The psych industry’s involvement in the transsexual issue has been one of opportunistic infection.  Taking advantage of all the gender mumbo jumbo, some fringe sexologists have decided to completely erase true transsexualism from the equation.  They’ve done this by taking the two groups who comprise the “transgender” and calling them “transsexuals”.  These “transsexuals” are then allowed access to medical treatment as long as they cooperate with the sexologist agenda.

The transgender for their part have made the best of this situation and went along with the mantra that true transsexuals don’t exist.  Yet when their own designated groups were characterized in a way they thought exposed the truth, they quickly turned and lashed out at the sexologist clique.  The result of that ongoing clash can be read elsewhere.

The point of all this is that the two groups that these particular sexologists are studying really do exist.  But they are not transsexual.  It is a either a colossal bit of ignorance on their part that they have undertaken to erase the biological condition from the psych annals, or a purposeful misrepresentation much like the one the trans* have engaged in.  The DSM V rewrite notwithstanding, it is hard to believe that the people responsible for the mischaracterization of the transsexual syndrome have changed their beliefs, especially since their careers depend on it.

A brief explanation of AGP and HSTS.

AGP:  a crossdresser who has been given access to the transsexual treatment regimen by their mental health professional, up to and including surgery.

HSTS: A gay boy or young man who has been given access to the transsexual treatment regimen by their mental health professional, up to and including surgery.

It’s really that simple.  Both groups do exist thanks to identity politics (I “identify” as…), and the complicity of psych professionals who encourage the behavior.  These are not transsexual individuals by any standard other than latter day revisionism.

What do you suppose would happen if the psychs in question admitted to cooperating with either a patient’s mental illness, or a patient’s agenda to undertake what is simply a lifestyle choice using medical protocols?  It would be a disaster for the APA.  They simply can’t do it, hence the muddle-mouthed DSM revision currently underway.  They have to find some way to put a stop to their endorsement of crossdressers and gay guys getting sex change hormones and such, and at the same time some of the more level-headed people involved have told them they can’t shut it down for true transsexuals, judging by the tenetive wording we saw with the interim report.  AGP and HSTS only exist as disordered individuals because they have been allowed to do so by a debased psychiatric system.  The system created these disorders, and these people wouldn’t have altered their bodies without that consent and encouragement from flawed DSM guidelines (not to mention the supportive “community” who told them they were a kind of transsexual).  Think about the difficult position this puts the APA in!

This is also why it is useless to define the transsexual birth condition by surgical status alone.  By and large, most people who get surgery and carry on with their lives uninvolved with gay politics are not heard from again.  This is a fairly good indication of who the transsexuals are.  Yet there are a number of post-operative transvestites and gay men (mostly the former) who make an inordinate amount of noise and who attempt to define the condition in their own terms.

The takeaway from all this is that HSTS and AGP are patently NOT transsexual.  HSTS is not a “more real” transsexual, it simply means gay man.  And you can’t graduate up the tranny scale from crossdresser to transsexual, that is a myth.  Using these terms to describe yourself says a lot about you; our affinities for various sub cultures reveal where we really belong.  If you “identify as” a crossdresser with sex-fueled surgical interests, that is what you are- a crossdresser.  If you identify as a “homosexual” transsexual who is attracted to people of the same reproductive  sex, that is who you are; a homosexual (man).  Don’t confuse these lifestyle choices with the transsexual birth condition.  It’s your life to ruin.


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  1. lisalee18wheeler says:

    Nice analysis of what has become a bloated, diseased cash cow. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a visit from a Zucker et al sockpuppet deliberately poking at the hornet’s nest… 🙂

  2. Aria Blue says:

    In a related note… I think this is indicative of the sorts of problems you get when people who are concerned largely with the gender nonsense undertake to represent transsexual interests. In a comment on Bilge today, Kelly Winters said:

    “I and others have proposed harm reduction in the DSM-5 that would replace the “disordered identity” paradigm of GID with diagnostic coding limited to distress with current physical sex characteristics (anatomic dysphoria) or distress with a social gender role that is imposed by others.”

    Now it should be obvious to any person who has dealt with transsexualism that you can’t separate the two things when treating it. This is a “diagnosis” proffered with the express intent of normalizing crossdressing behavior, and has the careless side effect of making treatment for transsexuals more problematic. People who push the gender paradigm just don’t care about transsexuals.

    She goes on to say:

    “In contrast, the current GID and proposed DSM-5 Gender Incongruence criteria contradict transition, describing it and nonconformity to birth-assigned gender roles as symptomatic of mental pathology.”

    Which I feel is a misrepresentation of the situation. Apparently if the DSM continues to pathologize crossdressing, then it is necessary for those who guard the interests of crossdressers to pretend that transsexuals are targeted as well. I think the wind blows in another direction and the supporters of the trans* paradigm are foundering.

    While I agree that none of this stuff should be cause for a label of mental disorder per se, I have to wonder if that is really what is going on here, the defense of eccentric behavior. The concern for transvestic fetishism and gender non-conformity is only tangential to the transsexual issue of course, yet so much has been made of it that there is a whole “movement” of fringe-dwelling people who have signed onto it, eclipsing the transsexual protocols on which they based their argument. I fail to see how any of their solutions help transsexual people at all.

    You can read the page at Bilge here:

    And the Dr. Winters’ source page here:

  3. hipparkhia says:

    In this context, Aria, it has been interesting finally to read those Person & Ovesey articles you pointed me towards. It’s all there, isn’t it?

    • Aria Blue says:

      Yes exactly. What I was pointing out is that different people using different methods all came to the same conclusion about us. We are a separate group distinct from gay and transvestite, whatever the reason. That was even clear through the foggy plains of psychoanalysis to Person and Ovesey. It was clear to Harry Benjamin. It was clear to John Money. It is clear to Milton Diamond. It is clear to Gooren and Swaab.

      The only people who have trouble seeing this are people with an anti-transsexual agenda. Go figure.

  4. Kathryn says:

    This is all very well, ladies, but here you re “preachin’ to the choir”…….. The people that we need to convince are the legislators and the medical professionals that treat us.
    Do that, and all the screeching claims from CD’s and drag queens become just so much noise.
    Personally, I don’t see the claimed “self destruction” of the TG movement that seems to be the impression of some. Rather I see a legitimising of their ridiculous claims by the collusion of the psychological profession and, on my own “patch”, the so-called “human rights commission” who, in this context, are the exact opposite.
    I am not optimistic about the outcome, especially bearing in mind that the TG-mob outnumber us many hundreds to one……….
    We know the truth of the matter, but since when did truth and justice prevail over numbers?
    It’s called the “democratic principle”….whatever the majority wants is the “right” thing, no matter who it hurts or what downstream consequences may ensue.
    The opinion of a thousand fools, it appears, outweigh the views of one wise person…..
    Frankly, I see no cause for optimism on this issue. Truth is simply not relevant to legislators and those with a “bee in their bonnet”…..

    • lisalee18wheeler says:

      I’m going to slightly disagree with your comment. Blogs like Aria’s and others with a similar bent are read by many on a daily basis, whether commented on or not. The fact that there are visits by Autumn Sandeen and her ilk, are proof that the message is getting out. Don’t give up hope, Kathryn. 🙂

    • Aria Blue says:

      No the tg mobs do not outnumber us. There may be a lot of closeted crossdressers, but there are relatively few outspoken full time drag queens and transvestites. This is one of my pet peeves with the people who are nominally against the TG- they all accept the enemy propaganda at face value.

      Seriously, do you believe there are over, say, 20 thousand full time in your face cross-living drag queens on the streets of the USA? I’ve lived in several major cities and I’ve never seen it. You see one, it seems like there are thousands because even seeing one is so outrageous, I admit. But that is a far cry from there actually being that many.

      Think about it. The “official” number of post operative transsexuals in the US is around 50,000. There are at least twice that many because many (if not most) surgeries are not counted as people stay away from the psychs and just handle things themselves. That makes 100,000 post ops, conservatively. Do you really believe there are 1 million, or 10 million full time transvestites tromping the the USA? That would be getting towards parity with the estimates of “out” gay people. I don’t see that here, and I don’t buy the claim. It’s just more tranny nonsense.

      Moreover, having an anti-TG web presence is important. It’s important that people who are contemplating transition see the truth of the situation. Ideas on small blogs spread. The more information that gets out there, the less trannys we’ll see over time. People are going to learn that transition is not just some lifestyle choice that can be successfully achieved by any old crossdresser or gay guy. One way or another.

      People need to know they will ruin their life if they aren’t transsexual and still attempt to transition. This is going to go hand-in-hand with the DSM committee’s new stance on transition. What would be nice is if more people who had a stake in this would at least start a blog. Write a little from time to time, create a permanent structure. Make a stand against the lies and misappropriations, if only on the internet. Do *something*.

      As I said before, I am not concerned that the TG are going to ruin the laws for ts here in the states. After 20 years of their garbage, 99% of the laws are still on the books, and all they are accomplishing is getting themselves written out of them. With the increasing amount of science involved, it will be the final nail in the coffin for that philosophy.

      Worse yet for them, this country is about to go into a 20 year phase of government where these social crusades are going to fall on deaf ears. The gay agenda is dead here, and with it the transgender wish list. Yes, we will have same sex marriage eventually. But it will be when the majority gets around to it, and it is low on the priority list. It will be pushed out further and further into the future the more the gays and transgenders get militant and demanding. It’s strange, but at this point the more they open their mouth the longer its going to take to get this done. Unless they change their tactics. And even then, the mechanisms to push transgender rulings on people just don’t exist here.

      It took an act of congress to get penalties for discriminating against people with real disabilities. There is no chance in hell that they will pass a crossdresser protection act. Notice how all government statements on the topics of gays these days clearly omit the “gender expression” part that was to represent the non-surgical trans* contingent. And that isn’t even the crux of it. It’s too long a subject for an already long comment, but the structure of government and jurisprudence is different here than it is elsewhere. We don’t have a “department of everything” where people go to get final rulings on any old thing, or government ministries that can rule on official definitions of things at the level of the central government. It’s much more difficult to enforce things directly in the way that would be required to make us all legally trannys.

      So its not just preaching to the choir. The internet is a strange beast, and our ideas have wide reaching effects. The internet is the new printing press when it comes to politics. People are using it to communicate rapidly and organize themselves because the traditional media has failed us. It’s replaced the top-down old media as the source of record for most people who are politically active, going around the traditional masters of information control. And a little truth can go a long way against a lot of disinformation.

      It’s nice to have supportive people comment. It would be nicer if they would take some of their thoughtfulness and concern and join us. 🙂

  5. frith2 says:

    Some of you have seen this, some not – Its an interesting little cameo on the way things came out of the wash when Wallinder’s definition was used to appraise transsexualism.;year=1978;volume=24;issue=4;spage=195;epage=204;aulast=Doongaji

    Its not too difficult to look back over the last 30 years and see why the gender babble became so dominant.


    Jo. xxx

  6. saphirenz says:

    Aria, you are a prolific blogger but still we are of one mind. In fact, it sometimes seems that you read my mind. I too am concerned about the developing roll played by psychiatrists and psychologists and I have protested to a university project and the clinical psychologists association here. Probable next stop is the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry. For me the particular bugbear of the moment is the drive for ‘the depathologisation of “transgenderism”…

    This current trend here in Oceania is being driven by F to M “gender queer”with the intention, I believe, of increasing the GLBT grip on the policies of the human rights and legislative processes….( I am trying to keep this short). From their point of view then, do away with the gatekeeping and all the AGP and HSTS would have carte blanche to demand all the services which are currently subject to clinical assessment.

    Anyway, I don’t think the psychs. are entirely to blame for the plethora of ‘post op. AGPs and HSTS etc.. at least not all of them (especially those who just see dollar signs flashing in their eyes.) Perhaps they too are victims of the great TG swindle…After all, look what happened to produce WPATH and the Human Rights policies of the UN. I know that the involvement of psychs. in our affairs is not popular with some CTs but perhaps should remember “be careful what you ask for , you may just get it.

    Kathryn is probably right as far as our patch is concerned. I am at the coal face here and the machinations and delusiuons are not pretty. However , I do take strenth from blogs such as this

    • Aria Blue says:

      Oh I agree, people run off to Thailand on their own all the time. What I mean is that the “clinical diagnosis” of AGP and HSTS that is being pushed is purely an iatrogenic creation of people like Blanchard who will write recommendations for non-transsexual people to get surgery and all that. If these psychs didn’t write these letters and encourage non-transsexuals into surgery, there would be no issue with non-transsexual AGP post ops.

      In effect they have simply chosen to ignore the real transsexual people in favor of their patently non-transsexual research subjects, presenting them in the “two type” theory that looks oh-so-correct at first glance. Yes, certainly there are gay men and (more often) crossdressers/transvestites who say they want surgery. They are not “transsexual” (by the crude definition of surgery alone) until the psychs pronounce them as such and grant surgery. It’s insidious.

      That’s interesting what you say about the FtM’s pushing the issue at the government level. Isn’t that what happened in the UK too? I actually saw the same thing starting here, when female “transgender spectrum” types pushed the transsexual men out of their groups, the way we were pushed out of our women’s groups by the crossdressers. Then they (re)joined the GLBT and started clamoring for “rights”.

      The main activity of the female transgender types is legal, and there are a lot of FtM lawyers, relatively speaking, that try to find cases to push the TG cause. I don’t believe they’ve had much success on that route because most of the issues that crop up tend to involve heterosexual post op marriages and post op paperwork changes, not something they care about at all, and certainly not something they want to reinforce. So its been limited to a discrimination case here and there, not amounting to much.

      I saw the same things going on here that I saw in the UK and I guess NZ after you told me, but I also saw it come to a screeching halt. There really isn’t any energy in the trans* crowd anymore and everyone is hitting the same brick wall here as the rest of society. Nobody cares about liberalizing our ID requirements, quite the opposite, and every legal action taken seems to backfire these days. It’s at a dead stop.

      And that’s the main avenue activists have here in the States, the courts. I was trying to explain the complexities of our differing governments earlier, but it boils down to what I said. There are no committees for the crossdressing men and women to overrun here, our EEOC (the only comparable government entity) is a joke. The federal system we have, while breaking down in some areas, is an effective insulator against fringe ideas getting forced onto the mainstream. The states have their own governments, and counties and municipalities also add layers to the situation. It would take a Federal law from Congress to impose something like a crossdresser protection act, and that was the first thing they dropped from ENDA- the “gender expression” phrase.

      Even ENDA would only touch large employers, who would simply find a way around it. It does nothing to punish private citizens from discriminating, and a lot of people would say you can’t do that with a federal law anyway. Moreover, the gay movement itself is at a brick wall. They’ve done as much as they can and for the next 20 years things are just going to settle out. Trans* didn’t get taken along for the ride either, crossdressing concerns are increasingly on the outs with them.

      I’ve been around and around with the politics of the situation from many angles, analyzing what has happened over the last 10 years, the last 5 especially. This country isn’t the same place it was 10 years ago. This trans* bullshit isn’t going anywhere. I hope that as it stops here it will have far-reaching effects, perhaps helping you in your country with the nonsense going on there.

  7. saphirenz says:

    Oh I do hope so too. I also hope the NZ Government and its departments are also aware of the USA outcome (of ENDA) and that they will take that into account when making the decisions. I know that they take into account documented evidence from places like Canada and Europe. One ray of hope for me is that we still have a chance to avoid the glaring pitfalls into which the UK have fallen, although even they have attempted to alleviate the situation by some exclusions to the latest legislation , The Equality Act..

    I am glad, though, that we are supported in spirit for it does boost my own hope in a positive outcome, eventually. I find it hard and frustrating though and often feel like kicking it into touch and getting on with my life . Here there are but three voices raised in opposition to the outrageous claims of the AGP and HSTS types and we all comment on this blog. However, I am encouraged to continue by those who post here and by the realisation that to sit on our hands and do nothing will not resolve anything. We have to continue to engage the opposition with calm and cogent input.

    Oh yes, and the excellent document posted by Jo could make ideal amunition

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