The Argument of the Beard

“How many hairs does a man have to grow before he has a beard? Since there is no specific number at which an unsightly clump of hairs becomes a beard, the argument is that no useful distinction can be made between a clean-shaven man and Santa Claus.”

One of the most cherished fictions of the transgender mythos is that of the spectrum which joins all humans together on a glorious rainbow based on how often you crossdress.  The occasional trip into the wife’s closet on one end, the completely deranged mutilated post op on the other.  There are two major problems with this view.

The first has to do with “The Continuum Fallacy”, also know as “The Argument of the Beard”. Basically this is what happens when the mental construct of a scale which joins different things for convenience is taken to an extreme, and you end up looking at both ends as essentially the same.  Let’s see what that bastion of knowledge, Wikipedia, has to say on the topic.

The fallacy appears to demonstrate that two states or conditions cannot be considered distinct (or do not exist at all) because between them there exists a continuum of states.

Narrowly speaking, the sorites paradox refers to situations where there are many discrete states (classically between 1 and 1,000,000 grains of sand, hence 1,000,000 possible states), while the continuum fallacy refers to situations where there is (or appears to be) a continuum of states, such as temperature – is a room hot or cold? Whether any continua exist in the physical world is the classic question of atomism, and while Newtonian physics models the world as continuous, in modern quantum physics, notions of continuous length break down at the Planck length, and thus what appear to be continua may, at base, simply be very many discrete states.

Fred can never be called bald. Fred isn’t bald now, however if he loses one hair, that won’t make him go from not bald to bald either. If he loses one more hair after that, then this one loss, also does not make him go from not bald to bald. Therefore, no matter how much hair he loses, he can never be called bald.

You can see how patently false the gender continuum is on its face.  Even accepting that there is some as-yet-undefined ethereal string binding all “gender variant” behavior together, there is no credible way to conclude that every point on the “gender continuum” is essentially the same.  The TG politicians gloss over this fact in their attempts to sell us on the idea that we are the same in a de facto fashion, due to prejudice.

Further, there is nothing except the casual observer’s opinion to suggest there is any real connection between the born transsexual and the crossdresser.  Absent other evidence, it’s easy to see why people might think this at first.  But evidence is now coming in and will continue to do so.  On every level, the TG paradigm is false.

The really disturbing part of gender politics is how the wants of the retired and well to do crossdressers have taken precedence over the needs of those who are born with the transsexual birth defect.  TG has been a movement largely driven by the 50-60 somethings who have retired from long successful careers as men.  After retirement these older individuals had the free time to pursue their crossdressing hobby as much as they wanted.  And like any addiction it quickly got out of control to the point where they convinced themselves they had special rights relating to their crossdressing.

In contrast, the life of the transsexual is one of quiet desperation and abject want until they complete treatment.  Only then can the (post) transsexual person truly begin to live.  It is extremely unlikely that a person who has untreated transsexualism will go very far before hitting the wall.  Only the strongest individuals, and those with a bit of luck on their side, will make it into the beginning of a real career in this increasingly two-tiered society of ours.  And that is done usually to enable transition; once the ability to transition is obtained, things rush forward to completion.  This certainly casts doubt on the rash of sudden “transsexuals” who discovered that they needed to transition (without surgery) after a 30 or 40 year marriage, producing many offspring and grandchildren in the bargain.

At issue, as always, is the definition of the term “transsexual”.  The TG/trans camp says that anyone can be transsexual just by saying so.  There are even support groups for “non transitioning transsexuals”.  People are using this term to hide from their own issues and damaging the status of transsexuals in the process.  This is a birth condition, not a security blanket for people to comfort themselves with.

Any time someone attempts to assert the truth about the transsexual birth defect, crowds of angry naysayers spring up to rip the blanket back from the big meanie.  Transsexuals are supposed to put up with their abuse and misuse of the treatment protocols designed for the few of us who were born with this problem.  In short, because this is largely a fight between transsexual women and crossdressing men, we are supposed to allow men their fantasies because facing their issues will be too painful for the poor dears.  And therefore we must put up with any amount of misogyny from them because we have stepped out of our place and forgotten that they outrank us somehow.  I saw a shameful example of this recently when Catkisser was recently attacked by a misogynist in a comment on another blog.  It’s par for the course though, and she’s used to it.  It happens time and again, and never is there a price to pay when trannies attack us using the most hateful language they can dream up.

And that’s always the way, too.  You try to keep the argument on topic, and invariably one of the trannies (or a horde of them when they can organize themselves) tries to make it nasty and personal.  They can’t win an argument because the truth is not on their side, so they pound the table and paint scarlet letters on witches.  To them, all of this is a joke and they have no real stake in the outcome.  It’s a game to them and they think its all quite entertaining to attack women like me.

This is not a game.  This is deadly serious.  People like me don’t have some closet to run back into if things go wrong the way trannies do.  This is my life, and the lives of the 50-100 thousand other post ops here in the US.  It even affects people in other countries around the world.  So when you attack the truth of our birth condition and laugh about the little personal wars you conduct, you expose yourselves for the misogynistic asses that you are.  You seriously want TG rights?  Go stuff yourself.  Crossdressers get the same rights as anyone else, what the hell could they possibly want?

You are going to get zero sympathy from people that you use and abuse.  And I’m not doing you any favors by humoring your delusions that you are transsexual.  That’s one big reason the APA is revising the standards right now in this area; I’m sure the fear of coming lawsuits from “transsexual” regretters that they have enabled looms large.  They had also better be aware that when more science is available they may find themselves in court with transsexuals fed up with the APA joining us to the fetishists.


6 Responses to The Argument of the Beard

  1. Veronica says:

    Do I dare ask where I fit? I knew my body was wrong when I was about six or seven, but even when I grew up I was ignorant about possibilities. I wasn’t courageous. I was very adaptable. In some ways I did fine, in others not well (e.g. drug and alcohol abuse). I was never a cross-dresser.

    I managed to postpone the crisis for a long time until it hit with a vengeance. I transitioned, with SRS. And it is absolutely right for me. I should have been born this way. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I have no doubt about the condition I was born with.

  2. lisalee18wheeler says:


    You don’t need to ask, you already know… 🙂

  3. Kathryn says:

    You fit right in with many of us that lived in societies unfriendly to such as we.
    We cope with what seems an impossible situation in various ways…..some with drug abuse, some spend their lives in a state of depression and/or quiet desperation until they find the means to do something about the incongruity between their body and their innate brain sex.
    Many avoid cross dressing so as to hide their feelings, but the need is often there whether or not one gives in to it.
    In fact, for an MTF, you are technically “cross dressing” until you accept the woman inside and dress appropriately for your true sex.

  4. Aria Blue says:

    Totally agree with you three. (And hey Veronica, saw your blog and think its great to see other people out there in ‘the sphere’ hehe) The problem is that as (post) transsexual women our dialogue with each other has been controlled by outsiders (trans), whom I define by their own actions as outsiders contrary to the charges usually leveled against me. I’ve never really been interested in trying to sort people into bins for its own sake; as far as I’m concerned it’s how you live your life that tells everything you need to know about a person. That goes for just about anything too, not just this. And that’s why I point to Wallinder’s definition as a better dilineator than the trans* beauty contests that always erupt when people talk about this subject.

    If it grates on your last nerve to be known as anything other than a woman, that’s a pretty good sign of who you are. If you are happy being known as a non-woman, that’s a good indicator too. And of course, the real moment of personal truth is surgery. After surgery you’ll know for sure, if you had any remaining doubt. And it’s very easy to have doubt when society and the gay political construct have so many misguided and negative things to say about us.

    We internalize these things after awhile and can’t tell them from our own thoughts. That’s just how human socialization works. And when you are steeped in these things for so long, it’s not surprising that people would not have such a good grasp on what transsexualism is.

    That’s why I write this blog, to remind people that transgender and transsexual are polar opposites and to let them know the old chestnuts from the trans* narratives aren’t the real story. It’s not about who played with dolls when you were little, or who “felt like a girl” at the youngest age or anything that turns it into a competition. These hierarchies are false and need to be replaced with the truth.

    There is a range of behavior in transsexual children that hasn’t been studied beyond noticing that it existed. I hope someday professionals will get past the gay politics and actually help those kids. They are not “transgender”.

  5. Kathryn says:

    Brain scan technology is now almost good enough to delineate the sexually dimorphic parts of the brain in life….. Very soon, a clinical diagnosis will be simple…… then the TG’s and the psychs can go boil their heads!

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