The transgender seem to be confused about rights. They don’t know what they really are, they just know they don’t have them. Like everything else when it comes to transgender they are long on words and short on specifics. You can’t really pin down TG philosophers to any particular position; nothing said is ever definitive. It’s all vague, rhetorical, and ever changing depending on the questions being dodged. That’s the nature of discourse when the truth is being obscured. Some transgender supporters recently even started to make noises of reconciliation with classic transsexuals and others who have issues with them. It should go without saying that they have not changed and their words should be ignored.

The fact remains that no matter how it is repackaged, transgender is intentionally harmful to transsexual. The concepts are wholly incompatible, and no amount of false promises or sweet talk will change that. Transgender simply cannot exist on its own without attaching itself to something real, i.e. the transsexual birth condition. It is necessary that transsexual is erased in this process in order for transgender to carry on. Anyone who supports the transgender version of reality needs to own this and admit to it. Moreover, there was never a time when the transgender intended to do right by us, so it begs belief that they all of a sudden have seen the light and will soon admit that we have separate “conditions”.

There is no middle ground here. Transgender “compromise” means that the other side gives up entirely and is destroyed. The concept of political correctness has been turned inside out to accomplish this by silencing people who are critical of transgender ways and means. This is a common pattern in politics these days.

It’s the fundamental dishonesty of the transgender “paradigm” that is so irksome. Everyone knows it’s utter nonsense, but we are all supposed to pretend that there is such a thing as people who are born with biological variance in their learned adult gender roles; a kind of intersex condtion that only affects clothing. We are supposed to pretend there is nothing sexual about what the transgender do. And while we are doing all this pretending, we are supposed to keep quiet and not be bothered by all the harm the transgender sexual fantasy does to real people out here. Harm to our reputations, our jobs, our legal status, and especially our families. We are supposed to bear this burden for them and accept all these things as our own, in silence.

It’s time to start speaking the truth about this. The original purpose of political correctness was to remind those with privilege that they have been blessed, and that they should remember that others aren’t as fortunate in a given social order. It was supposed to be about awareness and helping people understand each other. It has since lost its original meaning and now is employed to silence dissent.

The reason the transgender have been so heavy handed in their silencing of transsexual women is that they don’t want their secrets told. Classic transsexual people know exactly who the transgender are, probably better than anyone else. And if we choose to we can spill the beans to those in authority who can make things happen at the various levels of government. It was always a nuclear option that no one wanted to exercise, but the political situation is deteriorating rapidly.

The pace of transgender repudiation is picking up, and things are going to get worse. Out of sheer survival instinct it may be that some people have to make the case for difference clearly and sharply to those in the government who are about to come down on the trangender like a ton of bricks over the next few years. The transgender can hardly complain about this, as it has been their position since the start that they were willing to see transsexuals and their rights destroyed, spent on transgender wants.

Transgender is a choice, a political fiction at best. The true goal of transgender activists is to create a protected category with co-equal status to race and ethnicity under the law. Then, any member of the “majority” who finds themselves with a hankering for alternative sexuality can live it 24-7 with impunity. Much as political correctness has been twisted to its opposite end, laws aimed at protecting equality will be twisted to serve the needs of people who would not otherwise have access to such things. And in the process it will cheapen the law and have a decidedly negative impact on the rights of true minorities.

Far more than transsexual existence is at stake here- the transgender political “movement” is one of the many symptoms of our crumbling society and in its own little way it can contribute to the assault on the institutions that define our social fabric. These institutions cannot survive if their founding principles are debased by this kind of trickery. And there a thousand of these little cronyist schemes coming down the pike as people struggle to get their pound of flesh before the inevitable collapse of the current political environment.

There is no comparison between “transgender” and race, and no basis in rational law for creating protections out of whole cloth for people’s chosen sexual behavior, or their dysfunctional coping mechanisms. Any such parallel drawn by transgender activists to the civil rights struggle of African Americans and others is horribly insulting and completely wrong. It’s disgusting that this is going on. And I resent my condition being held up as an excuse for what they are doing.

I have a right to voice my dissent for this wrongdoing, and so does everyone else. No amount of phony political correctness is enough to take away our right to free speech on this matter. It is my reputation at stake and I have no choice about that. We classic transsexual people have not been given choice of non-involvement, due to the accident of our birth being exploited by opportunists who think its their right to create a brave new world of their own design over the wishes of everyone else.

This protest against the blatant power-mongering going on is the very essence of politics and political speech. It is thus protected speech here in the United States, and we all have a right to speak. There is no political correctness clause that can trump our right to free and unfettered speech in this matter. Simply put, any demands for silence by transgender supporters are flat out wrong and should be met with harsh criticism. And that goes for anyone who is tired of tg nonsense, whether you are classic transsexual, a gay man or lesbian woman fed up with the whole thing, a family member, or anyone else negatively impacted by this toxic “philosophy”. Speak up! It is your right. There will soon come a time and place when your voice will count for far more than all the years of transgender skullduggery combined.

The truth has a ring. Make sure the right people hear it.


4 Responses to Rights

  1. Kathryn says:

    Yes indeed….they are welcome to their “umbrella”….as long as they don’t try to put it over MY head. Trouble is, they do that. They are a bit like some fundamentalist religions….”our way is the one true path, and we will either force you to believe as we do, or we will eliminate you from the equation”.
    While it is true that everyone is entitled to their opinions, and to be ignorant, bigoted or whatever, what the TG crowd try to do to us is tantamount to a witch-hunt. For some reason they seem to find HBS being different to CD/TV/AG threatening in some say….. It always seems like galloping insecurity to me. These ment (‘cos that’s what they are) seem to want to validate their atypical behaviour by allying themselves with those with a physical incongruity between brain and body (that’s us).
    They won’t stop, whatever we do, and they outnumber us hundreds (if not thousands) to one, so all we can do is ignore them and try to get our case across to those that really matter….our lawmakers and medical professionals…

  2. cassandraspeaks says:

    The Flip side of “Rights” is “Responsibility”

    I am yet to see many if any, TG’s take responsibility for their behaviour, actions, or the fallout that is public response to their political grandstanding. What I do see is finger pointing at others, at doctors who have believed their lies and given them what they demanded only to be sued because the “doctor got it wrong”

    Instead of truth I have observed TG’s lie, blatant outright untruths to get what they want or be seen in a less unfavourable way. When thigs go wrong they blame everyone else but never themselves. They cry foul, but never accept that it is they who must change their ways and take responsibility for their actions. The same way the once transsexual woman and man does when they make the necessary phyisical changes and move on with their life asking only that they are treated the same as any other woman and man That is taking responsibity for your actions. Demanding to be treated as “special and different” is not taking responsibility it is abdicating responsibility.

  3. leighspov says:

    Guys get things done with bulldozers and howitzers .. girls accomplish the same with a smile and a tear… you won’t find that in the tg handbook.

    Good on yer Kathryn 😉