Why I’m angry

October 30, 2010

…and you should be too.  One of the usual criticisms of any woman who speaks her mind is that she’s angry, as if it is completely illegitimate for a woman to ever be angry about anything.  If a woman expresses displeasure, she isn’t really angry about what she says she is.  No, it must have something to do with her silly irrelevant feelings.  Maybe she feels jilted and wants to take it out on everyone.  Who knows, women are such mysterious (ancillary) creatures it hardly matters.  Women should never be angry or have opinions, you see.

So when I get angry about some very real injustices it comes as no shock that most people who may otherwise agree with me criticize me for being angry.  I’m supposed to put up with all the the garbage with a smile and apologize for my own anger at being wronged.  It was an offense for me to speak up in the first place.  It’s a natural (sexist) double standard that both men and women enforce on women without thinking about it.  If you want people to like you, a woman can never be seen as “angry”.  It’s unfeminine to have opinions and to speak up for yourself.

I understand why people don’t want to be seen as mean or angry.  I understand that most people just want to get along and have others think nice things about them for the most part.  What I don’t understand is why others like me aren’t angry about our predicament at the hands of the GLBT.  Why aren’t they angry about gay men speaking for us?  Why aren’t they angry about the damage that has been done to our legal rights since the transgender have started impersonating us?  Why do they meekly accept whatever they are told?  Do they even feel vestigial anger, privately to themselves, at the injustice that they must feel on some level even if it is buried deep?

Then there is the phenomenon of people who agree with me yet feel the need to criticize me for a strident tone or being abrasive.  If you can think of a better way to start getting this point across to the know-nothings in the trans crowd, by all means go right ahead and put that plan into action.  It probably doesn’t occur to anyone that reasonable discussion has been tried, and resulted in the current situation.  No, angry writing isn’t going to solve the problem by itself.  But people speaking up and voicing opposition to the transsexual blackout that has characterized the situation for the last 15 years is a start.

When I say I am angry about a specific list of things, that’s actually what I am angry about.  There is no secret agenda at work here, I am not going hormonal.  I really, truly am pissed right off at gay politics and the lies told about transsexualism by the GLB-Tg.  That’s all there is to it.  I thought I was pretty clear about that, but apparently some people feel that the subtle nuance of my unbridled anger requires interpretation.  Let me assure you, that when people get pissed about being silenced and spoken for, that is what they are really pissed about.

So thanks for making excuses for me, to preserve my femininity.  Thanks for reducing -our- issue to one of some personal grievance that only I must have, to insulate your own feelings from criticism.  Thanks for sucking up to the people who use and abuse us so that you personally will be liked.  And most of all thanks for letting this abhorrent treatment of all of us to continue by your meek acquiescence.  I’m sure our masters appreciate it all.

I don’t apologize one bit for being angry at the shit that is still going on.  I have every right to this anger, and so do you.  And in fact I suppose I am angry at those of you who enable this state of affairs in their scramble to be seen as one of the good ones.  Have you so little respect for yourselves that you’d sell everyone else out to be liked?  Did you ever stop and think that part of the problem you feel the way you do is BECAUSE of the very people you seek approval from?

Calling gay men out on their misogyny is not homophobia.  The alphabet soup tried to blame Choi’s outburst on the military culture, but I’ve never, ever heard straight guys say these particular kinds of things about women even when they were being complete asses.  I’ve never heard straight guys get bitchy and call women “fish”.  This antipathy that exists in the GLBT towards women and therefore transsexual women is real, and it is at the source of all our problems with them.  If they had the least little bit of respect for any of us, they wouldn’t stand for this sexist, misogynistic behavior.  Making excuses for racists, sexists, gynophobes, and misogynists makes you as bad as the people you are defending.

As it stands, a large number of those who live in the assigned GLBT ghetto  still feel somewhat entitled to control our access to rights as much as they can, though this is changing.  The extent of that control is debatable, but the fact that many in the GLBT believe it is their right and duty to control us is cause enough for action.  We have made great strides, aided by the prevailing social winds, in turning back these unwanted advances.  We must continue to push back and finish the job.  We must see this through.

As strange as it must sound, women do get to feel offended when they are offended, and men of any sort are not the deciders of that issue.  Maybe the word hasn’t gotten around the world yet, but the minority card is no longer playable in here in the States.  You don’t get a free pass on racism, sexism, or any of those other isms by virtue of membership in some imperially-designated “minority” group.  Those days are over… this country is starting to change, and the pace of that change is going to accelerate.  People are leaving their assigned ghettos and starting to speak up.  This is a wonderful time to move issues forward.  The status quo is falling apart and the vacuum that will briefly exist is a perfect time to establish new paradigms.  Catastrophe is opportunity.

This isn’t the time to be timid.  This isn’t the time for fear.  We stand at the beginning of a new era and the sky is the limit.  We will all have choices to make soon, and our judgment must be guided by our hearts.  Not what we wish was true, but what we in our hearts know to be true.  Stand together with those who will go forward, or stand out of the way.  You can’t play both sides of the fence any more, you must choose.  And the choice is clear:  Either you continue to live in that cloud of darkness created and maintained by those who benefit at your expense, or you choose to walk out into the light and live on your own terms, without fear of retribution.

You can do this.  All you have to do is choose.


The Argument of the Beard

October 26, 2010

“How many hairs does a man have to grow before he has a beard? Since there is no specific number at which an unsightly clump of hairs becomes a beard, the argument is that no useful distinction can be made between a clean-shaven man and Santa Claus.”

One of the most cherished fictions of the transgender mythos is that of the spectrum which joins all humans together on a glorious rainbow based on how often you crossdress.  The occasional trip into the wife’s closet on one end, the completely deranged mutilated post op on the other.  There are two major problems with this view.

The first has to do with “The Continuum Fallacy”, also know as “The Argument of the Beard”. Basically this is what happens when the mental construct of a scale which joins different things for convenience is taken to an extreme, and you end up looking at both ends as essentially the same.  Let’s see what that bastion of knowledge, Wikipedia, has to say on the topic.

The fallacy appears to demonstrate that two states or conditions cannot be considered distinct (or do not exist at all) because between them there exists a continuum of states.

Narrowly speaking, the sorites paradox refers to situations where there are many discrete states (classically between 1 and 1,000,000 grains of sand, hence 1,000,000 possible states), while the continuum fallacy refers to situations where there is (or appears to be) a continuum of states, such as temperature – is a room hot or cold? Whether any continua exist in the physical world is the classic question of atomism, and while Newtonian physics models the world as continuous, in modern quantum physics, notions of continuous length break down at the Planck length, and thus what appear to be continua may, at base, simply be very many discrete states.

Fred can never be called bald. Fred isn’t bald now, however if he loses one hair, that won’t make him go from not bald to bald either. If he loses one more hair after that, then this one loss, also does not make him go from not bald to bald. Therefore, no matter how much hair he loses, he can never be called bald.

You can see how patently false the gender continuum is on its face.  Even accepting that there is some as-yet-undefined ethereal string binding all “gender variant” behavior together, there is no credible way to conclude that every point on the “gender continuum” is essentially the same.  The TG politicians gloss over this fact in their attempts to sell us on the idea that we are the same in a de facto fashion, due to prejudice.

Further, there is nothing except the casual observer’s opinion to suggest there is any real connection between the born transsexual and the crossdresser.  Absent other evidence, it’s easy to see why people might think this at first.  But evidence is now coming in and will continue to do so.  On every level, the TG paradigm is false.

The really disturbing part of gender politics is how the wants of the retired and well to do crossdressers have taken precedence over the needs of those who are born with the transsexual birth defect.  TG has been a movement largely driven by the 50-60 somethings who have retired from long successful careers as men.  After retirement these older individuals had the free time to pursue their crossdressing hobby as much as they wanted.  And like any addiction it quickly got out of control to the point where they convinced themselves they had special rights relating to their crossdressing.

In contrast, the life of the transsexual is one of quiet desperation and abject want until they complete treatment.  Only then can the (post) transsexual person truly begin to live.  It is extremely unlikely that a person who has untreated transsexualism will go very far before hitting the wall.  Only the strongest individuals, and those with a bit of luck on their side, will make it into the beginning of a real career in this increasingly two-tiered society of ours.  And that is done usually to enable transition; once the ability to transition is obtained, things rush forward to completion.  This certainly casts doubt on the rash of sudden “transsexuals” who discovered that they needed to transition (without surgery) after a 30 or 40 year marriage, producing many offspring and grandchildren in the bargain.

At issue, as always, is the definition of the term “transsexual”.  The TG/trans camp says that anyone can be transsexual just by saying so.  There are even support groups for “non transitioning transsexuals”.  People are using this term to hide from their own issues and damaging the status of transsexuals in the process.  This is a birth condition, not a security blanket for people to comfort themselves with.

Any time someone attempts to assert the truth about the transsexual birth defect, crowds of angry naysayers spring up to rip the blanket back from the big meanie.  Transsexuals are supposed to put up with their abuse and misuse of the treatment protocols designed for the few of us who were born with this problem.  In short, because this is largely a fight between transsexual women and crossdressing men, we are supposed to allow men their fantasies because facing their issues will be too painful for the poor dears.  And therefore we must put up with any amount of misogyny from them because we have stepped out of our place and forgotten that they outrank us somehow.  I saw a shameful example of this recently when Catkisser was recently attacked by a misogynist in a comment on another blog.  It’s par for the course though, and she’s used to it.  It happens time and again, and never is there a price to pay when trannies attack us using the most hateful language they can dream up.

And that’s always the way, too.  You try to keep the argument on topic, and invariably one of the trannies (or a horde of them when they can organize themselves) tries to make it nasty and personal.  They can’t win an argument because the truth is not on their side, so they pound the table and paint scarlet letters on witches.  To them, all of this is a joke and they have no real stake in the outcome.  It’s a game to them and they think its all quite entertaining to attack women like me.

This is not a game.  This is deadly serious.  People like me don’t have some closet to run back into if things go wrong the way trannies do.  This is my life, and the lives of the 50-100 thousand other post ops here in the US.  It even affects people in other countries around the world.  So when you attack the truth of our birth condition and laugh about the little personal wars you conduct, you expose yourselves for the misogynistic asses that you are.  You seriously want TG rights?  Go stuff yourself.  Crossdressers get the same rights as anyone else, what the hell could they possibly want?

You are going to get zero sympathy from people that you use and abuse.  And I’m not doing you any favors by humoring your delusions that you are transsexual.  That’s one big reason the APA is revising the standards right now in this area; I’m sure the fear of coming lawsuits from “transsexual” regretters that they have enabled looms large.  They had also better be aware that when more science is available they may find themselves in court with transsexuals fed up with the APA joining us to the fetishists.

Yes, transgender is and always will be gay

October 25, 2010

In a recent post on Pam’s House Blend, ZoeB quotes one Dr. Brown.

Two quick notes, both for you and for Pam’s readers:

1) Of course I distinguish between gay and trans people, although when speaking of all the call to compassion and of apologies offered, I speak to both in generic terms. The reason I often group them together in my talks and writings is because they ARE grouped together in gay activism — as in LGBT, or included within the NGLTF, even without the “T” letter. So, with great consistency, gay activists fighting for gay curricula and protection in schools also fight for trans curricula and protection in schools, etc., and where you open the door to one, you open the door to the other. So, with understanding and knowledge, I put them both under the heading of gay activism.

2) Pam misses the issue about trans kids being in bathrooms and locker rooms with kids of the opposite biological sex. The last thought in my mind was that the trans kids were predators; rather, it was that many girls are uncomfortable (rightly so) in the presence of a biological boy in their bathroom or locker room (as are many boys with girls, especially at younger ages). Rules are made in society (and in school) based on the most commonly experienced living situations (as in, the vast majority of kids are not trans), and therefore, while caring about those who are exceptions to the rules, we cannot and should not change the rules.

Is there any doubt that transgender is gay?  Once again:

“The reason I often group them together in my talks and writings is because they ARE grouped together in gay activism — as in LGBT, or included within the NGLTF, even without the “T” letter.”

This is never going to change, no matter how much “education” by TG activists is attempted.  And half the “activists” are happy to be thought of as gay, so what does that tell you people in the other half that are fighting the gay image?  You aren’t ever going to be able to talk over them.  People don’t buy the gender identity argument to begin with, and when a substantial number of TG are happily in the gay community representing you, your cause is lost.

And given this situation, is there any doubt that the conflation of transgender/trans* and the medical condition of transsexual is bad for transsexuals?  Why then do people like Autumn Sandeen continue to stir the pot and miss every opportunity to explain the difference?  Not that I’d want someone like Sandeen to try to explain transsexualism (lol), but this highlights the true goal of the Sandeens; to erase reality, to erase the knowledge of a transsexual birth condition from the public mind and replace it with nonsense about gay activism.  It’s an entirely selfish act by the transgender, and entirely despicable that they would do this to people who are in their terminology an even smaller minority.

Anyone who tries to lie us into oblivion is just a monster.

Transgender is a gay issue.  Transgender is caused by an inability to accept one’s own sexuality or one’s sexual fetish for what it is.  It’s an overreaction to a problem that wouldn’t occur in a society where being gay was more accepted.    On that, the transgender do have common cause with the gay and lesbian groups, albeit somewhat orthogonally for the “heterosexual crossdressers”.  Transsexuals, however, have nothing in common with gays and lesbians and share no legislative goals whatsoever.  The association of gay with transgender is natural.  The association of gay with transsexual is unnatural, and harms us both.  The only people who stand to gain by this unwelcome advance from the TG are the TG themselves, who would not exist if it were not for the discovery of the transsexual phenomenon.

Why do gays and lesbians continue to kowtow to the trannys?  Their rights, and their whole movement is at stake.  They are about to watch it all go down the drain because they waited to long to move.  They were held back by the transgender inclusion and insistence that ENDA be written for crossdressers.  If that doesn’t teach them to ditch the “gender identity” garbage, nothing will.  And the people, if not the sclerotic, stupid corporate activist organizations, will learn a lesson out of all this.  Sooner or later the TG are going to be thrown overboard by the angry masses demanding change in Gay, Inc.


October 19, 2010

The psych industry’s involvement in the transsexual issue has been one of opportunistic infection.  Taking advantage of all the gender mumbo jumbo, some fringe sexologists have decided to completely erase true transsexualism from the equation.  They’ve done this by taking the two groups who comprise the “transgender” and calling them “transsexuals”.  These “transsexuals” are then allowed access to medical treatment as long as they cooperate with the sexologist agenda.

The transgender for their part have made the best of this situation and went along with the mantra that true transsexuals don’t exist.  Yet when their own designated groups were characterized in a way they thought exposed the truth, they quickly turned and lashed out at the sexologist clique.  The result of that ongoing clash can be read elsewhere.

The point of all this is that the two groups that these particular sexologists are studying really do exist.  But they are not transsexual.  It is a either a colossal bit of ignorance on their part that they have undertaken to erase the biological condition from the psych annals, or a purposeful misrepresentation much like the one the trans* have engaged in.  The DSM V rewrite notwithstanding, it is hard to believe that the people responsible for the mischaracterization of the transsexual syndrome have changed their beliefs, especially since their careers depend on it.

A brief explanation of AGP and HSTS.

AGP:  a crossdresser who has been given access to the transsexual treatment regimen by their mental health professional, up to and including surgery.

HSTS: A gay boy or young man who has been given access to the transsexual treatment regimen by their mental health professional, up to and including surgery.

It’s really that simple.  Both groups do exist thanks to identity politics (I “identify” as…), and the complicity of psych professionals who encourage the behavior.  These are not transsexual individuals by any standard other than latter day revisionism.

What do you suppose would happen if the psychs in question admitted to cooperating with either a patient’s mental illness, or a patient’s agenda to undertake what is simply a lifestyle choice using medical protocols?  It would be a disaster for the APA.  They simply can’t do it, hence the muddle-mouthed DSM revision currently underway.  They have to find some way to put a stop to their endorsement of crossdressers and gay guys getting sex change hormones and such, and at the same time some of the more level-headed people involved have told them they can’t shut it down for true transsexuals, judging by the tenetive wording we saw with the interim report.  AGP and HSTS only exist as disordered individuals because they have been allowed to do so by a debased psychiatric system.  The system created these disorders, and these people wouldn’t have altered their bodies without that consent and encouragement from flawed DSM guidelines (not to mention the supportive “community” who told them they were a kind of transsexual).  Think about the difficult position this puts the APA in!

This is also why it is useless to define the transsexual birth condition by surgical status alone.  By and large, most people who get surgery and carry on with their lives uninvolved with gay politics are not heard from again.  This is a fairly good indication of who the transsexuals are.  Yet there are a number of post-operative transvestites and gay men (mostly the former) who make an inordinate amount of noise and who attempt to define the condition in their own terms.

The takeaway from all this is that HSTS and AGP are patently NOT transsexual.  HSTS is not a “more real” transsexual, it simply means gay man.  And you can’t graduate up the tranny scale from crossdresser to transsexual, that is a myth.  Using these terms to describe yourself says a lot about you; our affinities for various sub cultures reveal where we really belong.  If you “identify as” a crossdresser with sex-fueled surgical interests, that is what you are- a crossdresser.  If you identify as a “homosexual” transsexual who is attracted to people of the same reproductive  sex, that is who you are; a homosexual (man).  Don’t confuse these lifestyle choices with the transsexual birth condition.  It’s your life to ruin.

The answer to your question. (Why can’t people see me as a 3rd “Gender”?)

October 14, 2010

One of the constant gripes heard from the TG/trans* crowd is that their special trans* concerns are never part of the GLBT agenda.  They complain that “cis, white, gay men” are  always the spokespeople for their movement.  This is often followed by the question, “Why?”.

The answer is that gay men and lesbian women see you as gays and lesbians who simply having a problem accepting yourselves.  That is how the rest of the world sees you too.  It is only in your own little group of trans*people that anyone believes that you are something other than male or female.  When one of the few gays or lesbians send a few nice words your way, that is because they feel pity and are just humoring you.  They probably feel that it isn’t really their place to correct you on your journey to wherever it is in the gay world you are going.

The point of saying these things is not to shame and humiliate, but to let certain people know the truth of what they are doing with their lives.  We all gravitate towards the groups and communities with which we naturally find affinity.  Gay men may find a place in the gay community.  TG/Trans* used to find a place in the gay or lesbian community, though over time they found themselves excluded and formed their own trans* affiliations.  This last is important, because often TG/trans* people mistake their lack of comfort in the gay community as a sign they are special and belong somewhere else, when really they are struggling to create a new identity within the gay community and are facing pushback from gays and lesbians who do not want this new niche created.  The trans* argument, then, is largely with the GLBT and not society as a whole in many cases.  Though when you have a the-whole-world-is-against-me lifestyle its easy to get your perceived enemies all mixed up.

Transsexual people, of course, find no affinity with the gay and lesbian community unless they happen to be gay or lesbian themselves.  We seek out like-minded men and women in our own communities to form friendships the same as any other man or woman.  There is no special requirement for the groups we join because we are just like the people around us, and thus we feel an “affinity” for mainstream culture the same as everyone else.  This isn’t done as a slap in the face to “other trans* people”, or as some political statement against the GLBT, or to run from who we really are.  We find a home here and form friendships here because that really is who we are.  We aren’t pretending to be straight.  We are straight.  I don’t think too many of us expect people in the GLBT to understand this, but we do expect you all to respect it.

It’s very important that this pollyanna illusion of what is possible for crossdressers and effeminate gay men is dispelled.  How often does trans* have a happy ending?

Regardless of who someone ‘really is’, there are choices we all make.  I don’t worry too much about judging who was born with the transsexual syndrome and who wasn’t because the answer is rather obvious, even to people who are deep in denial.  That’s because the outcome of any transition is pre-ordained:  If you are transsexual you go down one path, one with a known outcome and positive ending.  If you are TG/trans* you go down another path, a much shorter one.  Your choices have consequences, and you can’t have it both ways as the TG try to do.  Some choices are either/or, and permanent.  And if a transsexual person makes the wrong choice, choosing to be TG because they have been fooled by the propaganda, the consequences are just as disastrous as if they hadn’t transitioned at all.  Choose wisely.

If you are a woman or a man, then that’s what you must be.  There are no excuses.  There is no second place.  There is no comfortable spot between genders specially tailored for each individual, transsexual or otherwise.  The lack of a 3rd gender space for people who don’t feel like dealing with society’s standards is not a civil rights issue.  It’s a fashion statement.  Fashion statements will never be writ into law.

The lack of social acceptance for the sexual fluidity of people who are uncomfortable with their sexual orientation, and who often find themselves toying with “gender” as a result, is not a cause to march in the streets in its own right.  It’s not a special sub-category that deserves its own letter.  It falls firmly in the world of gay issues.  Accepting yourself and your sexuality is the answer, not following some pied piper touting gender theory.  This, however, has nothing to do with transsexualism.

If you grasp at transsexualism to deal with your sexual orientation related issues, you are taking a wrong turn.  This path is not for anyone but the born transsexual.  It is not simply one of the many wonderful life journeys people make; it will lead you to misery and ruin.  Gay men who transition will end up like Josef Kirchner.  Crossdressers need to get it under control as well, or you will drive off your families and end up alone like all the people who populate the gender groups.  Letting your sexual hobby get the best of you will damage your families forever.

There is no such thing as “a little bit transsexual”.   Just in case you were wondering.

“Marriage equality” versus same sex marriage (for transgenders)

October 11, 2010

One of the latest trends among those who shove the transgender religion down our throats is this mysterious notion that the phrase “marriage equality” is somehow different than the slightly older term “same sex marriage”.  This represents not only an affront to all post-corrected transsexual people, but is a reinterpretation of the political phrase itself as envisioned by the gay and lesbian political groups who coined it.

The chief proponent of this new interpretation of “marriage equality” is of course Autumn Sandeen.  In fact, I am not sure if anyone else currently has the temerity to reinterpret this central issue of gay politics without consulting anyone involved, but if there is one person who feels entitled to do so it would be Ms Sandeen.

This is the issue:  Transsexual people, by and large, do not feel that the same sex marriage debate  is our fight.  We argue that our current sex as reflected by genitals and other somatic criteria should be the standard by which we are judged.  The balance of traits that we posses is that of the sex to which we transitioned, and this obviates the need for our involvement with the gay and lesbian cause on this point.  There is of course much more to reticence of the 50,ooo+ post operative transsexuals who decline to engage or publicly accept this GLBT activism, but that is the basic premise.

The attack upon the status and lives of transsexual people takes the following basic form:  You are transgender regardless of what you think.  Therefore anyone who rises up in the activist ranks of the GLBT has the right and duty to speak for you.  Because *I* (the activist) view all things as a form of gender transgression, and I also take (tacit) the essentialist position that a person is their genitals at birth, you are not really the sex you say you are.  Therefore all your marriages are same sex by default, and fair game for my politics.  Pursuant to the need to continue the imprisonment of transsexuals in the gay ghetto, I the transgender activist will create a new category out of the existing terminology.  “Marriage equality” is not another name for the former “same sex marriage”; it is a term that encompasses same sex marriage as well as transgender marriages.

This would be quite a leap for anyone outside of the trans* ghetto, but it is par for the course within.  The chief proponent of this latest propaganda, in the transgender world, is Ms Sandeen, though the sentiment is widely held among the transgender who believe they are transsexual. (That last is an important point that needs to be discussed soon, blog posts will follow)  It all boils down to the notion that transsexual is part of transgender, and transgender is a form of being gay.  In essence, the only difference between gay and transgender is the clothes.  That may be the real problem here;  the TG/trans* activists hold the same bigoted views about sex as the people they claim to be fighting against.  Here is what Ms. Sandeen has to say on the topic:

“Marriage equality is the header that the LGBTQ community has for our community issues related to marriage. The solution to those common and related problems involve solutions that provide the results of the freedom to marry whomever one loves to all LGBTQ people, which includes the recognition of the gender identities of transgender people, transsexual people, and people who identify as both transgender and transsexual.”

“I know I say this over and over again: marriage equality is very much an issue for transgender people, transsexual people, and people who identify as both transgender and transsexual. The reasons why marriage equality is an issue for trans people are often very unalike from the reasons why marriage equality is an issue for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. But, the commonality of experience — where trans, lesbian, gay, and bisexual people don’t have the freedom to marry whomever they love — is why marriage equality is an issue for all of these minority populations.”

From www.marriageequality.org‘s get the facts page:

Canadian same-sex unions growing at five times that rate of heterosexual ones: census…

Same-sex unions are growing at five times the rate of opposite-sex ones according to census numbers that also reveal, for the first time, the number of homosexual marriages in Canada.

The historic Statistics Canada query on same-sex marriage, coming in the wake of Parliament legalizing such unions in 2005, revealed 7,465 homosexual marriages.

Clarence Lochhead of the Vanier Institute for the Family says the homosexual community’s successful fight for marriage reflects the desire to be accepted in the larger community.

And on and on.  click on the link and look at the number of times the term same sex marriage is used in just that first segment alone.  Next, from Marriage Equality New York:

Marriage Equality New York is an all-inclusive organization whose mission is to educate the public by raising awareness of the important right of all persons to enter into legally recognized gender neutral civil marriage with all the benefits and responsibilities that entails. Without marriage, committed same-sex couples are denied over 1,138 federal rights and obligations including social security, hospital visitation, co-parenting rights, estate tax, and immigration, just to name a few.

They at least mention the word gender (lol), but not in a context that supports the idea that Marriage Equality is about transgenders as a separate group from gays under this view of marriage.  Last and definitely least, let’s look at the wikipedia entry for Marriage Equality USA to get the official activists’ view of the subject, since WP pages seem to be owned by nutjobs of varying sorts with a political ax to grind:

Marriage Equality USA (Marriage Equality, or MEUSA) is a national organization fighting to secure the legal recognition of same-sex marriage through education and outreach in the United States. Officially founded in 2000, its mission statement is to secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all, at the federal and state levels, without regard to gender identity or sexual orientation.

I could spend all day citing the facts here, but let’s take my word on this obvious truth and move on.  The only way that “Marriage Equality” encompasses post op transsexuals is if post op transsexuals are considered gay.  And that is exactly what Autumn Sandeen is saying.  I would expect to hear this from a certain number of uninformed people and a rather large number of gay men.  But I definitely do not expect to hear this hateful and bigoted view from people who claim to represent my interests.

Labeling us gay using this underhanded tactic is reprehensible, and clearly the action of an enemy.  Anyone who thinks that transsexual has something to do with being gay, or something to do with crossdressing in any way is completely ignorant of the truth of the condition and should not be considered a credible source when outlining our interests.  Such a person has demonstrated their complete ignorance of the subject, and therefore is not transsexual.  Anyone who has experienced this condition would never speak that way about themselves.

Transsexualism has nothing to do sexual liberation. Period.

October 7, 2010

I think there is something to the whole visibility question when it comes to certain issues, but not others.  Not every paradigm is extensible.  When you have a melting pot situation for example as in New York, people from very different cultures living side by side who are exposed to each other’s habits and traditions are a bit weirded out at first, but become good neighbors over time.

I’m not sure that model extends in all areas though.  When it comes to such a rare occurrence as this transsexual condition, which to me is simply a case of biological variance at birth, the answer isn’t quite so clear as the immigrant example.  With immigrants the threshold for understanding is much lower, and the goal of mutual understanding is shared by both parties.  Everyone acknowledges some basic commonalities to being human and time will settle the matter.

With transsexual it is very different.  Most people don’t really want to understand, and forcing it on them is seen as an attack.  That’s how I view the trans*/TG efforts at education.  Further, the goal of the person trying to cure themselves of transsexual syndrome is simply to be a man or woman like other people.  Exposing yourself as ‘a transsexual’ defeats that goal and interferes with not only your own treatment but also actively reduces the amount of meaningful exchange that can take place right from the outset.  The concept of being transsexual is so foreign to people who don’t experience it that I’m not sure any amount of education could bridge the gulf.  And the whole time you are educating by exposure, the gap between transsexual and ‘normal’ increases as does your somatic, emotional, and cultural dysphoria.  It’s bad all the way around.

We already have very good evidence for what works and what doesn’t.  In the past, as SA ET and Cat have written extensively, we had a very good model for success in treating this problem both medically and socially.  People accomplished it in private and without fanfare, and the government made accommodations where it could.  We were getting very close to having a permanent legal solution to our status that didn’t involve getting put on some government registry, at least here in the US.  The reason we did it quietly wasn’t shame, as alleged by trans* activists.  It is because to be public about  it precludes the treatment!  If everywhere you go, people know you as “that sex change”, you will never simply be a man or woman.   That’s another reason that insults like ‘stealth’, or ‘in secret’ don’t apply here, yet make perfect sense to people who believe they are putting on some kind of show for the public.  This is diagnostic of the transsexual syndrome, and the trans* obfuscation of this central fact is at the heart of our dispute.

Subsequent to that, we have the track record of the other ‘solution’ to examine after the last 20 years of TG activism.  Telling everyone all about transsexual issues such as surgery in lurid detail is a spectacular failure, one so bad that it makes the observer think that it was done on purpose to ruin any chance a born transsexual would have of curing their problem.  We can see negative results everywhere this ‘education’ has been tried.  It interferes with not only our legal rights and privileges, due to the losses we have incurred where transgender activists have set out to represent our interests, but it also get in the way of the very treatment itself.  If everyone knows you have a transsexual background it keeps the issue from resolving, it is an open wound that never heals.  This is what the TG fail to understand about the condition, and I’m not sure anything I or anyone else says can get through to them.  This is one the central things that sets us apart, and defines our condition.

And this is one of the things that drives me to rage when the TG types are playing that game of “you can never escape”.  Monica Roberts especially likes to zero in on some story about a post op getting dissed as a TG, as if to say “We will own you forever”.  As if that event is a selling point for the trans* dogma!

See, I and the others aren’t just some TG’s putting on airs, so the game they are playing is deadly serious to us.  When they say they will own us and use us regardless of our wishes… well what other situation with women does that remind you of?  Whether or not you believe in the biological origin of our condition, people have to admit *something* is driving us to the extremes we go to.  People who aren’t driven to those extremes think its all fun and games when they expose us, to turn us into TG’s like them in the public eye due to the situation they themselves have engineered via propaganda.  It’s just one-upsmanship to them, playing their game of hierarchy.  But the ones who know better, the ones who have been at it all these years, who have met real deal transsexuals in the past and DO know the difference- they are the truly guilty parties.  Shame on them!

What they are actually doing is fucking with something so deep, so primal in us that words fail to describe what we are going through.  When you constantly attack the core of our being, you are going to elicit such a rage that I’m honestly surprised how civil most of us are about this.  Given the kinds of things we’ve had to endure from the likes of Autumn Sandeen talking about our crotches and the outright misogyny of all the long-forgotten TG warriors of the internet over these years I think we are doing pretty well in the civility department.

So you see why I am not really feeling it when people tell me that my issues need to be tied to crossdressing, or that somehow I bear the burden of explaining ‘gender variance’ to the public because we are one big happy queer family?  Does it make a little more sense why I view crossdressing men and women who claim transsexualism as part of their political crusade as invaders and enemies rather than brothers and sisters?

Having them misinform the public and happily go along with the gay appropriation of transsexual syndrome is a direct affront to my personal sovereignty and to the truth itself.  It is an assault on my dignity.  It turns my life and everything I’ve been through into a joke for the titillation of uninformed masses, a gale of laughter at my expense which the trans* crowd joins in gleefully.

It is obvious that the trans* crowd knows literally nothing about transsexual syndrome, and they betray that fact every time they open their mouths on the subject.  At this point I honestly don’t give a shit if Bob the pantywanker has to head back in ‘the closet’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean to a crossdresser) and keep his sexual fetishes to himself from now on.  I don’t care if gay boys who want to play around with straight guys have the ‘right’ to get their licenses and birth certificates changed before surgery.  Their fights are not ours!!  Enough of their sexual liberation at our expense.