Atlanta Progressive News vs Autumn Sandeen

It’s nice to see a publication stand up to bullying by TG glitterati for once instead of cowering in fear and issuing hasty apologies and retractions. (Thanks to Cat and Just Jennifer for pointing this out!) It has already been blogged by Jennifer and commented on by Cat over at Pam’s House Blend, and this is the sort of confrontation that should get more playtime time in the blogosphere.

The controversy arose when Autumn tried to use the GLAAD standards (which as I understand it Autumn basically wrote, someone correct me if this is wrong please) to enforce her will on an independent web publication, the Atlanta Progressive News. The offending article can be read here.

At issue was the use of the phrase “sex change operation”, which Autumn finds personally distasteful because it apparently requires, gasp, that someone change their body in order to change sex. I have to wonder what is going on over at GLAAD for them to accept Autumn’s silly premise and actually allow this following view to become their official policy:

PROBLEMATIC: “sex change,” “pre-operative,” “post-operative”
PREFERRED: “transition”
Referring to a sex change operation, or using terms such as pre- or post-operative, inaccurately suggests that one must have surgery in order to truly change one’s sex.

And this is the crux of the “transgender” political argument, all summed up. This is what they, the tg “leaders” want the world to accept. And it is utter lunacy. A child can tell you that if nothing changes, it stays the same, but subtleties like “change means changing stuff” are lost on those with the sort of irrational agenda that transgenderism requires. The rest of the GLAAD-approved “transgender” guide can be read here.

The Atlanta Progressive News article in question had the temerity to hold the view that a sex change requires changing sex. To their great credit, and holding to a strict journalistic standard which is rare these days, the APN has resisted Sandeen’s bullying.

Autumn has laughably termed this challenge to her authority as “bizarre cultural insensitivity”. What a delightfully devilish lie! It almost makes you smile at the mental gymnastics required to turn’s one’s wishes into the gold standard of cultural sensitivity. And though radical feminism isn’t my cup of tea, I’d have to hazard an opinion that Autumn does indeed drip with privilege. This is the sort of thing that lets the real world know for sure that the people in transgender-land have really gone over the edge- if there was any doubt left, even among their one-time allies.

I resent being drawn into their little world, to be displayed as a “transwoman” for their political convenience. These people do not speak for me or the silent majority of post-transsexual people who have treated their birth defect and moved on. This is a sick joke.

Autumn is about as perfect an example of a transvestite as you will ever hope to see. As Cassandra has described transvestites, Autumn is “loud, brash, and downright fetish based” and “simply confused about the implications of their needs”. Just look at Autumn’s escapades on Youtube and decide for yourself.

If this is the current state of transgender activism, they are being terribly misrepresented. I know they can do better; I’ve seen other spokespeople present them in a much better light. They should consider a vote of no-confidence for this person and her self-centered, narcissistic “leadership”.


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  1. The only thing I found somewhat misleading (and possibly insulting) about the article where the author said that the difference between transgender and transsexual is the sex change operation.

    While I feel that people who are happy with possessing normal functioning genitalia are not truly women, there are people who for whatever reason can’t have SRS (not enough material to make a neo-vagina, etc). There are also transgendered people who for whatever reason decide to have a SRS.

  2. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Why bother defending them at all. They would never return the courtesy, even in their dreams. I have no more cheeks to turn, both having had the skin shredded to the bone.

    No slack for the fakers. Ever.

  3. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Oh, and though I’m leery of anything labeled “progressive”, I applaud APN for standing up to the non-sense over at PHB.

  4. leighspov says:

    SICK … welcome to 2010

  5. Holly says:

    Mooshi, how many ways can you spell `NUT CASE` ?
    Being a veteran has nothing to do with it.

  6. Sara says:

    Yes, thanks to APN for standing up to these efforts at redefining reality. It’s more double-speak, feel-good sugar-coating of what we all know to be the truth. You can’t change your sex unless you, let’s see, oh yes, change your sex!

    And of course it has nothing to do whatsoever with being a veteran or not. To even say so is disingenuous and a complete deflection away from the premise of the argument.

    Sara …

  7. leighspov says:

    “Can we see a picture of you Aria ?”

    I have had the privledge of seeing aria’s picture and can tell you that she is quite lovely. Probably not your taste in women though mooshi, not nearly masculine enough.

    Now piss off back to the gaybourhood you cretin.

    • Leigh says:

      Doesn’t have the effect we think it does ?

      Then how come people like you keep turning up to defend them?

      It works just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. โ€œCan we see a picture of you Aria ?โ€

    What does Aria’s picture have to do with the article at hand?

    Also, to bring Autumn’s military record into the argument is absurd. There are plenty of people who served in the military honorable and later in life they committed horrible crimes…

    A previous military record does no absolve anyone of current mistakes.

  9. marie931 says:

    “Had she only changed her gender identity, she might not be afforded protections under current law; this is why people have struggled for the passage of ENDA: so that in the future, sexual orientation and perceived gender would also be protected statuses under the federal non-discrimination law.” – from the Editor’s notes

    Which is why I really hate the “T” inclusion in ENDA, and being able to get an “F” on IDs (in some states) with just a therapist’s letter saying you “identify” as a female, etc.

    This is where I wonder if the pushback from the public to this nuttiness will somehow hurt people who truly change their physical sex?

    How did this happen? When did the sex marker on IDs start meaning the clothes someone chose to wore that day, rather than their actual anatomical sex (yes, I realize it’s different for F2Ms)?

    It just infuriates me to see how TGs actually *brag* about being able to cheat the system, getting F’s on IDs through loopholes, taking advantage of naive clerks, or moving somewhere that allows it.

    Here I am, having put myself through serious medical risks, refinanced the house and put myself into debt, all to play by the rules and truly BE physically female, putting myself at the same risks and vulnerabilities as any other woman.

    And yet someone can now walk in with a letter saying they “feel like a woman inside” and be legally recognized as a female too, without any effort, without any commitment or permanency. It just doesn’t make sense. How did we get to this?

    Isn’t part of what makes one legally male or female the permanency of that fact?

  10. Joanne says:

    Marie931 wrote:

    This is where I wonder if the pushback from the public to this nuttiness will somehow hurt people who truly change their physical sex?

    I think the push-back will happen in a number of different arenas. GLB’s are beginning to experience the colonization of their space by TG’s. Some are pushing back and, predictably, more will do so as the attempted colonization gains momentum.

    Lesbian discourse is being challenged by the demands of heterosexual male cross-dressers demanding to be accepted on the basis of a convoluted self justifying rationalization that ends up as: cross-dresser + sexually attracted to female + mutant self constructed identity = lesbian.

    The L part of the GLB are being bombasted with the same polemics that classical transsexuals were hit with 20 years ago, and are still hit with now.

    In some ways its difficult to feel any sympathy because GLB’s supported TG’s during their take-over and colonization of our experience.

    Now its happening to them. Some can see it. Those who don’t wake up won’t know what hit them!

  11. cassandraspeaks says:

    It’s really quite easy folks. When the TG’s march in and take over anyone’s space it’s men exercising male privilege. It’s really quite simple.

  12. marie931 says:

    I’d also say it’s men appropriating and thieving everything about “being a woman” for their personal pleasure. It’s the ultimate extension of misogynistic objectification by crossdressing in not just clothes, but also in women’s mannerisms, “identity,” speech patterns, legal status, rights and privileges…

  13. Ishtar says:

    Is Autumn Sandeen another of off these “Ed 209″ types (You have 20 seconds to surrender”, “I surrender”, “You have 15 seconds”, “I surrender”, “10 seconds”, “My hands are up”, “5,4,3,2,1….BLAM BLAM!”).

    I sort of noticed that reading the newspaper article, no matter what APN said as an update, it seemed like they were just being shouted at as if they had said nothing after the original article. Why do the TG bullies do that, it is so obvious. Or is it this sense of privilege they have?

  14. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Yes, yes, and yes.

  15. Joanne says:

    Nooo! Oh Dear!

    Joanne tuts emphatically! Nooo! You’ve got it all back to front.

    This conversation is actually the exercise of misogynistic cis-gendered heteronormative privilege against women who just happen to have penises.

    Penises are really just enlarged clitorises and why shouldn’t they be able to keep them if they want too. After all enlarged clitorises come in really handy in the lesbian relationships they have with their wives and female partners.

    I know all of this because I’ve been studying up on it – oh – and the mangina men. I’ve been studying up on them too …

  16. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Wow! Studying all that would make head explode…

  17. lisalee18wheeler says:

    The real issue is that our friendly tg commenter used Autumn’s military service as a distractor. As far as her wearing a female uniform when she retired as a male is for the Navy to decide.

  18. anoldfriend says:

    This is just foul from a mentally miss-adjusted person.

    Someday Sandeen will have to answer for Sandeen’s freakish behavior.

  19. Aria Blue says:

    Please complete the following equation:

    Male genitals + female uniform = ?

  20. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Transvestite? Drag Queen? Bad dream?

  21. cassandraspeaks says:

    It should be court martial or target practice! but it probably just equates to “Soldieress” Either way total fruitloop.

  22. anoldfriend says:

    One would think with all the whining Sandeen did about how Sandeen was harassed while in the navy that Sandeen would not be interested in being seen in a Navy uniform.

    Sandeen’s actions prove to me that Sandeen wears the uniform to get back at the Navy for being “sexually harassed”

    Fruit loop is barely a description of a very disturbed person.

  23. Angel says:

    I applaud anyone who stands up against the bully tactics used by Autumn Sandeen and the rest of these “transgender activists”.

    • Aria Blue says:

      Hi Angel! I’m glad you had a moment to comment on this. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope more people can start blogging their disapproval of these sorts of tactics, and if you ever get around to it I’d be happy to link some of your posts.

  24. Joanne says:

    Loved this comment – left Here:

    48. styrgwillidar:

    I went to a state school Cal-State Fullerton (B.S. in ME). We were taught two things regarding speech by a liberal arts prof:

    You have the right to be offended by my speech.
    I have the right to offend you with my speech.

    Thatโ€™s America, deal with it.

    Thought this one was delightfully droll too ๐Ÿ™‚

    40. Percy Dovetonsils:

    โ€œOh. How do they separate the men from the boys at Harvard?โ€

    With crowbars.

    Sigh! Now wait for the thought police to arrive!

  25. marie931 says:

    I don’t know how you all stay in touch with this stuff and not become *incredibly* bitter about it. I’ve only been reading things here, Bilerco and another forum for a few days, and…. I can’t stand it anymore. I’m just getting more and more angry and frustrated.

    I don’t think we can win. It’s a man’s world, and they can take anything they damn well please apparently, right up through women’s very identities and lives.

    Drag Queens making sarcastic parodies of women and laughing at getting away with it… crossdressers thieving everything from the woman’s world for their sexual gratification… it’s just infuriating and maddening to watch and not be able to say or do a damn thing about it.

    “I feel like a woman inside and I’m wearing a dress” = getting an F on legal IDs?

    It’s madness. The world has lost it’s mind.

    I’m going to have to close my eyes and climb back into my hole lest I lost mine too.

    • anoldfriend says:

      For me it’s not hard to keep in touch and not get nauseated. I knew Autumn in real life. All I can say is what a peace of work, what a peace of transvestic filth.

      I won’t wade into the GLBT cesspool to confront Sandeen anymore.

  26. cassandraspeaks says:

    Marie931 God I know how you feel. It is hard to put it into words, the nausia at the chutzpah of the TG and the psuedoscience that supports it.

    I truly understand how you feel. However if we don’t stand up to them who will?

  27. marie931 says:

    I fear it’s a lost cause. It’s THEIR world, not ours. Heck, we don’t even HAVE a world. They’re stealing it away, thieving clothes, mannerisms, legal identity… even body parts.. leaving the actual real women behind, stripped naked, worthless, thrown away as irrelevant now.

    You just wait, pretty soon men will be able to be considered legally “pregnant” because they “identify as a mother inside” and wear stomach padding to “present” as mothers.

    I’m so angry. I’m crying now. I wish I had never seen any of this. I was happier in my naive little world.

  28. Aria Blue says:

    It’s ok Marie, it passes. I went through exactly the same thing when I first realized the extent of the tragedy that was playing out. You aren’t alone in those feelings.

    Take heart, things really are changing, and we’re going to be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Joanne says:

    No! We can beat this! It isn’t just you – its millions of decent ordinary everyday human beings who are getting fed up with it.

    We can avoid getting caught up in the backwash – but we need to stand up and be counted now.

    By all means get angry Marie: then start getting even!

  30. marie931 says:

    And the true HORROR of it all?

    I’m thinking of going back to college, but it’s a Catholic college, and I’m terrified they’ll realize my past – and assume I’m transgendered, a crossdressing male. I’ll never be able to convince them that no, I feel the same way they do about all this.

    The horror is that the TGs make me one of THEM. They come along, steal everything beautiful from my life, and then as the ultimate cruelty force me to wear the mask of the same thieves who’ve violated me.

    Kidnapped, kicking and screaming “no, they stole from ME!” while branded as a criminal, being stoned along with them.

  31. lisalee18wheeler says:

    By hook or by crook, this ~will~ change.

  32. Ishtar says:

    Hi Marie

    This is pretty much how I have come to feel. It was a few years ago when GLAAD decided to classify “intersex” as a “Subset of Transgender” next thing I knew we have is the Traditional Values Coalition dishing it out “Intersex children choose their gender how dare they” (Actually that is the last thing intersex kids are afforded, we are often butchered when we cannot consent and told to shut up).

    The way the TG people seem to operate is they “Recruit” people as human shields. i am on the verge of just lashing out at the next gender bully.

  33. Ishtar says:

    I have just read the GLAAD Guide and they STILL have intersex as a sub set of transgender, I wish they would just fuck off! Who do GLAAD think they are, they say they are against defamation but they are defaming me.

    • Zoe Brain says:

      It could be worse: there’s this graphic:

      As I wrote on my blog:

      “I don’t identify as “Transgendered” – but don’t get too upset by it.
      Many Transsexual people do though.

      And I know few Intersexed people who identify as Transgendered, and some get quite angry about being called that. They have a point, it can be galling when someone is born with a physical anomaly, and ignorant opinionated bigots criticise them for their “immoral lifestyle choice”.

      The thing is, we don’t get a choice what others call us. We don’t have that privilege. “

      • The thing is, we donโ€™t get a choice what others call us. We donโ€™t have that privilege.

        Yes Zoe, of course we can nether control what others call nor think of us. However! – We can fight back at the BS and educate – to wake up those who cannot think for themselves – those who follow around what the TG Kool-Aid gang want the world to believe.

        Your statement is true and is good if your stance is to be patient and “turn the other cheek” so to say but too many lives are affected by the nonsense that is proffered by Autumn Sandeen et al.

      • Ishtar says:

        Hell Zoe Brain

        “The thing is, we donโ€™t get a choice what others call us. We donโ€™t have that privilege. โ€œ

        I know some people claim I have a mental state of being I simply don’t have. To prove things that have absolutely nothing to do with me.

        I think the graphic says it all really, about GLAAD.

        Like Zoรซ Suzanna, I have reached the point where I need to stand up to it. I don’t mind if people are willing to talk, but these gneder politicians such as the people at GLAAD making generalizations and assumptions about people when it is clearly wrong says more about people like GLAAD than it does their critics.

      • Joanne says:

        That is a very interesting observation Zoe. Especially coming from one of the primary spreaders of the TG gospel.

        Most people want to to do whatever they see as the ‘right’ thing. They take their queue from others, whom are thought to be leaders or experts, and they follow along the path laid down by said leaders.

        In these supposedly more enlightened times it would be nice to think that the leaders and self anointed experts had something more to offer than a pseudo-scientific narrative that was originally constructed as a rational permitting the genital mutilating of intersex infants.

        It says a great deal about those who continue to preach from the gospel according to behaviorism, that the message they preach, the narrative they use to justify their behaviors, is little changed from the original.

        Its just the same little bundle of self-justifying beliefs: On the one hand used to mutilate – on the other hand used ratify behavioral transgressions.

        Toxic to biological variants. Manna from the behaviorist heavens for the psychologically mislead.

        Funny that! Its all just exactly the way it started out, except now we’re able to see its long term influences: the agony, the addiction and the ecstasy as it were.

        There are those who think that feeding the addiction and validating the ecstasy is a good idea. There are other who think that relieving the agony is more important.

        Since the same bundle of beliefs forms the basis of both circumstances its impossible to have one without the other.

        I guess it all comes down to deciding which of them is the more legitimate position.

      • lisalee18wheeler says:

        Personally, relieving the agony was far more important and ultimately led to ecstasy.

      • Joanne says:

        Sigh! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. leighspov says:

    Actually, we were never losing the fight since the vast majority of the public agree with us. The one thing we have to do is convince them that we are not part of the problem and want to be part of the solution. The TG will fall under its own weight of stupidity, arrogance, and lies. More are listening to us than ever before, we must remain steadfast.

  35. Joanne says:

    The elephants in the living room are the sexologists and behaviorists who supply organizations like GLAAD with the theories and beliefs that allow them to act the way they do.

    We’ve already watched WPATH manoeuvre itself to take charge of intersex lives. The same few people have there fingers in every aspect of TS and IS lives.

    They f**K us around over and over again – and they provide TG’s with all the excuses in the book.

    The villains in this dumb-ass narrative aren’t only TG’s – they’re just silly enough to believe what the self-anointed ersatz experts tell them.

    Its the self-anointed ersatz experts that set up the conceptual frame-work: they are truly despicable!

  36. cassandraspeaks says:

    Sophia I understand how you feel. As you know I believe TS may turn out to be a manifestation of a type of intersex. Until the time that can be a proven fact I see us as natural allies against a commone set of detractors and enemies. How you feel right now about the TG is how I have felt for some 25 years or more.
    Leigh, Yes we have a great many supporters in the mainstream of society, people who are not taken in by the duplicity and posturing of TG. Our presence, the people who post here, has been felt around the internets blogs and forums. We are seen as a movement that could grow and they fear that.
    Marie, it will be ok!

    • Aria Blue says:

      What got me there is that he intentionally blurred things by using the phrase “classical transgender” right above where it specifically says “classic transsexual” in his own response. This is a prime example of how association with the transgender paradigm is used against us.

  37. Leigh says:

    Hey Zoe Suzanna ..

    If I may make a critique on your choice of font at your web site, it’s very hard and strainful to read blackletter type fonts on a screen. Suggest you use something readable if you expect folks to actually read it.

    thanks .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Ishtar says:


    Has anyone noticed this guy linking to their blogs?

    My own blog (Nightmare) has nothing to do with anything he is talking about.

  39. cassandraspeaks says:

    Not linked to mine, but I note that Enoughnonsense and this blog are linked and to make it even worse linked as transgender blogs. Itโ€™s typical of TG chutzpah!

  40. Ishtar says:

    Well, I have not been entirely flattering on my blog about the link. The guy is a troll magnet.

  41. Ishtar says:

    Well a closer look at his blog reveals he sells strap ons to Transvestites wives so they can play “the dominant partner” among other things. it is the fact that he has linked to my blog, basically a personal project, a blog hidden from search engines etc. If I ever meet him in person, I hope he likes the taste of hospital food.

    • Leigh says:

      Get his hosting IP and complain. They will shut him down.

    • Joanne says:

      LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

      Through a straw? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Aria Blue says:

      I’m sorry, I think he followed my link to your site. I’ve taken the link off of here because apparently it’s too confusing and people can’t get it is straight in their heads about intersex. The TG paradigm is so strong in people’s minds they get the wrong idea and refuse to see the light. I like reading your posts though so I will follow in secret ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ishtar says:

        I don’t have a problem with you linking to my blog Aria ๐Ÿ™‚

        It’s when people who plainly dont understand what it is saying and call it something else.

  42. Joanne says:

    This whole AGP thing fascinates me.

    One not terribly original fruit-loop psychologist rehashes a piece of information that has been in the public domain for years.

    Namely that males who get addicted to the sexual and adrenaline rush associated with dressing up in woman’s clothing can eventually end up convincing themselves that they’re supposed to be women.

    Both Zucker and Blanchard were members of the APA DSM-IV committee that relaxed the definition of transsexualism to the point where a transvestite who claimed to be distressed by not being able to wear woman’s clothing, could be defined as a transsexual and access SRS (oops – sorry Autumn ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Then, knock me down with a feather, if he doesn’t come along afterwards, discover autogynephilia (ie the males who have accessed SRS because he relaxed the rules) and declare to the world that he’s made this wonderful new discovery!

    If I ever need help with a mental health issue in the future I’m going to consult with one of the sheep in my house-paddock, or a turkey.

    Mental health professionals are Sodding lunatics!

  43. Ishtar says:

    Hello Jack

    Now I am not so angry I will explain fully, as you have probably read, a number of the sites you have linked to are run by transsexual folks who object to being called “Transgender” as I am sure they will explain to you, futher is you ask without jumping to conclusions. As Catkisser points out, her site is a feminist site, in fact I find it almost impossible to figure out how her site relates to what you are doing. the same applies to my site, which is a site about a book I am working on which will be a slightly more truthful (And brutal) discussion about what it is like to have 5 alpha reductase deficiency and grow up with it in a world obsessed with sexualizing people. Loads of children get mutilated by surgeons every year, often before the age of 2 years old because they get sexualized over having been born with an intersex condition. that is what my site is ultimately about (OK when I get the main body of work ready for posting)

    I just don’t see how your site relates to that.

  44. Leigh says:

    “I am Jack Molay and I am a man dreaming about having a female body. “

    Personally I find Jacks web blog creepy and bordering on perversion. I think it highly innapropriate for Jack to place a link without the owners permission to do so. Having said that, and after doing a bit of research on it, the general consensus is as the saying goes in hollywood, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    That be as it may, for a successfull complaint to an ISP/hosting server for innaproprate and offensive linking, the target website needs to have a notice posted on their website that such linking is unwelcome and not permitted by the website owner.

    If jack is willing to remove the offending links then I would request the removal.

    • GenderQuestioning says:

      Many things about most men border on perversion.. Perversion is kind of a catch all term for some form of sexual need that we can not understand or comprehend. Let’s take pornography.. I could stare at nude pictures for hours and nothing.. so I just don’t understand it. However, if I started talking about my needs to a normal male and how I wanted to be loved, they would have no clue and likely think me perverse.

      I would prefer that men are honest about their issues and needs rather than become ashamed and mutilate themselves to become something they are not. If a lot of the TG people just admitted that they were men with issues like AGP, it would make it easier on people who legitimately feel they were born the wrong sex. Shame is likely a key component behind TGs claiming that we are all really just the same thing just to different degrees.

  45. Leigh says:

    What sort of men have you been hanging out with GQ? Yes SOME men have the strangest perversions but MOST men do not. Love em, feed em and stroke their ego and they go for hours ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Stephanie says:

    I’ve just noticed that he links to my blog too and under “transgender issues”. Why? I wrote 20 times more about classical music. But because I mention transitioning that’s it, my blog is a “tranny blog”. I’m sick of it. As though my sex has anything to do with most of what I wrote about. Has Mr Molay even read any of my posts? Well he won’t now because I’ve deleted them all. I always wanted to be read by people who shared the same interests as me – instead half my traffic came from idle browsers like him hoping to satisfy their curious sexual interests. So, what is the point…

    • GenderQuestioning says:

      Unfortunately, actions like this are part of the reason why stealth is sometimes more honest no matter what TGs say on the matter.

      Do you want to be seen as a person or a medical issue? A lab rat? A sexual object?

      It is a shame..

  47. lisalee18wheeler says:


  48. Leigh says:

    As a matter of fact mooshi I will tell you why I sit here on aria’s blog and berate Sandeen. About a year ago, Sandeen was doing one of her usual “bathroom articles”, of which she is famous for over on pams house blend. I was not a member of the blog but I went ahead and signed up because I took issue with Sandeen’s article. After posting my VERY FIRST comment which was not in Sandeens favor but not disrespectfull, Sandeen wrote me privatly with a FIRST WARNING notice. I went back to the article and published her warning and my thoughts about her and her article. I have been banned ever since.

    So, don’t come over here telling me about how Sandeen is a fine upstanding veteran that served in a military that would fight for my right to free speech, because frankly Mooshi, thats just a whole mess of hogwash. Sandeen is well known for her heavy hand at PHB and she wields her authority there with great ease and great satisfaction. In fact a few months ago she did that and was reprimanded severely, having to then print an apology of sorts.

    Now I have refered to Sandeen here as ‘her’ and ‘she’, but I do it out of respect, not out of any sense that this piece of work is a female in any sense of the word. Sandeen was for the longest time a confirmed “non-op”, meaning this person had no intention of losing the jewels. That is a TRANSVESTITE. It is only in the past year that Sandeen has claimed to being Transsexual and spoke of having SRS. Sandeen even went so far as to have herself checked for klinefelters, all on the publics money as a veteran, I might add.

    We here are tired of these sorts of public displays. It makes us all look bad in the eyes of a watchful public. The transgenders are responsible for all the hatred that comes to transsexuals. We had been quietly going about our transitions, our surgeries, melding into mainstream and being successful, and then these clowns come out of the woodwork and misrepresent us, claim to be transsexual when they clearly are not, and give the public the idea that we are all perverted gay sex fiends out to fool straight men into bed.

    So Mooshi, if you want to set the world right, you first have to wade through the BS, and you might want to start doing that where the power is, the GLBT. We have no power, we have no voice. That will change, but the damage will remain long after I am gone from this planet.

    • Joanne says:

      Sigh, Leigh …

      Every week there’s a new one. They come barging in waving their poor little me, victim card and lay down the law according to the TG hand-book of distorted reality.

      Here’s an example of the idiocy that we’re all supposed to sign up to!

      Well not me, Mooshie – whoever or whatever you are. I’m fed up to the eye teeth with the straw-man arguments, the nit-picking, the whining, moaning and nagging!

      Yes its a public space. No! that does not mean that it is acceptable for people to come into it and behave like conceited, rude, brats! Anymore than its acceptable to go into any building that is open to the public and behave in the same way.

      One last word – you behave like an ignorant abusive male, you get treated like one. Don’t whine at me about that – do something about your behavior…

      …Or Piss off!

  49. Aria Blue says:

    Great note to end on, I’m closing comments ๐Ÿ™‚