GENDA Is Worse Than Useless

Over at Bilerico Jillian Weiss writes a blurb about the upcoming ENDA vote. While most women like myself could care less about such a thing, it seems to be the end-all be-all of the trangender “movement”. It is their gay marriage.

It is no wonder so many of them pretend to be transsexual; they will do *anything* to ride that particular coattail. While many gays and lesbians have a legitimate gripe with stereotyping and workplace issues, the same cannot be said for the transgender position. It is beyond belief that some people think lawmakers will pass legislation mandating that employers allow men be allowed to wear dresses to work and force other people to participate in that fetish. This is another one of those areas where crossdresser interests and post-corrected women’s interests just don’t meet, but are being presented as the same. But there are more views within the transgender group that co-exist there besides those of the group hoping for this pie-in-the-sky grab by some of the crazier transgender people.

One type is the standard person that is in transition and fears society’s judgment. It would be the mark of a transvestite not to care what other people think at all, or to lack the ability to see yourself as you really are. A responsible transitioner knows her limitations and her goals. But the siren call of transgender can fool a woman into believing, if only for a bit. It promises so much; legal protection, acceptance, and community. With GENDA looming some people who are facing difficult transitions are climbing on board the transgender raft. These people I charitably refer to as “chumps”. They’ll get used and abused and eventually discarded by some of the more cynical gays and transgenders who are playing games with their support.

The other group within the transgender umbrella who is keenly interested in this legislation is what I euphemistically like to call “fucking perverts”. These are the predators who hang around transsexual women pretending to be one of us (unsuccessfully) and using the lax state of affairs in medical care to access things never meant for them. They chase us out of our groups and yes, sometimes physically and sexually assault us. While the full-time transgenderist is usually a harmless panty wanker or gay queen, the real danger of transgender to women are these asshats. Andrea James calls them wannabes, other women have their own names for them. But anyone who has transitioned in the last few years knows how ubiquitous these men have become around anything “trans”.

If GENDA passes as is, what is to keep these sexual predators away from women’s facilities, and out of women’s space? This isn’t just a bathroom issue (Autumn), this is women’s space as a concept apart from men. It is the right of self-identity. Women are setting up pharmacies, clinics, and other services just for “womyn born womyn” specifically out of fear of things like GENDA. In a bit of irony, perhaps the sole loophole in the law will be made for religious exemptions, which will drive feminist women and the religious right together in opposition to the transgender agenda.

But none of this matters to the absolutely self-centered typical transgender person. The predators aside, there are many people going along with this garbage who seem to just be people facing problems in their transition. Fears, doubts, lack of money. So what kind of people “rise” to the top of that heap and decide the direction?

For the most part, transgender is an academically driven “movement”. It has spokespeople like Lynn Conway and the above mentioned Jillian Weiss, and quite a few others of that persuasion. The faults with having a top-down elitist movement are various and sundry, so I’ll leave that for another post. What I want to illustrate is the typical attitude of the transgender supporter. I found this follow-up comment From Ms Weiss to be a perfect example.

In regard to those of you who have commented on the limitations of ENDA, the problems of lumping transgender and transsexual identities together, and the issue of who should represent the trans community — all important issues — thank you for commenting. I have a lot of empathy for these issues, though for myself, I have determined that my rights as a transsexual woman are tied together with transgender and other non-conforming people, as well as the GLB community. I believe that, just as I have the right to determine my gender identity, so too, do others, even if their gender identity is quite different from my own. The issue is the right, not the identity. In fact, I have a law review article coming out in the fall, asserting that there is a constitutional right to determine one’s own gender identity. A bit controversial, I know, and considering how I shrink from controversy, quite surprising, n’est pas?

This writing strikes me as horribly narcissistic. Beyond that, what is it really saying? The writer has a lot of empathy for others, but oh well that’s too bad because they are going to do what the hell they feel like no matter how other people are affected. Their right to “determine my gender identity” outweighs the rights of others, the needs of others, common sense and decency, or anything at all. This is the central feature of the transgender mindset, and it is one of the main reasons you hear the criticisms from the family members of transgender types about how selfish they are. They simply don’t care about anyone else. And they will rationalize a lame excuse like this one before going right on with their pre-determined course.

As any adult should be able to tell you, this is not a rational way to live. It is self-centered, shortsighted, and dysfunctional. These are the people who need to be opposed before their hubris brings reprisal. Along with these callous types, in come all the sexual deviants fully protected by law. This obviously isn’t going to make it though Congress. But in failing, what kind of damage will the delusional do?

From the moment I began transition, I knew that my only legal need was to have my paperwork recognized accordingly. That solved all my problems. I mind my own business, and keep my medical issues to myself. Nobody wants to know, and nobody cares. Privacy is golden.

It never occurred to me to demand special laws or privileges that the rest of society does not enjoy. Nor did I think I needed to hide those kinds of demands under the guise of equality, cynically using the gay rights movement for my own needs. I believe that certain people in the transgender rights movement are doing just that, and they will indeed hold gays and lesbians hostage if need be. They’ve done political violence to transsexual women already, why wouldn’t they do it to others to get what they want?


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