Bilerico’s Bil gets a taste of his own medicine

Some people may remember awhile back when Bil told us that transsexual and transgender are the same thing, declaring imperiously that it was merely a matter of semantics.  Well it seems he doesn’t like it when someone else does the same thing to him.  He whines here about one of his “allies” using the wrong language to describe his group:

After a co-host explains why the LGBT community doesn’t use “homosexual” to refer to itself, Uygur goes on an incredibly arrogant rant about how he’s “drawing a line in the sand” and refuses to say “gay,” “lesbian,” or even “LGBT.”

The sheer amount of privilege Uygur demonstrates so aptly is overwhelming. Not only does he refuse to refer to our community by the name we prefer, he sets himself up as the arbiter of what is or isn’t acceptable to gays and lesbians…

What’s good for the goose, Bil.


4 Responses to Bilerico’s Bil gets a taste of his own medicine

  1. catkisser says:

    left a comment there……

  2. SA-ET says:

    I couldn’t let it pass either.

  3. saphirenz says:

    I rarely go there because it only serves to frustrate me and sure enough he does it again with that same old “don’t do as I do, do as I say” bleating. Pots and kettles coloured black and hypocrisy. Certainly his philosophy is flawed.

    I leave Bilerico to you seasoned campaigners…(smile)

    BTW TFF is back on line

  4. jo says:

    I think hypocrisy explains a lot when it comes to this subject.

    How did a class of person, namely Gays, who struggled to remove the stigma placed on them by behaviorists and psycho-therapists, arrive at the conclusion that the very professions who had been so wrong about their own unique situation, suddenly had the ability to be 100% correct about anybody else?

    Why have they been instrumental in contributing to the erasure of the class of persons we belong to, having fought so hard in past, against their own erasure?

    Some time back Bilerco Bil made his own decisions. I don’t pretend to understand their basis. But its impossible to avoid the innate double standards.

    I doubt all gays arrived at the same conclusions Bil did. You need to read the same self anointed ersatz experts first. Then you need to believe them. Not everyone is that naive.