Final thoughts on yet another Bilerico thread about transgender

It was a rather mellow thread, all things considered. Some of the people who currently sit atop the TG pyramid have sensed discontent in the ranks and have made some efforts to quiet people by starting non-dialogues, the outcome of which are supposed to be pre-determined and reinforce the assumption that “TG is beneficial to all- just shut up already you malcontents”.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally am getting tired of the haves at the top of every organization in my country telling the have-nots that we just don’t deserve any better than they are willing to dole out to us. The system is broken, and they fiddle. Nowhere is this more apparent at this early stage of our social re-ordering than at the fringes of society, in places like the GLBT ghetto.

The frayed edges are where the flame licks first, and the Disaster of 2009 has shaken gay culture to its core. Transgender lives at the fringe of the fringe, and the fallout of failure will most likely begin there. I of course am happy to see things changing, because the disenfranchised in this country are long overdue for the worm to turn.

This is especially true when it comes to the transgender elite, who despite the stigma surrounding “gender change” have managed to hold on to professional careers and maintained quite a lifestyle while so many others have lost everything. Their privilege shows every time they write how wonderful transgender is for us all, despite a growing number of people in the GLBT telling them otherwise.

Just a quick note to finish up, I thought I’d post my final comment in that thread here to close.

While people who benefit from the status quo with regard to LBGT may be satisfied with it, a growing number of others are not. Extending the acronym to include transgender and transsexual only increases the hold that it has on people. It does not empower anyone.

If there must be an acronym, why not LGBQ? This eliminates the instant relationship between transgender and transsexual that is caused by the purposeful mimicking of “transsexual” by the coiners of the transgender term. Even in its birth, the point of transgender was to steal legitimacy and replace the experience of those born with transsexualism with that of people who are patently not dealing with that condition.

I find the continued demands of transgender supporters that my medical condition be perforce included in their politics to be inappropriate and damaging to me and others like me. I hold little hope that they will do the right thing and willingly relinquish these illegitimate claims on the transsexual condition. For what is transgender without transsexual? Nothing but fetishists, as far as the public is concerned.

Without transsexual, transgender is a flat, lifeless construct that exists only to ghettoize the lives of people who don’t live in the mainstream. Only those few tokens at the top of this artificial political construct benefit in any way from it. I find it shameful that those who are granted benefits and cushy jobs due to this caste system can, with a straight face, tell us that we are never going to escape their clutches. We are all better off living the truth, not this political lie.

Transgender needs to die so that we all may live.


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  1. anoldfriend says:

    I am not sure I can agree;
    There is no privilege only hard work that is rewarded by the a good job a decent retirement, and the respect of your peers and friends. With that said; We don’t need the gays or the trannys, and if the truth were to be known they can only do damage to our social standing and out place in the workforce. But you have already stated that πŸ˜€

    The homo-Socialists like Sandeen, Helms, Juro Spading, and Browning are not qualified in the least to Dick-Tate anything to us. If They would leave us out of the picture We would stay out of their ghetto.

  2. Aria Blue says:

    Then we’ll disagree on that point. I see a corrupt system that as grown up to choke off the fruits of hard work and steal the savings of those who played by the rules and did everything they were told would lead to financial security.

    People who inordinately benefit from cronyism such as those with multiple high-dollar degrees at the top of the tranny heirarchy are one example of the system that is failing the middle class. Most of the people who consider themselves middle class these days are nothing of the sort. The banks own their house and car, and the government has shadow title on everything besides. Compare our current situation to 1950’s suburbia and it becomes more clear what dire straights the middle class is in.

    I wouldn’t characterize this as left or right, socialist or free market- those terms have been spun into meaninglessness. Rather I would call all these people on both the self-declared “left” and “right” by what they really are – institutionalists. People who have done well in a credentialist, elitist system will of course support it. They want to see their influence and lifestyle continue. Populists like me out here threaten their hegemony with our rabble rousing. They do not have my sympathy for their impending loss.

    • anoldfriend says:

      I agree with you regarding the economic straights we are in right now. There has been economic warfare carried out against the middle class since the end of the second world war. As far as nepotism goes that has been with us since day 1.

      I would stay as far away from the GLBT as possible in the coming years. There is the potential for some very negative things to happen in this country in the coming decade.

  3. Leigh says:

    My one and only post to this article on bilerico, published below since they often will not post my comments…


    Well, the real problem is that the damage has already been done. I mean, transgender and transsexual are already conflated in the mind of the public and together they equal gay.

    No matter that the transgender term is scrapped, the transsexuals are left to clean up the mess and the stains will never come out.

    Sounds like men have been playing in the underwear draw doesn’t it? … and yes they have.

    • anoldfriend says:

      Well put;

      Has anyone noticed the rising tide of backlash toward the Tee-Gees lately?

    • “No matter that the transgender term is scrapped, the transsexuals are left to clean up the mess and the stains will never come out. ”

      It’s hard to move past stereotypes once the damage is done. The world consciousness already assumes transgender and transsexual are the same – article after article from around the world, regardless of language, it’s the same association time and again – people think Transgender=transsexual=gay.

      There is a lot of work that needs to be done to correct this.

    • Leigh says:

      As expected .. they deleted it.

  4. anoldfriend says:

    Here comes the backlash, Stay as far away from the Tee-Gees as you can get.

  5. anoldfriend says:

    It looks like the backlash is only beginning I would stay as far from the Tee-Gees as I could.

  6. cassandraspeaks says:

    Very much so; and Aria was the first to recognise it. The gay/Tg alliance is crumbling. The fallout an reaction of the TG will be to attempt an even tighter hold on transsexual than they already have. That is precisely why we must be out from under the TG umbrella and separate before the inevitable split.

  7. Nerissa Belcher says:

    Most non-trans people focus more on how well we “pass” vs. on how we identify. Whether one is a CD to post-op TS if they look like an ugly man in a dress they won’t often go far. Conversely a feminine appearing and acting CD will usually leave a manly appearing self-proclaimed MTF TS in the dust. Fair? Hardly. But this is reality.

    My suggestion to anyone who takes being trans seriously is to work on their passing skills and appearance and to worry less about how other people identify.

    • cassandraspeaks says:

      Nerissa, I think appearance and self grooming is really important. But women (and we are all women here) don’t need to think about passing. Passing is for “trans” not women.
      Personaly at 26 years post transition, I hand out that advice, I don’t listen to it.

    • Ishtar says:

      Hello Nerissa

      It does not surprise me in the slightest that people like Germaine Greer scream “Stereotyping” when this sort of advice is being handed out. and with terms like “Leave them in the dust” and “life is unfair” that sounds remarkably competitive. Well for me this “reality” has been totally upside down.

      At the age of 15 I was “Passing well” as you would put it and got raped for it, there you go, So I don’t exist in order to please macsuline standards of what a woman looks like and not only that the masculine standards of what a woman is supposed to look like are never satisfied anyway, total waste of time.

      • Nerissa Belcher says:

        News flash #1 – successful women ARE usually quite competitive. I have three sisters that would eat most men alive in a head on head competition in the job market or in many other circumstances, for example.

        I get the impression that a lot of transwomen think women are dainty little creatures that would not dream of working hard and doing whatever else is necessary to succeed. I agree this is true of many woman as it is of many men. However, it is not a requirement to be female.

      • Ishtar says:

        Hello Nerissa

        It would help for me to clarify, I didn’t actually say women were not competitive, I said that the whole thing is competitive which it is. I am not a trans anything, and I was mutilated as a kid, so I see both men and women in a slightly different light. My views are seen as a bit warped but I would like you to understand how they are warped. If society dictates that women be little more than sex objects going “Ohh ahhh” and men be box bodied droids going “Destroy destroy” and people compete to be like that, with some grotesque puppet master laughing manically in the background well it is not something I am all that interested in.

        Newsflah #227

        I don’t see the world as you do.

      • Ishtar says:

        Newsflash #227-2

        Because the grotesque puppet master wants the world to be populated by Men (M) and women (W) who conform to some absolute ideal, I was violated as a child. Hence my warped view.

      • anoldfriend says:

        You are not dealing with as you call them / us “transwomen” We are women. We don’t have anything to do with tranny-land. Your view of what women are is more than a bit skewed shallow.

      • i have no idea who anoldfriend is. Which is why i do not link or quote them.

        Building a relationship without a blog or some other long-term avenue for self-expression is virtually impossible.

        i do know Cathryn and Joanne, however. At least reasonably enough.

        They look just fine to me. In fact both look *just like* a couple of nurses my aunt works with. Swing and a miss on your bizarre attempt at an insult.

        Making fat jokes against women, though?

        Doesn’t get much more misogynistic than that. It has all the elements.

        Attempting to humiliate women into silent submission, *and* championing the male version of perfect, barbie-doll femininity.

        Well done.

      • i forgot to mention Lisalee.

        She looks just like 95% of the cissexual-born female truck drivers that pass through my job site.

        On a side note, i’m actually hoping to see her drive in sometimes!

      • lisalee18wheeler says:

        Thank you. I was actually having a bad hat day in that pic.

        I need to swing by my terminal and pickup some chains for the trailer…then I’ll be able to come west… πŸ˜€

      • anoldfriend says:

        ATG you still don’t know who I am.

        An abuse complaint was lodged against this peace of shit. The nice thing about Google is they are very willing to roll over and give up information.

        Obviously someone who doesn’t have any idea what they are talking about.

        Maybe that little -edit- in Alabama.

      • Joanne says:

        This idiot’s brains are addled by the waist-cincher. I sent the URL off to the OII board. Thousands of ‘abuse reports’ will be lodged over the next few days.

        Relations between intersex and TG’s have been seriously damaged because the way I have been portrayed – and the mouse that roared with apocalyptical tin-foil sword couldn’t even get that right!


      • Ishtar says:

        I am wondering if this was not a response to someone posting a picture of Nerissa? I mean that was a bit harsh wasnt it?

      • anoldfriend says:

        If Nerissa didn’t want a link to her picture posted she should have deleted the picture.

    • anoldfriend says:

      Nerissa neglects that if one doesn’t vibe as female all the money in the world won’t help.

      I use to belong to a yahoo group Nerissa and another woman owned. The 2 of them kept butting heads, Nerissa kept stressing looks, the other woman kept stressing blending into society. The other woman was several years post op, Who do you think I am going to believe or take advice from.

      From what I remember Nerissa became fed up and closed the group, Probably a good thing because the other woman whom I became to know through that group was becoming fed up with Nerissa’s crossdresser attitude.

      • Ishtar says:

        Hi Anoldfriend

        I find those who go by looks intimidating, it is either “you are too tall” or “Oh look a supermodel” when talking about the same body.

        It is so far outside my comprehension I tend to relegate the mentality to the same place as the sheep like mentality where Paris Hilton is to be found in the jungle eating maggots.

      • Nerissa Belcher says:

        And we blend into society how? Our looks play a role. I am not saying we need to look like Angelina Jolie. I am saying women look different than men. The many self-proclaimed “real” transsexuals who are obese, dress poorly and haven’t a clue about makeup, hair, etc. while going through life insisting they have successfully blended into society are only deluding themselves. Of course some XX born women are obese, dress poorly and haven’t a clue about makeup, hair, etc. but they don’t need to work as much as we do to blend in.

      • anoldfriend says:

        I find it very hard to accept advice from you knowing your background, you approach the issue from the perspective of a man trying to be a woman.

        If you are not borne to be a woman, you will never be one.

        You can’t wake up one morning and decide “It’s a good day to be a woman”, it just doesn’t work that way.

        I remember you making the claim that you were autogynophic. I remember you supporting Blanchard’s theories.
        You made posts supporting BB&L in the yahoo group you owned.

        Do you really expect to come here and expect not to run into someone who knows your past.

      • catkisser says:

        My Goddess Nerissa…….that has to be one of the most sexist, gynophobia bits of out and out assholerery from a TG yet!

        And I get the feeling you aimed it at me? Sorry, I come across as femme even when shooting at some varmit.

        And like I said before, I didn’t have to “work” at being a woman because I always was one. Your words reveal much about your own womanhood….go away troll.

      • Ishtar says:

        Hello Nerissa

        “And we blend into society how? Our looks play a role. I am not saying we need to look like Angelina Jolie.”

        You are making assumptions and setting yourself up for a bit of a fall because you are assuming some things:

        assumption 1: everyone is “Trans”. (As in the TG definition)

        assumption 2: everyone is obese.

        assumption 3: everyone was born anatomically male.

        assumption 4: everyone has XY chromsomes (They are totally unreliable markers of sex anyway)

        An no not everyone can look like the sort of women you find in marvel comics, you know, tall slim, big breasted, blond haired etc. And for some such an appearance is the source of many bad assumptions and a liability. Life is way more complicated than the way you are presenting it. And the complicated nauture of life may one day force you to rethink.

        Newsflash #428 Assumptions often lead to problems.

      • Ishtar says:

        Why are all these TG people appearing here going on about looks anyway?

    • anoldfriend says:

      I would take advice from someone who looks like this?

      link to photo removed by admin

      • I too experienced something similar. I had thought I needed a support group and a new group just started up. I attended 3 meetings and came away more frustrated and disgusted each time.

        The main facilitator bragged incessantly how much money they had spent thus far on electrolysis among other things. They dressed in skimpy dresses – whorish looking and seemed to insist that if one not look like them, well you’re not really going to pass and perhaps you’re really not a woman.

        The social events were men parading around in what seemed their fantasy of what a woman should look like and behave like.

        If these kind of “support” groups are what people have to look forward to in beginning their transition, they will easily get brainwashed if they are not strong enough to be able to think for themselves.

        It’s sad and I’m pissed off at the mass socialization of the TG construct. Have people really become more stupid as the years go on? Have people become more ready to listen to whatever tripe comes along? Have people lost the ability to think?

      • anoldfriend says:

        Zoe I think you have at least in part hit on what goes on in some of those support groups, not all though. There is one in this part of the US that is a well kept secret.

        People have the desire to be part of something even if it’s not necessarily healthy.

    • Angel says:

      Wow, this sounds very much like the advice that was being handed out at the very first support group that I ever attended… a group that had been overrun by transvestites, who were by then running the show. The group had gone from being a place of support for women in transition to a social group for talking about makeup, passing, and planning their next “gurls’ night out”.

      One of the leaders of that group actually tried to convince me that SRS is a terrible waste of money… that “living as a woman” is good enough.

      They tried to convince me that I needed to wear a ton of makeup to “pass”, and that “passing” is of paramount importance.

      I laugh every time I think of that group, because while they were all trapped in tranny-land, I was being accepted as a woman by the general public, and even invited to join several ladies’ groups.

      You see, people can sense who the real women are, and who the posers are… that’s why the posers have to try so hard to “pass”.

      • Ishtar says:

        Hi angel, I have suffered a similar experience myself, it was a support group that billed itself as a “TV/TS/IS support group” But it was nothing of the sort. It was the same superficial finishing school stuff i see many TG folks come out with, and when the TVs showed up, they brought their wives who ended up sitting in the corner of the room, looking like they had their lives drained from them while the TVs were holding mock beauty contests to see who passed best. It was surreal in the extreme. And a bit misogynist as well.

    • GenderQuestioning says:

      Nerissa, I think you missed the boat.

      There are no passing skills and nothing you can really learn. You are either female and act like one or you are not. Not terribly difficult there either.

      Someone might have to work on self-comfort and self-esteem but those are different issues entirely.

      As far as physical passability, I guess that could be an issue but it is something I have discovered that I really don’t need to worry about. I have a couple places where testosterone has taken it’s toll and I have to compensate a little but really nothing too major. I just greet people in a normal tone of voice and let them think what they will. I never managed to perfect the art of sounding like I had broken vocal quality so.. *sigh* Most of the physical things are just clothes and confidence.

      And those meetings where people always talk about passing? I have never been to one. People always just tell me to go full time. I thought they were joking but I have started to wonder. Now, the drag queens, they do talk about passing and so do some of the questionable gender therapists.

      The only reason I am not full time today is because I do still have things I need to take of like a little thing called a beard. It is not super noticeable but there and a bitch to take care of after going full time.

  8. catkisser says:


    Pardon me but this is crap advice.
    I was failing to pass as male years before I transitioned. When I first transitioned, I got “read” until I stopped all attempts to pass and just was myself. Suddenly I was never referred to as male again (except by nasty ass TGs, another story)

    the whole notion of passing is garbage.

  9. catkisser says:

    and this “My suggestion to anyone who takes being trans seriously” jumping jebus on a popsicle stick!!!! Who in their right mind would take being a trans seriously?

    I am, was, always will be a woman.

  10. lisalee18wheeler says:

    “Who in their right mind would take being a trans seriously?”


    I’m beginning to think that TG are brainwashed…

    • anoldfriend says:

      It’s in the Group-Think hon πŸ™‚
      Drunk on Tee-Gee Kool-Aid.
      This is what we fight.

  11. catkisser says:

    That “dainty little” Donna Reed crap again?

    I work on my own car
    I plumbed and wired a 150+ year old inn
    I restore old plaster walls
    Sometimes I split firewood for our cookstove…..all this with two ruptured discs and spurs pressing on my spinal cord. I also bake and cook and sew.

    Dainty my ass…..and I’m all woman, just not the kind you know. I’m a country gal. Liberated, feminist and sometimes a castrating bitch

    • Joanne says:

      LOL Catkisser –

      3500 acre sheep and cattle farm. Four women on this property and five men. I can honestly say that in the last ten years I’ve never seen one of them in a dress!

      Of course I can’t speak for what goes on behind closed doors. πŸ™‚

      Everybody works the farm except the one with two preschoolers. Out there on tractors, mending fences, helping out at shearing time – rah, rah!

      The whole B/S argument about so called gender expression is just a con job. Most people just get on with getting on. A female shouting at a working dog doesn’t express herself a great deal different than a male doing the same thing and these half-baked constructed psychological ‘realities’ are utterly reliant on the socio/cultural micro climate they are hatched in, anyway.

      So far TG’ism has given us:

      1. The transsexual who doesn’t want to change sex.

      2. The pregnant Man.

      3. The lesbian trapped in a man’s body, and

      4. The enlarged clitoris (cojones attached) that ejeculates just like a penis!

      Personally I am waiting with bated breath for the next revelation.

      • Leigh says:

        Oh hey yes but then you live on a sheep farm on an obscure island so what would you know of the complexities of tg life in the suburbs of a major US city where passing in the presence of sheep is a major issue !


      • Joanne says:

        Obscure Island? Its not that obscure – heck its right there, under my feet πŸ˜‰

        As for the sheep – maybe they’re just passing as sheep, you know – like maybe they’re goats expressing their identities – before they transition – as mutton chops! πŸ™‚

      • Leigh says:


        mmm .. NZ lamb is the best on the planet .. how’s about a care package !

        oh yes .. and mint sauce please .. mmmmmm


      • anoldfriend says:

        You guys are funny πŸ˜€

        The UN-Transsexual

        The Lesbian with a penis.

        And the enlarged clit, the UN-Vagina.

      • Joanne says:

        Hi Leigh πŸ™‚
        You know I’d love to help you out with a leg of lamb. But what about that hour-glass, cinch wasted, perfect 10, Dolly Parton, male fantasy figure of yours?

        Tell you what…I’ll spare a thought for you when I’m carving the fore-quarter that’s going in the oven for dinner tonight. πŸ™‚

      • Leigh says:

        Awwww … mmmmWAAAAAAAAAA

        Your just mean – MEAN and rotten to the core ..

        damn upside downers .. dang that sounds delicious! ah well .. pork chops again 😦

      • anoldfriend says:

        I just bought pork chops for tomorrow and Saturday.

  12. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Let’s see…

    Driving semi’s for 7 years…Owner for one.

    Obese. Check.
    Makeup and hair, when I feel like it. Check.
    Jeans and blouses. Sneakers/Cowgirl boots. It is a truck. Must be a slob. Check.

    Guess I’m not a “Woman” in your eyes, Nerissa.


    • anoldfriend says:

      Since I am not a perfect 10 and don’t have a perfect face weigh 110 lbs and have a DD cup size, I’ll never pass.
      Someone should tell all those people who call me for the first time and seem to think I am female, they must know something Nerissa doesn’t.

  13. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Come to think of it,

    It’s really none of your fucking business, Nerissa!

  14. Leigh says:

    ROFL – I do love lisa’s attitude πŸ™‚

  15. Leigh says:

    Unfortunatly for you bitches I AM a perfect 10, weigh 120 and have a face so angelic it would make angelina sour with envy. My voice is so pitch perfect I am often asked to do voice overs for feminine health and beauty product commercials and on top of that I am absolutly 110% modest.

    Suck it up ladies πŸ˜‰

    • anoldfriend says:

      You owe all your beauty to us, if it wasn’t for us less than beautiful women you wouldn’t look so good πŸ˜€

    • GenderQuestioning says:

      Wow.. I think I have really pleasant alto voice and even I don’t get asked to do voice-overs..

      You sure are lucky Leigh πŸ™‚

    • Ishtar says:

      Leigh Life is so unfair, you are so lucky how dare you be so beautiful, I mean with my Veronica Lake Hair, Deborah Harry or Alexandra Bestedo face, my incredibly long legs, 26-28 inch waist and big breasts and shapely hips I just don’t stand a chance being 6 foot tall.

      I wish I was perfect like you and I will never be in Nerise’s league. πŸ™‚

      • Ishtar says:

        Let’s face it the standards set by the Tg crowd are impossible. and it would be nice if I did look as described, but Nerissa is having a laugh. How can anyone “Pass” to such a standard? They would be stinking rich if they did.

  16. cassandraspeaks says:

    Nerissa, I have something to say that needs to be said here. I hope Aria does not object to my saying this. “Ariablue” is not a “support forum” of any description either for transvestites crossdressers or transgenderists. None of the people here who comment on Aria’s essays fit into those categories. I reccomend that you read At least a half dozen of the essays here. You may get an idea of what this blog is about.
    It is a place where Aria is seeking to end the world domination and colonisation of the real transsexual experience by the pretender groups I just mentioned. The vast majority are long term post SRS women who have not thought about “passing” in a very long time. They don’t need to they are women. Personally I have not been “clocked” in more than 25years my own husband does not know my medical past. I am not the only one here like that.
    Now can you see that while you would be welcome to make your opinions known on the topics raised to do with extricating “Classic Transsexual” from the TG umbrella, on the subject you just raised you’re “teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs”

  17. Aria Blue says:

    Thanks Cassandra, that’s exactly what I was about to say. I will also add that it is not my intention to single out the individual person who finds themselves under the TG yoke. I understand how difficult life can be, and why people can end up there. Part of the reason I write here is so that people can see there is another way.

    People need to know that no matter who you are, transvestite, sufferer of GID, or transsexual man or woman, nobody has the right to force you into the political scheme known as transgender. Those who push that identity onto you are committing an act of political violence by taking away your rights and forcing you to accept something that benefits them, not you.

    Toward that end I also want to call attention to the fact that the transsexual condition is not diagnosed by “passing” or other transgender-ish criteria. In fact, a true diagnosis of what I believe to be the physiological birth state of transsexualism has yet to be developed.

    In the absence of such objective criteria, people are judged by their actions and to a lesser extent their words. If I say someone is a transvestite, it is because they fit the mold for the transvestites I have known in the past based on what they do and say. It is not a value judgment; it is a statement of fact made to begin the process of re-differentiating those who have sexual behavioral issue from real transsexual men and women. This line has been blurred for too long and it is time to restore truth.

    As others have noted, the definition of transsexual as just some part of the tg rainbow is specifically a tg belief, and not supported here. This is the core issue that sparked this war of independence we are starting against the abusive TG politicians. I have no complaint with the tg rank-and-file, except that they must educate themselves about the facts of transsexualism before they involve themselves in these sorts of discussions. The real facts, not the tg-washed rainbow of disinformation.

    The transsexual condition is one of birth and biology. It is not something one graduates to when you climb the tg hierarchy. You cannot become transsexual by surgery except in the grossest sense. The real, physical differences between people with this condition and those who use it as an escape from their issues have been allowed to be erased only because up until recently there was no hard evidence for the existence of transsexualism as a physical malady. But now that is changing. As time goes on there will be more and more research in the hard sciences relating to the human body, and as a byproduct we will have a very good understanding of what makes the brain and body work. The charade will finally come to an end.

    That’s what this is all about.

    • anoldfriend says:

      If you are directing this at Nerissa, your wasting your time. She had a group wherein a member, a friend gave her plenty of opportunities to sober up from the Tee-Gee Kool-Aid. I was a member of that group ( TS Health) and can attest to Nerissa’s resistance to leave the Tee-Gee Ghetto. Nerissa is happy living in the Atlanta and before that the Huston GLBT Ghettos.

      You might as well be trying to convert Sandeen, Helms or Juro. She wants to live a marginalized life.

  18. Ishtar says:

    Hi Aria πŸ™‚ Hi Cassandra πŸ™‚

    I have a horrible feeling that if the TG political set were aware of the facts in full, they would still persist. The one thing that the intersex support groups have found is the number of TG political types who claim to be intersex (You seldom get a diagnosis out of them though) and then claim that Intersex people are TG in some way. the worst part of it has been the erasure of my own life by the likes of Eugenides peddling the “Male brain sex” model of my own condition that has two negative impacts, it forces an expectation on people with 5 alpha to become “Male” (In my case that will never happen) but it is also divisive, because it turns affected intersex people against concepts of brain sex. The thing is I know the gulf of difference between what Swaab studied and what Mc Ginley made up.

    The bottom line is the TG top brass have a simple agenda and that is to use others as human shields, they come out with bizarre and very provocative situations in the media (Pregnant men for example) and then tag words to it like “Transsexual” and “intersex” and then they say “Umbrella” and before you know it transsexual and intersex people are in the firing line.

    I just wish the TG leaders would leave everyone else alone. Sadly they won’t because they have vested self interests. Everyone else probably needs to form a coalition to oppose the LGBT or TG coalition that tries to assimilate everyone else.

    • Joanne says:

      Hi Ishtar πŸ™‚

      Just figure what happens in 2012 when the DSM-V comes into play. Its no joke, and it is not just that publication that will be problematic.

      Almost every one of the individuals involved in the DSM rewrite are involved with WPATH and the diagnosis cooked up for the DSM will be reflected by WPATH and the ICD, because the psych-fruitloops want to get their story straight in all three fora.

      The next key issue will be the classification of those IS people who reject the so-called gender assignment imposed on them as infants. The intention is to diagnose these people as having ‘gender identity‘ issues.

      The creation of an invented ‘link’ between intersex and TG’s, using the concept of ‘identity’, will be all the TG’s need to start laying claim to an intersex identity and wanting to take over the still nascent intersex movement!

      It is the predictable next move for the TG’s. along with the ‘transsexual who doesn’t want to change sex’, the pregnant man, and ‘the lesbian trapped in a mans body’, expect an influx intersex trapped in ‘nonce’ bodies, after 2012!

      The whole situation is becoming more and more Bizarre. And the F***ing sexologists and psychologists are as much part of it as the ‘G’ and the ‘T’ elements of the GLBT’s.

      That the latter are a combined problem should not be surprising. Gay males have, in the main, no problem with ‘T’s invading lesbian space. G’s and T’s are after all, all males: its not their space being invaded and with a few exceptions, they couldn’t couldn’t give a toss!

      You can legitimize anything with queer discourse. It already claims a degree of ‘expertness’ over TS and IS lives, all of which is derived from transgenderism. They can be remorseless, utterly unprincipled and concerned with nothing other than themselves and their issues.

      And we got serious problems on the horizon …

      • Ishtar says:

        Hi Jo

        I really think the highly illegal “sidelines” these doctors seem to be involved in will have caught up with them by 2012. And if not, it will be made public and whoever makes it public will be almost immune to getting sued over “False allegations” because the “Experts” have been a bit too cocky when it comes to not bothering to cover their disgusting tracks. The more the experts twist the situation to suit them the more they dig themselves into a deeper hole. Alice Dreger is very nervous right now, because she is scared she will be implicated (She is not involved with the abusive stuff I know that).

        I swear the doctors are in a lot of trouble and what we are seeing is the “experts” getting more desperate.

        Notice how many “Autogynephilia” sites keep appearing trying to make out that this is the accepted definition of “Gender issues”. It looks more like damage limitation because it is so widespread and the people peddling it so desperate. Notice how those sites, such as Jack Moley’s site keep describing other explanations (Such as Swaab’s) as “alternative theories” (That is so blatant is reads like abject panic).

        When they start on intersex people or try to it may be too late for them.

  19. Aria Blue says:

    That’s a very good idea.

  20. Aria Blue says:

    About the post I just deleted…

    The view that all women should be measured by their sexual desirability is of course a very male, very sexist perspective. It is typical of some of the more antagonistic transvestites (and the angry lovers of some of the “shemales” on occasion), as anyone who has dealt with the “gender groups” or “support forums” knows. They like to demean women who actually transition as a way of pushing themselves up the hierarchy they have constructed… or in the case of the lovers-in-denial, continue the charade that their attraction to male genitalia is not gay.

    I won’t accept that one can only be a woman if you pass muster according to some man’s standards, and looks are not a prerequisite to being “real”. As I said before, I’m not interested in judging who people are by the standard TG litmus tests, and I will not jump to their demands. This is about people being free to choose how they live their lives without being victimized by thuggish TG politics.

  21. Ishtar says:

    I did go and read the blog in question, to me it read like someone was really angry. It does read like someone is saying they were provoked by something. I am thinking of the picture of Nerissa being the main flashpoint here. It reads more like someone is personally angry than just the usual exchanges on blogs. i just wonder if it would help to try to settle this, because the anger looks very real.

    • I agree, that was my feeling too. I feel it is someone other than Narissa. – Like the one who kept insisting on pictures.

    • Notice the picture of the profile on that blog is holding a gun? Not too subtle threat.

      Furthermore, they are scouring the internet about who we are and it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re researching where we live..Never underestimate our opponent.

    • anoldfriend says:

      That person is obviously mentally ill.

    • Leigh says:

      It was happyJb .. aka gayJb.

      It all stems from the fight with christine, jessica, [db and happyjb (of the same IP btw)]

      Aria banned them for being offensive. Just effeminate gay men out to prove something by trying to out people. Problem is the pics they show are widely available to anyone that wanted them anyway .. so it’s all sort of pointless really.

      • anoldfriend says:

        Let this be an object lesson. You can’t express your true feelings around those people without them attacking you. The term mentally ill seems to fit them quite well.

  22. cassandraspeaks says:

    The thing is Nerissa, I have nothing to to prove least of all to you and and anyway all my friends here have seen my image. I refuse to put up a picture so that you can jerk off to it!
    I choose to keep my image off the net and the fact I have chosen not to reveal my medical history is a matter for me and not one single other person except perhaps my physician. TG’s are obsessed with image I am not.
    As for Jane Asher; she is a personal hero of mine both as an actress and for the charity work she has done throughout her life. You would do well to take a leaf from her book. Besides which, I have been told I look very much like her, I have shoulder length red hair and green eyes as does Ms Asher and our faces are similar. Aria, Leigh Sybil, ATG will attest to the truth of what I have said here.
    Now if you wish to engage in a pleasant exchange of ideas and opinions please do so without recourse to silly unrelated matters.

  23. Leigh says:

    Hey Nerissa

    You ought to consider a name change to Narcissa ..