A Final Note on the Bilerico Foolishness

That comment thread over at Bilerico has gone on to reach epic proportions. What Phil Reese had in mind when he started it is anyone’s guess. It’s hard to accept that he had good intentions, given his devious tactics and sly innuendos in the argument. But here is the bigotry at it’s finest:

Gay men can’t have views on this (because they disagree with you, of course!)

Neither can straight men.

Neither can lesbians.

That’s exactly right Phil. You are not part of this minority group, and you get no say in its boundaries or definitions. Would you think you have a say in how the African-American community defines itself? I’ll go out on a limb and say you wouldn’t. The fact that you can’t see this, that you don’t get to have authority over an unrelated minority group, marks you as an out and out bigot. Yes, gay men can be bigots too, they don’t get a free pass under the “politically correct” rules of the game.

Whatever our differences with the transgender politicians, this is for us to sort out. It is not for gays, or lesbians, or anyone else to step in and start barking orders. I am honestly surprised that the TG meekly accept the yoke of their gay “masters”. They spend every day confronting a hostile world, and it doesn’t seem to cool their fiery rhetoric elsewhere. Why do they give gay men a pass when it comes to these kinds of attacks on them and their personal sovereignty?

It’s getting to be a habit, but I’ll post it anyway. This is my final comment on that thread.

Playing the gay card? Sorry but that still doesn’t give you a pass on your misogyny. Men still need to be respectful of women whether they are straight or gay.

And enough with the “who is a woman” crap. This repeated redirection from the real issue is just disingenuous.

People here are equivocating the “woman argument” for the “who is a real transsexual” argument. If you want to argue who is a woman under the law, you should talk to the mainstream. Obviously trying to beat us about the head with transgender dogma isn’t getting you anywhere. If you want to argue about who is a real transsexual, you need to convince scientists and doctors that crossdressing is a birth condition.

The point some of us are trying to make is that the less-than-honest activities of people with regard to the public discussion, and the law are damaging. Not only to real transsexual-born people, but to those in the gay lobby and elsewhere who are trying to manipulate the situation in their own favor.

The public will not accept that crossdressers are the same as women. Using people like me as a battering ram will not work. It will only destroy us. The sooner people see that outrageous behavior for the crass political move that it is, the sooner things get better for everyone.


10 Responses to A Final Note on the Bilerico Foolishness

  1. Leigh says:

    “Why do they give gay men a pass when it comes to these kinds of attacks on them and their personal sovereignty?”

    Simple .. most of them ARE gay.

    Great final post Aria. I have not gotten any posts approved since I asked Maura Hennesey), aka the Queen of the Lesbians how she and her community had anything to say in the matter.

    If it isn’t gay men, it’s lesbians. It’s become patently obvious to me that Phil Reese did this article knowing full well what responses he would get, and did so with the full intent of setting himself up as the Judge. His response are full of judgmental statements, who wins, who looses. He is so transparent it’s sickening. He has withheld from publication, many retorts I have made to accusations against my integrity. He has done this even when the retorts contained no personal invective, but especially so when the retort is too close to the truth.

    I am done with that thread. I am tired of arguing on gay blogs. Its time we took our message to mainstream and fight the gays themselves, cream them on newspaper editorials, tell the public we are not supportive of the gay agenda. Make no mistake about it, the transgender may be our nemesis but its the gays themselves that are the puppeteers pulling the strings.

  2. Joanne says:

    Jo’s definition of transgender:

    Transgender: An individual who feels trapped in the wrong clothes.

    Personally, I’m indifferent to other people’s sexual orientation. But if the glbt alphabhetti spaghetti ideologues are going to be so arrogant as to lay down the parameters of our lived experience, and our validity, then they get to be fair game in return!

  3. anoldfriend says:

    I totally agree it only makes sense to take our battle where we live, and we don’t live in a gay ghetto.

  4. catkisser says:

    Gay men feel free to jump into trans discussion because down deep, gay men see trans anything (MtF) as being in terms of men first who do something unthinkable (if the body is corrected) that on a visceral level literally scares the crap out of them.

    Why is anyone then surprised that in any discussion on any level between those who completely identify as women and correct their bodies and transgenders (Jo’s definition works as well as any)that the gay men will always come down on the side of the penis people? The percentage of gay men even capable of “getting” classic transsexuality is a tiny fraction of the population in general. These are men who have some deep seated distaste for anything overtly connected to female genitals. Duh!

  5. catkisser says:

    Stop letting yourselves be drawn into a war of words over definitions. The words themselves are self defining.

    If you lack the absolute need to correct your body to your mind, you never will “trans” your “sex”, the primary sexual differences ie innie or outie. Thus without this need, you can never trans-sex or be a transsexual.

    If your internal sense of being a male or a female never changes as is true for every non trans person on the planet and all classic transsexuals by definition, you simple can never be said to “trans” your “gender”.

    End of story.

  6. Leigh says:


    Truer words were never spoken.

    I am so sick of arguing with them.

  7. Joanne says:

    The thing that bugs me is that they (gays) spent years reclaiming their voices, both from behaviorists and from the mess of myths and stereotypes that oppressed them.

    Now that they have mostly done that, they turn around and use myths, stereotypes and behavioral gender theories to deny us the same rights that they fought to achieve.

    When I get asked to comment on gay issues I routinely say that I can’t, because I’m not gay, and gay issues should only be discussed by gays themselves.

    No such courtesy is extended in return. With sublime arrogance GLBT’s, at the drop of a hat, will pour out a spew of gender-babble bulls**t that has no resemblance to the TS experience whatsoever.

    There’s a complete lack of empathy and the whole nine yards of it seems totally dedicated to the denial and erasure of human biological diversity.

    With extraordinary self deception all of this is achieved whilst claiming to represent us.

    Like smothering, colonizing and denying is in the best interest of who?

  8. catkisser says:

    Monica Helms?….Dyss?……Sandeen?

  9. Joanne says:

    Hi Cathryn

    The arrogance and lack of empathy is the same the whole world over.

    The three names you mention are probably occupying the ecological niche left by Charlie Prince. They may have some influence in the context of American GLBT identity politics.

    But the determination to crush, deny and eradicate reaches much wider than those three. Faux liberalism will uphold the rights of the biologically normal to behave in a plethora of different ways.

    It will also refuse to accept the very existence of biological diversity. GLBT’s – straight, gay or whatever. They all behave the same way when they’re confronted with TS/IS issues.

    Represent, colonize, control, smother, erase!

  10. Well, it appears that the thing has finally ground to a halt after 426 comments. Hopefully, that will be the end of this round of insanity.

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