Psychology of TG and Classic Transsexual people

Lately I’ve been exploring the purely psychological side of this “lack of a penis in the brain” thing. I’m not a big fan of psychology because it seems to have been subverted from its role as a social science, and has been used as a weapon of conformity against quite a few minority groups over time, especially through it’s incarnation as psychiatry. But it’s probably useful to develop as many differentials for comparison as possible in order to make the point.

In the dissenting opinion section of the recent tax decision here in the states, one of the judges wrote that they must deal with cases like the deductability of sex change operations until psychiatry completely collapses into the waiting arms of neurology. That other people, especially those who may have an unfavorable view of our condition, may respect such authority as hard science despite their misgivings about us gives me a lot of hope for rehabilitation of our image. Here in the States the Puritan ethos runs strong and sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever root it out. But if there is a way to convince USAians that this condition is real its through science, because there is almost a… religious reverence for it among those who… believe. lol

That’s why it bothers me greatly that the GLBT pursues its silly strategy of ignoring science in favor of a human rights argument. You see how well that has worked out gays and lesbians over the last year or two. While things like gay marriage don’t directly affect me, the fact that the TG speak for me in political matters at the national level does. They choose to forego the winning strategy (for us), because they are focused on getting “rights” in the workplace for people who have, as ATG puts it, “wardrobe malfunctions”. I suppose this is what angers me the most about what the TG “leaders” do. Once they get what they want, destroying our rights and lives in the process, they can cast us aside and leave us to the wolves. And all the while they do this, we are supposed to remain silent because it is politically incorrect to question this “minority”.

I believe that the TG “condition” is simply a type of escapism; in practice TG amounts to nothing more than crossdressing. It is a costume designed to hide from the monster that the person has created out of their own fear. The reasons people do this are several, but the single defining factor of TG is the desire to escape from something that to them is represented by “gender”. But what is gender in this case really? Gender among the TG is whatever their personal boogeyman is, and they’ll do anything to avoid it. That’s why they rail so hard against “binaries” and prefer “spectrums”. The claim here is freedom of choice, but that hides the difficult issue they really face underneath.

Whatever their personal demons, people who choose to follow the TG banner are living in fear of some kind of judgment. It is a judgment of something that is basic to their being and thus can’t be changed to conform to whatever standard they believe they are violating. Rather than accepting this aspect of themselves and facing the consequences in their lives, those who congregate in the TG paradigm have chosen to avoid it. The fear grows and grows as the years tick by. Soon is becomes so scary that they will do anything to escape from it. There is no going back. So the answer is total permanent “social transition”. And because there is no issue with the body, the lower surgery and to a large extent even hormonal therapies are avoided. The person does just enough to show they are attempting to conform to this new, alien way of being without plunging into it completely. Stuck between worlds, and unhappy with any of them or even the limbo they’ve chosen.

This leads to all sorts of angry and dysfunctional behavior, which outsiders comment on and use as justification for keeping the transsexual syndrome in the catalog of loonies. But if you’ve ever faced fear of retribution, you know how bad it can be; imagine how much worse after years of denial. It is a monster largely of their own making but it feels all too real. The growth of TG was due to the way it feeds into this broken coping mechanism.

Now comes the transsexual syndrome. Here is a putatively biological condition that gives an excuse to anyone who wants it. Here in USAland with our Puritan heritage, “not my fault” is a get out of jail free card. Science is also held in high regard despite the yokels our television industry likes to trot out for our amusement. TG was practically built around absorbing TS from the start. But there’s a problem.

You see, TS is real. And it was only a matter of time before it was studied and understood. The sand was always trickling on the misappropriation of the transsexual condition, and now that we have come to the end of the hourglass the anger and despair among the TG crowd is trending toward a fever pitch. And there are more paths to the truth besides fMRI scans. Separating the TS condition from the TG political “movement”, a movement that is really denial and avoidance behavior writ large, can be done even in the psychological sense.

The outcome of the brain not recognizing “penis as self” is that the person in question never develops a sense of “male as self”. Many who have younger brothers can attest to the beaming pride the child displays when he discovers he is the proud owner one of those magical things. They often name them (often, or always? lol) and proceed to inform the family of that name and the importance of their anatomy. It sounds like a silly little ritual, but I suppose it is important to the development of males.

This early point of divergence in children is universal among those born with the (MtF) transsexual syndrome. The lack of the brainside portion of the penis “neural circuit” in the postulated body map is a central feature of the condition. If it sounds tautological I apologize, but its often necessary to be repetitive and extremely clear on these things because they get twisted in later arguments.

Young children go through phases of discovering their bodies and “owning” the various parts mentally and emotionally. This comes out later in behavior, and there is a whole field of developmental psychology devoted to these things. The rest of the body is understood by the brain in a particular fashion, and therefore the body, through its effect and relationship on and with the brain, becomes the source of our identity as social beings from the earliest age. If there is conflict with the body, the brain must go it alone so to speak and the psychology of a growing child will reflect this. The results are unpredictable if you take a gendered view of things. i.e. the child will always be “feminine” etc. As studies show, it is far more likely that a child will withdraw into a world of books and silence. The gender paradigm fails children once again.

The outcome of this is that young “MtF” children never become psychological males. And therefore they never grow into “men”. It’s really as simple as that. The pronouncements of sexologists and others who deny this fact, and call us all by our reproductive sex, are false and defamatory by the ethical standards of their own discipline. The TG rant about being “misgendered”, but how much worse is it to have your existence denied entirely?


5 Responses to Psychology of TG and Classic Transsexual people

  1. justjenniferblog says:

    The biggest difference I see between those who are transgender, and those who are classic transsexuals is that those who are transgender seem to either have no problem being identified as having a history as a male (and as a man) and those who are classic transsexuals wish to distance themselves as much as possible from that past. Put another way, the transgender crowd seems to have a strong need to identify with either having, or having had, a penis. Of course, this ties in with the issue of the phantom penis.

    • I disagree with the first part of your statement.

      i was once called a ‘next generation transsexual’. It referenced the fact that i held classic transsexual views, but had no fear of my past being outed to people who don’t know.

      In the future, would it annoy me? Probably.

      But do i live in fear of it? No. And that is a powerful weapon against hateful TG activists.

      Terrorizing women with fear is all they have. Having no actual fear of being outed takes away their power, and renders them impotent.

      The rephrasing you give in the second half of your statement, about transgenders having a strong need to identify with having or having had a penis, i agree with.

      It ties into the ‘out, loud and proud’ mentality. ‘Look at me, look how special and different i am’.

      Which only draws political attention to those like myself, who don’t want it.

      • justjenniferblog says:

        I fear you misunderstand what I am saying. Fear is not the issue. This is a common claim I have seen used by many TGs to hammer classic transsexuals, but it is simply not the issue. Wishing to distance oneself from the past is not about fear or shame. It is about simply wishing to have what one should have always had. I have never “feared” being outed. I have had it done to me on occasion, and while it might have made me angry, fear was never the reaction.

        What I am saying is simply what we agree on. They have a need to be “special and different.” We have the opposite.

  2. Alright. i agree with what you are saying. But i guess it comes down to this.

    If a TG activist approached a typical classic transsexual woman, held out ‘evidence’ of their past in their hand, and said, ‘if you don’t stop speaking out against us, your co-workers / spouse / friends will know this within the week’, then the reaction would most likely be silence and retreat.

    It may not be fear, but it’s the same end result.

    Not with me. Hence, they have no power over me. That’s all i’m trying to say. i’m hoping that more, younger TS who are indifferent to public exposure will start speaking against these bullies as well.

    It’s long overdue.

  3. sarasnavel says:

    I never identified with my genitals early on. We didn’t bond, there were no chummy nicknames either way. We were together during much of the day like any office coworkers and that was that; we did not get along but jobs were scarce in our little Catholic town. I later learned that like the bosses nephew they weren’t going away but I could move to a different department and dissociate from them to get through each day, one day at a time. Years later I realized that they and I were still working under the same roof and one of us had to go. Life goes on.

    Lots of people that you wouldn’t expect work in similar conditions. Some form unions for collective bargaining power. Sometimes those unions gain a life of their own. That’s why my grandpa used to tell me that in his view, unions should form ad hoc, solve a problem and then almost dissolve until needed again. Makes sense, to join together in a common cause yet maintain your own group identity outside of work.

    See, the danger is that you might find that your union merges with another that you find very distasteful and at that point you are stuck with the association. That’s why each group should keep their own identity and band together not for identity but for temporary political strength only. That’s my take on a lot of things, ranging from Trans politics to medical identities.

    Anyway, long ago I started learning about brain body maps, they are truly fascinating. Changed majors in college, learned the background terminology, correlated it with what I already knew from the functional side of modelling neural networks. Really got to know what locations do what and how. Then after my sister was hospitalized I read up on anorexics and the locations that light up or don’t on their fmri’s and how similar they are to those for phantom limbs, except reversified and non-retrainable. Oh, and the genetic stats and correlations to other stigmatized entries in the DSM. I’ll leave the rest of this puzzle for you to discover on your own…