Transgender is Cissexual

September 13, 2009

Following on the heels of the usual accusations and privilege, one of the things that becomes obvious is that to be transgender, one must be “cis-sexual” as well.

Once you change your body to match your brain, you no longer are “transsexual” as the two are in alignment. The TG will deny that “transsexual” goes away, but the real transsexual-born know better. The transgender are very hung up on reproduction in their denial of my identity as a woman and claim that if I can’t have babies, I am not a real woman.

Further, if I somehow had a procedure done so that I could bear children, I have it on good TG authority I still wouldn’t be a woman, because I wasn’t “born that way”. To the transgender, people like me will never be real women. And that is the ultimate in abuse and control. They want control over our lives.

I reject their greedy, grasping advances and state without reservation that I am a woman, and no less a woman than any other. They have no say in the matter.

Turning to the other claims of the transgender proselytizers, they state that “cissexual” is when a person’s “gender” (or mind I suppose) is in alignment with their body, and they experience no “dysphoria” (whatever that is). But implicit in their denials of my womanhood is the notion that one cannot become “cissexual”, one must be born that way. Why?

I can only assume this is related to the deep shame and self-hatred that most of the transgender feel. They don’t feel there is a cure for these horrible feelings, and so there must be no cure for the body either. It is a case of transference. They transfer these feelings from their emotional anguish into their approach to their problem, and then further project it onto people who were born transsexual. Once they have “othered” these people it is an easy matter to demonize and punish.

The transgender as a group are made up of people who have a body that is in conflict with their desired gender role. One could say that their assigned “gender” is in conflict with their desired gender. At the same time they have no desire to actually change their body beyond a cosmetic affectation, if at all. And they certainly do not want to change the primary sexual characteristic, the genitals. If they did, they wouldn’t be transgender any more, they would be “transsexual” according to their definition.

Therefore, transgender must necessarily equate to “cissexual”.

Transgender and transsexual are polar opposites. You cannot be both. If your “gender” and your body are in alignment, you cannot be called “transgender”.

And a person who experiences no conflict between their body and their mind cannot be “transsexual” under anyone’s definition. Transgender people have no problems with their primary sexual characteristics, and desire to keep them. Transgender is, therefore, cissexual. Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

When transgender aggressors attack people who were born transsexual, they abuse cissexual privilege in doing so.

What about “cissexuality” for the transsexual-born? Is it achievable for us? As a woman who has been through the treatment, I say YES. Without a doubt, without reservation! Surgery is the cure for that demon that has tortured you your whole life. The horrible problem you have been dealing with does have a resolution.

To all the currently transsexual women out there, I tell you that your salvation is at hand. Good surgery is everything you dreamed it was. It gives your life back to you.

Have hope.

Your dreams will come true.