Disaster for the GLB-TG

All the king’s horses, and all the kings’s men…

Today the Obama administration announced, in the typical sideways fashion of modern US politicians of letting your underlings take the heat, that it will be putting off the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” until after Obama’s next election cycle.

If anyone needed evidence that the TG are having a negative impact on the equal rights quest of gay men and lesbian women, all they have to do is open their eyes. Maybe Sandeen’s little stunt the other day didn’t break the camel’s back- but it sure didn’t help. It’s just one more event on the massive pile of TG dead weight that is drowning GLBT chances to get any of their concerns handled in the years to come.

There really isn’t much time before big changes in Congress this fall close the window on GLBT issues for the time being. Some pundits say that the agenda is already set in stone and it is just playing out as pre ordained; the GLBT may be completely shut out already and not realize it. And in the longer term, social issues like equal rights for specific minority groups may be eclipsed by more pressing needs as society shifts its concerns to the great economic and global challenges that most assuredly await us in the coming years. The list of “nice to have” will be filed away for the future if and when we return to a mood when we have the luxury of concerning ourselves with such things.

While it is probably true that Obama had wanted to put this off in any case, it is likely that Sandeen’s stunt contributed to the growing body of information that the powers that be reference when they think of gay rights. The Senators, members of the House, the President, Governors, State Reps, Mayors- everyone at all levels of government and industry have it firmly in mind that to support gays and lesbians is to support the wackiest of the crossdressers. At this point, the needs of the crossdresser movement have shoved gay rights aside and freedom of wardrobe is in the driver’s seat of the GLBT. Maybe they should call it the TG-GLB now. Or simply the Transgender movement.

Can the GLB reunite (conquer) the TG? Can they put that genie back in the bottle and get them under control? Or will transgender theory overtake the entire gay and lesbian movement? There is no middle ground here, the crossdressers won’t allow it. If sympathetic gay men and lesbian women think they can reason with the TG contingent, they are in for a rude awakening. I have a feeling that if they don’t understand what we (classic) transsexual women have been talking about with regard to the TG, they soon will.


TS Si ran an editorial criticizing Sandeen, which Sandeen referenced in a new post over at Pam’s. Sandeen is attempting to characterize any criticism as hatred, etc. while wielding that false morality of political correctness as a weapon to hammer home the Transgender Talking Points. I left the following response.

An entirely selfish act

It is ridiculous and insulting to compare this “transgender” farce to the civil rights struggle of African Americans.

Getting arrested and talking about your genitals to cause some kind of incident benefits no one but Autumn Sandeen. This utterly thoughtless and irresponsible activity is apparently aimed at amusing Autumn, and is probably also done with an eye at creating an opportunity for Autumn to become a paid activist at some point. This isn’t about a brave person fighting for rights; its a job interview.

This self-centered person does these things no matter how bad the impact on Autumn’s own GLB-TG movement. Gay men and lesbian women will pay a high price for these kinds of sideshows; the historic legislation pending before Congress has been put in jeopardy by precisely these kinds of self-aggrandizing stunts.

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that Autumn’s antics turned a poignant protest by Lt. Choi and the others into a laughingstock. These selfish actions deserve criticism, not praise. They come at great cost to lesbian women and gay men.

You should be ashamed for what you have done Autumn Sandeen.


21 Responses to Disaster for the GLB-TG

  1. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Like I tell anyone that will listen, it’s too little, too late.

  2. cassandraspeaks says:

    Aria it’s been clear for some years now that the GLBT is a wholly gay organisation. Irrespective of the “T” tagged on the end there. As an individual and as a voter I support the rights of Gay and Lesbian men and women to equality and freedom to be themselves and to be free of prejudice and intolerance. While most Gay, Lesbian and bisexual folks are also tolerant, TG’s truck no dissent from their needs at all. We know that to our own cost. Others perhaps are just beginning to learn just what the “T – for Trangender” in their title are capable of doing.

  3. Aria Blue says:

    Hello Cassandra 🙂

    Just another link to a post about this for future tracking purposes:


  4. leighjane says:

    For more news of the absurd ..

    In a small town not far from me, a mere blip in an ocean of wheat fields, a town with less population than that of a wild west ghost town, stands a lutheran church.

    As though in a scene straight out of the music man, they got trouble right there in River City, the Lutheran congregation this week took a vote on whether to allow gay ministers.

    The vote carried in the affirmative, causing 22 members of the congregation of 40, which is most of the town itself, to resolve to start their own church, in protest at what they see as an abomination of gods written word handed down in the bible.

    Yes friends, we got trouble with a capital T right here in River City. The townsfolk are up in arms, incensed at the prospect of a gay minister taking over their dying church in a dying town that incidently, has no gay people, and a female minister that is married with children! The absurdity of the religious right, and their fears of inevitable change, know no bounds.

  5. deena17 says:

    Hello Aria. I enjoyed your take on things. I had to tack a number onto deena because somebody already had the name registered. I’m not to well versed in all this transgendered/transsexual stuff so I have been doing some reading in the past few days. I don’t generally like to see animosity between any groups of categories. Having said that, I can certainly appreciate the huge difficulty society has when faced with some wide open undefined group like the TG seems to be. Especially when it comes to legislation.

    • Aria Blue says:

      Hello Deena 🙂 I wish you the best of luck trying to sort out the transgender stuff, it can be quite a headache until you have that a-ha! moment where you realize it’s quite simple. Take care!

      • deena17 says:

        The only problem I am having is with the warfare aspect. It is so simple for most people to tell the difference between a man and a woman that I never gave much thought to waging war with those transgendered who champion the cause of “equality even for the misfits”. I mean what sense does it make and what purpose is served by calling out someone when “jane and joe straight” can obviously tell who is what? I guess I never considered before the damage TG can cause for CT.

  6. Kathryn says:

    Well well….. So the GLB folk think the TG’s are giving them grief huh?
    Believe me that is nothing to the grief that these people are giving true transsexuals. Their behaviour threatens our legal position vis a vis such things as birth certificates, passports and legal gender status. That’s a lot more important than the US military’s ridiculous, homophobic “don’t ask, don’t tell” doctrine.
    Take the “T” right out and make it GLB….. True transexuals are better taking care of themselves and representing their own interests.
    If we isolate the TG lot, they can then do their own thing (which of course they have the right to do, as long as they harm no one else in doing it).
    “Gay” has come to mean “crossdresser/drag queen” just as that idea has become synonymous with transsexuals in some quarters. As we well know, sexual preference has nothing to do with gender or its expression, just as biological phenotype can be incongruent with brain gender. Quite separate issues to what a man might choose to wear in the evenings or weekends, or in what place he chooses to do it.
    The news media reinforce the prejudices of the general population, and it is long past time that they were brought to book on the score.

  7. saphirenz says:

    Right on indeed ! I am in accord with most of what is said here and I often hang on every word Cassandra speaks( not to mention your good self Aria)

    Certainly, I support the rights of people to live their lives in a way which makes them happy, providing that it doesn’t adversely affect the lives of innocent others. It’s probably a cause for which some have died. However, it is my opinion that the GLB, by taking part in that unholy alliance with the TG, are not without blame. I do have little doubt that in both of those camps there are innocent guileless people who are just carried along with the flow….Soooo, could the suggestion here be to divide and conquer?. Its a thought.

    My opinion is that both camps, GLB and TG, are as bad as each other, have used each other and abused us in the process. GLB have largely escaped from their previous marginalised and reviled position it is now OK to be ‘gay’ (I have never been happy with the misappropriation of that word…hey ho!) I believe they have escaped by artfully diverting society’s unfriendly attitudes onto TG while pretending to embrace them.. This diverting also hurts us ….Add to all that the outrageous parodies of drag queens and poorly presented “men in frocks’ and we are at a distinct disadvantage…..and as for giving them sex altered birth certificates…#*^~ !!!…well that’s another thread

    Notwithstanding all this I do feel inspired by the air of confidence, in Aria’s articles, that things may be about to start changing….although that could take another twenty years here

    • Aria Blue says:

      Thanks Saph! I try to pick out the things I see happening for just that reason- so that others like us can take some heart. I know for a long, long time the TG had the only voice in all of this, and the more we speak up, the faster that reign comes to an end.

      Cassandra (and Leigh, who also comments from time to time) are the ones who really convinced me of the true nature of who the TG are. It really is a matter of “nelly” gays who can’t come to terms with their sexuality, and a rather smaller component of crossdressers who have been led to believe there is something more to their crossdressing than there really is.

      The APA has to walk a fine line here because if they are completely out in the open about the kinds of cheerleading that therapists have engaged in the past based on the faulty gender identity paradigm, they could be in a lot of trouble at a time when they are under a lot of heat here in the US. At the same time, they do see a difference between us and the crossdressers… they just can’t come right out and say “Yes, we have accidentally been creating men without penises”, as Blanchard has put it.

  8. leighjane says:

    (Leigh) … that would be me 🙂

  9. catkisser says:

    Self proclaimed sociopath, Dyssonance, has also been writing all weekend on the Dyss blog declaring open war on all women of history including me even though I essentially stopped blogging on all trans issues and only occasionally comment here and there.

    It began with screaming we were about to “attack” and it would “spill over” on the TGV-advocacy yahoo list trying to drum up preemptive strikes. Almost every post includes some chest beating, apelike mention of just how bad and dangerous Dyss is.

  10. catkisser says:

    TS-Si has a recent article on the main page about psychopaths and their need at all costs for attention. I should not have given Dyss even as much attention as I just did.

    Ignore him and he will self destruct in a blaze of stupidity. Someone forgot to send the memo, the war is over, we won.

  11. Aria Blue says:

    Are there medications to help with the frothing? That can’t be healthy.

  12. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Why do people see the necessity of aligning themselves with the wrong side? I guess if Hemingway did, so can others. It’s not like there’s a cult of personality here, right? Or am I missing something…?

    • meeercyme says:

      Open your front door, and take a walk outside. Greet a neighbor you haven’t talked to in a long time. Start a conversation. See what has been going on in her life. There are plenty of everyday subjects to talk about…things that connect us with the world around us.

      What might be a good subjects to talk about?

      1. “Randi, my puppy needs a bath so bad. Maybe today would be a good time to find a dog groomer. Do you know of any?

      2. “How’s your dad doing? Is he starting to recover from his surgery?”

      3. “I really need to go shopping. I’m all out of paper towels. Want to tag along?”

      I, personally have seen a lot of things. I could have been a Hippy, but I wasn’t. I could have been a Flower child, but I wasn’t. I could have gotten into drugs with that other crowd, but I didn’t. I could have hung out at Studio 54, or with whatever decadent person I could have encountered, but that didn’t happen.

      Does what I am saying sound boring to anyone here?

      Are you looking for thrills?

      Does your personal life suck so bad that nobody else in the entire history of life could ever possibly cope with what you are going through?

      How about excess:

      One day back a few years ago, I was cruising down the road in my new 35th anniversary 350Z. I pulled into a diner parking lot where a classic car show was in progress. I own a classic car that has been stored in the garage of a girlfriend for years. I just don’t have the time, nor the interest enough to get it on the road.

      I meet this good-looking guy. We started talking about the cars, and he said that he had his own club, aside from being a great mechanic. I gave him my card knowing that I could use a little help on the Benz.

      One evening he called me, asking me for a date. Geez, here comes another guy with a one-track-mind. 🙂 He never got to fix the car, but he won my heart. One thing led to the next, and I fell in love….but, there was one thing that bothered me. He thought more about hanging with the crowd at the classic car meets than he did about me. That was also the reason his wife of 30 something years walked out on him.

      The TG activists have an agenda. They may not be coming out of all the woodwork just yet, but they are there somewhere, coming up with ways to turn the World upside-down, all for things in their favor. Get it? “In their favor”. If they don’t effectively make things better for themselves, the will sure-as-shiza find a way to screw-over us. They have absolutely no qualms about eliminating the two sexes. They would not ever worry about the effect of creating the “T” sex, but of course unless they begin to mature enough to realize that they were born of a Mommy, and a Daddy, and that is kind of the way that nature had planned it from the beginning.

      Of course, going through what we go through causes us to lose the ability to procreate, but we can adopt, and “We can Adapt” to our changes without losing sight that we are male or female, and to “the given” that we don’t rule the World based on our obsessions to change it to our personal benefit. We do what we can to adjust, and to share the fact that we are no better than any one else.

      If people can respect that life doesn’t revolve around them, then they become a part of what is going on around them, not the absolute center of attraction, which is eggzactly what the TG want to be.

  13. Kathryn says:

    Meeercyme said…
    “If people can respect that life doesn’t revolve around them, then they become a part of what is going on around them, not the absolute center of attraction, which is eggzactly what the TG want to be.”

    And she said a mouthful!
    Like it or not, we live in a gender-binary society because that is what suits the vast majority…and that includes most TS folk. That will probably always be so.
    Yes, there are a few souls that are “in the middle” and we need to accommodate them as best we can, but those truly intersexed individuals have nothing to do with transgenderism…..

    Unfortunately, it is a major characteristic of our materialistic and sexually repressed society that egocentricity is common, and encouraged as a measure of “success.
    The path to happiness lies, IMHO, not in material things, but in the surrendering of the ego to the things that really matter. Only then can we truly know ourselves, and the world’s philosophers have told us from time immemorial that self-knowledge is vital to a balanced existence.
    Each of us is a tiny part of a vast whole, and everything that we do and think affects everything else. That realisation is a humbling, but uplifting one, and is the basis upon which a more balanced world-view is possible.
    That’s a lesson that these guys-in-frocks-at-the-weekends need to learn. Not only would they be happier with themselves, but they would be less likely to negatively impact the image of others in society with whom they choose to link themselves…..to wit, us….

  14. leighjane says:

    And that was some very wise words of wisdom from mercymee and kathryn…

    anyhow .. I went and made a blog, always said I never would, but what the heck. Y’all welcome to visit and kick in 3 cents if you want .. here it is


    yeah I know … but it so fits me..

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