“The Politics of Failure Have Failed”

Where do we go from here? This is the question that many people are asking themselves today. As the job situation remains bleak, debt mounts, and people become increasingly upset with the state of things here in the US, our leaders seem to be blindly pushing the same old agenda despite its obvious inadequacy.

This situation confronts us at every level of society from the Federal government to the local, from giant corporations to small business, and of course from the major political parties to their hangers-on in the lobby business. The GLBT construct as a corporate “movement” was no different. Last year, it got a wake up call.

2009 was not Pearl Harbor for the GLBT leadership. It was Waterloo.

The D.C. establishment, including the lobbyist sycophants, doesn’t quite understand this yet but bell has tolled for politics as usual, and we are quickly moving into a new phase of US political history. The times they are a’changing.

As Generation X moves into midlife, it has started to assume leadership roles in the institutions that define our nation’s character. This changing of the guard has profound consequences for society and it is going to take time for the true depth of these shifts to sink in. We have all gotten used to how things have been done for the past 25 years or so, and we feel that is “the way it is”. We have forgotten that things can be any other way, due to people’s famously short memory on such topics. The generational shift combined with the crises phase we are in is an explosive combination. Our world is about to turn upside down.

Generation X is the polar opposite of the preceding generation, but the comparison is best left to another post. Suffice to say due to the under-the-radar approach this generation takes the media has scarcely noticed it and has ill-prepared the public for the seismic shift in thinking that is about to take place across the country. This has profound implications for politics and movements like the GLBT.

At its inception in the 60’s, the gay movement represented a human rights protest to the inequity of society. As time went on it morphed into what we see today. It is a hierarchy designed to serve the desires of those at the top, using the lives of those underneath for fuel. Rising from its humble roots, the gay movement eventually became a tool of those with means, and turned into the GLBT.

Letter by letter people were subsumed into an imperialistic “movement” that told everyone to sit down and shut up until the plutocrats got what they wanted. It is no different than many other movements that matured out of their protest roots in the 60’s into the corporatist organizations we see today. This establishment-think at every level of politics is what has the public up in arms and feeling very underrepresented by those who rose to the top of the old order.

Elitist gay men at the helm of the GLBT cynically use the rank and file for their own purposes. They have organized everyone else to serve their own needs, while attempting to give the appearance of caring about the issues of the masses. The order of the letters has been a topic of conversation at times, which led to the superficial move of altering the order between G and L on occasion. But the purpose and operation of the of the so-called “gay lobby” has always been to meet the needs of the very few at the expense of the many. It’s all window dressing besides.

Where does the T question fit in to all this? It is readily apparent that T was swallowed up to give the elites a bargaining chip to throw away when the time is right. I don’t think anyone disputes that now. Also, the elites have a vested interest in TS/CT women becoming gay men in the eyes of the public, so they actively encourage this misrepresentation.

In this, they join the likes of Blanchard and his CAMH crew attempting to spread this ridiculous lie in the face of mounting biological evidence to the contrary. It has gone so far that we have come to the point where the agenda of the sexologists to draw “IS” into the gender fight intersects with the GLBT lobby’s need for new tools in their arsenal in their time of desperation. This is a sign of the absolute bankruptcy of two small groups of people who have wielded far too much power over the lives of many. It is here the breaking point will come, and rip the GLBT facade asunder.

Generation X is rising to power, and we have no time for old games played under the old rules. We have our own ideas about how things should be done. The GLBT construct’s time is over; it is a remnant of the old order that must be swept away to allow for advancement of human rights for all people, not just the elite. It is time to evolve.

Putting so many different people together to serve the needs of the few at the top is not a movement: It is an imperial prison. We have come full circle from gays and lesbians protesting the establishment in the 60’s to the few, the proud, the well-off among them becoming the establishment in the 90’s and 00’s, proving that the GLBT has done some good in its own way, in its time, and served its purpose. It has, however, become overripe and in its hubris is doing more harm than good. At this point certain people seek special favors from the authorities above them, and in entreating their betters they promise to keep everyone else down. Is this the future that everyone really wants? Is this the promise of a brighter tomorrow?

Time marches on, and we go forward. While recognizing the contributions of those who braved the front before us, we must forge our own destiny. There is no resting on laurels when it comes to improving the human condition. Lesbian women and gay men have a wonderful opportunity to make great strides in equality as the new generations come into their own. 2009 will be a distant memory soon. And we, outsiders caught up in the frenzy will have our own peace as well. I know that day is coming too.

Speak out against the platitudes; they are a narcotic. Voice your discontent. Challenge authority, and take the reigns of leadership from those who would drive you to ruin for their own petty needs.

A new day is dawning. Our time is now.


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  1. leighspov says:

    Well written article Aria .. and spot on as usual!

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