We don’t need no education

September 8, 2009

One of the commenters on the last post brought something up that bears discussion. Contrary to the statements of some shameless self-promoters who call themselves “transgender”, society doesn’t need to be “educated” about the transsexual medical issue. What these people are really doing when they shout about this garbage at the top of their lungs is puffing themselves up and doing their best to “out” everyone on the planet. They don’t understand, or obtusely refuse to see, that terms like closeted and out do not apply to transsexual men and women.

Often you’ll hear a transgender type refer to being “honest” about their past, or make reference to bringing their “male side” together with their “female side” and not being ashamed for the whole world to know. Then they will contrast their goodness with the inherent evil of people who choose to mind their own business by keeping their own counsel. In the first place, anyone who believes they have a male side and then goes on hormones needs to seriously think about what they are doing. Some of the more vocal tg’s are catching on to this and the latter phrase is falling into disuse in these kinds of discussions. Yet the underlying problem remains.

The real issue is that transgender wants to substitute its voice for transsexual whenever possible. It wants to “educate” people about a condition that it doesn’t have. It wants to speak for people who purposely remain silent. Crossdressers want to climb up that ladder they’ve built, from transvestite to intersex. And transgender doesn’t care who it steps on on the way up.

There is a bare-faced fact here: the public doesn’t need education on transsexual issues, because the public was educated in the 1950’s. What the transgender are attempting to do is an act of re-education. As in reeducation camps. This is indoctrination on an international scale, and the problems they are running into with the religious right and the general public are related to this, not to their so-called championing of transsexual “rights”.

When one person from outside a group speaks for all the members of that group without consultation, it removes the individual right to speak for yourself. Maybe that’s the point.