Consensus Creates Reality?

I don’t respect labels. I find them silly and useless. Having arguments about labels is silly and useless. It doesn’t matter what label you use, reality is independent of the propaganda we use to dress it up.

The post-modern trend that produced transgender is coming to a close. The idea that you can change reality by changing perception was once celebrated in academia. It was also once vilified as a lie. These are societal trends, yet reality stands above and beyond them.

Post modernism, transgender in this case, does not respect reality. It uses words with real meaning, such as transsexual, in any way it sees fit. So no, I don’t agree with the idea that everyone here is necessarily transsexual. You cannot create reality by changing the label you apply to yourself. You cannot change reality by consensus.

This is the central point that needs to be made to those who believe in transgenderism. Transsexual is a condition that exists at birth. It is a word that describes reality, it does not create it. You are either born with the condition, or you were not.

If you think it is a privilege to be transsexual (on that mythical Kinsey-like scale of Harry Benjamin’s) and use that as a justification for your behavior, you are obviously not transsexual. Nobody born with a birth defect thinks it is a good thing.

I’ve had enough spin from the transgender. This isn’t an argument of “sides”. The purpose of those shoving transgender down our throats is to own our identity. Transsexual is a real birth condition, it can’t be owned in that sense the transgender tend to think. They do, however, understand we can be used for their own ends if they can browbeat us into submission.

It is an act of coercive political violence for the transgenderists to dictate terms to us. I don’t like men pushing me around, and those who “identify” as transgender retain their male privilege, albeit in a reduced capacity with regard other men. They may say they don’t have privilege, but everything they do gives the lie to that.

These men need to shut up and piss off when it comes to women’s issues.


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  1. Sponsorship Declaration:

    My name is Anonymous T-Girl.

    And i approve of this message.

  2. anoldfriend says:

    It would be nice if Marti would stop guzzling the Tee Gee Kool-Aid.
    Labels are pointless.

    Physical facts on the other hand have meaning.

    A man has a penis.
    A woman has a vagina.

    Those are the facts of life and the Tee Gees can pull their post modern BS all they want but that doesn’t change reality.

    Oh and
    Men cannot get pregnant.

  3. Sara says:

    I’m hard-pressed to think of anyone who is MORE secure of their place in this world than the young lady who owns this blog. Of that I am assured.

  4. catkisser says:

    I’d been told Marti had matured….I see that was mistaken.

    Marti and Helms are two of the most contemptible human beings I’ve ever run across and a prime reason I now oppose most trans civil rights legislation.

    That they can claim to be women and yet make the vile statements they do to post corrected women indicates a level of mental illness that simply leaves me speechless. They live on hatred of those they will never be like. That anyone anywhere gives either of them any credence at all is why nothing of any value or worth will come from transgenders.

    Soon now the DSM-v prepublication will be out and they will be offically branded what they are, sexual fetishists. They will not escape that.

  5. cassandraspeaks says:

    When I see the vile comments that the likes of Mark Abernathy make and the foul language they use in the process, I am reminded of my Mother’s words to me “expletives are the refuge of the ignorant and uneducated” Clearly he’s both.

  6. ariablue says:

    Oh, some of us are doing real activism Marti. It’s the kind that is going to put you and yours out of business.

    If you don’t like identity turf wars, then stop engaging in them. You act like you weren’t the ones that started all the nonsense. All you have to do to stop all the fighting is to relinquish your deathgrip on the word “transsexual” and stop issuing orders to us. You started the problem, you fix it. I guarantee if you leave it to us to fix it you aren’t going to like the outcome.

    Calling me “gender variant” is a terrible insult, and I am not going to accept that behavior from you. Who are you to be calling anyone anything? You have no credibility with mainstream society, which includes me whether or not you can grasp that.

    Simply put, your opinion doesn’t mean any more than anyone else’s. You are the perfect example of the subject of this post. Thanks for showing up and proving the point.

  7. I thought it was an excellent comment when you posted it on my blog, and I agree, it stands well on its on. Especially when it bothers the likes of Abernathy. And Catkisser, I agree. Helms posted a remark on Bilerico that had exactly the same effect on me. I agree, the transgender really should just go away.

  8. catkisser says:

    Abernathy and Helms have waged a ten year war on me in any and every trans venue possible of constant, unending and vicious insults, back channel lies and out and out slander. For the record. This is not recent with them, they hate, passionately, women of transsexual and intersexed history who are post corrected and reject the transgender umbrella. It borders on psychotic. I coined the term neo-gynophobia with these two in mind specfically.

  9. Steph says:

    Thanks for this post arialblue, as well as all the others that are now writing such blogs… because for a long time I wondered whether I was the only person who could see just how the whole transgender/gender theory bullshit movement was harming transsexual and intersex people. I wondered if I was the only person who regarded my problem as one from birth, that it wasn’t about gender or ‘gender role’ but very much extreme inability to reconcile my sex.

    I just had to quit mainstream trans forums a while back – it was getting pretty sickly… all the ‘SRS is just the icing on the cake’, ‘Being a t-girl is such as gift’, and ‘I always knew I was a woman because I liked pritty frocks and dolls’.

    And now, not only are we supposed to accept ‘transgender’ as an umbrella, I see we’re now ‘gender variant’ too?

    Well, sorry transgenderists and psychiatrists alike, but I do not have a ‘gender identity’ and some mythical ‘gender identity disorder’ which means I can get be treated like a good girl and get surgery when I’ve proved that I like the colour pink enough!!!


  10. SA-ET says:

    ROFL…oh noooo, the very gender variant, totally irrelavant, and eiptome of a something-other-than-and-hardly-female-out-and-proud gay and matronly Abernathy is back…what a delight. The internet splendidly sucks just a little more for her most gracious presence.

  11. SA-ET says:

    I don’t know how I missed her post. She must be driven to eat another sundae now that she’s starting to realize her position is in the minority on many of the comment boards now days. It won’t get better…more and more are joining the bandwagon as we finally reclaim what is ours.

    Ah…well…turanabout is fair play.

  12. ariablue says:

    Yes that person is quite a character aren’t they? 10 years for the transgender was quite a good ride, but now the party is over and it’s time to get back to reality. Abernathy and Co. are like those people that are still drinking when the sun comes up. You know the type who made the last call for alcohol necessary- “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!”. lol

    Thanks for commenting Steph, it’s good that more people like us are speaking out. Maybe you could write a few posts on your own blog? Always glad to link up with others =)

  13. ariablue says:

    Actually, have a look at this:

    See how transgender types use us to catch hell for them? That was a nice substitution, pretending that Conan wasn’t talking about them. For Abernathy’s information, “trannies” is a common term for exactly who *they* are, the transgender people who have male identity and strive towards transgenderism. For them to pretend it is about us women instead is a total joke. I don’t buy it and the general public doesn’t either.

  14. Don’t make me give up my profanity habit.

    i’ve got to have at least *one* vice.

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  16. sophiaofthescythes says:

    Hello Marti

    “It’s obvious you’re insecure about your own identity, since you’re so damn worried about someone stealing yours… while you’re doing the same to women born with vaginas. Tiresome.”

    Who created this pecking order in the first place? I was born neither with a vagina or a penis and what are you doing to me?

    “Transgender = Anyone who does not fit the strict defninition of male or female.”

  17. ariablue says:

    How do you like that bit about how I am stealing real women’s identities? That tells you everything you need to know about that person and who they really are.

  18. A N says:

    In my opinion Marti Abernathy is simply another voice of hatred.