Pripyat was the company town for the Chernobyl facility.  It was home to 50,000 people whose lives revolved around keeping the reactors glowing.  Happy workers make for good production, and nuclear energy was a high priority for the government of the old Soviet Union.  So in a land of scarcity the residents of Pripyat were perhaps a little more equal than others.  Pripyat had all the trappings of a consumer city in the West, including an amusement park.

Today Pripyat is a ghost town.  It was evacuated in the immediate aftermath of the Chernobyl meltdown as panicked people fled.  They left life as they knew it and all their worldly possessions behind in the rush to escape the poisonous clouds drifting from the facility that had only yesterday been the source of their good fortune.

Today though the people have long gone, Pripyat yet stands.  It is a city frozen in time; a snapshot of the moment when its inhabitants disappeared on that fateful day 25 years ago.  Chalkboards still have lessons in the schools, plates sit on tables for meals that were never eaten.  Empty windows stare lifelessly at dead streets.


I was chatting with Cassandra the other day, reflecting on how much has changed on the internet with the whole TG thing.  In the early to mid 2000’s there was a party atmosphere among the TG.  ENDA was still a great hope and the DSM fight still held promise.  Anything was possible to the gender crowd, even the normalization of clothing fluidity for men, the transgender thesis which became “gender expression” in later days.

There was so much positive energy among the gender crowd, everyone from casual crossdressers to full time transvestites came out of their closets and formed an identity out of their behavior.  Effeminate gay men, long vilified by their own community and the country at large  became “non op transsexuals” to escape the stigma, spurred on by example of the crossdressers and the cheerleading of therapists following a misguided theory of sexual identity.  A virtual rainbow of behavior presented itself for public inspection- and demanded rights.

This was the height of transgender.

The contrast with today is striking.  With the twin hammer blows of a hostile DSM revision and the specter of a transsexual-only ENDA looming, the party atmosphere is long gone.  People have been quietly leaving the ranks of the TG and returning to their closets, shedding their aquired identities.  The explosion of transvestite vanity pages is a thing of the past.  Blogs fall silent.  Even the militant activists are resigned.  No champagne or streamers to be found anywhere.

Looking around the net at old messageboards and other transgender venues is like looking at Pripyat.  It’s a reminder of a time already past.  Only the clean up crew remains and soon even they will have to recuse themselves.  Their source of power, the transgender reactor core, has melted down and what once sustained life is now completely toxic.  Transgender has consumed itself and left only pollution behind.  And someday even that will disappear.


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  1. Kathryn says:

    Hope you are right….they are still screaming for “rights” here in NZ………….sigh….

  2. saphirenz says:

    Once again, I am inspired by your article …but still a little incredulous… Not that I don’t believe you, I really want to. I suppose I do take some comfort from the confidence you display. Did Cassandra mention similar developments in her “neck of the woods” ?

    Kathryn is right although the situation is worse than one would think from her comment. Here in NZ the GLBTG are increasing their “sabre rattling” and demanding ever more “rights” (changing sex registration without the requirement for surgical affirmation etc.)More of them are becoming involved in TG advocacy. Recently a branch of Transadvocates was established. Even some who could possibly be CT are being suborned into the mind bending ‘all inclusive’ Transgender bubble.

    Perhaps though, there is a ray of hope and that is that this country tends to lag behind the rest of the first world. What happens there will happen here several years later. We need to accelerate that process, I think

  3. catkisser says:

    The loud voices of TGism have been quite busy taking themselves out of the game. Sandeen’s creds among GLBs is gone after the attempted self promotional trans-jacking of DADT. Dyss has quietly been removed as a Bilerico contributor. Helms has exposed himself (pun intentional) as an out and out liar so many times now that one is a joke.

    Abernathy took herself out over a year ago, Robert’s reverse racism is so overt no one can ignore it. They are left with a couple of voices of reason like Jillian Weiss. I’ve seen in the past couple of weeks resigned responses to cries for ENDA action and Barney Frank as ultimate evil go along the lines of “the HBSers won”. TGs were reduced to crowing about NARTH types writing letters to the APA DSM revision team.

    Personally, I’d like to see a new section added to the upcoming medical standards of care that bars anyone who writes more than three articles on the internet claiming cisgender or cissexual oppression from hormones or surgery on the basis these people clearly do not identify as women or men but transgenders and that is now to be enshrined as mental illness in the DSM V. But then I think any psych professional who knowingly writes surgery and hormone letters for obvious fetishists (which I’ve seen done countless times) should lose their licenses.

  4. leighjane says:

    What a brilliant analogy! Well written as usual, you hit the nail right on the head.!

    Yes this war is largely won. The transgender have killed themselves with their own rhetoric and now await the final blow from ENDA and history to seal their fate.

    Damn let’s have a street party! … party frocks anyone?

    ummm … …. sorry 😉

  5. catkisser says:

    Scratch a gay man and 9 times out of 10 you’ll find a total gynophobe which really, if you think about it, should not be a surprise. Neither should the fact that the “transness” they “get” is limited to those who have dicks and those who want dicks.

    The Lesbians should have broken with them back in the eighties when the war between them broke out. but it was the AIDS crisis that played on the sympathy enough to keep them together, however fragile that connection might be at times.

    I never had a homophobic bone in my body before I transitioned but afterwards it’s the rare gay man I wouldn’t strangle for their clueless open phobia of women who corrected their bodies for we hit every bit of their castration anxieties dead bang on and they react to that and the gynophobia, literal gynophobia. The open hatred they show and allow crossdressers to show us seems reserved for only us and no other group. We are the “safe” women to openly express their gynophobia about.

    To gay men like Bil we are the disgusting ones who had that most important of all things, a penis, and got rid of it in disgust of having the thing they value about all else. Plus it’s literally all about sex with them, an entire identity built on having sex. This is not true of lesbian communities, only gay men.

  6. catkisser says:

    I just ripped Bil a new asshole on that article. I was done commenting there anyway.

  7. Aria Blue says:

    Awesome 🙂

    update- Boo it got deleted so I couldn’t read it.

    I never had any negative feelings towards gay men before all this either. I’m just so tired of the open misogyny of some of these people though, and I am starting to take a very dim view of the whole gay community, such as it is. I guess that’s why so many (90%?) of gay men and lesbian women stay away from that ghetto. They don’t like the negativity either.

    I suppose its too much to hope for, but it would be nice if some of them would see that when they deny the reality of our birth condition it’s the same as a bigot telling them being gay is a (bad) choice. The problem is they don’t see how it’s NOT bigotry for me to say that transgender is composed of crossdressers (either gay or straight), because they think transsexual is just some kind of choice on the crossdressing spectrum. It is irritating beyond belief to be told over and over by clueless people that I don’t have a choice how MY condition is portrayed by THEM. The arrogance!

    • SA-ET says:

      “I never had any negative feelings towards gay men befoe all of this either…I’m starting to take a very dim view of the whole gay community, such as it is…it would be nice if some of them would see that when they deny the reality of our birth condition it’s the same as a bigot telling being gay is a (bad) choice. The problem is they don’t see how it’s NOT bigotry for me to say that transgender is composed of crossdressers (either gay or straight), because they think transsexual is just some kind of choice on the crossdressing spectrum.”

      I couldn’t have said it better.

  8. leighjane says:

    You called it right cathryn. Gay men have always hated us far worse than any redneck but at least the rednecks are honest about it.


  9. catkisser says:

    Leigh, my experience with rednecks has been they might openly dislike or even hate a group you are part of but if they tell you “you’re ok”, unlike liberals and progressives, you can count on that as absolutely true.

  10. leighjane says:

    My experience too cat

  11. Angel says:

    Hate from gay men? Back when I was stupid and thought that a gay bar was the place for me, I got into arguments with gay men who were appalled by my “desire” to “chop it off” and insisted that I should be content with being a transvestite or a drag queen.

    In contrast, the rednecks that I’ve met have always treated me like a lady. In fact, that goes for the majority of heterosexual men I’ve known.

  12. SA-ET says:

    One just has to love Zoe’s constant morphing to once claiming to be transsexual to now claiming to be intersex to the core.

    Not to hijack Aria’s excellently written essay, and the spot on observations of both Leigh and Cathryn…check this out. I’m sure all of the rocket scientists follow these conference and are falling all over themselves to read Zoe’s papers.

    • Aria Blue says:

      Nice to see you again! I enjoyed your post about work. It’s very interesting how things get done in a complicated industry, and so mysterious to us outsiders. Looking forward to more posts soon 🙂

  13. SA-ET says:

    By the way, personally, I think Zoe is one of the most obsessed person I’ve every seen with regards to coming to terms with her gender issues.

  14. saphirenz says:

    In response to Cassandra

    Yes, Zoe can seem to be an enigma but I just accept her for who she is. I certainly don’t think she identifies as CT …;So along with many other IS people she leans towards TG.
    To me it seems unfortunate that , in trying to distance themselves from CT, IS people have fallen into the TG trap. Hopefully they will eventually realise their mistake

    • Aria Blue says:

      If there are indeed intersex people who think of transsexual as mentally ill men, they would be no different than all the other people in the general public who have been given that impression by the TG propaganda machine.

      The blame for the confusion and the nasty lies about transsexualism lies squarely in the gay/transgender camp. It infuriates me that people have been given all this garbage “education” by people like Kate Bornstein, Riki Wilchins, Phyllis Frye, and the rest. Enough with the loony college campus half-baked daydreaming.

      The answer isn’t going to be found in cozying up further to the dying transgender “movement”. They need to respect boundaries. They need to respect the reality of the biological transsexual condition. And they need to stop pretending to be something they are not. It’s a giant game of make believe, and our lives should not be an excuse for other people to avoid their issues.

      The sooner transgender is repatriated into the gay body politic, the sooner things will get back to normal.

  15. Aria Blue says:

    This talk about looks and “passing” is a symptom of the problems we face when dealing in this issue. I don’t believe I’ve ever made beauty or feminine perfection an issue when it comes to transsexualism, and while the subject often comes up, I don’t think that’s the core issue for the others in the “classic transsexual” contingent.

    Cassandra’s main point has always been the origin of motivation. Others have spoken about the outcome, living an authentic woman’s life. I harp on the accident of birth. In each case we are perhaps describing one facet of this phenomena, while leaving many others untouched.

    I’ve never been interested in these TG beauty contests, and I feel it does us all a disservice to get sidetracked about looks. I believe that the source of this issue is misogyny among the transgender.

    Sharon and Lisa ran a piece about the idea that men get to decide who measures up to womanhood. This is something every woman experiences in society- and it is especially insidious when employed by the TG “identified”. For one reason or another joining the TG contingent gives one a a free pass on issuing these dictates to women.

    This is why I have argued against special rights for the sort of acquired identity that TG represents and a return to the immutable condition standard. (It’s also one of the reason I think religious “rights” need to be watched that they don’t exceed the purpose of safeguarding against theocracy as they increasingly have been). I’m starting to see why so many feminists in the past found the transgender proposition particularly hateful towards women.

    In any case, I hope that these sorts of transgender beauty contests will become a thing of the past. Many people new to transition who follow these arguments are particularly vulnerable. When your transition is all in front of you your face and body are horrible deformities- if you are transsexual. The TG beauty contest is designed to make transsexuals (women) feel like shit.

    Let’s change the nature of this discourse. For too long transgender (basically male philosophy) has been in the driver’s seat when we argue. I’ve had enough of that misogyny, how about you all?

  16. lisalee18wheeler says:

    You would almost think that in the year Twenty Ten we wouldn’t have to mention this, but I guess not… *sigh*

  17. saphirenz says:

    Uhuh, not a good way to put it. Let’s call it literary license . I have no issues with GLB as such for I believe that their sexuality is as innate a condition as is ours. I too have close friends who just happen to be gay or lesbian.

    Occasionally I am a lazy writer and try to use the minimum of words with maximum effect and assume I am addressing people on a similar wavelength so I don’t cross Ts and dot Is. I have to say Cat’s way of eliciting clarity was the nicer approach though…(grin)

    My reference was intended to be to that misogynistic GLB element which interacts with TG to the detriment of CT integrity. For greater clarity though, you may like to re read my post of may 2nd

    It was not my intention to give offence but if I have done so I apologize.

  18. saphirenz says:

    Hi again, I just read the last few posts and am glad that, at least you didn’t conceal them from me . I had written and posted my previous response before I had read them.

    I am not a bigot. I am as compassionate a woman as any other. In this quiet little corner of the world in which I live (population 4 million) it took some time for me to realise the harm being inflicted upon people such as we by the “misappropriation of our syndrome by the GLBT activists …call them what you will. Having said that though , I believe that not every TG or CD means us harm but may be just caught up in the TG myth by the activists. ( I once read a personal account by a self confessed autogyne which I found quite heartrending ) I strongly support separation of CT from GLBT and our civil and human rights without prejudice or denial of the rights of those who confront us.

    • Aria Blue says:

      I was sure that’s what you meant. 🙂 And you’re right, it’s not really about individual people who call themselves tg/cd/tv, it’s about the politics and people making hay with the current confusion.

      At the same time, I do hope that people in the future choose some coping method other than going tg when they are dealing with their problems. TG is just another way of saying crossdresser/transvestite, and being able to state that fact without false cries of bigotry is an important part of imparting sanity to the situation.

      It is not bigotry to speak the truth about tg. This, I think, is one of the keys to returning transsexual to its proper place. For too long the wholly-created acquired identity of TG has given people a free pass on all sorts of ridiculous and at times downright reprehensible behavior.

      TG must be unwound from TS and placed back in the gay realm where it belongs. People need to be held to making an actual choice. Either you are a crossdresser, or you are transsexual. Riding the fence gets you nowhere. And if you weren’t born different, you know where you stand. Facing that reality is something that the TG are going to need to do at some point. Their game has run its course.

  19. saphirenz says:

    Yes, I found this blog by happy chance and recognize a similarity of opinion . There aren’t many of us here who have the desire to defend our position. There are some others here, on this blog who are known to me but I respect their confidentiallity, they may not know me as Saphire. I have started a yahoo group for the purpose of offering to government departments here an alternative to the , I think, outragious demands and opinions of the TG activists. Presently there are only two of us . Pretty well outnumbered huh?…Que sera.

    I certainly mean no harm

  20. leighjane says:

    Well personly, I dont see how we can remove the GLB from the equation. Without their support the TG would collapse tomorrow which implies complicity.

    As I have said before, the T in GLBT is not actually transgender, its TRASH. Thats where the GLB dumped all their non-normal appearing gay men, the sissy’s, the genderqueers, the flamers, the DQ’s and the rest of it. The crossdressers jumped in of their own free will and dragged the transssexuals in when they started to assume the TS narrative.

    … but the gays didn’t expect it to backfire on them the way it has

  21. saphirenz says:


    Yet again it almost seems that you have read my mind and, although the personalities you mention don’t mean all that much to this kiwi chic(k), the rest of that post is such a familiar train of thought to me….And just to put another piece into the jigsaw which is me and further expose my naiveté I will impart this . Although I had heard of Billerico I had never been there since I thought it was a place not frequented by nice girls. So, I thought it about time I took a look and I’m glad I did . I am so impressed with the way you all stand your ground and sustain such reasonable argument in the face of such bigoted intransigence.

    I believe the antagonists , wherever they are, all suffer from similar delusions as to their own egotistical importance, the veracity of their rhetorical propaganda and the assumption that everyone wants to know ….and maybe there is even a little of the “tall poppy syndrome” creeping in there too. Ooooh don’t they just need sitting back on their butts? (metaphorically…just in case anyone thinks I condone violence…[wink])

    I’m with you , sister.

  22. saphirenz says:

    I have no personal issues with you. You have a perfect right to be who you are and to hold your opinions and I would defend those rights but you don’t know me or how much I know about the IS movement so please don’t make or broadcast the assumptions you make. I am a simple soul and try not to be confrontational, my needs aren’t great or my aspirations many but I have not just disembarked from the banana boat.

    be cool.

  23. Sara says:


    I really like your HR policy. This makes both good corporate sense as well as taking into account the differences between the TG crowd and transexuals and making it Very Clear what is expected from a transitioning employee. Is there any way in which you could make some or all of that policy available while still maintaining both your corporate and personal anonymity? I would love to share that with my HR department. I work for a small financial firm in DC and I have a very good personal and professional relationship with the HR VP. She would love to see it I am sure.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing that information.

    Sara …

  24. leighjane says:

    Lena .. wonderful policy!

    I too run my own company, not anywhere close to the level you speak of, and I think your HR policy should be a model for how to do it the right way. You are to be applauded.

    As for the gay issue in where it intersects with transsexuals, you may be too far up the ladder to notice it amongst your set of well educated friends, but down her at the street level in small town america, it has always been an issue and continues to be an issue.

    As I read your story, you transitioned in 1971 and grew up on the streets of frisco where gay men protected you. That is entirely believable but that was then and this is now.

    Back in the day, I transitioned in the late 70’s, there were gays, there were DQ’s, there were transsexuals, and all of us were happy to claim the title appropriate to us. DQ’s did not go around proclaiming themselves transsexuals and even the sissy boys were just that. Now they are genderqueer, the dq’s often call themselves transsexual, and nobody cares that those of us that went through SRS or any of those today that go through SRS, become painted with a gay/dq/genderqueer brush whether we want it or not. When we protest this association through the tg umbrella, we are verbally spat upon.

    Times have changed. We write to expose their misogony, for if we don’t then things like ENDA will be the rule and wonderful, fair and sane HR policies like yours will be relegated to the round file.

  25. saphirenz says:

    Nicely put leighjane, only the perpetrators of mysogynistic acrimonybabble could take issue with that account. Bravo !

  26. saphirenz says:

    Hi ATG, you said:-

    ……(snip)..Even treatment centers, for treatment that they fully admit they do not need and will never undergo. Although some will undergo it anyway, it doesn’t make them any more of a cancer victim…(snip)

    Very lurid analogies with ‘punch’ I nod my head in agreement but I wonder who was that aimed at?

    • For the sake of civility, i refuse to participate in the ‘who is and who isn’t actually transsexual’ game, when talking about specific people online.

      i have strong personal opinions regarding a few ‘professional trannies’ on other blogs, who claim to be TS.

      You have those who flatly deny any desire (let alone compulsion) for surgery for years, who then mysteriously claim to be ‘surgery tracked’ when their flagging heirarchy cred needs a boost.

      And then you have retired men who obtain surgery, then act out every painful female stereotype known on record. Like one that was finally asked to leave at a salon i frequent.

      i’m sick of being put in one situation after another where women ask me ‘why are you so different from them’? And then expected to explain the unexplainable.

      By that i mean, explain why 20 different TG give them the ‘absolute creeps’ with the obsession over clothes, make-up, and overt attempts at sexuality and unwanted come-on lines.

      And then explain why i feel like just another girl to them. Because i can’t explain it. And looks have nothing to do with it. For their age, some of them look just fine.

      It just gets old. i’m tired of having to account for these idiots.

      But voicing opinions on specific people online would detract from the message, and just instigate pointless fights.

      And i have no desire to bring the acidity to a roiling boil.

  27. saphirenz says:

    Oh ATG , By the way, I forgot to mention that, following your reference to it in an earlier post, I went to your blog and read your defense of Aria. I congratulate you for it and have to say that you certainly have a way with words….which all helps my understanding. I just wish there was no need to be acidic with each other sometimes

  28. saphirenz says:

    Thank goodness for the level heads of the likes of Aria , (a wise head on young shoulders perhaps) Cassandra and others. Its probably fair to say that we have all been where ATG is and none of us have the monopoly on the right to feel affronted, confronted and disgusted and even angry by the disciples of Charlie V Prince, for none of us are unharmed by that deluded dogma. Personally , I sense a little misunderstanding here so it shouldn’t be hard to regret that anyone’s feelings have been hurt, clear the air and move on. Let us save our anger for those who compromise Classic Transsexualism and its survivors.

  29. saphirenz says:

    Have you all gone mad ? I have just had a nights sleep and awake to find some almost at each others throats…very bitchy, I can hardly believe it . There are ways of doing things without being so cruel to each other.

    Sybil, I thought your post was very moving and written by a compassionate woman . I first thought I was reading something from Aria, who also placed her own calming influence on things.

    One would almost think though, that this current acrimony was a deliberate means of getting us to fight, thereby diverting us from the real purpose of this blog, its author and most of its contributors. This is all so disruptive and counterproductive . Please think about it

  30. saphirenz says:

    Maybe we should cut each other a bit of slack about now huh? I guess we can all be a bit sensitive about some things but I am also a bit taken aback by the insensitivity in tone of some of the conversations, especially since we all tend to sing from the same song sheet. How difficult would it be to be more polite to each other?…Imagine, how irksome it would be to be treated rudely , talked down to in your own house (blog)? Come on folks, play nicely huh

  31. @ Meeercyme / ? :

    Let’s be clear on something.

    i *want* advice from formerly TS women. It’s why i read and follow the thoughts of women like Cathryn, Cassandra, Susan, Joanne and others.

    But i have too much self-respect to allow myself to be arbitrarily talked down to just because i haven’t been able to afford any surgeries. i am working on it as much as is humanly possible right now. And i believe i will get there.

    My efforts in speaking out against the TG construct are an investment toward my future. The actions of these idiots are going to affect my life. i will not remain silent on it until i ‘have the right to speak’ by virtue of surgery.

    And i can take getting ignored because of that. But i will not be insulted.

    i don’t know you, but i liked you (at least well enough by what small amount of writing i’ve seen) right up until you attempted to condescendingly dismiss me with advice that could not apply to me in any way.

    If you want to give me advice out of genuine concern as one experienced woman (you) to a potentially naive one (me), then i appreciate and even encourage it.

    But if you are simply attempting to dismiss me as nothing more than an ‘uppity little pre-op’, then i am going to react accordingly.

    i accept your emailed apology, and am publicly offering my own for getting angry.

    @ Saphirenz:

    You’re right, a lot of this non-sense is counter-productive. Your calls for calm made me take a step back and think about it for a night.

    @ Silent readers:

    This kind of thing is what happens when people learn of attempts at organizing an effort, and then appear out of nowhere and attempt to immediately establish a dominate position and voice by virtue of a recounted history everyone is expected to trust on their word alone.

    Warning signs of this include talking about how attractive they are (i was a model, blah blah blah), talking about how early they started hormones (i started before puberty, blah blah blah), and talking about how successful their careers are (i drive a luxury car and fly everywhere, blah blah blah).

    That kind of attempted pony-show preening has nothing to do with what this fight is about.

    If people feel the need to establish superiority with strangers on the internet, and do it behind a moniker to boot, then they are either lying or they have self-esteem issues despite their success.

    Simply put, nobody cares.

    This fight with the TG is a combat arena fought with ideas bound in logic and emotion. If ideas are so weak that people feel the need to support them with personal claims anyone can make, then they always end up doing more harm then good in this debate.

    It smacks of both hierarchy thinking and elitism, and it will not fly any longer.

    @ ‘Deena’:

    i am absolutely baffled as to how someone who claims to be so thoroughly TS couldn’t care less about their birth certificate.

    The last time i ever heard such non-sense was when TG activist Helms stated the exact same thing, and insinuated i was crazy for needing to change it as well.

    @ annierose:

    We don’t need allies who casually toss out gang rape analogies and make macho tough-guy threats for a fight.

    That’s about the worst thing in the world you could have done to try and prop up your damaged name.

    i only point out the obvious because you seem obliviously incapable of seeing it for yourself.

  32. leighjane says:

    This is not a support site .. at least I thought it wasn’t, perhaps it is becoming one.

    Ella, we have had our disagreeances in the past, hell we have been resolute enemies! If I won the lottery tomorrow, or if my hard fought for position in industry were to garner me a little more financial breathing room, you would be top on my list of needful and deserving benefactors. Hell I may even write you in my will, but for you to say that those women here when speaking of their accomplishments, or giving some background information on their struggles, their lives, and their attempts to help out in the struggle against the TG are some sort of “Dog and Pony Show” … well, I am sorry that you and Aria have this attitude towards us, but quite honestly if the cost of membership in this group is to never mention these things for fear of looking entitled and elitist, then I too will be moving over to their side of the line … fwiw.

  33. You’re not getting it.

    Rather than give success stories to encourage new women, older transtioned women almost always do it to establish dominant voices of authority and squash us out. We’re tired of it.

    The simply fact it, 9 times out of 10, it just doesn’t matter, and only detracts from the debate.

    It’s not a support site. i called out the CAMH operative because of that nonsense. And it’s not a personal showcase site either. i’m calling such out now.

    Stick to the fight.

    Stick to the fight.

    Stick to the fight.

    We will not let anyone in the older crowd make it All About Them. What someone makes or how good they look doesn’t aid in any way when pointing out the stupidity of the TG construct.

    When’s the last time you read Aria talk about the virtue of her looks? When’s the last time you heard Hipparkhia talk about how much money she makes?

    That’s the only point we’re making. It’s the only point we will ever make.

    Stick to the fight.

    Stick to the fight.

    Stick to the fight.