The Choice

The failed character assassination of Ashley Love by Autumn Sandeen is a watershed moment in the trans-world.  Never has it been more clear that the people who contend for positions within Gay Inc, our transgender ward bosses, have our worst interests at heart.  The transgender and transsexual agendas are not compatible, and the notion that what is good for TG is also good for TS is coming into sharp focus for what it really is.  A boldfaced lie.

There was a long string of victories for transsexual people which began back in the 50’s and 60’s before there was ever a gay movement, and long before the creation of “transgender” as a political movement in the 1990’s.  We owe our ability to transition and live happy lives to those people who went to government officials with the backing of their doctors, not to any latter-day shenanigans of the patently non-transsexual transgender movement.

The rise of TG dogma put an end to progress for transsexual people, and their brief moment of fame and fortune has come at great cost to those they co-opt.  At this point with a dead ENDA and the GLBT descending into civil war, it is clear that the transgender activists have not only tried to negate any gains made for transsexuals, but also contributed quite a lot toward the demise of a once vibrant cause.

There can be no doubt at this point that what is good for the transgender activists, by their own admission, is bad for transsexual people who simply want to cure their ailment and move on in life.  And yet at the same time the reverse is not true:  What is good for transsexuals will also benefit those who call themselves transgender.  After all, it was the existence of our birth defect and the medical world’s tentative support that gave them everything that they have.

In essence, it is we who gave to them and now they spit in our faces and declare themselves lord and master while trying to take everything from us.

Enough is enough.  It will not hurt the transgender one bit to let us have our rights, and yet they rail against them night and day.  They tell us we don’t exist except as a flavor of transgender.  We are not men and women, merely pretenders.  And then the leaders of the vile movement that transgender has become add insult to injury- they claim to speak for us and any of us who speak for ourselves are labeled hateful and bigoted, shifting the blame from their shoulders onto the targets of their aggression, in true propagandist fashion worthy of any fascist.

If we attain our rights, it can only benefit everyone.  Holding us hostage to their agenda is not a legitimate position.  Anyone who supports this tactic is not only an enemy of transsexual people everywhere, they are an enemy of freedom and civil rights themselves.

It is time to choose.  I support Ashley Love one hundred percent, she has every right to speak the truth to our assailants.  But she cannot serve two causes.  The cause of transsexual people could have been a doorway for others, but the way the transgender played things out has made them a destructive enemy rather than an ally.  That was their choice.

The choice for Ashley and those who will follow in her footsteps is whether they will stand up for transsexual rights, or if they will continue to try to represent everyone else.  You can’t do both, and it’s a shame it has come to this.  But the fight has been created by the transgender, and the only choice left to us is whether we surrender to their wants, or we pursue our own needs regardless of what the interlopers try to do to us.

What is it going to be?


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  1. leighspov says:

    It should come as no surprise that what we today term the transgender core of activism, has its roots in the flamboyant sector of the gay community of old. They have always hated transsexuals, they hated them for not being gay. They went out of their way back then, long before the current gay movement, to get in your face, to tell you you were not a woman, to tell you they were more female than you, to remind you of your roots and to scorn you for being who you were.

    Nothing changed except the labels. The transgender of today are the same group of gays, now telling you that a woman can have a penis and that being a woman is all about what you define yourself as, regardless of what steps you might take to attain that position. They were hateful back then and they are still hateful toward those of us born transsexual. Their well put together community of gender thugs and theorists tried their best to assimilate us and to define us out of existence, and they have failed entirely because they were wrong about us then, and they are wrong about us now.

    The mistake they made was to go under the assumption that we were not real, that we were, given the chance, the same as them. This is the premise of the TG umbrella, that we were all one under it. It has become a massive fail for them, and one that will if not rectified cause gay inc to eject the T out of their fold, if for no other reason than their own self preservation. Gay Inc thought that by putting all the sissy boys, drag queens, gender queers and flamers into their own category, that they could somehow distance themselves from the negative connotations of the out and proud as they lobbied for rights. Unfortunatly, it backfired for them and they created their own monster with a louder voice that grew so big it drowned them out and cast a shadow over them that even they couldn’t lose.

    Many have described this allience between the GLB and the T as some sort of marriage. In reality it is nothing of the sort. It has always been and always will be just the flamboyent side of Gay, populated by virginia prince’s vision of male womanhood. Finally the truth is dawning as a new generation reject the idea that we are all one big happy family under the gay umbrella. It really doesnt take much educating for most real transsexual men and women, all they have to do is step into the gay owned spaces to see the real truth, that the gays still despise us and do not allow us participation on our own level. It must as with all things men, be controlled by them and played under their rules. You MUST be gay first and foremost, and woe be to those that are not.

    Transsexualism is not allowed under the gay banner, unless it is their definition of transsexual, one that doesn’t dare to be anything more than a flamboyant male, playing in the sand(een) box with the other gay males.

    Ok .. you can be mummy today…..

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