Transgender fails to pass the torch

“I just thought I was gay because that’s all I knew. Other than straight there was gay. There wasn’t transsexual, transvestite or transgendered people or whatever you want to say.”

-Nikki Araguz

This is something I have heard before from the “women of history” around my age who I have known. It’s a common theme for us, one which I lay at the feet of the lover’s quarrel between Paul McHugh and John Money. The outcome of the tantrum thrown by McHugh over the study of the transsexual phenomenon was that transsexual abruptly ended in 1979. For the next decade, there was no such thing as transsexual. This left a gap into which transgender emerged.

The standard narrative of the earlier era is that of the largely white population of transitioners who lived in “enlightened” cities, and who had access to the infrastructure to support medical transition. They usually ascribed to the proper “gender roles” of the time, at least publicly, so as not to be denied treatment- especially when dealing with people from the psych establishment. A lot of people from that time referred to Christine Jorgensen as an inspiration, or at least they do today if they pop out to comment on the internet. This group disappeared into the mainstream quickly for the most part. They were the last ones to be regarded by their peers and society’s institutions as anything but the freaks and perverts which we are now.

Those who came of age after 1979, up until the early 2000’s or so, are a different group entirely. Generally speaking, there were no Christine Jorgensens for us to look to and have that lightbulb go off. Even if we had heard of her, time and social changes made her seem alien. It is very hard to identify with Christine because it is so difficult for us to understand that world that came before the consciousness revolution in the 60’s and early 70’s. Yet that wasn’t the main issue; it was the total lack of any public representation of real transsexualism in the media or medical references we had available. Instead we had Donahue, and later Springer. This led to a total confusion on the subject that left us adrift to cope any way we could.

This is why I have tried to point out some of these differences; for those my age there may have genuinely been difficulty sorting out some of these things. I hope that people don’t feel fake because they didn’t have the same kinds of childhoods described on the internet among the professional tranny set. That’s simply a lot of bs for the most part, pushed by crossdressers playing the “mine’s bigger than yours” game. It is largely driven by the false representations of the “standard transsexual narrative” that developed from people trying to wrangle their medical treatment out of the psych establishment.

Yet at the same time there are some common themes that do tie all real transsexuals together. We have grown up in different times, and experience the world through the lens of our own perspectives. The idea of the string-of-pearls housewife bringing her husband his slippers was not held forth in the public consciousness by the time I was a child, so my view of womanhood is different from those who were victims of that propaganda, though they may have shaken off most of it later. It is the first years of out lives that give the framework for our understanding of the world, and some of those features never change. The key is understanding how the some things may look vastly different from different perspectives, yet are still the same. If you have a more general case to compare things against, you pull the lens back and expand the field of vision, making clear that we are all talking about the same thing.

Unfortunately, transgender “philosophy” has inserted itself into the conversation, and exploited some of these apparent contradictions (which are nothing more than people’s different life experiences). We have not been able to speak to each other and thus the growing years since the discovery of the transsexual phenomenon by western medicine have clouded things, and made it difficult to see the common truth of the matter. The fact that it is impossible to create a universal experience of transsexualism in one particular aspect is used to justify the existence of “transgenderality” and trumpet it as the general case. It is not. There are fundamental conflicts between transsexualism and transgender(insert ending of the week here) that belie any connection. First and foremost the completely polar opposite experience of our bodies, which is later made plain by the drive for surgery once we understand our true condition. There are many others, but there will be another time for that.

A common frame of reference would put an end to the ambiguity that allows transgender pushers to point to minor differences of ornament between us as proof of their patently false statement, “Gender is a social construct”. It is this equivocation of the word “gender” that allows for the existence of the transgender lie in the first place. People who do this are taking two separate meanings, aspects really, of the word gender and conflating them. This is usually accompanied by switching back and forth between meanings when convenient, often in the same paragraph or even in the same sentence. It’s pure deception.

There is a social meaning of gender, clothing and behavior, and there is the newer meaning of the word gender which is a substitute for the word “sex”. By playing fast and loose with the definition they create their own phenomenon and report it gleefully. But there is nothing more to it than that. It’s simply bullshit.

Social gender is a social construct, but we are born who we are. Their point is sophomoric and false. And nobody is listening any more.

Since 2000 or so, there has been another group of people who transition. The youngest set generally has no idea about the issues and defaults to the “transgender” position until it becomes unbearable. The information gap that I grew up in was replaced by a sea of utter nonsense which masquerades as “transgender”. Younger people have been taught very different things than we older folks (think inclusion and enforced positive behavior). They generally feel guilty for setting themselves apart even privately in their own minds, and are ashamed of “negative feelings” of any sort, thanks to a sort of brainwashing that has gone on in our educational system. They are very group oriented and dislike making decisions that could be seen as exclusionary. They are a fertile ground for exploitation, unfortunately. This is the only thing keeping the transgender thing alive on life support at this point.

Yet even with this factor in play, the torch has not been passed. This is the triumph of a visceral knowledge of truth over any other consideration, even shame and guilt. It’s quite inspirational, especially to people who have lived in fear that the lies would eventually become the “truth”.

Though it is dismaying to see all the guilt-mongering by transgender firebrand preachers, who use the better parts of our human nature against us, it’s becoming more clear by the day their crusade has failed. It has been an effective way of suppressing the truth and keeping the Great Shining Lie going- but recent events and the reaction in the media reveal the trends I have been writing about on this blog are coming to pass.

As the aging transgender types fall by the wayside, there will be no one to replace them. They have failed to inculcate their belief system into younger people. There are a small number of college age people who play at genderqueer, but there is no new generation of transgenders waiting to rise up to replace the retiring professional trannys. It simply isn’t going to happen.

As Nikki said, “I hate that word”. One more nail in the coffin.


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  1. Kathryn says:

    The situation seems to have been more extreme in the US than in my country, but the general trends are visible here too.
    I hope you are right about the TG stuff dying a natural death. They are pretty active here via our Human Rights Commission, and using all of the politically correct “BS” that they can muster to support their case.
    Let’s hope that this resurgence in their activity is indeed the death throes of a idea that is not only out of date, but that was completely erroneous in the first place.
    We have gained a lot here as far as legal recognition and personal rights are concerned (not that there isn’t work still to be done), and there is a fear here that some our gains could easily be lost if these “non-ops” have their way……

  2. Aria Blue says:

    I think what makes it so inevitable here is what some in the blogosphere have been saying about gay activism.

    “Gay marriage activists are campaigning for benefits on the cusp of the era in which those benefits will go the way of the dinosaur.”

    Here in the US we have a different relationship with our government than perhaps the people of other nations do. Despite our voluminous public debt and entitlement programs, there remains a deep-seated antipathy towards the common person going to institutions such as government to provide for personal needs. The first instinct of most Americans is not to run somewhere and look for “rights” based on government preference. This is part of our national character.

    Our money issues are as far as we go with this sort of government solution. We simply don’t have the sort of system that will grant the kinds of recognitions that European style governments are capable of granting. Things like “Who is a woman?” are not questions our government is capable of answering because it lacks not just the tradition, but the structure and means to do so.

    So the kinds of campaigns to own various government committees and impose a particular viewpoint on the rest of the country that you describe are fruitless here. People who push for those kinds of things here are whistling in the wind, because they simply aren’t possible under our current federal system. This is a big difference between the US and other countries often that goes unremarked. It also explains why so many people who push for “gay rights” naturally align with radicalized elements who want to see our system changed fundamentally.

  3. Kathryn says:

    Yes I do realise the difference between the US and other western countries, but nevertheless you use the “binary” concept of gender/sex just like everyone else. The crux of the matter has been who is allowed to change from one to the other, and why.
    If everyone was not so hung up on everything to do with sex and gender roles (especially, it seems, in the US), the problem would largely go away.
    However, the world is what it is, and the fact remains that in many places in the world, turning up at a frontier dressed as a woman with a passport that says you are not is likely to lead to unpleasantness, quite apart from domestic issues.
    The state records your sex at birth wherever you live, and if they get it wrong, they have the obligation to put it right. The political system in use has nothing to do with that.
    Public opinion is a powerful force in any system, and it seems from outside observation that the general view of such things as “trasnssexualism” is very conservative (i.e. narrow minded) in the US…. it seems to be as much in the halls of power as “on the street”.

    • Aria Blue says:

      The very fact that we are talking about state vs federal power describes exactly why it won’t work. The federal government doesn’t currently have the power to dictate these kinds of things to the states, and as long as that remains the case these things will go nowhere.

      From the outside, from the viewpoint given to the world by the media, the US seems narrow minded about certain things for sure. The public *is* very narrow minded towards sexual fetishists who pretend to be women. But that doesn’t mean they are narrow minded towards transsexuals. This is what I have been trying to tell people: Despite all the years of tg nonsense, people can instinctively tell the difference, and that is reflected in law.

      As late as 2008, someone in the Texas government put a clause in the marriage law to help us. How amazing is that? Women “of history” working with their legislators and professionals got done what 20 years of screaming queens could not.

      But now that the clause has come to light, the TG will do anything to destroy it. Phyllis Frye has a history of purposefully flubbing these things for post transsexual woman, and I don’t think that is an accident. The tg will destroy anything that lets us escape their clutches, much like an abusive husband. The public is on our side here, and the tg remain our mortal enemy.

      But don’t worry! When ENDA fails to come to pass and gay activism starts looking for scapegoats after the mounting failures of their activism, tg will really start to hit the skids. And when that happens here, it will ripple outward and take the wind out of the sails of the pretenders in other countries. This is no time for pessimism, with all the signs finally turning our way. Be of good cheer, things are going to work out in the long run 🙂

  4. catkisser says:

    Two conflictings views of history that are quite evident in the US is Henry Ford’s “history is bunk” vs. Santana’s “those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

    In the US the Ford viewpoint won out for now.

    The remainer of TG propaganda is basically “they (the right, church whatever) hate us all equally so you must buy into our position to survive” which is pure crap from the point of view of someone such as myself who witnessed the erasure of transsexuality from the public discourse precisely because of the success in the past of promoting public understanding about it. That would be even the far right of this country! Linking transsexuality to the gay movement was deliberate by Gay Inc. precisely because they did the surveys and found that transsexuality had broad public civil rights support when gay and lesbian did not. Now make no mistake, I am pro marriage equality and totally opposed to don’t ask don’t tell and for full employment equality…..

    Silencing women of history continues because of the necessity of delinking the movements. Transsexual rights moved backwards in the US with the erasure of transsexuality and the new TG umbrella and the linking to gay men, in particular, of the condition.

    Hell, I’ve written enough about it in the past. Some of us need to continue to challenge Gay Inc. over and over. More need to be encouraged to sign the Petition at because the TGs continue to cite the numbers as “proof” we don’t exist.

  5. Kathryn says:

    Well I hope you are right, Aria….I really do.
    I know change is difficult in your country due to its necessarily complex political system.
    When I used the word “state” I meant an arm of government with national reach, which in your case would be the federal government I guess. They are limited in their power within the states, of course, so it all gets very complex.
    Already it seems that laws about this matter vary enormously from state to state, which must cause much angst and heartache to TS’s in some places.

    • Aria Blue says:

      It causes angst for TG’s, not TS’s for the most part. There are 2 or 3 states where we can’t change birth certificates, but in all 50 states we have a process for licenses and everything else. Marriage is the main issue and solidifying our status in law over the long term is all but inevitable at this point.

      The TG’s on the other hand whip themselves into a frenzy because they cannot access some things meant for us because they require surgery. That is why they push so hard for the removal of surgery as a requirement to change legal sex.

      So far here, they have been able to access license/ID changes meant for “pre op” status transsexuals, exploiting the lack of solid definitions in the law and damaging our case. (which they do gleefully, there is a lot of Arnold Lowman mentality among them) They seek to expand that to birth certificate changes and marriage, all desired without surgery. They claim they are being “forced to have surgery” and that it is a violation of their “rights” for them to be required to have a vagina to be a legal woman. (I’ve been leaving out the FtM types until recently, but that has to change because there are quite a few female crossdressers on hormones who think they are FtM men these days)

      So that is why they feel so strongly about marriage equality for gays and lesbians- they want to ride the coattails and play out their sexual fantasy with the stamp of approval from the law. Well, that and the fact that most TG’s are actually just gay in denial. We should see a breaking point soon in all this.

  6. saphirenz says:

    This is in response to the last two Aria posts.

    I love the thought evoking activity here, and I do my best to avoid judgementalism for its own sake. Aria your interpretation of the recent history of transsexualism sounds pretty good to me and perhaps I should know for I have lived through it… and it was hard.

    I find inspiring, your belief that the GLBT charade is burning out.I hope the same thing is inevitable here in New Zealand although I fear we must go through more deceit until truth and reason prevail.

    I do take comfort from the confidence displayed by those of you in the USA but I won’t be celebrating just yet. Maybe the TG activists here are taking stock of developments involving DSMV , ENDA etc.but then again , perhaps they don’t read blogs like yours and may not yet know that they are ‘licked’

    This is a small country with a population of around 4 million, about half the population of London so how many of us are here to resist the big TG deception? There is a likelihood that there are some who may be so deep in stealth as to be disinterested or unaware of the threat which exists….So, as far as I am aware there are only three of us who have an interest in opposing the TG myth and as you can imagine we are greatly outnumbered. Not only must we resist the TG advance but also the governmental unawareness and the politically correct acceptance of a so called all inclusive “Transgender Community” What, to me is particularly galling about this is that our voices are lost in the TG hubub which is likely to have an undue influence on the establishment of standards of care and treatment pathways for core transsexual people.

  7. Kathryn says:

    Right on the button, Sapphire….. I am keeping the champagne and bunting in the cupboard for now. Let’s hope that the time for it is not too far distan.
    Meanwhile, all we can do is keep pecking away at the halls of power in the hope that, at least, they have some intelligence.

  8. Aria Blue says:

    It’s likely going to take some time for the waves to reach your shores, but the day is coming sooner than you think. Try not to let the near-term issues play too big a role in your thoughts on this subject because I know how disheartening that can be.

    The engine of change is that the power behind the kind of social theorism here that created transgender is gone. Also, the drive behind special interest groups is waning. People here are starting to turn away from the kinds of things that transgender is designed to access; the use of government power to enforce the will of special interest groups on the body politic.

    I know what you are saying. They are in your face, they are denying your lives and reality in a way that is so painful that nobody but we can really understand the depth of their crimes against us. It colors everything we see in this area and more.

    Things based on falsehoods never have the strength they seem to when you are in their grips. They can own as many groups in the government as they want and it isn’t going to change a thing in the end. They can label people however they want and it isn’t going to make a bit of difference in the final product. People will still know what a transvestite is, and they will still know what a transsexual is. Everything comes back to objective reality sooner or later. Trust in that if nothing else.

    Take heart. The back of the beast is broken and though it will take some time, the waves will die down. The one constant in life is change, isn’t it? TG has been around for long enough now that it seems a fixture, but it isn’t. And this tyranny will not go out with bang, but with a whimper.

  9. saphirenz says:

    Amen! Amen!

    Nopw your talking my kind of talk and that makes me feel soooo much better.

    And you are so right about feeling powerless and overwhelmed but the word “quit’ isn’t really in my vocabulary