Transgender Spokeswoman: Crossdressers are Authentic Women

September 16, 2009

Jasper Gregory continues her preaching on the Theory of Transgenderism. I can’t decide if she is a sort of professor of Transgenderology, or if she is their long-awaited messiah that will raise them up to glory. Here’s some the wisdom from her most recent post.

I am an Authentic Woman (by Jasper Gregory)

This video helped me clarify my views.
I realized:

the right-wing transfeminism of Women Born Transsexual (WBT) is affirming the authenticity of WBT womanness, while denying the authenticity of Transgender Transsexual womannes and Tranny (Transvestite) womanness. The symbolic marker for authenticity is Sex-Reassignment Surgery.

Jasper on Julia Serano and the binary-centric movement she started:

Binary-Centric Transsexual Women Activists working within under the sign of “Transgender”. Julia Serano’s transfeminist manifesto “The Whipping Girl” provides the intellectual underpinnings for this movement. Questioning Transphobia has a lot of commenters in this camp, and this worldview has become the “Politically Correct” view on many feminist websites like Feministe.

She finishes with what I think to be her central thesis and the foundation of her future work.

My brand of Progressive Gender Activism legitimizes “Authentic” Woman and the related term “Transwoman” for anyone who feels an innate womanness. This recognition of authenticity is open to Trannies, Genderqueers, Queens, Femmeboys, Twinkies and Sissyboys. Any model which marks us as inauthentic but grants authenticity to other Transwomen, is inherantly bigotted and reactionary.

Closing with a powerful declaration:

So, this is my message to every Transwoman who I have offended
If you recognize my authenticity I will recognize yours!
If you deny my authenticity I will deny yours!

Ms. Jasper’s work draws on the body of knowledge created by 15 years of transgender activism and internet theorizing. She joins her sister transgender activists in that constellation of stars, taking her place next to such luminaries as Monica Helms, Autumn Sandeen, Monica Roberts, and many others who tell us that all you have to do to be a woman… is to take it from them.

Jasper’s Wardrobe: I am an Authentic Woman

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