September 9, 2009

One of the falsehoods perpetrated on us by the militant transgender is that we have a common enemy, and common interests. As patently ridiculous as that seems to the post-transition man or woman, it is a powerful threat to those who are beginning their treatment or are in the process, along the way. This sort of fearmongering needs a stern response.

The hard core transgender took the gay brush and tarred everyone with it. They tried to make us a part of their world in the collective consciousness. We did not ask to be turned politically gay by these imposters. If there is confusion it rests solely upon the shoulders of those who took it upon themselves to speak for anyone and everyone they thought they could use for their own ends.

But 20 years later, with the transgender fad fading quickly, their propaganda campaign is a dismal failure. Academics may have succeeded in changing the way people use a term or two, but the underlying concepts remain steadfast in people’s minds. People believe that sex determines who we are, and our physical bodies determine our sex. This bedrock principle will not be moved by pseudo-intellectual spiels, nor will it change due to the rantings of a crazed few on the internet.

The good news for those born with transsexual syndrome is that the public by and large understands your condition. Complete inside and out comprehension is not required for empathy, contrary to the lies spread by the militant TG’s. It is enough that people see and understand the pain you are going through, and the happiness that follows when you are cured. This is the only message that the rest of society needed to hear before they got the idea. This is how all the laws were changed for us in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Our birth certificates being handled in 48 states before the advent of the transgender fluffery is testament to this fact.

So take heart, and move forward secure in the knowledge that people are not out to get you. There are always going to be small-minded people somewhere who fear what they don’t understand. It would be the height of foolishness to run your life trying to appease an ignorant person that you don’t even know, wouldn’t it? These sorts of things mainly exist in our minds to give form to our own self doubt. But if you are in the process of treating your condition, I probably don’t have to tell you this. Most of us who went through that came to our own conclusions about these things, and moved past them. It is the process of reestablishing self-worth, for those who need it. If you haven’t done so yet, just know that there is a place beyond where you are now. Don’t let others cheat you out of that happy life you deserve.

Time Marches On

The public world of human interaction reflects the private world of our minds in synergy. Just as a person treating their ills moves through a process, so do groups treating social ills. Right now we who were born with transsexual syndrome are in the process of ejecting the transgender invaders from our space. This is a major change from the last two decades of unchecked transgender aggression. We have arrived at a crossroads.

Those who continue to appease an implacable enemy truly are not friends, as Susan has said on her blog. There can be no compromise with the kind of aggression committed against us. Compromise in this case is collaboration, and it benefits the enemy. And make no mistake, those who act against us in the name of transgender do so not out of misguided kindness, or dedication to some grand utopian dream, but for the most selfish reasons imaginable. It is not we who have defined this enemy; they do it themselves through their own actions.

This isn’t about who gets to be the head tranny in charge, or what label to adopt in a continuing trans war. I’ve watched this silliness for some time now and it looks exactly like what the TG’s do. Nobody is interested in the cliquishness of the past, or in raising up yet another petty tyrant in gender country. That world is evaporating even as I write this.

Some people at this crossroads have not decided which path to take, while others have seen the route and have started on their way. Some people have one foot in the past, and the other in the present. Others have one foot in the present and the other stepping toward the future. The two viewpoints are not compatible. But we can all decide for ourselves which way suits us best.

The two paths themselves are quite different. There is a divide a mile wide and a mile deep between them, and the contrast could not be more stark. There is no room to play both sides.

Where do you stand?