Yes, transgender is and always will be gay

In a recent post on Pam’s House Blend, ZoeB quotes one Dr. Brown.

Two quick notes, both for you and for Pam’s readers:

1) Of course I distinguish between gay and trans people, although when speaking of all the call to compassion and of apologies offered, I speak to both in generic terms. The reason I often group them together in my talks and writings is because they ARE grouped together in gay activism — as in LGBT, or included within the NGLTF, even without the “T” letter. So, with great consistency, gay activists fighting for gay curricula and protection in schools also fight for trans curricula and protection in schools, etc., and where you open the door to one, you open the door to the other. So, with understanding and knowledge, I put them both under the heading of gay activism.

2) Pam misses the issue about trans kids being in bathrooms and locker rooms with kids of the opposite biological sex. The last thought in my mind was that the trans kids were predators; rather, it was that many girls are uncomfortable (rightly so) in the presence of a biological boy in their bathroom or locker room (as are many boys with girls, especially at younger ages). Rules are made in society (and in school) based on the most commonly experienced living situations (as in, the vast majority of kids are not trans), and therefore, while caring about those who are exceptions to the rules, we cannot and should not change the rules.

Is there any doubt that transgender is gay?  Once again:

“The reason I often group them together in my talks and writings is because they ARE grouped together in gay activism — as in LGBT, or included within the NGLTF, even without the “T” letter.”

This is never going to change, no matter how much “education” by TG activists is attempted.  And half the “activists” are happy to be thought of as gay, so what does that tell you people in the other half that are fighting the gay image?  You aren’t ever going to be able to talk over them.  People don’t buy the gender identity argument to begin with, and when a substantial number of TG are happily in the gay community representing you, your cause is lost.

And given this situation, is there any doubt that the conflation of transgender/trans* and the medical condition of transsexual is bad for transsexuals?  Why then do people like Autumn Sandeen continue to stir the pot and miss every opportunity to explain the difference?  Not that I’d want someone like Sandeen to try to explain transsexualism (lol), but this highlights the true goal of the Sandeens; to erase reality, to erase the knowledge of a transsexual birth condition from the public mind and replace it with nonsense about gay activism.  It’s an entirely selfish act by the transgender, and entirely despicable that they would do this to people who are in their terminology an even smaller minority.

Anyone who tries to lie us into oblivion is just a monster.

Transgender is a gay issue.  Transgender is caused by an inability to accept one’s own sexuality or one’s sexual fetish for what it is.  It’s an overreaction to a problem that wouldn’t occur in a society where being gay was more accepted.    On that, the transgender do have common cause with the gay and lesbian groups, albeit somewhat orthogonally for the “heterosexual crossdressers”.  Transsexuals, however, have nothing in common with gays and lesbians and share no legislative goals whatsoever.  The association of gay with transgender is natural.  The association of gay with transsexual is unnatural, and harms us both.  The only people who stand to gain by this unwelcome advance from the TG are the TG themselves, who would not exist if it were not for the discovery of the transsexual phenomenon.

Why do gays and lesbians continue to kowtow to the trannys?  Their rights, and their whole movement is at stake.  They are about to watch it all go down the drain because they waited to long to move.  They were held back by the transgender inclusion and insistence that ENDA be written for crossdressers.  If that doesn’t teach them to ditch the “gender identity” garbage, nothing will.  And the people, if not the sclerotic, stupid corporate activist organizations, will learn a lesson out of all this.  Sooner or later the TG are going to be thrown overboard by the angry masses demanding change in Gay, Inc.


One Response to Yes, transgender is and always will be gay

  1. Kathryn says:

    MMM…the TG’s are good at playing both ends against the middle…. On the one hand they align themselves with the GLB movement (which is entirely appropriate) and on the other they try to include TS/HBS people as well….which is entirely inappropriate. Both Gay and TS folk have gained a measure of social acceptance, and the TG’s are hell-bent on gaining that from both sides, at the expense of both, but more harm will accrue to us than to the GLB folk.
    They are insecure men trying to justify themselves, and all the logic and facts in the world will never sway the views of an insecure man.
    What do we do about them? I cannot see anything other than what we are doing now as being effective. By quietly sticking to clinical fact, in the long run we must make our point. That will be to the benefit of both TS and TG folk, and to a lesser extent, GLB too.

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