Transgender Spokeswoman: Crossdressers are Authentic Women

Jasper Gregory continues her preaching on the Theory of Transgenderism. I can’t decide if she is a sort of professor of Transgenderology, or if she is their long-awaited messiah that will raise them up to glory. Here’s some the wisdom from her most recent post.

I am an Authentic Woman (by Jasper Gregory)

This video helped me clarify my views.
I realized:

the right-wing transfeminism of Women Born Transsexual (WBT) is affirming the authenticity of WBT womanness, while denying the authenticity of Transgender Transsexual womannes and Tranny (Transvestite) womanness. The symbolic marker for authenticity is Sex-Reassignment Surgery.

Jasper on Julia Serano and the binary-centric movement she started:

Binary-Centric Transsexual Women Activists working within under the sign of “Transgender”. Julia Serano’s transfeminist manifesto “The Whipping Girl” provides the intellectual underpinnings for this movement. Questioning Transphobia has a lot of commenters in this camp, and this worldview has become the “Politically Correct” view on many feminist websites like Feministe.

She finishes with what I think to be her central thesis and the foundation of her future work.

My brand of Progressive Gender Activism legitimizes “Authentic” Woman and the related term “Transwoman” for anyone who feels an innate womanness. This recognition of authenticity is open to Trannies, Genderqueers, Queens, Femmeboys, Twinkies and Sissyboys. Any model which marks us as inauthentic but grants authenticity to other Transwomen, is inherantly bigotted and reactionary.

Closing with a powerful declaration:

So, this is my message to every Transwoman who I have offended
If you recognize my authenticity I will recognize yours!
If you deny my authenticity I will deny yours!

Ms. Jasper’s work draws on the body of knowledge created by 15 years of transgender activism and internet theorizing. She joins her sister transgender activists in that constellation of stars, taking her place next to such luminaries as Monica Helms, Autumn Sandeen, Monica Roberts, and many others who tell us that all you have to do to be a woman… is to take it from them.

Jasper’s Wardrobe: I am an Authentic Woman

Jasper’s gender coaching site:


40 Responses to Transgender Spokeswoman: Crossdressers are Authentic Women

  1. catkisser says:

    I’ve been sparring with Abernathey, Helms, Sandeen and their ilk for well over a decade now. When I see their names, the image I have is Jasper……

    Jasper personifies these people, their positions, their attitudes. He will do more to bring women of history out of the shadows than anything else could have.

  2. “This recognition of authenticity is open to Trannies, Genderqueers, Queens, Femmeboys, Twinkies and Sissyboys.”

    Why is the transgender machine reacting so hard against this person? It isn’t just over facial hair, is it?

    Women with penises are being pushed for acceptance. And we’ve already had bearded ladies since roadshows have existed. What’s wrong with combining the two?

    Maybe it’s because she is an advanced stage, being revealed too soon for a society not yet ready for that level of acceptance?

    Is it because penises can’t be hidden, and beards can? Isn’t making her shave some form oppressive stealth? She’s only dislaying courage by showing the world she’s a woman, but different. That was the virtue being pushed at the latest Feministe article.

    The quoted statement is what i’ve been hearing since i started interacting with the community a year ago.

    They have the ultimate spokeswoman for their cause now, which looks to me to be a sort of final pinnacle in their metamorphisis of the idea of woman. Total acceptance regardless of appearance or society’s ‘bigoted’ discomfort.

    This is what happens when you keep moving the absolute line of standards.

    i very strongly feel that if surgery were covered by insurance, this would all eventually go away. The idea of penis = woman will disappear, as those hiding behind the cost issue (as opposed to those of us actually wanting it and hindered by it) will effectively have to put up or shut up.

    And mark my words, being sexually motivated, they will shut up. Men will not give up their penises. And the rare few that have (or will) do not justify denying care to the many like me.

    Until insurance or a government program has made surgery more affordable, more and more women like myself will die. And more and more women like Jasper will appear, exploiting lines and pushing them further.

    Although in truth, i don’t know how they could go any farther.

  3. nome says:

    A-T Girl, that’s a really interesting parallel. Many of that lot seem to find what they are looking for in trying to fit society’s box perfectly for their gender. For transwomen, that means NO BEARDS. But that’s really silly. Transfolk are expected to police their gender more than cisfolk, even within the community. It’s very saddening.

  4. catkisser says:

    nome, what planet are you from? I’m a Feminist, an active one….exactly what do you mean by “policing gender” because in my experience that is just one of those random baseless charges TGs use to tar those of us who actually live women’s lives……and those lives have a wide wide range of possibilities that, while they don’t encompass feminine penises, do range in all sorts of interesting fashions….but then if you think we are all June Cleavers you won’t get this.

    I work on my own car
    I plumbed most of our home
    I wired a lot of it
    I’m currently putting a new deck on our front porch
    I can butcher a hog
    I rarely wear skirts or dresses unless it’s appropriate
    Same with makeup.

    And yet I am woman, accepted as one everywhere.

  5. Leigh says:

    Cathryn .. you forget to add

    Whats in YOUR wallet ? 🙂

  6. Leigh says:

    “This recognition of authenticity is open to Trannies, Genderqueers, Queens, Femmeboys, Twinkies and Sissyboys”

    I read this and I instantly got this vision of Hedley Lamarr:

    “I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists.”

    ::: Blazing Saddles :::

  7. nome says:

    Catkisser, I did not mean to imply that all transmen and -women work tirelessly to fit into society’s ridiculous molds. I realize that is how it came out. What I meant was that many of the people who are dead-set against genderqueerness (for anyone, not just for themselves) are playing into something I find to be rather destructive for everyone. This does not mean that I think all transsexuals are like that one smidgeon, however. I know many transsexuals who are beautiful and accepting, no matter how much or little they play into traditional gender roles. Shit, the “girliest” transwoman I know (her words, not mine) said the most profound thing about my gender the other day to the point where I coulda cried. I also know genderqueer transmen who are quite comfortable in make-up. There is nothing wrong with living a woman’s life and you define that however you feel right! You are a woman and I would never challenge that, no matter how you act/look/whatever.

    What I challenge is the idea that if someone else’s definition of “woman” does not fit your own, that you discredit them and gender them however you see fit. That is what “gender policing” is. Now THAT I do take issue with. Who am I to gender/sex someone else’s body in a way they do not see fit? So, yes, I will challenge you on the idea that YOU somehow get to define someone’s body as male just because you can’t see a penis as anything else. We all have different relationships with our bodies and I do not want to invalidate anyone’s, even if I can’t quite understand it myself. Why do you get to look at my cunt and see “female” when I do not feel female myself and am uncomfortable with you doing that? (for a personal example)

  8. Leigh says:

    Your C**T !!!!!!!!!

    Even if you had one, you wouldn’t know what to do with it. You are a homosexual man, bending gender stereotypes. That does not, and never will make you a woman in ANYONES definition outside of GLBT circles.

  9. catkisser says:

    Like I said, what planet are you from?

    I’ve watched some of Jasper’s videos. No one but the most out there gender deconstructionist is going to see anything but a very weird guy….period. And that’s the truth of the matter so many wish to theorize away, every damn one of us genders others every minute. It literally is the very first thing you do when meeting someone else, put them in either the woman or man basket mentally because that colours every aspect of interpersonal relationships. So do I gender others? You’re damn skippy I do, so do you, so does everyone. As a woman it instantly records as a safety issue, male = potential danger, woman, relax. Every woman who thinks about this for even a split second gets it…..and you can see this simply by observing the human race and interplays that take place around you whenever mixed groups of men and woman are around.

    As a feminist, the transgender preoccupation with the trappings of womanhood have always struck me as demeaning. As a woman who has had many many long conversations with the wives of trans “women” I can tell you most of them have the same feelings.

    Now you can launch into a discourse on “passing privilege” or other such nonsense, but I have had ample experiences in the real world that tells me that is mostly crap and excuses. As a feminist I scratch my head in wonder why people who are so clearly men wish to be considered women in the first place and make a contest out of it, a heirarchy (which to me is downright obscene) of who’s more a woman than who. Frankly I find that insane.

  10. nome says:

    Umm. Actually I’m a bio-female genderqueer. Not that it is ANY of your business and as a survivor I do NOT need you to tell me that I am not safe in this society.

    And why do you think I am not a feminist? What about me is not feminist?

    I don’t care what you want to do, how you want to live your life. You do what you’re comfortable with and I’m thrilled for you. All I ask is that you respect me and mine. That you respect my desire to not be gendered. THAT is the only thing I take issue with. You can read every issue of Cosmo for all I care.

    I don’t want to talk about which group in the community has the most privilege/oppression. All I want is to band together to fight the patriarchal cis-privilege world that oppresses us.

  11. nome says:

    Fuck fighting over crumbs. Let’s look at why we have to fight over such tiny crumbs to begin with!

    And I never said I like Jasper that much. I find her highly offensive in how she outright attacks transsexuals. That’s why I removed her from my blogroll after seeing how she acts.

  12. ariablue says:

    Nome you might want to take a look at Sophia’s blog and other essays that she links from her OII-related writings there. She has a lot to say about what she calls norm-born privilege and how it has affected her life.

    Though it’s not my place to apologize for misunderstandings for others, since this is my little blog I will apologize in general. I’m sorry about the gendering problem, and I think we who comment on these things are just used to the genderqueer side that comes from “MtF TG’s” so we key on that.

    I personally believe that the genderqueer expression from the perspective of people like you has little to do with the MtF TG efforts. I think you are the kind of person I was directing this post towards.

    It is my honest belief that you have been sold a bill of goods with regard to the TG agenda as pursued by the TG’s who have coopted your name and your voice. That’s all I was trying to say. I don’t have any animosity towards actual genderqueer, crossdressers, or anyone else who is just living their lives.

    I am voicing objection to people who wave that flag of individuality as a distraction so they can pursue a misogynistic agenda. Some of us have started naming them as hardcore TG’s, radical TG’s, militant TG’s, etc. They rely on your goodwill to allow them a free pass in doing their dirty work. All I am saying is to question their “authority” for yourself and decide what *you* think is really going on.

  13. catkisser says:

    Why do you think I give two wet handfuls of whatever about your opinion about my womanhood? You mention “community”… thing I know for a fact is I have almost nothing in common with anyone who identifies with anything trans…..and they react to me the same.

    What you would get from me is a polite acknowledgment of whatever you identify as… have no control over what I think or which box I mentally put you in. I’ve met and had extended one to one conversations with both Les Fienburg and Kate Bornstein. Both with tell you they are third gendered, some sort of genderqueer. Les comes across as an attractive man, Kate as a gracious woman regardless of their stated identities. That’s the real world and how it works.

    My own life is very unconventional. My own “journey” different than most. I do not belong to that community you take about, I have almost nothing in common with anyone who labels trans anything and they have collectively made it clear over the years they wish nothing to do with me….appeals on that level with me are totally wasted. I consider myself cis-gendered and cis-sexual at this point, so playing that card is also pointless.

    My brand of feminism is European second wave. That is I celebrate those unique strengths and attributes of women, not desire to be a penisless man who denies that the differences are real because I am uniquely been in a position to understand they are.

  14. Leigh says:

    Which part of Jasper speaks “she” to you? Does jasper resemble your mother ?

    It is not about you, or even jasper as individuals.

    It is about not allowing homosexual men, crossdressers, transvestites, sissyboys, queens, femmeboys and all the other flavors that go into the mix of the GLBT to speak for women born transsexual or the Intersex.

    It is about not allowing these types to represent themselves as women born transsexual or the Intersex.

    You can represent you and you only. You may not take the term transsexual or intersex as your own because it is identity theft and we will not allow you too.

    If you want us to respect your choice to self identify then you must quit stealing terms that do not apply to you.

    Is that clearer now or do I need to beat you with a baseball bat ?

  15. nome says:

    Ariablue, I agree that there are many people in this community who are troublesome. But it’s not just one identity. Each one have triggered me in some way or another. We have transsexuals like catkisser who outright attack my identity. We have transfolk in general who’ve either called me too trans or not enough. (you work that one out >.<) I've seen people who act like misogynistic cismales and then claim to be genderqueer to absolve themselves of male privileges. No one identity is clean of fault because people can suck no matter what. But that does not make the labels themselves bad. I don't suddenly hate transwomen because of how transwomen like catkisser treat me. That's just internalizing transphobic bullshit.

    Catkisser, I'm no longer engaging with you in conversation, nor are you welcome on my blog. My blog should be a safe space for everyone – transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, any mix of them. You do not make comments I deem "safe" for anyone. Your comments are damaging to anyone in the community because you base your views of gender on trans- and genderphobic views of cisfolk, and not on how people self-identify. I do not need to tell you why that is fucked on a number of levels but I can just stop reading your comments.

  16. nome says:

    Leigh, I don’t see where I have taken anyone’s labels and I do not believe it is for you to steal labels from others either. And you aren’t welcome on my blog either.

  17. Leigh says:

    I said: “It isnt about you” as an individual.

    You personally may not identify as transsexual or intersex although I would bet money you do tell people that you are.

    Not welcome on your blog! Oh like thats a big frigging loss.

  18. catkisser says:

    I’m crushed…..and overflowing with “internalized transphobia”. Got to love these idiots who rush to judgments and make conclusion jumping an Olympic event.

    So much for having a reality based conversation. Nome, you apparently have no idea about my background, that’s ok.

  19. Leigh says:

    Oh .. and which labels do you see me stealing?

  20. ariablue says:

    Here is one thing that seems key: “transwoman” is a label that should not be applied to people either. Most people don’t really intend to do this, as we don’t intend to misgender purposely (not in all cases anyway, but some people are just playing games lets be honest). But it’s something people in the “gender community” do to us routinely.

    It’s not something most of the people in the “gender community” think about, but the fact that they can’t understand *why* it doesn’t apply should tell them that they need to listen to those who say it doesn’t. Instead of that thoughtful pause, which TG people expect for their own identity, we get told exactly who we are. I don’t like that double standard from the Autumn Sandeens and Monica Helms of the world.

    In fact, it is a bit more than how I “identify”, and I don’t even understand how the word “identify” applies to me here. I simply am. I am a woman. I am not trans anything, and to put that qualifier before my name is not simply offensive, but it is also incorrect.

    I can’t be responsible for other people’s inability to see why they are wrong. But I will correct them as best I can, and will not accept their accusations of hate or homophobia simply because I assert my womanhood over their objections. In this type of discussion there is nothing more to who I am but the word “woman”.

  21. catkisser says:

    Someone wish to explain to me what horrid unsafe thing I said because I am completely clueless on that account.

  22. Leigh says:

    something about two wet handfulls I suspect .. :=

  23. anoldfriend says:

    One thing is painfully clear, the events of the last few days confirm that Jasper deserves the tee-gee community and the tee-gee deserves jasper.

    Jasper is the best thing to happen to the TG, genderqueer, TV, CD, and gay communities. Once again we have a glaring demonstration those people are not in any way like those of us of operative history or those who are intersex.

  24. nome says:

    CK: I take issues with you for invalidating mine and other transfolk’s identities. Leigh I take issue with for being out-right hostile. I was not implying that you are the one who said that in the post.

  25. nome says:

    Anold, implying that a whole (extremely diverse) group agrees with Jasper or thinks along her same lines is more than slightly ridiculous. It’s along the same lines as saying all classic transsexuals accuse me of being a gay cismale based on preconceived notions. 🙂

  26. Evangelina says:

    Nome, I’m kind of puzzled here; I wonder if you can help me clear this up, because you see I’d like to try to understand. You have said you are not comfortable with having other people label you or put you into a box. That’s fine I don’t have a problem getting that. What I am having a problem getting to grips with is the part where despite clear assertions from Aria (so eloquent) Catkisser (so precise) and Leigh (so unambiguous) that they are all women. Knowing all three as I do I can attest to the acuracy of their feminine being. Yet you Nome with a sweep of your hand (metaphorically) carelessly label them “transwomen” Have you no comprehension of how offensive that is to them? Yet patiently in their own way it has been explained that they are indeed women with no need for additional qualifiers of any description. Yet there it is in your conversation. You said ” I don’t suddenly hate transwomen because of how transwomen like catkisser treat me” You labelled Cathryn a transwoman. Seems to me like you are applying a double standard. You reserve the right to label yet deny others that right? Sounds like you are claiming some right to privilage.
    Pleas, explain to me where I just got that wrong.

  27. Zoë says:

    I would like to comment on this:

    Closing with a powerful declaration:

    So, this is my message to every Transwoman who I have offended
    If you recognize my authenticity I will recognize yours!
    If you deny my authenticity I will deny yours!

    Personally, I dont know who the f*** Jasper is, but with a statement such as this – I scratch your back if you scratch mine is BS.

    The only think that has been helping me deal with other projections on me that either I am not girly enough or man enough is that I don’t care about others opinions of me. It may not be the best way to live, but I don’t have to deal with others people problems that I don’t fit their mold or lack of mold.

    For me, life is challenging enough learning how to accept that I am in the wrong body than to deal with oppressive people like Jasper. Labels are labels and really have no existence in reality than what we give them in our minds.

    I’d rather have Jasper recognize the human in all of us regardless of how we label each other or ourselves. If someone wants to control my transition based on some arbitrary belief, they can f*** off. It doesn’t matter to me if it is my partner or some stranger on the internet.

    Please pardon my tough language.

  28. anoldfriend says:


    As Evangelina pointed out and I agree with you have painted us with a somewhat broad and offensive brush.

    You can be offended all you like, I don’t want to be a part of your very diverse group.

    I had a birth defect, I had it corrected.

    I would have you know I am female, I am not transgender, transsexual or trans-anything.

    Now when you and your people, stop preforming rape on my identity. I will gladly leave the likes of you and your diverse friends alone.


  29. catkisser says:

    and speaking of rape, Nome got pissy with me over mentioning safety. I have been raped twice, once by one of those “gender queers”.

  30. Stephanie says:

    I come at this from a slightly different perspective, perhaps. Partly because, until very recently, I swallowed the transgender ideology hook, line and sinker. Partly because, unlike most of the people commenting here, I am pre-op and in the middle of my transition.

    It puzzled me why Jasper addresses this video to transsexuals specifically. Why doesn’t he make his demand – to be accepted as an authentic woman – of the whole world? Glancing at some entries in nome’s blog (complaining how the whole world is against them) led me to an answer – and explains why I resent him just as much as he resents me.

    Jasper sees himself as part of a community – of trans-whatevers and genderqueers and all the rest. And he obviously sees that community as forming a safe place where people are free to define themselves however they want without fear of criticism or contradiction or invalidation. He is resentful of transsexuals because, by not wanting to be part of that community, they open the doors to the outside world.

    And that is the flip-side of “community” – the vision of everything outside it as dangerous and unsafe. Outside the community the world is cold and harsh. It’s a world where no-one understands – a world of bigotry and prejudice and institutionalised transphobia. Who wants to live out there? Best stay in the community where it’s all warm and fluffy and everyone loves you…

    I’ve heard this all my life – and thus my resentment. I can’t be an “authentic woman” so why not settle for second-best? Be a gender-bender or a transvestite or this or that. Because, supposedly, being a woman in the real world would have involved immense, almost insurmountable, difficulties. They filled me full of fear and like an idiot I believed them. Even though nothing I did even touched my problem.

    In the end I did transition. And what do I discover? That the world isn’t harsh and cold and full of people denying me and challenging my femaleness! By and large the world seems quite happy to let me go about my business as a woman. I don’t need to make videos demanding acceptance. And I don’t need to be part of any community in order to bolster my self-esteem.

    I don’t regard transition as a picnic – I’ll be glad when it’s over. However, in my experience, the rather desperate picture painted of transition by the transgendered bears little or no resemblance to what actually happens. I do appreciate, though, that I benefit from some good fortune – privilege, if you like – being white, English, well-educated and so on which means I don’t face some of the problems others do. But that’s not the whole story. If you really are a woman then being a woman is not THAT hard.

    Only within the community is being a woman something you can “claim”. Outside, being a woman is something you simply are and is reflected in what you do. Jasper can call himself a woman until the end of time – but if he doesn’t DO anything that says “woman” then nobody will ever believe him.

  31. anoldfriend says:

    Good to see you recovering from the effects of the TG Kool-Aid.
    The self appointed activists and spokesmen of the TG community want to keep people marginalized and in their self created ghetto. Their power lies in keeping TGs under the impression that the world is a big mean and transphobic place. They want you to think those attributes you sighted here that made your transition easier are privileges (how socialist of them) They are not privileges they are part of the investment you made in your life, those are things you worked hard for. Contrary to what they would have you believe being white has nothing to do with it. They want you to feel guilt for being borne white, it’s all about their classicism.
    You don’t have to buy into it, they don’t want to work for what you have, deep inside they feel they are not worth the investment, that includes transition.

    So good for you Stephanie Keep the plug in the jug and nevermore drink Tee-Gee Kool-Aid, see them for who they are.


  32. anoldfriend says:

    I thought that was an interesting overreaction to your comments.

  33. Leigh says:

    Hi Stephanie ..

    That was a great post and exactly outlines what we are fighting against.

    Welcome to the revolution 🙂

  34. Zoë says:

    Stephanie and others,

    Thank you for your well articulated posts. Being a ‘newbie’ in my transition, your posts have really opened my eyes. I agree too that the world overall id just fine to let me become who I am – I have received an amazing amount of support and well wishes from those around me…. I too bought into the fear notion for a awhile which is what led me to be hidden for so long. Even beginning the transition was fraught with fear.

    However, I have found that the average person really doesn’t care and when they find me pleasant and cheerful, regardless how I may appear in the world, they seem accepting.

    I like the point Stephanie makes – If you really are a woman, then being a woman is not that hard. My girlfriend say that to me all the time….

    Thank you all for you eye opening views!!! 🙂

  35. Laura R. says:

    Catkisser said:
    “So do I gender others? You’re damn skippy I do, so do you, so does everyone. As a woman it instantly records as a safety issue, male = potential danger, woman, relax. Every woman who thinks about this for a second gets it.”

    A woman understands this instinctively. It’s a matter of self preservation. If I am walking down a deserted street and I see a couple of women walking toward me I feel relatively safe. If on the other hand I see a couple of men walking toward me I am immediately tense and wary. I am a potential victim. So yes, I gender others. Same thing if I were in a public restroom and Jasper decided to walk in on me. If he doesn’t apologize and leave immediately I will become afraid, and try to leave if I can, and probably call for help. A woman will not go into a restroom with someone looking like Jasper in there. I don’t want to be another Annie Le. A woman has to be careful.

  36. Laura R. says:

    Hey Stephanie, that was a wonderful post. I couldn’t agree with you more. You have a great insight into the transgender’s manipulations of those in their cltuches. I’m glad you escaped their brainwashing attempts. 🙂

  37. Jessica says:

    Stephanie, anoldfriend, catkisser and others:

    Thank you! for your comments to this thread–I hope my comments will approach yours in just rightness.

    In our “community(ies)” it matters less what we are than what we say/intend–and those who share these “gender” community(ies) accept this.

    It is different outside–maybe its not right, but it is.

    I really don’t think Jasper would have much success “out there”–nor would he even try.

    The investment–I’m not so sure I like the financial metaphor–the work we put into being who we are (different from the work Jasper put into hirself) is part of what we all do.

    For the most part, it seems, that, some years later, transition was not so scary as it seemed beforehand. Though I AM still close enough–about 6 years–still to remember some REALLY scary moments.

    Yet, even then, it still felt RIGHT after too many years of feeling wrong.

    If you are a woman, and act like a woman–not in some sense of restrictive limits–most people most of the time, possibly just about all people all of the time, will take you as you are.

    As all take Jasper. . . .

  38. Evangelina says:

    My “transition” is over and that is quite unlike what all of those whom we complain about so much believe. For some reason they often claim transition never ends. Well let me say clearly that it does and mine ended about 24 years ago. Jasper is to my mind a gift from the heavens, he visually, orally and in what he writes transgenderism taken beyond it’s very limits and what makes it beautiful is that they don’t like it. The reason, I think they have been shocked when seeing Jasper that what they are actually looking at is themselves, personified. Jasper is everything they advocate.
    For years TG’s have used the recognised birth condition transsexual to pursuade medical professionals to give them the treatments they seek to further their aims of better aping women. We fight back we don’t want them and reject them totally. You see for all the bluster that eminates from them they know and understand that we are indeed different. They know they are atempting to change sex while the reality is that transsexual do not, we merely “correct” a physical deformity. Jasper has no concept of how factually accurate that is and neither do the transgenderists. If the TG lose the legitimacy of transsexual to cling on to, they KNOW medical professionals will begin to refuse treatment. I have a suspicion that fact is closer than some may think.

  39. sophiaofthescythes says:

    Hello Nome

    It is funny, all I ever seem to hear from people such as yourself is all this talk about my alleged privilege while I am being accused of being a number of things I am not. I am not a right wing extremist, but can I confront that? no. Why not?

    That may have something to do with the accuser being a “Somatic male with a beard and a penis” and my being a “Somatic female with XY chromosomes” I am stripped on my legitimacy almost immediately, I am to be regarded as some insane extremist, while I have to be careful about how I refer to Jasper. Do I use She,Her Hi,Ze?

    I have to tread really carefully but Jasper can say and dictate what he, she hi (Insert pronoun correct for somatic male expressing male femininity with a beard and a penis).

    You can theorize all you want, what happens in practice is obvious.