Enough with the New Media’s self-appointed glitterati already

Jennifer picked up on a post from Ms Sandeen today. Over at Pam’s Ms Sandeen is desperately trying to stay relevant by ghoulishly exhuming the story of Mike Penner, who took his own life in a suicide after an aborted attempt at transition.Β  Not content to let the dead rest, Ms Sandeen has used the excuse of an article in this month’s Gentleman’s Quarterly to suck the air out of the room once again by making everything about Ms Sandeen. (The blurb available online is lovingly filed under the Men’s Lives section. Go figure.)

…as well as my own experiences with bipolar disorder — a disorder that Christine and I both were diagnosed with — I believe I have as good a picture as I’m ever going to have on Christine’s day after Thanksgiving Day, 2009, death from suicide.

I lost relationships with family members as part of my social transition.

The stresses that came with — and at the same time as — my transition,

…well, all those stresses had a lot to do with how I became medically retired.

I know that had been my work situation as a transitioning, bipolar woman– well, I don’t work anymore because of the stresses I went through.

I feel my own gains from transition have left me with a more centered and more focused life, but I paid for those gains with personal losses.

…but I did trade one set of gender related issues for a different set of gender related issues; I did trade one set of problems for what I believed would be a more bearable set of problems.

I expected that when I was through socially transitioning…

I knew there would be losses, and I’ve paid…

Her passing is now, in a way, one of my transition related losses.

What a nauseating display of egocentrism. One wonders how Mike Penner and the rest of the world survived as long as we did with all this happening to Ms. Sandeen.

The article in GQ does raise some good questions.

What happened? Why did he transition back? Why, after all the therapy, all the heartache, all the crippling fear and anxiety, would he have stopped taking hormones, stopped getting electrolysis, stopped living as the woman he burned for decades to be? And when he did return to being Mike Penner, why wasn’t that enough to stop his fatal decline?

Whether Mike Penner was a transsexual or a transvestite, the answer is simple in either case. For a transvestite to transition is the death of their personal world. The life they knew is gone forever- and there is no going back. What does a person do when they make a mistake like that? You either continue going further and further off the deep end into transgender unreality, or you do what Mike Penner did.

In the other scenario, for a transsexual to transition in a highly public fashion is to be known forever after as a man in a dress. For a classic transsexual this very likely to result in a more literal death. (Those who don’t know why this is so do not share the condition)

Those who went public in the past (often not by choice) will know what I am talking about at this point in time. Due to all the crossdresser “education” about the transsexual condition, the public does not get to hear the truth. Transsexual voices are drowned out and people will simply think you are a crazy full-time transvestite if you try to explain what transsexual really means.

The people who made their stories known in the past would not do so in today’s environment. How many classic transsexual people do you see in the news or on television today? There is more than one reason we stay quiet in public about this issue. Nobody wants to go through the transvestite circus. This has the insidious secondary effect of ensuring that only tv/cd voices are heard, and thus becomes self-perpetuating.

By smearing the unavoidable pre-transition/pre-op state together with blatant male transvestitism, the transgender fanatics hope to confuse the two separate issues. The aim is to trick people into believing first that there is a relationship between the two, and eventually that there is no condition but the transvestic one being portrayed in the media. True transsexuals do not have a tendency to flaunt themselves in the media- it will destroy your sense of self and prevent the cure to your problem. Those who embrace the term transgender will find themselves rejecting it eventually- or they will never be cured of the transsexual malady.

And that’s what it’s really about; this horrible, horrible advice that the transvestites give to people. Portraying themselves as experts on this fictitious “transgender condition”, they tell other transvestites to transition, and they tell transsexual people to be “out”. Both of these things will cause so much harm to the people involved it’s outrageous that backers of the tg fantasy are still out there saying these things. Especially with suicides like Mike Penner’s in plain view for all to see. These crossdressing people who are still saying these things with the demonstrable harm this dogma causes must have completely slipped their moorings, both moral and those that link them to reality.

So enough with these self-appointed new media types. Anyone can get loud and annoying and try to make a name for themselves. The internet market, so to speak, shows signs that it is tiring of these loudmouths too. The shelf life on “transgender” and its acolytes has passed its due date. The proverbial 15 minutes is an eternity when you are dealing with certain people.

There are rumors going around that Ms Sandeen has been asked not to appear at any more protests after that little stunt at the White House. Sounds like people are getting finally getting fed up.

Time for some retirements, starting with Autumn Sandeen.


18 Responses to Enough with the New Media’s self-appointed glitterati already

  1. deena17 says:

    Well said Aria. I am certainly not qualified to make any kind of psychiatric diagnosis of another person but I have observed Autumn exhibiting symptoms of ..
    Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the diagnostic classification system used in the United States, as “a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.

    I wish Autumn no ill will but the sooner Autumn exits the stage the better, IMHO.

  2. catkisser says:

    You will notice that instead of the former flood of comments all Sandeen gets any more is just a couple. I read and re-read the comment that received a Sandeen “warning” and for the life of me the only reason I could see for the warning is the woman mentioned being longterm transitioned and post op. Apparently in Sandeenland that is now enough to be disrespectful of TGs….. it was only a matter of time.

  3. SA-ET says:

    I have to weigh in on this one as well. The person is dead; let the issue go.

  4. lenafromboca says:


    This is the article he wrote for the LA Times Old Mike, New Christine.


    Read this and everyone will probably have a better idea why this happened to Renner in the end. Renner wanted to stayed married to the wife as a she which is a bit unusual and may or may not have been a warning sign.

    She tried to still cover major sporting events as Cristine which did not go well in one case when another writer called her out as an ugly woman and someone playing out a dress up fantasy which is brutally cruel to put in print which the sportswriter did.

    It might have done Sandeen some good to just do a little research. Among Mike Renner’s last comments to a transsexual friend was that she had ruined her life and made a mess of her life.

    The transgender community in LA believes it was transsexualism that killed her but others believe it was the loss of his marriage and life that resulted in Mike Renner putting a hose from his car exhaust through a window and dying from carbon monoxide poisoning.

    I wonder how a therapist could not ask someone contemplating transition about their marriage? How could they recommend transition if the person wanted to stay married to the current spouse?

    Regardless a tortured soul is finally at peace.

  5. autumnsandeen says:

    Don’t hold your breath on my new media retirement coming anytime soon.

    • lisalee18wheeler says:

      I see you’ll be sharing your verbal diarrhea at SCC this year. I wonder how many of those (not so) innocents will ask for a refund… πŸ˜€

    • deena17 says:

      Autumn I’m glad you stopped by. I have read a lot of things about you and don’t know what to believe. Would you mind clearing up a few simple questions?

  6. louisvillekelly says:

    I just don’t get the whole all about me thing with Sandeen. Perhaps that’s why she’s lost so much, it’s all about her. In my transition, I made sure that it wasn’t all about me and you know what? The losses were virtually nonexistent. Aside from my humble little blog, I do my best to keep a very low profile and just live my life the best I can. It’s why I’ve kept my job as a teacher, still have all my friends and a family that is totally supportive despite the perception that so many have because of people like Sandeen.

    • hipparkhia says:


      I’m sure I’ve said this before but for me personally the thing I have against the transgender ideology is exactly this idea of transition being some awfully difficult thing demanding terrible sacrifices. It’s a load of rot.

      What losses? The things that belong to a past “male” existence? Isn’t that why you transition = to say good riddance to all that?

      I’m certain others live in more difficult circumstances than I do or are more unfortunate – but do we have to go on presenting transition in such relentlessly negative a fashion? I really can’t bear it any longer.

      Call me simplistic or naive but I think that if transition doesn’t improve your life immeasurably then you obviously made a mistake.

      • Aria Blue says:

        “…if transition doesn’t improve your life immeasurably then you obviously made a mistake.”

        This is the heart of the entire issue. Well said!

  7. catkisser says:

    So how’s that relentlessie, shamelessie self promotionie thing workin’ out for ya Sandeen? Any new videos teaching women how to pee this year? I’m surprised you’d show up somewhere you don’t have the ability to totally censor everyone else.

    You made yourself a laughing stock……if you had any dignity at all you’d fade from view. That TS-Si article nailed you to a “T”.

  8. louisvillekelly says:

    Exactly. The people I’ve sought out and befriended are the ones who have been quite successful as they are simply more fun to be around. Sure, there were a few hiccups along the way but overall, I’m here and pretty unscathed. I’m glad that most of it is over but a trying and miserable time it was not.

  9. catkisser says:

    Unable to get enough ego stroking at Pam’s on being insane, crushed at the death of someone “she” hardly knew or being victimized by women strong enough to defend themselves from TG mysogyny, Sandeen just turned up again on TS-Si……

    Sandeen, do yourself a favour and crawl back under the rock you emerged from, accept that no one is buying your snake oil on really being a transsexual after you trashed and banned from Pam’s actual transsexuals for years and that if you are stupid enough to get surgery, you will regret it almost certainly and thus place yourself at suicidal jeopardy the next time you emotionally crash. Any psych professional who wrote you a surgery letter given your track record, should immediately lose whatever licensing they have.

  10. frith2 says:


    You leave for a couple of months: You come back. You find some new faces and warm to the pleasure of finding old and the familiar friends.

    Then you find Sandeen, as usual, giving herself a starring role in her own personal tragi-drama and raking over the suicide of poor old Mike Penner.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

    Hya all πŸ™‚

  11. frith2 says:

    Hi Hon πŸ™‚
    Hi Catkisser πŸ™‚ Hi ATG πŸ™‚ and Lisa big rig, and hipparkhia :-)and everyone else. I missed ya all – well … can’t say I missed Sandeen, but I guess somebody, somewhere might … if they were seriously bad shots. πŸ™‚