social movement.

Intersex as it is coming to be known as a movement is about standing up to the the attacks of the medical and government establishment. This is an industrial complex that has gained unspeakable control over individual lives as business grows tendrils throughout the machinery of power in Western civilization. Some people see government as inherently beneficial. I see government that must be controlled to be useful, and non-murderous.

Some people feel some level of affirmation of the reality of your condition from recognition by your government. But that is a personal experience and should not be “inflicted” on other people as standard business practice in this type of matter. What is good for one is not good for all, and if we respect individual rights we do not impose diagnosis against people’s will, especially under penalty of law. I do not accept a patriarchal view of government.

I am not willing to be diagnosed with a falsehood in order to gain sympathy from a government system or individuals. And that is how I view “Gender Identity Disorder”; it is a lie. And for perspective, those who think intersex is some kind of panacea for social vilification need to speak to some of the people affected by the medical and government abuses that crop up in their lives. As it stands, men who pretend to be women in the UK, for instance, have more ability to affect their legal status than women who have been labeled as men by false scientific gods there. Intersex itself is being created as a category by medical authorities as a crass powermongering move to make themselves relevant where they are not wanted. There is a lot more to intersex than biology. It is political. And because of that alone I would not tread on their lives, because I have not been targeted in the same way they have. I respect their identity, whatever and whomever that may include.

Accusations of hatred are sorely misplaced. I stand up for myself, and I would hope others can see that for what it is. If people can’t, then they have lost their way. I won’t be chastised by accusations of hatred for simply objecting to the nonsense that is going on right now.


Intersex and Transsexual, two groups that say no to the transgender paradigm

August 24, 2009

I started writing a response on Sophia’s blog and it grew into something I wanted to post here. I think it’s very important that people with transsexual and intersex backgrounds develop a relationship that respects our differences and supports each other. Mostly it’s the “transsexual” (transgender) side that needs to learn respect. And even more precisely, it’s about putting a stop to the transgender politicians who reach through us transsexual people to colonize intersex lives. Someone could probably write about politically constructed and medically constructed identities here, but I think they are one and the same.

In any case, we need to put a stop to this colonization right now. I am sick of hearing the bleating of transgender types who think they do no harm by speaking for all of us. They are playing right into the hands of their enemies, who are now our enemies. Their blind refusal to admit this and the continued insistence they they be allowed to speak for us is all the evidence anyone should need for why there should be no “I” added to the end of GLBT.

Life is about living.

It is our lived experience that make us who we are. The origins of our gross anatomy or our brain structure are of no importance by themselves. It is how they affect the course of our lives that matters.

The plain fact is that those who were attacked by brutal social institutions while still in infancy have a different life course than those who weren’t. Intersex has been defined by the white-coated types who want to cut the world into neat little pieces. That is to say, the category of intersex as it is today would not exist if not for people who want to deny the humanity of others.

Those who think intersex is some kind of free pass on their behavior are not only participating in the victimization of their fellow human beings, but they are missing the point. Intersex has become a way to institutionalize brutality. The Chicago “consensus statement” on just who is and isn’t intersex (read normal/human) proves that. (edit to add- Why does all this stuff seem to come out of Chicago???)

The category has changed from an item of passing scientific interest to a social crusade designed to wipe out everyone who is different in some way. The 5 alpha nonsense from McGinley’s ridiculous study is part and parcel of this attack. It is also a sign of the times that we focus on process over fact, something that sustains these crusades in the face of all reason and evidence to the contrary.

It is not commonality of birth that unites all the people into a “group” (a term I am learning to hate). Who defines the group in the first place? Is it we in the world, or they in the labcoat? In this case, the group that is forming in reaction to continued attacks on the existence of its members forms out of necessity. It is the common struggle. That is why, I think, people with completely different lives that are lumped together as intersex in the first place are turning to one another and beginning to say “No!” to the parasitic medical industry that demands they be brutalized physically and emotionally. The only thing that “intersex” people have in common in many cases is the fight for human dignity in the face of the proverbial implacable enemy. There is a quote from C.S. Lewis that comes to mind here:

“It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

But in the case of intersex , the whitecoated ones torture for *society’s* good, and in a few of the more egregious cases, for that person’s cynical personal career aspirations. Those who do harm to others to advance their own status deserve special vilification, because they are the ones lighting the torches for the mob.

Does it matter if I discover magically I have an “intersex” condition in addition to, or as the cause of, the course my life took? Only to me. I want an explanation for why I am the way I am. But that is academic, and of use only for personal comfort… and in some cases a matter of leverage to gain recognition from our backward government entities when they are finally forced to accept that being born different is an immutable condition. (I am not holding my breath over on this side of the pond) We all seem to live under governments that demand we prove we are human beings before they will allow us to exist in their paperwork.

Our problem is a failure in government and in society’s institutions. It is not a lack of science per se. I do think science can be used as a tool, as part of a larger political strategy to defeat our common adversary that seems to think it can use science to torture us. That probably deserves a closer look at some point.

But if tomorrow some lab report my doctor ordered said I had what they consider an intersex, so what? THEY think so, but what do *I* think? And that is the cental problem of having institutions define us as human beings. It is a step on the road to dehumanizing a population. Where have we seen this sort of thing before?

I don’t put weight on lingo and technobabble simply because it comes from some pseudo-medical field. I am not impressed with unearned authority, or indeed authority of any kind. I see the problem of intersex the same way as Sophie does, I think. It is they who think babies are socio-medical emergencies. They, the professional medical types, whip parents into a frenzy. Their job is to do no harm, and they should be calming worried parents, not exploiting them. They violate every principle of human decency and dignity when they attack infants. I have no respect for people like that: They should know better, why don’t they? I am convinced that some of them do, but still persist.

My life with a transsexual background is a completely different experience than someone who has lived through an “intersex” experience with whitecoated adversaries. The problem is spreading now as the villains have moved into government. They are banding together, the faux religious bigots, the fading culture warriors, and the profiteers. So must we.

We intersex and transsexual people must stand together in opposition to the vile people who demand our extinction. The scoundrels that hide their villainy with the veneer of medicine, psychiatry, and academia must be confronted and their agendas exposed. I include transgender politicians in this category, because they want us to stop existing as who we are and become what they want instead.

What unites us in struggle is the fight against the violence done to us. Physical violence inflicted on infants and children by surgery, and by parents acting in ignorance. Social violence committed by those who torture us into extinction. And political violence that seeks to consume us. Every one of us has experienced some of these things. Some of us have experienced all of them, and continue to do so every day. It is time for this evil that men do to end.



August 21, 2009

One of the biggest problems transsexual women face is having self-appointed community “leaders” who think they need to engage in activism. There is a reason that do-gooders are almost universally reviled throughout the ages. Here’s an example of one that bothers me.

Dr. Kelley Winters has taken it upon herself to get involved with the DSM V, the rewrite of the diagnostic handbook where the silly notion of “gender identity disorder” has become enshrined in the pseudo-medical literature. John Money cackles from his grave every time that diagnosis is made.

On her blog she details her participation in the “GID” workgroup, the latest being a presentation made in June along with two others. Here is a summary of their position from her blog, under a heading of “What We Think”:

* Winters – Individuals whose gender identity or expression differ from assigned birth-sex are labeled mentally disordered in the DSM-IV-TR, inflicting harmful social stigma and barriers to transition care.
* Ehrbar – Practically, diagnosis is needed for access. Conceptually, it makes sense to categorize gender dysphoria as a mental health disorder.
* Gorton – GID (by any name) belongs in DSM-V. Revisions can foster acceptance among consumers without compromising scientific accuracy. Diagnosis facilitates insurance coverage and disability protections.

While Winters states that she has a problem with the stigma, the other two people strongly believe that “Gender Identity Disorder”, a clear fiction, is indispensable and necessary. It is necessary to label people who are different, it “makes sense” to say that the people in question have a mental health disorder, and it is “scientifically accurate” to boot.

I don’t have a problem with Winters viewpoint, and I agree with her. I just don’t think anyone is listening to her. The problem is that she associates with people who do not have our interests as women at heart. They have the interests of the pseudo-medical industry in mind first and foremost. Winters’ presence at the conference appears to be largely ornamental.

Having a token transsexual person on board gives the Psych Industry the veneer of propriety it wants in continuing its cruel domination of not only those who are born differently, but those who think differently as well (the transgender). It is the crassest form of politics practiced against society’s most vulnerable members. But this is completely in character for the so-called mental health profession as a macro business entity. Individual therapists may be good people and help their clients, but organizational needs override any good that may come from books like the DSM. Simply put, the Psych Industry wants to keep its customers, even if those customers must be victimized to do so.

The Public Option

Those like Dr. Winters who live steeped in transsexuality are not doing good for the cause, whatever that cause is. Being born part of a tiny minority carries with it a very different set of rules than such things as race, creed, or any of the identity-based movements that trans-politics tries to model itself after. Being flawed from the inception, the political activism that “transpeople” engage in are inevitably harmful in the end.

When you make your life about a birth defect, certain questions arise in people’s minds, questions that are not what the activists think they are. People question your sanity, as they cannot imagine exposing themselves to such ridicule when it clearly isn’t necessary. Far from supporting “the cause”, being out, loud, and in your face is extremely bad public relations. Media organizations create a freak show, predatory organizations like the APA rub their hands in glee thinking of the research grants they will get to experiment on the marginalized. Being a public figure for publicity’s sake, a favorite pastime of the professional transsexual, has done more harm than those people will ever know.

Take that situation and add a dash of collegialism, the hint of inclusion for a person who feels marginalized, and the promise of a better time to come. This is the recruiting poster for tokens. It’s the way minorities have been solicited in the past to provide an example of “one of the good ones”.

Every person must make their own choices, and live their own life. Nobody should do these things in a complete vacuum of reality, and that is the situation the professional transsexuals find themselves in. The choice facing such people is if they are willing to put their own emotional needs above the good of many others like themselves, or if they will do the right thing and think hard about how their choices affect others before they act.

In the US, we have created a narcissistic society that has bred generations of people who think they are superstars. What will it take to temper the hubris?

Consensus Creates Reality?

August 19, 2009

I don’t respect labels. I find them silly and useless. Having arguments about labels is silly and useless. It doesn’t matter what label you use, reality is independent of the propaganda we use to dress it up.

The post-modern trend that produced transgender is coming to a close. The idea that you can change reality by changing perception was once celebrated in academia. It was also once vilified as a lie. These are societal trends, yet reality stands above and beyond them.

Post modernism, transgender in this case, does not respect reality. It uses words with real meaning, such as transsexual, in any way it sees fit. So no, I don’t agree with the idea that everyone here is necessarily transsexual. You cannot create reality by changing the label you apply to yourself. You cannot change reality by consensus.

This is the central point that needs to be made to those who believe in transgenderism. Transsexual is a condition that exists at birth. It is a word that describes reality, it does not create it. You are either born with the condition, or you were not.

If you think it is a privilege to be transsexual (on that mythical Kinsey-like scale of Harry Benjamin’s) and use that as a justification for your behavior, you are obviously not transsexual. Nobody born with a birth defect thinks it is a good thing.

I’ve had enough spin from the transgender. This isn’t an argument of “sides”. The purpose of those shoving transgender down our throats is to own our identity. Transsexual is a real birth condition, it can’t be owned in that sense the transgender tend to think. They do, however, understand we can be used for their own ends if they can browbeat us into submission.

It is an act of coercive political violence for the transgenderists to dictate terms to us. I don’t like men pushing me around, and those who “identify” as transgender retain their male privilege, albeit in a reduced capacity with regard other men. They may say they don’t have privilege, but everything they do gives the lie to that.

These men need to shut up and piss off when it comes to women’s issues.

GENDA Is Worse Than Useless

August 19, 2009

Over at Bilerico Jillian Weiss writes a blurb about the upcoming ENDA vote. While most women like myself could care less about such a thing, it seems to be the end-all be-all of the trangender “movement”. It is their gay marriage.

It is no wonder so many of them pretend to be transsexual; they will do *anything* to ride that particular coattail. While many gays and lesbians have a legitimate gripe with stereotyping and workplace issues, the same cannot be said for the transgender position. It is beyond belief that some people think lawmakers will pass legislation mandating that employers allow men be allowed to wear dresses to work and force other people to participate in that fetish. This is another one of those areas where crossdresser interests and post-corrected women’s interests just don’t meet, but are being presented as the same. But there are more views within the transgender group that co-exist there besides those of the group hoping for this pie-in-the-sky grab by some of the crazier transgender people.

One type is the standard person that is in transition and fears society’s judgment. It would be the mark of a transvestite not to care what other people think at all, or to lack the ability to see yourself as you really are. A responsible transitioner knows her limitations and her goals. But the siren call of transgender can fool a woman into believing, if only for a bit. It promises so much; legal protection, acceptance, and community. With GENDA looming some people who are facing difficult transitions are climbing on board the transgender raft. These people I charitably refer to as “chumps”. They’ll get used and abused and eventually discarded by some of the more cynical gays and transgenders who are playing games with their support.

The other group within the transgender umbrella who is keenly interested in this legislation is what I euphemistically like to call “fucking perverts”. These are the predators who hang around transsexual women pretending to be one of us (unsuccessfully) and using the lax state of affairs in medical care to access things never meant for them. They chase us out of our groups and yes, sometimes physically and sexually assault us. While the full-time transgenderist is usually a harmless panty wanker or gay queen, the real danger of transgender to women are these asshats. Andrea James calls them wannabes, other women have their own names for them. But anyone who has transitioned in the last few years knows how ubiquitous these men have become around anything “trans”.

If GENDA passes as is, what is to keep these sexual predators away from women’s facilities, and out of women’s space? This isn’t just a bathroom issue (Autumn), this is women’s space as a concept apart from men. It is the right of self-identity. Women are setting up pharmacies, clinics, and other services just for “womyn born womyn” specifically out of fear of things like GENDA. In a bit of irony, perhaps the sole loophole in the law will be made for religious exemptions, which will drive feminist women and the religious right together in opposition to the transgender agenda.

But none of this matters to the absolutely self-centered typical transgender person. The predators aside, there are many people going along with this garbage who seem to just be people facing problems in their transition. Fears, doubts, lack of money. So what kind of people “rise” to the top of that heap and decide the direction?

For the most part, transgender is an academically driven “movement”. It has spokespeople like Lynn Conway and the above mentioned Jillian Weiss, and quite a few others of that persuasion. The faults with having a top-down elitist movement are various and sundry, so I’ll leave that for another post. What I want to illustrate is the typical attitude of the transgender supporter. I found this follow-up comment From Ms Weiss to be a perfect example.

In regard to those of you who have commented on the limitations of ENDA, the problems of lumping transgender and transsexual identities together, and the issue of who should represent the trans community — all important issues — thank you for commenting. I have a lot of empathy for these issues, though for myself, I have determined that my rights as a transsexual woman are tied together with transgender and other non-conforming people, as well as the GLB community. I believe that, just as I have the right to determine my gender identity, so too, do others, even if their gender identity is quite different from my own. The issue is the right, not the identity. In fact, I have a law review article coming out in the fall, asserting that there is a constitutional right to determine one’s own gender identity. A bit controversial, I know, and considering how I shrink from controversy, quite surprising, n’est pas?

This writing strikes me as horribly narcissistic. Beyond that, what is it really saying? The writer has a lot of empathy for others, but oh well that’s too bad because they are going to do what the hell they feel like no matter how other people are affected. Their right to “determine my gender identity” outweighs the rights of others, the needs of others, common sense and decency, or anything at all. This is the central feature of the transgender mindset, and it is one of the main reasons you hear the criticisms from the family members of transgender types about how selfish they are. They simply don’t care about anyone else. And they will rationalize a lame excuse like this one before going right on with their pre-determined course.

As any adult should be able to tell you, this is not a rational way to live. It is self-centered, shortsighted, and dysfunctional. These are the people who need to be opposed before their hubris brings reprisal. Along with these callous types, in come all the sexual deviants fully protected by law. This obviously isn’t going to make it though Congress. But in failing, what kind of damage will the delusional do?

From the moment I began transition, I knew that my only legal need was to have my paperwork recognized accordingly. That solved all my problems. I mind my own business, and keep my medical issues to myself. Nobody wants to know, and nobody cares. Privacy is golden.

It never occurred to me to demand special laws or privileges that the rest of society does not enjoy. Nor did I think I needed to hide those kinds of demands under the guise of equality, cynically using the gay rights movement for my own needs. I believe that certain people in the transgender rights movement are doing just that, and they will indeed hold gays and lesbians hostage if need be. They’ve done political violence to transsexual women already, why wouldn’t they do it to others to get what they want?

The Culture Wars Are Over

August 11, 2009

I think it’s time that some of the transgender activist types got the message that times are changing. Silly fights like the Autumn Sandeen/LaBarbera sideshow act are yesterday’s entertainment. Politicians of various stripes are coming to terms with the fact that their histrionics about abortion and gays in the military is no longer relevant. The Springeresque culture of the last two decades was a phase, and now we are entering a new one. Nobody will be taking transgender “rights” seriously in this emerging America. Identity politics is part of the culture wars, and the culture wars are now over.

The following is from a post I made on Zoe Brain’s blog. I hope that people involved in this argument can stop with the buzzwords, the memes, and all the other things that serve only to cloud the dialog. Time will tell.

The political climate that allowed the idea of transgender to flourish no longer exists. This isn’t a turn to the right, this is a fundamental shift in American politics towards pragmatism and getting things done. Our heads are not in the clouds anymore as they were the last 20 years. And the old left-right paradigm of the last 40 years no longer applies; that was an artifact of the fight between two particular generations, and one of the generations is no longer in the political picture.

The culture wars are over. Much like cold war relics who refused to change with the times, the culture warriors continue to spit venom, though they are quickly losing steam. Their time is over, and the signs are everywhere.

If you have the time, watch some of these health care town meetings. The tone is unlike anything I have seen in politics. I just watched an exchange between the crowd and the senator who was speaking. The senator asked why the people were shouting, and the crowd said “We don’t trust you”. This is going on all over the country. People don’t care about useless ideology, they want solutions.

I believe that within a few years the transgender lobby, existing as a branch of the GLBT, will fall silent and cease to exist in any meaningful form. People who are strident in their beliefs today will distance themselves from them in times to come. They will find a new way to cope with their lives.

And that brings me to the central problem I have with transgender with regard to actual transsexual people. It is a bright, shining lie that keeps us from becoming who we were meant to be. It is a crutch that none of us need. Personal truth is something to be explored and cherished, it is not something to hide from through labels like transgender.
All of us deserve better.