Who are the TG?

I’d like to clear something up about the TG paradigm that often goes unsaid. The TG are not a monolith, nor is the group composed of unfathomable hordes that all have their own unique, unknowable issues. There are a very few, very specific groups of people currently claimed by TG politicians.

The first group is the fetishistic transvestites. These are the men I focus on the most in this blog because they are by far the most numerous of the TG, and they are also the ones making the most demands. Overall these are the loudest, most aggressive, most abusive of the types of people you run into in genderland. These are the ones of the “mutilated crotch” and the “you’ll never REALLY be that sex” shouters. They are the whip hand that keeps everyone in line, and they are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the TG chimaera.

The second group, the ones that people are taught to think of as “core” TG, consists of “gender confused” individuals. These are the people the transvestites point out as their first line of defense when they are challenged on their construct. Invoking the TG rubric conjures images of these tortured individuals, and no person with a heart would think to slam this group unless the demands of the transvestites have become too pressing. This is the first bit of sleight-of-hand that typically occurs when you confront the transvestites.

Nobody has really figured out what drives the gender confused. There may indeed be multiple causes such as abuse and psychosis among these people. At the same time, *everyone* knows what’s up with the transvestites. The problem you run into here is that the TV types often pretend to be “gender confused” as a method of dealing with the shame of their fetish, which then later progresses to become a key aspect of the political argument for those so inclined. One of the reasons, probably the main reason, I want to see the TG construct fade away is because of the damage it does to people trapped by it who believe the lie. TV’s who feel ashamed of their variant sexuality simply need to get past it. They don’t need to escape into fantasies of transition.

So really there are just 2 groups we are talking about in the TG; transvestites, and the rest. It isn’t necessary to understand the many causes of “gender confusion” in order to deal with the reality of the situation. The group of truly “gender confused” people is actually rather small and more or less silent. I wanted to make it clear that my anger is not directed towards them, I consider them just as much a victim of these cynical politics as “ts” men and women, or gays and lesbians. The finger of blame points squarely at the transvestites.

It has become such a problem that the needs of these heterosexual men have somehow become part of the gay movement, and indeed are threatening to overtake and supplant the needs of those for whom the movement was formed. How is that for privilege? I see rumblings around the internet and elsewhere that the gay men and lesbian women in the US are waking up to the fact that THEIR movement has been co-opted to serve the needs of straight white guys.

I write these posts because I want people to understand the true nature of the things that are going on when you hear “transgender” being invoked. All that transgender means is that some transvestites have everyone else’s interests by the tail and they won’t let go until they get what they want. When are people going to wake up?


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  1. Joanne says:

    There are, in fact, two ironies in all this.

    The first is that GLB’s have spent effort and devoted misguided intellectual energy assisting The TG colonization of classical transsexualism (CT’s) and the attempted colonization of intersex (IS).

    Suddenly they appear to waking up to their own colonization. I am not about to shower them (GLB’s) with sympathy. As far as I’m concerned gay males especially, owe CT’s big-time!

    If they (Bilerco in particular) are silly enough to buy in to Zoe Brain’s version of transgenderism, and back off, they will assuredly deserve everything they get.

    Other than his constant inability to recognize the reality of classical transsexualism Ron Gold didn’t get too much wrong!

    Which brings me to the second Irony. Gold and Brain both perform to different audiences. Gold plays to GLB’s. Brain is a shameless self promoter who struts her kudos claiming stuff to her TG fans and basks in their adulation.

    Yet for all their different audiences and agendas, or perhaps because of them, they both go some great pains to conflate sex and gender.

    Brain’s conflation is less excusable. Its deliberate!

  2. Zoë Suzanna says:


    Thank you for this clarification. When I first began reading yours and others sites, it took me awhile to figure out who exactly you were referring to. While I figured it out a little while ago, this clarification will be helpful for those in the future. 🙂

  3. GenderQuestioning says:

    I agree. The transvestites are a problem and not necessarily because they mean to be.

    Transvestites are not women and do not deserve to be treated as them.

    Transvestites paint a picture of all TGs fundamentally being normal men/women that is false. I do not think that genetic women would feel threatened by TGs if most were not transvestites but the danger of genetic men with fetishistic issues entering female space is present. This image de-legitimizes the rest of the community.

    In general, CTs should definitely have a right to enter the space of the gender they identify with. Men with gender related issues other than being (tvs or true CTs) are generally harmless but probably should have to ideally identify themselves as men.

    Part of the issue is that groups other than CTs have a problem conforming to the normal expectations of gender. That is not to say this problem is unique. Even normal genetic men and women often have problems conforming to the supposed stereotypes and that is healthy. However, these other groups go further than classic CTs and draw ire. I would prefer to see some compromise where we could protect these groups rights to expression and protect innocent people from having to face the danger of dealing with someone who might not be who they present themselves to be. I do not think we will see it tomorrow.

    Realistically, other T*s will not stop claiming to be TS until society presents them with another outlet to their needs which is preferable.

    One problem is that at times it can become hard to tell who is who. A lot of people who claim to be CTs once claimed to be CDs. Some of them probably are CTs.. People with obvious fetishes or no care about pass-ability are generally obvious but not always and many TGs of all flavors develop other issues. Generally, CTs who have lived in their desired role for a while are also obvious.

    I really wonder how many true CTs really fit the stories out there. Some of the stories seem very real to me but others seem very unrealistic. I have had problems identifying as a male for my entire life but sorting out my gender confusion has never given me a definite answer. Rather it is kind of like a lot of instincts pushing me in one direction and a fear that I might not really be accepted if I go there. I know that I have real issues but honestly, I would love it if only CT existed. Most of my fears are based on the idea that I could try to transition and turn out like some TG and that is really unattractive to me.

    Generally, I would say that the people in the community I speak with are generally IS or CT with a couple TGs thrown in.. I try to avoid TVs like the plague but mainly because of the “We are as much women as you are” think. Generally, you can tell CTs from the others because they generally “pass” even if they physically should fail to. Of course, usually CTs work really hard to make sure that they physically do pass. I think that ultimately people in certain groups are kind of drawn toward members of their same group so things ultimately tend to work out.

    I am kind of stuck at the point (until I get finances and some courage) where I know that I am definitely at least TG and probably CT but am not 100% sure. That said.. I have been at that point for years and I need to force things forward and find out.

  4. Leigh says:

    Passing is a tg term. Women don’t pass, they are.

  5. GenderQuestioning says:

    Thanks.. I will remember that 😉

  6. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Leigh, didn’t you write about that not too long ago?

  7. Leigh says:

    Beats me Lisa, I cant hardly remember what I wrote yesterday 🙂

  8. Joanne says:

    I cant hardly remember what I wrote yesterday

    Quite right dear. Its a long time ago now. I remember those days – everyone knew their place and transvestites wouldn’t dare speak to us the way they do now.

    They should bring back the stocks 😉


  9. anoldfriend says:

    I couldn’t agree more Joanne.

  10. Leigh says:

    I second that Hurrumph!

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  11. Sara says:

    “I am kind of stuck at the point (until I get finances and some courage) …”

    I’ve always had trouble with the word “courage” as it pertains to transition. Early in my transition some people said I was “courageous”. I didn’t think so then and I don’t think so now. Determined. Committed. Resolute. But not courageous.

    Courage is running into a burning house and saving a child. Transition is running out of a burning house into the sweet, cool night air.

    Courage is saving someone else. Transition is saving yourself.

    Just a thought GQ.

    Sara …

  12. Leigh says:

    GQ ..

    The more I hear you talk the less convinced I am you are transsexual. If I were your psycologist right now just based on what your saying I would not write your letters.

    Your motivation is more along the transgender path than it is along the transsexual path. You are hung up on passing, on what others will think, how they will treat you. In short you appear to want to play in the tall grass but keep all the benefits of living in the meadow.

    You talk the talk, but your creds are waning.

  13. lisalee18wheeler says:


    I’m always a day late and a dollar short. I was going to tell her to “shit or get off the pot”. Now she’s probably going to think we’re a bunch of bigots and haters…

  14. lisalee18wheeler says:


    You need to stop drinking the TG kool-aid!

  15. Leigh says:

    GQ ..

    Please .. and I cannot stress this enough, this is YOUR decision and YOURS alone. Nothing said on this blog is either meant to encourage you or to belittle you. Only YOU can know what is right for you in your circumstances. All we can do is point out the pitfalls we have experienced. We are not here to diagnose you or to pass judgement on you, nor are we here to encourage you or to discourage you. Do not think you need to live up to anyone else’s standard. You don’t!

    I have said over and over that most people with true transsexualism really don’t need advice, guidance or support. We know what the problems are, we committ and we move hopefully forward. Some, including myself had to have 2 or 3 runs at it before we made it.

    Money is a huge part of transition and it can make or break it for anyone, but for the most of us, money while being a hurdle is rarely the defining aspect. It is mostly about determination and need. All the rest are excuses not to do something.

  16. GenderQuestioning says:

    Leigh, I don’t take anything here to be meant to discourage or belittle me.

    I do think you have a point.

    The problem with me is that I am a little too comfortable with androgyny and I really need to make decision and then if I am wrong, live with the consequences. I can’t keep straddling a fence forever.

    Some of the time I have spent waiting was really needed but I make finances an excuse. They are a valid excuse now but I was making good money at my last job and my hesitancy to do something with my issues, may be part of why I am unemployed. I have been toying with being TS.. it is not right.

    Living as a TG forever is well and good if it is what I am but when I am just afraid to live my life it is not healthy. Chances are I will end up either TS or realize that I am a really effeminate non-female. I think that if I am not female, I will probably choose to be a eunuch as I am not male.

    We all come to who we are with different issues. I came to considering being TS with a lot of loathing for myself and my issues. I can forgive others for the type of things I feel compelled to do but I can’t forgive myself. My upbringing tells me that I should be disgusted with myself for wanting to step into female space.

    I grew up being told that I was a freak and a lot of other things. Most people have no where near the level of fear of being themselves. I just have reached the point where I accept the freakishness about myself but I have not yet accepted myself as a female. It is hard when my mother is constantly telling me that I act really odd when I am just trying to be myself. Everyone seems to always want to reaffirm that I am some sort of monster with no place in this world. I don’t think I am a monster.. but the fear is real. If I keep seeing what other people tell me, I will never really get the chance to love myself though..

  17. Joanne says:

    See, it works like this GQ.

    Just imagine you were born with a physical deformity (Your body) that meant you couldn’t run or walk or play like the other kids. Imagine as you grew older the deformity worsened until you were left confined in a wheelchair (maleness) which only permitted you to those things that wheelchairs are, by design, able to do.

    Now – its pretty hard not to know or recognize your deformity. Its equally difficult not to recognize the constraints it places on you. (The wheelchair)

    I’m not an agony aunt. I’m just pointing out that not knowing your body is deformed and that your confined to a wheelchair, all of which limits your ability to walk and run and play like the other kids, is pretty unlikely.

    Now here’s the key point. There exists a series of medical interventions that can override the physical deformity, can get you out of the wheelchair and can let play with the other kids. Its a difficult treatment. There are atrophied muscles to exercised and there are social consequences that come with no longer being in a wheelchair.

    At the end of it all you’re not a super-being. You’re just another kid doing kids stuff, running the race and taking your chances, along with everybody else.

    Now, I could continue this analogy by pointing out that there exists a class of persons out there who have, for various reasons, misidentified their situation or who see some sort of advantage to themselves, by misidentifying as possessing the deformity when they do not in fact have it at all.

    But these people are not really the issue at the moment: the issue is your experience of the physical deformity and its attendant consequences.

    I’m not reading that here GQ. I think that’s what Leigh and Lisa are picking up on too. I hope you sort it out for yourself. I don’t doubt for an instant that your gender role confusion and/or ambivalence is very real for you.

    It just seriously bothers me that there is ambivalence. I wish you luck in your quest. I truly hope you find whatever it is your looking for. I would feel more comfortable if you knew what it was though.

    As things stand you are in danger of repeating Parsival’s mistake. Remember Sir Parsival? Of all the knights of the round table who set out in search of the Holy Grail, Sir Parsival was the only one who found it.

    Sir Parsival dined in the hall of the Fisher King. He washed his hands in the battered bowl on dining table. He rode away. He never for a moment recognized that battered bowl as the thing he was searching for.


  18. lisalee18wheeler says:

    This isn’t even funny.

  19. happyjb says:

    Hey ,l what happened to my cool post ?

  20. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Obviously, dumbass.

  21. zoesuzanna says:

    I’m beginning to suspect DB and happyjb are one in the same person.

    • joanne says:

      They’re equally toxic – it hardly matters. I’m not terribly au faite with Word Press.

      Does it not have a comments moderation?