Shemales (or Ron Gold Was Right)

Up to now I have been focusing what I have been calling the transvestite side of the transgender paradigm. People tend to have a particular view of transvestites which is actually quite misleading, due to the strong propaganda put forth creating the image of the “heterosexual crossdresser”. But the truth became readily apparent later when transvestites blossomed into the transgender under that rubric.

We are all familiar with the images on television, or perhaps you have seen them in your own town, of a male person tottering on heels in fetish clothing that no woman would wear in a public setting, if she would consider wearing such ridiculous things at all. What most people don’t know is that far from being the “heterosexual crossdresser” as they generally liked to portray themselves prior to the advent of hardcore transgenderism, the vast majority of these modern full-time transvestites are actually gay. Arnold Lowman, aka Virginia Prince, coined the transgenderist term specifically to hide this truth and shame real transsexual people. More on that later.

For now I’d like to explain the other part of the TG paradigm, which completes the (male) transgender circle. I am purposefully leaving out the phenomenon of the “Transman”. The transgender paradigm is a behavioral phenomenon, not a physical one such as found in transsexuality. Therefore the female-bodied at birth transgender person may be quite different from the male-bodied at birth transgender person in their reasons for what they do. Because we are discussing a behavior and not a state of being, it is more appropriate to segregate the two sides in a manner which would not apply to transsexualism, the common cause of which is most likely shared between both male- and female-bodied at birth transsexuals. So on to the “shemales”.

As with most things transgender, your common sense and instincts are correct when it comes to “shemales”.

Lately of pornographic fame, the “shemale” is generally a gay man who has decided to make use of his slender physique to profit from those who are attracted to male genitals but who, for one reason or another, cannot accept that attraction in themselves.

Contrary to widespread belief, most shemales generally do not take hormones (for long if at all) because, strangely enough, having a female balance of hormones is tremendously uncomfortable for a person with a male balance of traits in the brain.

Instead, they rely on plastic surgery and silicon injections to mold their bodies to approximate the female form for a time, while retaining their essential maleness. This is important for their target market, closeted gay men. The image on the screen allows for arousal in a state of temporarily reduced inhibitions. In the case of shemale sex workers, the client is aroused by the smell of testosterone emanating from the male prostitute, as well as his underlying hardened physique.

It is an unfortunate circumstance that in most of Western society there is a very negative attitude towards sex. More to the point, there is a very negative attitude towards sex between males. In many primates, sex between male members of the population is used to establish and reinforce the pecking order. And this is probably the case with humans as well.

Being attracted to other males carries a huge stigma for a man, and dealing with that attraction for some is too great a dishonor. Even when such relations are accepted in a culture, the dominance and submission aspects are still in play, giving us such things as the old Roman standard that only the submissive man is truly debased.

Shemales provide an outlet for men with closeted gay feelings to express them in a safe environment.

If the male genitals are attached to a “woman”, there is no shame, because they are not submitting themselves to a lower place on the male heirarchy. Also, the sheer novelty of such an image is bound to pique interest in those given to fetish, as the bizarre tends to evoke the addictive sexual response in those so inclined. The circle of addiction can then begin, adding complexity to the situation as the population of “admirers” grows.

Shame and lust exist side by side in shemale attraction: The gay attraction to “shemale transgenders” mirrors the more male-bodied, yet also gay, attraction for the “transvestite transgender”.

And that’s the link that holds what seems like two sides of the TG paradigm together. In reality, they are both the same, only the minor details are different.

And that is why transgender sits so comfortably among the GLBT- it is simply another form of men being gay. Whether it is with a “shemale”, or with a 24-7 (older transvestite-type) “transgender non-op”, the focus is on male genitals and gay sex.

Virginia Prince, hopelessly addicted to shemale pornography, closes the loop and provides the archetype of the transgender phenomenon. The legacy of its creator is seen throughout the TG world today, for they are men who hate themselves for their gay feelings, and take that out on transsexual women by erasing, silencing and violating us whenever they can.

The sooner these gay men can overcome their shame, the sooner we can put an end to transgenderism as an abusive political force. People like Ron Gold, and probably most of the GLB, understand this instinctively having written similar things. Their only error was in confusing the transsexual-born with the those who exhibit transgender-gay behavior. Who can blame them after all the misinformation?

In essence, transgender is just variant form of gay behavior.

This is why its adherents cling so strongly to the GLB. Yet there would be no need for people to become one of these older “transvestites” or a younger “shemale” sex workers if shame over homosexuality did not exist. This, in addition to my belief in equal rights for all, is why I support acceptance of gay and lesbian women so strongly. Not tolerance, but genuine acceptance and an embrace of all people as brothers and sisters. Few callings are higher than bringing equality to those who do not have it.

For us, the (post)transsexual men and women, being thought synonymous with men’s sexual pecadillos is so degrading and dehumanizing as to evoke rage. We have lost our humanity so that a few men could avoid their conscience, and for cynical politics. Their privilege trumps our existence. The injustice of this is reason enough for every one of us to stay the course and see this through. We must separate ourselves from the gay and lesbian discourse at any cost.

We really have nothing for the GLBT or the gay world at all. Being born different does not give other people the right to victimize us, either for our politics or for our bodies. In this we share common cause with the intersex. It is sad to see young pre-op girls being victimized by the sorts of predators that live in the TG world. Sadder still is the victimization of intersex babies first by medical “professionals”, and later by the same predators that assault us.

There are much better ways to transition these days than hanging out in the gayborhood, and I urge all those who feel trapped there to reach out beyond its borders. There IS another way. Though the TG machine has done it’s best to “educate” the world about us, in order to keep us as vitcims, we endure. And we triumph.

Stay safe, and be free.


41 Responses to Shemales (or Ron Gold Was Right)

  1. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Amen, sister!

  2. Leigh says:

    Very well written Aria. You have cut to the truth of the matter and truly exposed the monster we are up against.

  3. Shirley Anne says:

    Excellent piece of writing and every bit of it truth! Well done, I agree with you completely. Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

  4. TEE GEE says:

    What we had in common was the lack of equality, not who we are you dunderhead. Our difference in process or gender articulation had nothing to do with it , not ever.

    • Aria Blue says:

      Actually we don’t have even that in common. A TG person wouldn’t know that though. The transgenderists always try to scare new transitioners with that falsehood you are trying to spread. It’s one of the usual recruiting tactics.

  5. Holly says:

    Gosh tee gee, we never had anything in common with the trangenderist like you. That maybe a little hard for you to absorb in your brain.
    Equality in a tee gee mind set is complete male

  6. Sara says:

    “It is sad to see young pre-op girls being victimized by the sorts of predators that live in the TG world.”

    Not only the predators, Aria. I recently had a “spirited” conversation with a leading national advocate for “gender-variant” children, some of whom I am sure are young pre-op girls (and boys). She (the advocate) was trumpeting how the young “got” that the “T” belonged with the LGB. I said “NO!, Please don’t conflate the two!”. I asked her to at least give the young ones a choice, and stop directing them toward a political and social grouping that will only serve to shackle, not liberate.

    I think I was somewhat successful, as she hasn’t addressed the LGB issue on her facebook page since, a place where she shares much of her philosophy (as well as push for donations!) … and it’s been more than two months since our “debate”. I’ve been watching.

    The fight can (and must) be carried out on more than one front.

    Great article.

    Sara …

    • joanne says:

      Hi Sara. You’re quite correct. As time goes on the ideological indoctrination into TG’ism looks more and more like religious indoctrination.

      The kids hardly get the chance to explore their own experiences, let alone their options, before the priests and priestesses of the dogma are in there regurgitating their catechisms and training them to talk in TG tongues.

      Its not a case of the young innately understanding where they belong. Its more insidious than that. They are simply indoctrinated into it as the only option.

      There is no freedom of choice. They are given no counter discourse. And all the potential paths toward other different futures are denied them.

      Its disgraceful!

    • cassandraspeaks says:

      I think you said what we all think Sara. I am hoping that this War of Independence we currently fight will have a dignified end and soon.
      As for one comment here about “lack of equality” It is somewhat spurious. The point is that the advent of TG activism as removed a great deal of the rights Classic Transsexuals had already won. It has been the Gay men in dresses that have caused problems for themselves and us in the process.
      The only problems I ever encountered were from family members who rejected me. Many of whom have since come to understand. Not because of transgenderism but because the example of the life I have lead was so totally different to the one the transgenderists talk about.

    • Aria Blue says:

      I hope more people can be convinced to take a second look the way you convinced that person Sara!

    • havasumoma says:

      Sara, Please refrain from attributing things to me that I did not say. I saved our conversation just in case this came up and I will remind you of what was said in case you have forgotten.

      SARA: Some of the children you are helping today will eventually have SRS and transition fully. Let them live outside of the LGB paradigm! Give them a choice! That’s all I ask.

      KIM: Just as I cannot dictate their choices, neither can you. The point is they WILL have choices. It is up to them how they choose to identify.

      SARA: There are many tens of thousands of us who desire no rights outside of what any man or woman already have.

      KIM: This is what I fight for. My first responsibility is to these kids and second to that my responsibility is to all humanity. I don’t know how to explain this so you can hear what I’m saying, but I AM NOT ABOUT GLBT RIGHTS I am about HUMAN RIGHTS.

      SARA: It’s really OK, just, if you can, please let the children know they can live their lives any way they choose, even as young ones they need not align themselves with any political group if they don’t desire to do so.

      KIM: I cannot control how people raise THEIR children. Children grow up and decide for themselves and form their own opinions. That is their right and their entitlement.

      • joanne says:

        Hi, havasumoma

        I’m not doubting you. I would be interested to discover just exactly what alternatives you have on offer.

        Once you have identified them as gender variant and they are introduced to the current paradigm, what options, other than immersion in that paradigm, are available to make the choices from?

      • havasumoma says:

        I don’t identify any one as gender variant and I don’t introduce children to any paradigm. I help to make it safe for them to go to school, I help facilitate their transitions and I help their families with finding medical care.

      • joanne says:

        hi havasumoma

        This is a miracle I am hearing. Do you operate as part of an organization? If so which one?

        Sara described you as:

        a leading national advocate for “gender-variant” children

        If I accept your statement that you do not identify them as gender variant what transition are you facilitating?

        If you introduce them to support networks how do you ascertain which of those is suitable?

        You see my position is that there is only one narrative out there. It is utterly ‘gender’ focused and I wonder if your claim isn’t just a trifle disingenuous, though I’m sure well intended 🙂

      • havasumoma says:

        You have to have some type of term to educate others with. We can’t very well refer to a 5 year old as a transsexual, can we? What I’m trying to say is that I don’t diagnose or label anyone. Parents are responsible for the care and diagnosis of their children, not me.

        I am the executive director of TransYouth Family Allies.

        I don’t introduce children to anyone or anything. Many times I never even meet the children I represent although I try to.

        We try to help parents find care providers who are caring and will not practice reparative therapy with their children if that is what they are interested in. We also help them find doctors who will provide puberty inhibitors and hormones for their children if that is what they are interested in.

        I have no idea what narrative you speak of. I’m not disingenuous about anything I do.

      • joanne says:

        Hello again havasumoma

        You said:

        I have no idea what narrative you speak of.

        and finished by saying:

        I’m not disingenuous about anything I do.

        I can’t begin to tell you how delighted I am to read that!

      • Sara says:


        There’s no reason to get into a fight with you here. You did indeed say that the “T” kids “get” why it belongs with the LGB. This was after a conference with some LGTBQ youth leaders in Arizona I believe. And no, I didn’t log any conversation or facebook quote to prove it.

        However, it is what prompted the exchange in the first place. Why would I have entered into the conversation with you in the first place with that as the topic if you didn’t say it?

        Regardless, I wish you the best.

        Sara …

      • havasumoma says:

        Discussing or disagreeing is not the same as fighting. I’m not angry.

        Your evidence of what I said, where I said it, who I was referencing and to whom I said it is very vague and therefore I can’t possibly speak to it. The work I do for children and the work I do with young adults is not always the same so this may be where the confusion comes in.

        I don’t know why you enter into conversations with me on this topic Sara. I don’t wish you any ill will and I have stated many times that I respect your opinion and your right to be left out of the LGB.

        If my facebook offends you I can remove you as my friend. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable on my account.


      • Sara says:

        Neither am I angry, Kim. I guess I thought the reference was obvious since it is what started our conversation in the first place. Like I said, I didn’t engage you out of thin air. I was only restating what you said that started our conversation.

        And it’s not just MY desire to be “left out of the LGB”. I reject ALL attempts to conflate the LGB political agenda with transexuality. My stated desire was that young adults (changing my words) be given the chance to live their experiences and make those choices for themselves and not have a “pre-determined” path presented as the only way. That’s it.

        Your facebook page does not offend. I didn’t mean to imply that and if I did, I apologize.

        Sara …

      • “We can’t very well refer to a 5 year old as transsexual, can we?”

        Why not?

        This is an honest, serious question.

      • havasumoma says:

        What is the very first thing people think when you say ‘transsexual’? Not saying if it is right or wrong or any of that. Just what is the first thing that people think?

      • Aria Blue says:

        Its the same thing they think when they hear “transgender”; fetishy man in a dress. The product placement isn’t any better, and the consequences of mixing kids in with drag queens and transvestites aren’t worth the attempt.

      • havasumoma says:

        That is one filter, but in the straight community who are better informed many times ‘transsexual’ is conflated with ‘surgery’. There in lies the problem (at least for me) of calling a 5 yo. a transsexual. Just for the record I do not use the word ‘transgender’ in my work with schools either.

      • joanne says:


        ‘Transsexual’ cannot possibly be conflated with surgery – unless you believe in the oxymoronic transsexual who doesn’t want to change sex? SRS is a fundamental requirement for the relief of transexualism. Not an option tagged on the end!

        Why don’t you just call the kids boys or girls – thus relieving them of the burden of the invisible trans-burkha that will burden them for the rest of their lives?

      • theoldfriend says:

        I am of 2 minds regarding the young and transsexualism;
        On the one hand I know how I felt from well before the age of 3.
        On the other hand how you do know the child isn’t going through a phase and will grow out of it.

        Even delaying puberty has it’s risks.

        How do you protect the child from harassment and beatings by her or his peers?

        How do you ensure a proper education for this child without harassment?

        I really don’t think this issue should be acted upon until the child has completed most of her or his development.

        The subject should only be dealt with when the child is in her or his early teens.

        Five years old?
        Anyone in their right mind would not label any gender variance so young.

      • catkisser says:

        Kim is doing a great job with the young ones.

        Adult trans people and women of history all too often have too many issues to be helpful in these things and should keep a distance.

        I became involved with a high profile case back in 2000, the child eventually transitioned, she and her mom are still basically in hiding to this day. The activist crowd made the entire thing much more of a nightmare than it needed to be.

        As a matter of fact I spoke to the child just this morning, she considers me her adopted aunt and her mother is a priestess in our tradition.

        I can assure you that Kim’s heart and motives are pure and she acts with wisdom.

    • havasumoma says:

      I am all for folks thinking for themselves and choosing how they wish to live their lives. Young adults in particular are exposed to a lot of information and options and I have faith that they will choose the path that is best for them regardless of what you and I say or do. It is their job to create their future as they see it.

      • havasumoma says:

        I would like to make one more point. I want to be perfectly clear on this. I AM NOT AN LGBTQ ADVOCATE OR ACTIVIST. I do not label myself as such although others may. I am an advocate for equal rights for all people. I am an advocate particularly for the equal rights and safety of children. To that end I am concerned about any laws/treatment of people that diminish their quality of life as human beings. I am for equality for immigrants, people of color, people with physical and mental challenges, people who cannot read, people who are economically challenged, homeless people, the list goes on. My views and belief system are not limited to T or L or G or B or any other acronym anyone wants to come up with. I believe in the human race and the right to equality for all.

        “A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possess.”
        A. Philip Randolph


      • Aria Blue says:

        The problem with this sort of advocacy is not with the intentions of the people involved. There are plenty of good people who deal in “t” issues, and do their best to reach out to those who are otherwise shunned by society.

        The real problem is the “T” itself. While it may not seem like you are trying to push any particular agenda, the fact that you view these children’s issues as one of “transgender” is very troubling. I understand that is the currently accepted paradigm, and it is within that framework that you were exposed to these issues.

        Please don’t take this as casting aspersions on your intentions which everyone knows are nothing but positive. I am just saying that “transgender” is not the “null hypothesis”. Nor is it the benign human rights concept it is made out to be. While it may have started as a cause of diversity on campuses in the ’90’s, it has morphed considerably since then.

        “Transgender” is a serious problem, because it puts children in the same category as transvestites and others with very adult sexual behavior issues. It forces children to take on the burden of shoving aside societal prejudice for a range of questionable behavior, becoming little activists themselves. There is no reason at all for this to happen, except that activists want it that way. There is no reason to involve them in this political battle of transgender activists to reshape society.

        I have questions about the motives of those who do so, the activists and others who push so strongly for us all to be shoved together under a label with such a horrible stigma. Why do they do this when we have perfectly good alternatives? I feel they recruit children into their campaign simply for the furtherance of a political agenda that is in every way abhorrent. I think it is wrong to do this to kids.

        So while you may not have thought you were being a T activist, by the very fact of approaching this problem as a “transgender” issue you have taken a very partisan political action. And that is not your fault, it is the fault of those who have spun the propaganda around this issue so strongly that mainstream society doesn’t know any other way.

        Have to run, so I’ll have to return to this troubling subject later. Take care 🙂

      • havasumoma says:

        I don’t see a ‘transgender issue’. I see a compassion issue. Fundamental lack of compassion and connectedness to our fellow humans, period.


      • cassandraspeaks says:

        Kim, I have done some homework on you (hope you don’t mind) Your credentials are clearly sound and your motives pure as the driven snow. Your goals are our goals.
        One of the issue I am passionate about and I believe many of us here are too and that is the care and protection of children who may be affected by a varience in their sexual identity.
        Many of us had abusive childhoods caused by our transsexuality. Pretty much all of us have been beaten countless times by both parents and our peers. So we all of us applaud the work you are involved with. If just one child is saved from the kind of experience many of us endured then it would be worth the effort. All I would say is be careful out there, not everyone will present you with their full agenda. Please please, avoid use of the terms transgender or even gender variance. For transsexuals it is a question of conflict between sex identity and not the gender roles of male or female. It is a physical and medical condition and not a psychological one. Treat the physical and psychological damage is avoided. Getting medical help pre-puberty is vital puberty is something all of us wish we had been able to avoid. Good Luck Kim you have our best wishes

      • Sara says:

        Agreed Cassandra … I never meant to cast doubt on Kim’s motives or goals … that was not my intent at all …

        I have told her numerious times that I support her work, for just the reasons you stipulated.

        Sara …

  7. Angel says:

    Back when I was in the dating scene, I dated far too many men who had that shemale fantasy in mind, including one who actually bragged that he wanted “a woman with a penis” (his words). Such dates were always quite a disappointment for both of us because I simply did not want to go there.

    In time, I came to realize that those men who claimed to date transsexuals exclusively were not worth my time.

    • Stephanie says:

      Quite. Every single date I had from the online dating scene followed exactly the same pattern. Sooner or later in the conversation I’d be asked whether or not I was going to “have the op”. When I said yes the man would nod sadly and inform me that “most people” who have the op regret it later. I’d reply that I didn’t think that was quite true. About twenty minutes later the man would get up suddenly and tell me that unfortunately he had some urgent work to do but he would call me later. Of course, they never did.

      Chatrooms were worse. I was rather dumbfounded to discover how many of these men who claimed to desire transsexual women actually wanted… how can I put this delicately?… to be on the receiving end!! They’re not gay, though, oh no!

      • Angel says:

        Yeah, it’s all pretty gross… as well as demeaning. I remember one man lamenting the fact that every pre-op he had met wanted to be a post-op. Well duh! I told him that he should probably leave the pre-ops alone and find himself a pretty transvestite. He acted like he was insulted by that advice, as he didn’t consider himself gay… even though he was looking for….. (well, you get the point).

        I’m really glad to be out of that whole dating mess. I finally did meet my Mr Right… he swept me off my feet and put a ring on my finger. I’ve been off the market for four years now and living the sort of life that I had only dreamed of living.

  8. “Every single date I had from the online dating scene followed exactly the same pattern. Sooner or later in the conversation…..”

    Holy crap, i thought i was the only one. You just described, in full, every single attempt i ever made to date someone in the past. *Every*. *Single*. *One*.

    i finally just gave up and decided to make a determined effort to win over a guy i already had a crush on, and who i knew was straight.

    Someone in my condition is a tough sell for men like that, to say the least. But i don’t give up easily.

    Having a partner who wants to help me become complete, and is just as motivated for it, does make me feel lucky sometimes.

    It almost makes up for starting with nothing to begin with.

  9. happyjb says:

    Hello all you intersexed warriors !