Transwoman Jasper Gregory Soldiers On

Jasper has been exploring the world of the love that dare not speak its name, becoming a “tranny dyke”, as she terms it.  She would be amusing if she wasn’t so darn aggressive and offensive elsewhere.  This time she has decided to approach “lesbian separatists” and after being taken to school on some of their blogs, has backtracked and now just wants to be friends.

Ms Jasper, despite the post modern rhetoric, separates people into two categories that inform the rest of her philosophy.  Like virtually all transgender activists, Jasper uses the designation “Male at Birth” and “Female at Birth” to build the rest of her house-of-cards point of view.  They may refer to these categories differently, such as “assigned male” or whatever, but you get the idea.  So Jasper goes on about MAB’s and FAB’s.

What is interesting is how Ms Jasper has suddenly decided that lesbian separatists have a point, after being strongly rebuffed.  She has now entered a friendly dialogue with her new friends where she bargains away the rights of others under the premise that she is the same as everyone else she decides is “MAB” and therefore is somehow duly appointed to represent everyone. The irony of a “horizontal” philosopher who sets up hierarchies is lost on Ms. Jasper.

First, I’d like to state that I have no interest in the “radical lesbian” or “lesbian separatist” argument. That is something the TG politicians have brought on themselves, using us as some kind of assault weapon.  Because the TG have successfully made our birth condition the equivalent of fetish transvestitism under their “umbrella”, nobody knows who we are any more.  This erasure was necessary in order to pursue the “male lesbian” scenario, among other things.    Those lesbian women who find themselves under attack from the trans hordes are prefectly within their rights to resist the invasion.  That is much of what we are trying to do as well.

Transwomen like Jasper are the ultimate expression of transgender.  She is the perfect TG.  Also like other TG activists, despite all of her “radical” theory, she falls back into the same binary that we all live in and respects the rights of those “FAB” people while ignoring those of transsexual men and women.  Jasper does this because she claims that transsexuality doesn’t exist.  There is nothing radical about postmodernism in the end.

I was having a bit of fun watching Ms Jasper’s antics, until I read some of the things she was saying about the transsexual condition more closely. Because Jasper says that “male femininity” is just a variation, she out and out denies that there are children who suffer from a real physiological transsexual condition. Her uninformed viewpoint comes down to the same old thing as many of the TG and other outsiders; if society were just more accepting, transsexuality wouldn’t exist. What an ignorant, arrogant, and horrible opinion.

In the comments thread on my last post, a discussion broke out about children and their parents who deal with these sorts of issues sprang up towards the end. The fact that children are subjected to the label transgender, or “gender” anything is deeply troubling to me. I strongly believe that burdening children with all the adult sexual baggage that comes with the “transgender” label is grossly unfair to them, and may be dangerous to their mental and possibly physical health later in life. The stigma of these things never goes away once unleashed, and that is a tragedy because there are other ways of dealing with these issues.

I think this provides the strongest reason of all for ending the concept of transgender as involuntary umbrella. All of this gender proselytizing does have an effect; it even impacts how doctors and other professionals treat their patients, unfortunately. I was one of those children once, and I know what kind of damage that nonsense can do, Jasper. Shame on you and your transgender allies for your part in this.

I don’t take kindly to people who want to make light of this birth defect. People who want to erase it into a system of gendered nonsense for their own prurient interests deserve to be vilified for the real harm they do. When transgender activists like Ms. Jasper misrepresent who and what we are to other people, impersonating us in their fun and games, they do malicious damage to everyone who was born with the transsexual condition.

And I especially abhor being used as a weapon against other women. The TG and their activists are always quick to do that; it seems to be one of their main goals in co-opting transsexuality.

I’m not sure if Ms. Jasper will post my comment in its entirety on her blog; she seems to be into creative editing for favorable context. So I’ll post it here.

Yeah, here’s the thing Jasper. I was born physiologically “different” than you, and your denial of that just makes you look silly. We have no “shared origin at birth”; your claim is an attack on my personal sovereignty as well as reality.

Just so you know people like me have “trans-hoods”, not childhoods; we never develop that understanding of “male as self” that you did. Our experience of the world from birth until death is fundamentally different from yours. I share no experience of maleness with you in that sense. Are you starting to see why you are wrong about the transsexual birth condition?

When you mocked those “MtF” people by telling them who they are, you committed an act of political and personal violence against them. The reason they deny being “male” is because, if they were born transsexual, they never were. Not in the sense you demand that they be, for your own purposes. You are fixated on genitals like most men, thinking that they absolutely define physical brain structure, if you think of that aspect at all.

All this theorizing has as its goal to erase women and invade their space, using people like me as a battering ram. You do not have my permission to do this, nor any post-transsexual person’s as far as I know. This is another reason I oppose the TG political construct- it has become a weapon against women.

You can try to turn it around all you like, as you have done in the posts above this one. That is known as “imposing your will”, something that you “MAB” people seem to be very good at. You don’t even see how aggressive and domineering you are, do you?

That’s what is known as “male privilege”. I deal with that all the time from TG’s. And it seems you are going down that same route.

You do not speak for me. You do not speak for “transsexuals”. You do not speak for anyone but yourself. If you want to invade women’s space, you do it all on your own with no excuses.


29 Responses to Transwoman Jasper Gregory Soldiers On

  1. lisalee18wheeler says:

    What’s troubling here is whether or not Jasper even takes himself seriously, at the expense of others.

  2. leighspov says:

    Oh lord .. still arguing with Jasper?

    I said it before and I will say it again, jasper is a flamer, the sissy boy type that hates all women because he can’t be one, and he hates us even more because we can and are.

    The years change, so do the labels, but the type persists. Your logic is wasted on him.

  3. Angel says:

    Watching his videos gave me a headache.

  4. happyjb says:

    I see, you found an actual tranny to call a tranny !

  5. joanne says:

    I see that Jasper attracted the attention of Zoe Brain who has metamorphosed from a rocket scientist, with this this statement: … I’m a Brain Sex Scientist – rather than an Activist –

    I do hope the transition was spontaneous? Truly Zoe, you are a transperson in sooo many dimensions.

    But apart from the sudden abandonment of rocket science, the self anointed expert is still peddling her usual brand of snake oil.

    Hey Zoe! – Zoe! – Your following this!. I just know your following this. So, putting on your scientist hat, rather than your gender politician’s hat, would you like to show us all where the empirical evidence is for this?

    “True” transexuals have their condition treated – if they can afford it, and no health concerns prevent it, and they have their body-map cross-gendered (as most but not all do), and so they feel distressed enough by having the wrong body as a result, and are not too afraid of the risks, and do not feel that they’d be better dead. The term “true” transsexual is deprecated. “Intense” is better.

    Just curious Zoe. How in heaven’s name would a “cross-gendered body-map” happen? Perhaps you meant sex-reversed “body-map?”

    If you meant “sex-reversed body-map”, would you produce some empirical evidence that a body-map could actually be sex-reversed, please.

    Even if you didn’t mean anything at all (which is highly possible) , in future you should display sufficient scientific integrity to acknowledge that these are ‘pet theories’ rather than fact. Either that or stop promoting yourself as a scientist.

  6. zoebrain says:

    Joanne –
    Cross-sexed would be more accurate, yes. The problem is that so many experts in the field talk about “Gender Identity” rather than “Sex Identity”. In order to communicate, it’s sometimes more useful to use consistent but wrong terminology than to use more accurate terms that no-one else uses.

    And sometimes I screw up, too.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that “Gender Identity” as a term does more harm than good. “Sex Identity” it is from hereon.

    Empirical evidence:

    Occurrence of phantom genitalia after gender reassignment surgery V.S. Ramachandran, Paul D. McGeoch – Medical Hypotheses (2007) 69, 1001–1003

    “We explain the absence or presence of phantoms in these subjects by postulating a hardwired gender-specific body image in the brain that does not match the external [birth] gender” said lead author and phantom limb expert Vilayanur Ramachandran. He argues that before birth the brain may develop an image of the body that may not necessarily match the physiological outcome.

    The concept of the “body map” is not controversial – you can see the effects using MRI imaging, and even modify the body map to some degree in some cases:

    See for example “Neuroplasticity in amputees: Main implications on bidirectional interfacing of cybernetic hand prostheses ” by DiPino et al, Progress in Neurobiology Volume 88, Issue 2, June 2009, Pages 114-126

    “Phantom Limb syndrome” is well-documented, when the body map insists that a limb is still there even after amputation.

    It’s no great stretch to hypothesise that this extends to genitalia too. It would also be consistent with TS people’s personal narratives.

    That would explain why most guys report “phantom penis” syndrome, while few trans women do.

    What’s interesting is that many trans guys report it too, before phallopasty.

    BTW… I wasn’t watching. I originally came to make snide remarks about Jasper and the Separatists being a “marriage made in heaven”. They deserve each other.

  7. joanne says:

    Hello Zoe

    Yes, I am well aware of phantom limb syndrome, and another equally interesting phenomenon, forgotten limb syndrome – which can occur following a ‘stroke’ event in certain parts of the brain.

    This URL will take you to an interesting depiction of a ‘Barbie & Ken’ body-map homunculus. I would love to see one with the genitalia included. I suspect it wouldn’t look anything like this:

    As to the TS body-map issue postulated by Ramachandran and McGeoch: The problem is that there are no ‘body-map’ issues regarding morphological sensation prior to surgery. The brain is completely aware of every aspect of its anatomical sex, where it is, and how it is functioning.

    In essence the ‘body-map’ is complete and functional. Somewhere in the brain is an area which draws together and consolidates the information that other, disparate areas of the brain are collecting.

    I suspect the problem lies there. That seems to be wired to ‘anticipate’ a different set of morphological sensations.

    The absence of phantom limb (organ?) sensation in classical TS post op’s is better explained by that hypotheses than by arguing the matter as a ‘body-map’ issue.

    But its just a theory – as were the conclusions drawn by Ramachandran and McGeoch.

  8. leighspov says:

    Can you all put this into english please?

    Are you saying that post operative transsexuals have a sensation of a certain something missing?

    If so, I wonder if I have alzheimers ….

  9. joanne says:

    Hi Leigh –

    If you can just get past Zoe’s ‘trans-speak’ it looks like this:

    Classical transsexuals (CT’s) do not feel any phantom ‘male’ sensations following SRS.

    Phantom male sensations are commonly experienced by individuals other than CT’s who access SRS, or males who lose their sex organs in accidents.

    Zoe Brain has pointed to some research that hypothesized the disparity as ‘Body-map’ issue.

    I have pointed out that interpretation is unlikely and the explanation I advanced is at least as likely.

  10. Aria Blue says:

    I’m not arguing with Ms Jasper. I want this out there for other people to read. I’m sick of being represented by people like Jasper and the more these messages reach readers of all these sites, the more people will start to think. The seeds must be planted.

  11. zoebrain says:

    “I suspect the problem lies there. That seems to be wired to ‘anticipate’ a different set of morphological sensations.”

    I can live with that as a description too. The subtle differences between the concepts are beyond the level of abstraction I was using.

    Your post to Leigh was spot-on.

  12. zoebrain says:

    Aria Blue – I confess it gives me the irrits too. Such people have the right to speak for themselves, not to Universalise their experience to others.

    • cassandraspeaks says:

      Just for the record who are you calling “separatists”?

      • zoebrain says:

        Start with the good folks at “A Room Of Our Own”.

        Add the Mary Daly Fan Club:

        “Dionysus sometimes assumed a girl-like form. The phenomenon of the drag queen dramatically demonstrates such boundary violation. Like whites playing “black face,” he incorporates the oppressed role without being incorporated in it. In the phenomenon of transsexualism, the incorporation/confusion is deeper. As ethicist Janice Raymond has pointed out, the majority of transsexuals are “male to female,” while transsexed females basically function as tokens, and are used by the rulers of the transsexual empire to hide the real nature of the game. In transsexualism, males put on “female” bodies (which are in fact pseudofemale).”

        “Today the Frankenstein phenomenon is omnipresent not only in religious myth, but in its offspring, phallocratic technology. The insane desire for power, the madness of boundary violation, is the mark of necrophiliacs who sense the lack of soul/spirit/life-loving principle with themselves and therefore try to invade and kill off all spirit, substituting conglomerates of corpses. This necrophilic invasion/elimination takes a variety of forms. Transsexualism is an example of male surgical siring which invades the female world with substitutes.””

        WIE: Which brings us to another question I wanted to ask you. Sally Miller Gearhart, in her article “The Future—If There Is One—Is Female” writes: “At least three further requirements supplement the strategies of environmentalists if we were to create and preserve a less violent world. 1) Every culture must begin to affirm the female future. 2) Species responsibility must be returned to women in every culture. 3) The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately ten percent of the human race.” What do you think about this statement?

        MD: I think it’s not a bad idea at all. If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males. People are afraid to say that kind of stuff anymore.

      • Please be a bit more environment-aware next time, Zoe.

        i’ve been working up another irritated head of steam against you thinking you were getting your troll on.

        It’s pretty much common knowledge that most here consider themselves transsexual separatists.

      • zoebrain says:


        Sorry, that interpretation never occurred to me. You’re too sane.

      • joanne says:

        Damn! Felt that this side of the ditch. Its all sorted now – I guess its why Cassandra asked the original question.

        All is forgiven. Come home. Love Mum. 🙂

  13. joanne says:

    The thought of Janice Raymond as ‘ethicist’ is mind blowing.

    If TG’ism sees itself as the next great leap forward in evolution. And Rad. Feminism sees itself as the next leap forward in evolution – then I sat let them have at it. The rest of us have lives to live!

    You already know how I feel about labeling what I suspect are a raft of very different issues as gender identity problems. So I’m pleased to read that.

    We all screw up Zoe. It takes some serious insight to see it. Tell you what. You give me some shit next time I ‘screw up’.

    Meantime stick to that sex/gender distinction. Its a great aid to understanding. 🙂

  14. leighspov says:

    speaking of jaspers .. here’sssssssssssssssssss dysonnance on “how to tell if someone is a transsexual or not”

    • cassandraspeaks says:

      Yeah I read all that! I still say Dyss is a Transvestite.

      Funnily enough even without a degree in ornitholgy or Zoology I can stiil tell a Duck when I see one.

    • theoldfriend says:

      That whole exchange is funny.

      Ah yes another road trip. 😀

  15. joanne says:

    Hi Leigh 🙂

    That one has a remarkable ability to begin all pontifications with an a priori.

    In this example we’re invited to accept as an unassailable given that all lecturers, instructors, professors and other assorted self anointed ersatz know-it-all’s, actually know what they’re talking about in the first place.

    Having read a large number of them, this proposition is highly dubious.

  16. Aria Blue says:

    Right, these are the same “experts” who think that surgery is a good idea for transvestites and such, aren’t they? Yeah the state of the trade is strong all right.

  17. joanne says:

    Hi oldfriend

    I love it that you are amused. Earlier you wrote:

    There are some things Zoe and I agree on, one of which is the term “Gender Identity” and the damage it has done to our cause.

    I asked you what ’cause ???’.

    As you haven’t answered I was wondering if you mind explaining this cause to me?

    • theoldfriend says:

      The term “Gender Identity” is used by every hack to describe and justify their freakish behavior, transvestites, sex fetishists, traumatized senior citizens who divorced their previous identity, even a few CDs have used the term as a crutch.

      Gender is a construct, I don’t have a gender or gender identity. I’m female borne with a birth defect who brought my body in alignment with my brain sex.

      Gender is so much cosmic bull$hit.

      Sorry for not replying but I would have thought much of this was obvious.

  18. joanne says:

    theoldfriend wrote:

    I would have thought much of this was obvious.

    Yes, most of it is – though I suspect that rather than being ‘cosmic bull$hit’ as you put it, gender has a basis in social and cultural evolution, thus should not be totally discounted.

    That said it should not in any way be so profoundly conflated with biological and anatomical sex, as it currently is.

    But these are not really germane to my question. You referred to ‘our cause’ a couple of comments back.

    I didn’t know there was a particular cause. I may or may not wish to be involved it. How am I to know if I do not know what the cause is?

    So what is the cause ?

  19. hipparkhia says:

    Re Dyssonance’s article – the logical conclusion of it is that transsexuality did not exist until it was defined by psychiatrists!! Irrational twaddle. It’s just one more example of the postmodern version of linguistic idealism that transgender defenders cling to like a rock.