Tilting at windmills

The need to separate the categories continues.  Apparently a transgender judge was elected in California.  Bully for her, I’m sure it’s a great victory for everyone who has transitioned and moved past the trans problem, though it was a major media issue in the campaign, right?  Yet in a comment the good judge says the following:

However, until people are open about their gender identity as confortably as others are about being happily straight and married with children, we will never move beyond this being considered newsworthy. This is why I talked about my wife on the website, and explained why electing a transgender person to be a judge would be positive.

Yet again we are treated to a comparison of transgender to gay, and how a propos.  (comparing transsexual to gay is not, and is a plain insult)  Yet again we are accosted with the hypothesis that if more trans people would just be out and proud, we’d normalize “gender variant” behavior and everything would be fine. There are two big problems with this view. 1) It isn’t true 2)  The nature of such “normalization”, if actually realized, is dubious.  For a “transgender” person, I’m sure having that status recognized constantly in public and then in law would be great.  For a transsexual person, it would be a living death.  But let’s look at 1 and 2 for now.

In the first place, there simply aren’t enough trans*people to ever make it normal.  Setting aside the fact that most trans is simply maladaptive behavior and therefore can never be normalized, the percentage of full time crossdressers in society is, and always will be, vanishingly small.  There are no hordes of would-be full time crossdressers just waiting to burst out of the closet, despite the fervent beliefs of the current “out” TG.

Thus they reveal their campaign is actually about making crossdressing comfortable for the people who enjoy that activity, and has little to do with “gender roles” or making a freer society beyond their one pet issue.  Rather, they hope to make transvestism commonplace enough that people just accept it at face value, and don’t put up any resistance to the things they want.  This is why I write that it is a matter of politics, not civil rights, and as such people are free to oppose this behavior without the specter of being called that range of names that the GLBT is so fond of throwing around.  Like bigot, or phobe.  Crossdressing is not the same as being gay.

Next is the notion that there should be a campaign to get into people’s faces with “gender variant” behavior because it would be good for trans*people.  Yes, it would be great for certain “trans*people”, and by that I mean of course the full time crossdressers.  The other “trans*people”, such as transsexuals and intersex people (who have not quite escaped the grasp of the GLBT at this point), would be poorly served by such notoriety.  It’s an entirely selfish proposition that benefits only the fetishists and the genderscrews, while damaging transsexuals and possibly “intersex” people depending on the strength of the GLBT takeover of that category.

The prospect of non-transsexual people “educating” the public about the condition is absolutely horrifying.  Yet many of the people who are doing this have no idea they are not transsexual.  They have been lead to believe that the condition is acquired by getting surgery and nothing more.  I’d like to believe that if the majority of them knew that they were doing harm to people like me by their public proselytizing, they would refrain.  And at the same time, we have to realize there are some people who conduct these disinformation campaigns with the specific intent of wiping our existence from the public mind.

What the GLBT fail to understand about transsexualism is that being “out” precludes a successful treatment of the condition, before you even get to the other arguments.  If you are “out” you are constantly confronted with the transsexual problem and it will never resolve.  That is why so many transsexual people look askance at people who claim to be “out” post op transsexuals.

If you make the condition the centerpiece of your life you would be overwhelmed by this issue which we all supposedly share(d).  Your life would become a daily horror show as y0u were confronted over and over with being forced back into the role of a man to everyone you meet.  If you don’t understand why this is so and disagree, you are beginning to ask the questions that will give you a better understanding of the condition and show you how it is completely at odds with the accounts of “transsexuals” who populate the youtubes, podwaves and blogosphere with their out and proud lifestyles.

And so because the transeducation campaign continues, it is necessary to continue to draw apart their construct.  As long as the denial of the separate nature of transsexualism continues, efforts to point out the truth to people who matter will continue.  They may dash themselves against those windmills.  They may not dash others, however.

Their failure to realize that their political campaign is coercion and force is another one of the key points that they must understand at some point.  Cries of hate against us are foolish when it is they who hate, they who try to manipulate and control and dissemble.  You cannot tell post transsexual people, or anyone for that matter, that they must join your political crusade or be called bigots.  To do so is to employ a kind of violence.  And that is exactly what they do when they deny us our voice.

In the end they are hurting only themselves because by the foolish attempt to normalize their behavior, they have accomplished just the opposite and set themselves out and apart.  As they continue to insist that transsexual is transgender is transvestite is gay is lesbian is straight, people become more and more aware of the duplicitous nature of the claims.  And as they do that, others will make the differences clear in other venues, out of the public shouting match that we call the internet.  Like it or not, people can tell the difference between us and them, and all the wishes and words in the world aren’t going to change that.

If you live your life as a transgender person, that is what you are going to be.  No transsexual person would ever find that acceptable.  You can save yourself a lot of pain and moving expenses if you learn that lesson early.


33 Responses to Tilting at windmills

  1. alexthesane says:

    Oh for the love of cheeze, no one is talking about converting the masses into crossdressers or to “get in people’s faces”. The truth is that if people who are transsexual or transgender are more visible, and become more accepted by society, we’ll stop being killed in back alleys and actually be given respect as human beings (and better access to the medical resources we need). Out post-op transsexuals aren’t hurting you, they’re spreading information that means if/when someone finds out about your history they’re less likely to hate you, and others like you can get the medical assistance they need. How is that in any way bad?

    • lisalee18wheeler says:

      Part of the problem here is 1) you equated transsexual and transgender and 2) assumed we’re all being killed and disrespected as humans and denied medical care. When you finally decide to leave the ghetto, you’ll find that the rest of the world doesn’t have the time or the inclination to bother with you. In other words, they don’t give two shits about your “gender disturbance”.

      • alexthesane says:

        “Decide to leave the ghetto”? Sure, I’ll just pack up my stuff and get a house in the burbs, no problem. Oh wait, no one will employ me in this economy and I can’t turn to my family for money because even if they would give it they can’t. If it wasn’t for federal loans putting me through college, I’d be living in a cardboard box right now, and no amount of positive thinking or whatever you think is going to “get me out of the ghetto” could fix that.

        Do you have any idea what other trans people go through, or are to too scared of the crossdressers to look out your cozy front window?

        As for people not giving too shits about my gender? I would pay through the teeth to get that. The point of being open with diversity is to get to the point where no one cares. THAT was the point of my comment.

        • catkisser says:

          Yeah Alex, I have a damn good idea of what other “trans” people go through. After I was disabled on the job, pretty much as a direct result of one transphobic asshole nurse, with major back injuries I took all my remaining resources and invested them in an effort to provide a place for newly transitioned women to bootstrap themselves. Want to know was my reward was? Some of them did their damnest to leave me homeless in repayment and actually steal the property I dedicated to that purpose.

          Spare me the sob stories.

        • catkisser says:

          In fact Alex, I never stopped trying to help newly transitioned women. The last one we took in, just two weeks ago despite all the abuse we’ve taken, just conned one of my sister priestesses out of several thousand of dollars and when confronted about that, left the house immediately without being told to do so but is currently trashing us for putting him out on the street.

          I am a slow learner apparently.

        • Aria Blue says:

          You know Alex, there are lots of us who aren’t “perfect”, and we all manage to not have issues in the mainstream. What it requires is that we are willing to do what it takes to get by. We conform to standards where necessary, we don’t bull our way in to change everything. We pay attention to those around us and try to fit in. We are willing to relocate somewhere that people don’t automatically know all about us, and that includes out of the TG ghetto where it will ALWAYS be an issue.

          It’s hard to have any hope when you are drowning in a sea of negativity, as is the case with the TG standard operating procedure. It’s not that bad out here. Maybe at some point something will happen, and your eyes will open and the world won’t seem such a bad place. You have to be willing to see though.

        • leighspov says:

          Why won’t they employ you?

          Why … ask yourself that question honestly.

          Is it because of the economy? sorry but there are jobs to be had, maybe not ones you would like, but someone somewhere is always looking for help.

          If it’s because you are in transition, then quit transition till you can afford it. Successful transition depends on having a secure life position. Many of us have had to do that back in the day. There is no shame. It’s not a race.

          If “they” are not employing you maybe “they” are afraid too. And for that you can thank the wonderful trans community … but wait! … any day now there will be a “law” against that .. ugh huh…

  2. Kathryn says:

    “Out” post op TS’s are not the problem….. it’s Tg’s that claim to be the same as us, and claim the same social and legal status that are causing us the problems.
    I think you rather missed the point of Aria’s post.

  3. catkisser says:

    Alex, no offense, but you are an idiot speaking from a place of no actual knowledge of the realities of a woman of history.

    We get occasionally outed too but it rarely becomes more than a one day wonder when that happens precisely because we are NOT in everyone’s face. Before I was physically disabled (as opposed to the crazy check most “out and open” TG spokes trannys) I was occasionally outed on the job. Not once did anyone bring up bathrooms for example, not one single time. It literally never occurred to anyone to question where I peed.

    Sandeen just provided another example of the dangers involved. Sandeen and others know who I am because I was an active trans activist myself in the past. When Sandeen decided to punish me, Sandeen banned me from Pams, then branded me a racist on the front page of arguably the most read LGBt blog and INCLUDED ALL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION AND MY PICTURE. This was done exactly like some Operation Rescue release on an abortion doctor for the same purpose, terrorist intimidation and in the hopes some fanatic TG would make my life miserable or even attempt to kill me. There exists a long history of TG activists making credible death threats and attempts at total disruption of my life and Sandeen knows this.

    Ok, I can never be stealth but after bringing up once again what Sandeen did to me by linking to the racist accusation entry again, Sandeen then turns around and demands that Leigh reveal her personal information!! These people are insane. Sandeen is on 100% mental disability from the Navy. Do you know exactly how insane you must be to get that? Howling at the moon on all fours crazy is the answer.

    Any woman of history who has kept her history disconnected from her actual name on the internut would be a total idiot to then do so. The real danger isn’t from the right wingers, it’s the damn transvestite civil rights crowd. They have zero morals, zero ethics, zero human socialization skills.

    • Aria Blue says:

      Absolutely. Until Sandeen issues a public apology and acknowledges the wrongdoing, that person has absolutely no credibility and nothing to say on any of these topics. Nobody should EVER do that to anyone, and the fact that this person is wholeheartedly endorsed by GLBT blogs like Pam’s should tell every transsexual man and woman out there that the GLBT is certainly NOT our friend.

      • lisalee18wheeler says:

        I wonder how Autumn would feel if someone published her personal info on a public blog or website. Or better still, went to her Hillcrest gayborhood and “visited” with her. Oh, wait. That would be stalking. Unless she actually liked it…

        • catkisser says:

          Lisa, Sandeen would actually eat it up because the only self esteem Sandeen has is being the centre of all possible LGBt attention. How else could you explain the going to the Dem convention with the specific goal of causing a bathroom fiasco, chaining (pronoun deleted) ass to the White House fence on an issue that actually had nothing to do with da trans and keeping up a you tube video demonstrating how lesbians can stand and pee like a real transvestite at Pride events by someone with a penis who makes sure everyone knows said penis is there?

          Why Pam hasn’t dumped this open embarrassment to humanity, let alone anything else is beyond my understanding.

  4. leighspov says:

    So ya’ll saw that exchange I had over at Pams tranny blend with the pet tranny.

    They did their best to get me to engage so they could trapdoor me but I wasn’t taking that bait. Honestly any fair minded person reading that thread could easily see the malicious intent at outright bullying and personal attacks I was subjected to. Sandeen could not defend on any of the points I made about his utter hypocricy and shut down his replies to me till that stupid fat tranny the shamen of hedon arrived, all blustering and sounding like a dyke at a dick waving contest.

    Sandeen should be let go from Pam’s over this. He cannot even own his own TOS rules, calling someone a bigot and participating in ad-hominem attacks, and getting to the point of showing violent hostility. True mark of a homosexual tranny.

  5. leighspov says:

    If you arn’t making someone mad, your just not getting your point across 🙂

  6. deena17 says:

    Well since the bathroom issue has been touched on in one of the responses here is my perspective on that. I have observed that the bathroom is typically an issue for two general categories of people. One category is people with penises. That would include the majority of congress as well as cross dressers. The second category is women who are truly bigots and push agenda’s anti everything not acceptable to their own (typically religious) narrow view of the world. Fortunately that second category is a very small minority of women.

    Now, having said that, I can certainly understand why a man in a dress would not want to venture into the men’s room where he might encounter a variety of threats. But lets take a different example. If a man in male attire comes into the ladies room most women would either shrug and assume that there was a plumbing problem with the mens room or they would leave as quickly as possible wondering if he was intoxicated or just plain oblivious. In any case it is such a rare occurrence that most women don’t spend time worrying about it (in my opinion).

    • Aria Blue says:

      The question is, why are men in dresses facing a situation where they need the ‘ladies room’ in the first place?

      • deena17 says:

        I’m not sure I grasp your point. I would assume it is because they need to pee. I used the term meaning someone who is easily recognized as a man but perhaps I should have been explicit about that.

      • catkisser says:

        Over the years I’ve noticed that when a woman uses the mens room because of long lines or such, the men do not threaten her but rather seem threatened by her and avoid her like the plague. I don’t buy this transwoman in the mens room is in danger meme as a result unless he is clearly a man in a dress and even then I suspect the fear of catching his condition would have the same effect. Has there ever been a documented case of a crossdresser being attacked in a mens room ever?

        • catkisser says:

          To expand on this, one of the popular responses to women objecting to trannys in the ladies has been “we are spreading the lie that all men are dangerous and violent when that is exactly the claim they use to not go to the mens room where they belong.

          More transvestite logic I suspect.

        • Aria Blue says:

          You know, the cases where an actual pre op TS has issues in the women’s room are vanishingly small. It’s always the TV’s smelling of male musk and with beard shadow who seem to run into trouble. I don’t buy this ‘need’ for protections either.

  7. catkisser says:

    Sandeen just openly called me a racist and hateful bigot once again in that ongoing thread. I have filed a formal TOS complaint against her. May I ask that Leigh and others do the same?

    Pam needs to ban Sandeen’s ass.

  8. leighspov says:

    How do you file this complaint ?

    • catkisser says:

      On the right hand side of the blog under menu is a couple of ads and then a report TOS violations button. Anyone can report any TOS done by anyone to anyone. You supply the information, check the correct violation from the choices and then write a personal comment. Keep the comments factual but demand action and give any other specifics you can.

      Let’s end Sandeen’s bully pulpit at Pam’s once and for all.

  9. leighspov says:

    I hear this term “racist bigot” applied to us all the time. I wonder .. do these trannys consider themselves a race of peaple, because frankly my understanding of the term racist bigot is someone who discriminates against people based on their race and ethnicity.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never mentioned anything about someone’s race, ethnicity or color .. except perhaps flaming pink in sandeens case

  10. leighspov says:

    Here is the text of the complaint lodged at Pams House Blend


    Autumn Sandeen has used her position at PHB to label me a bigot without cause and based solely on my point of view which this particular article was designed to garner. She continues to use hateful language toward me and to try to bring my name into direpute. She baits me to respond to these ad-hominem attacks by providing other members a safe haven to do likewise without fear of repraisel from Sandeen who is supposed to be the forum monitor and ensure fair play. She baits me and allows others to bait me and break TOS themselves in the vein hope I will respond with something to give her cause to trapdoor me.

    She allows the shaman_of_hedon to use hateful and disgusting language toward me, does not reign her in and actually encourages such vile attacks. Sandeen has labled me a “transphobic bigot” and uses that term repeatedly in her respones to me and others simply because I do not agree with her assessment of the word tranny which she finds offensive and has after some 16 responses decicided that it is an offesive word.

    This person needs some serious therapy and should not be allowed to spew her hate language on pams house blend as though she was the utmost authority on what it is to be transsexed. This person was still floating around on navy ships long after I was fully transitioned and I do not consider her to be an authority on anything other than how to label other people and tell them that they know nothing in comparison to her all knowing and enlightened personage.

    Seriously, If I am to be considered part and parcel of the GLBT, albeit against my wishes and without my consent, then I have as much right to speak my opinion as any one else on PHB, and I am sorry if that opinion is not what Sandeen or others want to hear.

  11. alexthesane says:

    I still think the animosity here is misplaced. It is not the transgendered community that is denying us jobs or medical assistance. Perhaps the people that are doing these things are conflating terminology, but it is still not the fault of transgendered people that this happens. The ideas of mainstream society at large are what create anti-trans bias (of all kinds), in reality transgendered and transsexual people are on the same side. Silencing a portion of the trans community and hiding your history are just going to allow the ambivalence and hatred of the rest of the world to continue unchallenged.

    • catkisser says:

      Alex, it is absolutely the fault of the transvestite activists.
      Fifteen years ago there was widespread acceptance of transsexuality in the US….widespread as even the religious right had no problem and even the most rigid of republicans in Congress were telling me personally there was widespread support on the right for transsexual civils rights divorced from gay and lesbian rights.

      Then came those fucking transgender activists waving their willies in Congressional offices and screaming to the general public that no one actually needs surgical correction because their dicks are feminine from tying a pink ribbon around them.

      They are the enemy of all post corrected women. We absolutely are not on the same side of anything. Most of us do not hide our history, we just don’t talk on and on about it because it IS our private medical history. The hatred and discrimination women of history suffer, those few times we do so, are a DIRECT result of the Sandeens of the world. I was there and saw it happen and was there as a trans activist at the time.

  12. leighspov says:

    alex …

    You are just not getting the point. The world is not going to change for a very tiny subset of the population. If you really think it will then I have some swampland you might be interested in buying also. People are always going to have prejudices, some that are ingrown and some that are flamed on by public opinion. It is not the ideas of mainstream society that create anti-trans bias, it is the attempts by the transgender activists to sell mainstream society the concept that a woman can have a penis and a transvestite is a woman.

    This concept is only believeable in the TG community because even gays and lesbians don’t really buy it. It is a self serving attempt by tg activists to somehow make it publically acceptable for men to dress as women and be treated as such. Its never going to happen.

    All the while you buy into this notion that you are somehow being discriminated against instead of owning the fact that you are doing something the vast majority of men and women don’t understand, the more you will be at odds with society. It is for you to accept that society may not be comfortable with you, and for you to work harder to earn their respect rather than the tg approach of make a law and beat them over the head with it.

    If you are a woman in your every action, society will respond to that, if not they will not. There is nothing you can do about that but work harder. All the laws in the world are never going to make one individual person think of you any differently than they already do, except with contempt for forcing them to swallow a pill not of their making.

    Many of us here are living proof of this. We have been through it, we have overcome and we are rarely if ever discriminated against, and it has absolulty ZERO to do with stealth… its all about being honest with yourself and not volunteering information. Just because someone might think you are a tranny, doesn’t mean you have to go and confirm it for them. Thats all up to you, and in the end, most people dont even care.

    • catkisser says:

      Forget it Leigh, these TGs are filled to the brim with entitlement mentality and believe the world owes them and if they don’t get everything they wish they are being discriminated against in the worst economy since the great depression! They never figure out that if you act like an asshole, most of the world will treat you like an asshole and it has nothing to do with discrimination at all…..

    • Aria Blue says:

      What too many post ops fail to realize is that these pro-tranny laws such as those in the UK and Canada actually pose a real threat to us all. This isn’t a neutral issues for us. If they get their way the road is paved to consider us all third “gender” and we could lose our status as men and women. Discrimination will become not only legal, but the law of the land.

      For trannies, this is heaven to have their fake identities recognized by law. For us, as I said, it would be a living death.

      • Aria Blue says:

        And a further thought… this whole transgender or transsexual thing that certain people are pushing as a bone to throw those who don’t like the tg umbrella is bad too. It’s just another way to keep everyone included whether they like it or not, and actually blurs the lines more. I am 100% against that terminology.

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