The HSTS myth

November 17, 2010

I’ve written before about AGP, how I agree with others that its simply a way to mischaracterize the sexuality of some women of history, and I further posited that it was an attempt to blend transvestic fetishism with some of the “symptoms” that transsexual women may have experienced before transition.  Now it’s time to deal with the other weapon the sexologists use against us; the blending of youthful “effeminate” behavior with the TS narrative in order to erase the actual TS condition from the books and finish replacing us with gay and transvestite men.

The standard TS narrative is a mantra that goes something like this:  I was a feminine child who played only with girls’ toys.  I wore my mother’s clothes when I could, until my parents came down on me and forced me to stop.  I thought I was a girl until other people told me I wasn’t.  I was often bullied for being gay as a child because I was so feminine I couldn’t control my behavior.

This is what TS clients learned to tell their doctors and psychs, because that is what they wanted to hear.  Back when this story was passed from one “TS” to another in the early days, it was recited as a litany so that a person could get treatment.  So the common feeling among psychs at the time reflected this, and clients parroted back what the psychs wanted to hear.  This led to the condition later becoming conflated with being gay.  This is the problem as it stands.  The psychs (sexologists really)  currently involved with the TS area want to mislabel us as gay or transvestite, and nobody outside that little clique in the APA seems interested in putting a stop to their shenanigans.

The problem for the HSTS pushers is that the standard narrative isn’t true.  Unlike AGP, where they have managed to swirl actual “symptoms” with transvestic fetishism, the sexologists have little actual data about the early years of TS children.  The evidence that does exist  is scattershot, showing that examining the behavior of children at play is really not very diagnostic of transsexualism.  Transsexuals are only minimally represented in the literature of the time, or any time really, as being “feminine” in childhood.  Such childhood behavior is more closely associated with later homosexual orientation after sexuality emerges in puberty.  You can read a very good analysis of why “feminine behavior” is not a diagnostic of TS in childhood here.  It’s written by Curtis Hinkle, another person who is fighting against being forcibly “disordered” by the sexologists.

In many ways, the current situation grows out of the feelings of people like Richard Green who think that transsexualism is a form of being gay.  Zucker’s “work” with children who exhibit the wrong sort of behavior for their sex is a direct descendant of the sexist and hamfisted thought process of people like Green and his “sissy boy syndrome”.  To this day, we have people like Zucker and others trying to “cure” this unapproved behavior, resulting in various kinds of nonsense studies.

Yet from the very pen of the rather unsympathic Collette Chiland comes the damning analysis:

“The disorders that may lead to transsexualism in adults may thus be perfectly silent in childhood as far as an observer, parents, or teachers are concerned … the child has no clear idea why he feels bad, and will only give his trouble a name on reaching puberty.”

“An outside observer may notice that something is wrong with the child, but they cannot imagine, any more than the subject himself, that the child is suffering from a disorder of gender identity.”

“we see an isolated boy who is ill at ease, does not make friends, and does quite badly at school. But the child has no clear idea why he feels bad, and will only give his trouble a name on reaching puberty.”

And from Person and Ovesey:

“In our series of ten primary transsexuals, nine showed no evidence of effeminacy in childhood … As far as we can make out, they did not engage in girl’s activities or play with girls any more than did normal boys … All ten of our primary transsexuals were socially withdrawn and spent most of their time after school by themselves at home … In effect, they were childhood loners … ”

“to summarise, then, in childhood, the primary transsexual is not effeminate, but he feels either abhorrence or discomfort in boyish activities.”

They are describing actual transsexual children here.  This is the common experience that all transsexual children share.  It is not about being feminine and girly, or tomboyish in the case of TS men.  It is a terrible condition that instills such horror in children that they withdraw from life.

Among transsexual women there has been a sort of phenomenon discussed where older memories seem to change to match our current lives.  Others who have not experienced this think it sounds crazy, but I think it’s simply time and the brain colluding to make things fit together.  There are such disparate experiences that they can’t coexist in the mind, so one must be made to fit the other.  This results in a sort of unintentional revisionism, which may account for some of these “memories”.

Of course another aspect of this childhood memory business is the competition that exists between trans*people who buy into the standard narrative and use it in their attempts to one-up each other.  This is terrible, as it just encourages the sexologists to continue on their dark path, and discourages real TS people from getting the help they need.  One thing we see coming out of the revelation that not all TS women are “feminine” as children has been its exploitation by the non-transsexual “gender crowd” who, having lived full rich lives as fathers and husbands, think this gives them carte blanc to excuse their behavior prior to their pursuit of full time “cross gendered living”.

Exploration of these issues should never be construed as granting license to the full-time crossdressers to misappropriate transsexual narratives or treatment.

And the last place you see these narratives which I will discuss is among the online personalities that attempt to get into transsexual groups and mine them for information that can be used against them.  This is chiefly the activity of sexologist “operatives” who currently have no research subjects due to the objectionable nature of the direction they’ve taken that field.

Sexology is currently in ruins.  It has been brought into disrepute by people like Blanchard and Lawrence, and no self-respecting “sexual minority” would grace these sorts of people with their presence.  How do you study people when people are staying away in droves?  The only way to do this is by having or creating a captive audience.  This is why people like Blanchard and Zucker moved to Canada and planted themselves at the head of a deviance division in the Canadian health care system.  They want unlimited access and control over people whom they regard as nothing more than fodder for their own careers.  These are your “serious scientists” here.

But there is an opportunity for expansion.  As the DSM V is written, therein lies the ability to “pathologize” many groups, who can then be exploited by avaricious psych types who have more ambition than scruples.  In order for that to happen, these targeted groups must not resist.  Hence, the Wikipedia campaign and Internet blitzkrieg against groups such as transsexual men and women.

Slimy little worms crawl about looking for openings.  Shady characters of no background spring up suddenly, offering the hand of friendship to people who often have no friends.  A sympathetic ear listens to you pour your heart out, taking notes and building an information base on a subject that has so little substance in the literature.  And all the while, thinking of ways to use it against you.

This is the backdrop for anyone looking for help online.  Don’t trust anyone; you have it within you to do everything you need to do in order to fix your problems.  It’s already there.  While its tempting to reach out to others, in all likelihood you are going to be speaking to “transgender” people or fakes.  There are very, very few transsexual people in the world; it’s a rare birth condition.

HSTS is not another name for “primary transsexualism”, or transsexualism at all.  It is an attempt to erase actual transsexuals and replace them.

There are not two types of transsexualism, there is only one.  Different life experiences give outsiders the impression that we are different groups, but we aren’t.  Transsexualism is a monolithic phenomenon.

While it is somewhat playing into the hands of those who want to dissect us to keep apart from one another, it is probably necessary at this early point.  These people want to get the real TS childhood narrative from us, so they can blend it with “HSTS” the way they have blended other symptoms with “AGP”.  We can’t let that happen.

Every time we assemble these people infiltrate and take notes.  Don’t let them.  Trust only those you meet, or those that you know through someone you have met.

Don’t tell your childhood experiences to these people.  Don’t speak to them of anything.  Deprive them of their research subjects.  We must maintain this information blackout until this group is gone from the scene and are replaced by people who don’t want us destroyed.  And make no mistake, if these people get their way they will do their best to wipe us from the face of the earth.



A conspiracy of certain gay men against women

November 12, 2010

One of the recurring themes confronting women of transsexual history has been the attempts of gay men to own us.  Politically-minded gay men want to use our tenative legal status in marriage for their own purposes, forcing us into the GLBT against our will.  TG activists have done their best to sell us into GLBT bondage as well, and have gone on to do such things as using our our status in the pre-op stage to force their way into women’s bathrooms.  And in the psychiatric trade, gay men want to erase our existence and replace us with their preferred groups of homosexual and transvestite men.

One of the most egregious examples of this comes from psychiatrist “Alice Novic”, the gay crossdresser of Alice in Genderland fame who thinks he has it all figured out.  He speaks for us without a second thought, imperiously declaring that all “MtF” people are the same, and completely ruling out the possibility that actual transsexual people are born that way.  “Alice” has a page of seven “myths” about his MtF group that he gleefully attempts to destroy on his website, Alice in Genderland.  Let’s look at a few.

Myth #2: Crossdressers and transsexuals are two whole different types of people

This notion is extremely prevalent, as is reflected by the very fact that we use the words crossdresser and transsexual, as opposed to part-time MTFs and full-time MTFs—or something like that. This myth seems to be supported by the fact that some transsexuals, especially very effeminate, early-transitioning ones appear cut from a completely different cloth than crossdressers—and indeed they are (see my article on the two types of trans women). On top of that, drawing a hard line between CD and TS can be extremely useful for CDs who strive to stay accepted as men and TSs fighting for acceptance as women.


Myth #3: Transsexuals are simply women born into the wrong body

Though it’s important for transsexuals to be treated as women. This born-into-the-wrong-body notion does not ring true in my experience as psychiatrist or trans person. Just the kind of conversation a person makes is often enough to distinguish a trans woman from genetic woman—especially for started-out-straight trans women.


Myth #7: After surgery I can get involved with regular straight men

Certainly if you pass, then after genital surgery you may be free to date mainstream straight men and even have sex without any differences detected. But, alas, as many friends have reported, once you tell them you’ve had a sex change, it’s like telling them you still have a penis. They can’t say goodbye quick enough.


Once again, we have a male crossdresser who takes his own experiments with “gender” and broadly applies it to all people he sees fit for inclusion in his fantasy.  The fact that his construct is entirely derogatory to women like me is not important; what is important is for the crossdresser to maintain the fantasy.  I believe that the insulting, dismissive nature is intentional.

First, it’s highly unlikely that this psychiatrist has ever even met a “transsexual” in his practice.  Most “transsexuals” are well aware of crossdressers and their issues and steer as far clear of them as possible.  In fact, most women in general find transvestites rather creepy, but this isn’t something you’ll learn as a crossdresser is it?  When Alice refers to “MtF’s”, he is likely talking about “transgender” types who merely think they are transsexual, and find a willing accomplice in this misguided therapist.  Secondly is his out and out denial that we are women.  This is typical among the rather abusive crowd you will encounter at gender groups.  They tell us they can feel us out with some kind of tinkered gaydar in an attempt to establish control over us.  And, as always, this is followed directly by the ever-present mantra that we can never escape their grasp.  They own us now and forever.

This is bad enough, though rather typical of the crossdresser mindset, but reading further I found some very interesting things.  In the not-to-distant past I warned people away from “Jack Molay” and his blog.  I felt it was another transparent attempt to establish the “two type” theory of Blanchard’s transsexual tripe.  It is a collection of just-so accounts and carefully regurgitated theory from a supposed layperson who just happens to be totally into the “scientist” Blanchard. (Isn’t it funny how that whole crowd gives themselves away by that “scientist” business?  If you ever see repeated references to Blanchard as a “serious scientist” you know it’s that bunch of goobers)  Well lo and behold, “Molay” and “Alice” have got together for an interview.  Just like that, out of the blue, what a lucky coincidence!  Here’s the interesting part.

Jack: You write and talk about the two types of transwomen: “love to be femmes”, who include crossdressers and late transitioners, and “act femmes”, who include early transitioners and drag queens. I can hear more than an echo of Ray Blanchard’s “autogynephiliacs” vs. “homosexual transsexuals” here, so this is a controversial point of view. Could you say a little about how you ended up with this model, and to what extent it differs from the one of Blanchard’s?

Alice: Sure. Quite simply I read Blanchard—and Bailey, especially his Man Who Would Be Queen. I was blown away by what they had learned about MTF transpeople; it totally explained all the disparate things I had seen and heard over the years. Our landscape is not divided north-south between crossdressers and transsexuals; it’s split east-west between those who start out straight and those who start out gay. What a brilliant idea! I was kicking myself for not having seen it myself, but as a transperson I was still too attached to our own propaganda to realize anything that ran counter to it.

The rest of the “interview” (aka propaganda) can be read at the link just above.  It reads as a carefully constructed narrative about how Alice, as a fully fledged transperson who can speak on behalf of transsexuals, accepts that all the things “we tell ourselves” are simply lies, and that the truth is found in Blanchard’s estimation of transsexual women as deluded men.  This is a common pattern for the Blanchardians; find a representative among the population you want to label and control, have them speak on behalf of that population.  Then close the deal and declare ownership.  They did it with Anne Lawrence, finding an “autogynephilic transsexual” to speak for us.  They conducted an internet campaign to discourage real transsexuals from getting together and speaking using a group of fakes known as “Transkids“, who went around proselytizing and shouting down opposition wherever they could.  They even seem to deploy thugs when necessary.

More recently they enticed Cloudy/Kaye Brown into the fold to preach the word, along with starting a blog by an alleged “autogynephilic”, Jack Molay,and another by the wife of an “autogynephilic” to play counterpoint.  And if you dig a little, I’m sure you’ll find Willow Arune, Bailey’s and Dreger’s old buddy Kiira Treia (also see here), Lissane Anderson and all the other usual suspects. (Andrea James has a detailed account of the shenanigans this crew has been up to, which you can read here)  I believe even James Cantor makes a cameo, being a bit player who supposedly greases the wheels.  “Alice” says this :

After reading my August interview with Jack Molay, a kind Canadian psychologist offered to put me in touch with Ray Blanchard.

Now who could that be?  Why if it isn’t our old friend James, I’ll eat a bug.

This whole thing just reeks of collusion and machination.  This has been an ongoing project of these people for years.  Why do they do it?  I think that there is a little niche market for these psychs to exploit, and they don’t want to lose that opportunity.  The attempts over the years to sow discord and shoo transsexual women from the internet scene were done with careful consideration. Silencing dissent among those you wish to control is the first step.  Replacing their voices with your own carefully chosen schills is the next.  Then the all-to-convenient blogs showing up is an attempt to plant a seed in the declining TG discourse, one that will offer false hope to those who have been led astray by gender theory.  What do you suppose is next?

When you establish an official sort of replacement narrative for the standard transsexual or transgender one that has been in existence, those words play out in the back of people’s minds.  It’s an attempt to spread a new standard story to entrap a captive audience.  The existence of transsexual women is an impediment to their goal of owning “gender confused” people.  The biology behind our condition is explained away as a source of paraphilia, or worse.  In a strange twist of fate, transsexual women are all that stand between the trans* crowd and permanent assignation as sick perverts.

Maybe they should have been a little nicer to us.

One of the most insidious attempts to silence and erase us has been the effort by the “BBL” crowd to sweep away the biological evidence that stands in our favor.  The consistent effort has been to characterize our neurological variance from men as a pathology.

Anne Lawrence tries to say we are just amputation fetishists, and along with Bailey further argues:

The female-typical BSTc volume and neuron number observed in the MtF transsexuals are markers for nonhomosexual or autogynephilic MtF transsexualism, not for MtF transsexualism generally.

(Note to gay men, Anne is trying to size you up for inclusion in their little scheme, because they need a way to pathologize their “HSTS” category properly)

Cantor, who studies pedophilia, has the view that:

Another problem with the BNSTc finding is that the BNSTc is also smaller in pedophiles. So the BNSTc could be related to atypical sexuality generally rather than to gender identity specifically.

(We know he is talking about a different area of the brain than the famous Zhou study examines.  I doubt James is so dull he would make that kind of mistake)

Blanchard is the source for all these thoughts including as the supposed link to BIID (which has been since taken up by Lawrence) and the rest, but recently has tried to assign the ongoing concern this cottage industry represents to his deputies like Cantor and Lawrence who carry on the campaign.  Blanchard is a “serious scientist” you know and cannot be seen as having a hand in something so tawdry as gender bending.

Cantor, “Alice”,  Lawrence, and the rest (especially Blanchard, who won’t discuss is sexuality), are all “self-identified” males who are sexually oriented towards men.  They represent a conspiracy of gay men to stigmatize and abuse women; transsexual woman, specifically.  This is not acceptable for a profession that claims to be about helping people.

Which brings us to the heart of the problem transsexual men and women have with the transgender.  The forced association cooperates with this nefarious agenda and opens a clear line of attack to both transsexuals and those who seek to live in a different gender role than the one they were assigned.  Our association is toxic, not just for us but for them.  On their way to getting to us, the BBL clique must necessarily destroy the TG and label them all horrible perverts.  That’s why I have been so critical of the TG construct.  It weakens both of our defenses against this concerted attack.  The TG defense against the BBL crowd, using freedom of choice and social theory, has been especially awful in repelling this assault.  I would go so far as to say that it has benefited our enemy.  And make no mistake, those who set out to do this to all of us are a clear and present enemy.

If you want to follow the transsexual path, that is what you do.  Don’t make appeals to social theory to explain yourself.  Keep your mouth shut, don’t “come out” like you were gay.  Get your business done and move on.  That’s the way to succeed if you want to transition.  Then when you are solid in your life and settled, you can decide if you want to come out to every stranger you meet.

Better yet, decide if you want to be part of the fight to banish these would-be masters to the career oblivion that they so richly deserve.

We’re coming from different places

November 11, 2010

Recently a friend wrote about a person who admonished other trans*people to get out and show some support on the Transgender day of Remembrance.  This person is relatively new to the whole thing and is just stating what any newcomer probably would when they look out and see the apathy among what you would consider the trans* crowd.  What she doesn’t know is that is really the sum and extent of what trans* has always been; internet sound and fury and little in the way of ‘community’.

She also makes the common assumption, among the GLBT/Trans* crowd, that the definition of  trans*people pushed by the preachy activists is the correct one.  This of course is that all “gender variant” gays and lesbians, fetish crossdressers, drag queens, and transsexuals are basically the same.  They are people who are “biologically” completely their reproductive sex, and the only distinction between the “gender variant” people and the rest of the world is simply one of behavior.  While this is not a conscious thought, nor is it ever stated that way by those who preach it,  it is nevertheless true and lies at the heart of the stress they feel.  It also creates their ready need to divert the subject and talk endlessly about social paradigms in place of substance.

I don’t want to really come down on the writer of the blog, I actually think she is pretty cool.  But I do want to illustrate a point about the current situation with her experience.  She comes into this gender world with an open mind, and is treated to the TG mantra.  Absent any other information, its easy to say “whatever floats your boat” to others and be non-judgmental, because you expect that courtesy in return.  This is the way things should be.

We all know that mantra by now; gender is a social construct, biology isn’t destiny, genitals don’t determine your gender, etc.  The key to all of this is the assumption that we all start from the same place and that it should be our behavior that really determines our place in the universe.  Not a bad ethos.  Yet when it comes to people born transsexual the paradigm breaks down, the considerations are different.  We aren’t talking about a social justice movement, we are talking about people who need to cure a problem.  The fallout from the blending of this gender-based view of society and the medical needs of people born with the TS problem is that the needs of the born-different are eclipsed by the needs of the want-to-be-different.

The first thing that comes to mind is the inaccurate view among the TG, such as the writer of the blog I mentioned, that all trans*people start out the same and that your place on the scale is determined by how far you go.  They assume that everyone begins from a place of biological “normalcy” and skews it to “unnatural”.  The professional TG of course disguise this feeling by saying they are bringing their “gender identity” into alignment with their body to one extent or another (and this determines the degree of your TGness), but it is very clear that those who push this position still regard themselves as being in opposition to the natural order of things in some metaphysical fashion.  This is the reason behind all the pointless erudition and indeed TG politics itself.

The way this plays out to the man in the street is that they end up thinking that a person who gets a sex change is basically a normal man or woman who just decides to go crazy one day.  The sex change person can never really be the other sex, its all just a mental delusion.  This fits hand in glove with the TG position, though the TG themselves think they are fighting against it with their efforts at “education”.  To the person born transsexual this whole deal is awful, because by the emerging science and our own experiences over our lifetimes we know that we were anything but “normal” before, and that’s why we do what we do.

We feel we are “one of nature’s extant errors”, and this “identity” is anything but a glorious expression of freedom.  That is why arguments of freedom of expression made by the TG wing of the GLBT fall flat with us (not to mention with the general public).  We do not worry over things such as the ability to “crossdress”, or being able to behave in a subversive or countercultural manner without retribution.  We are concerned because our ability to live life itself is at risk.

After we are done with treatment, we feel normal for the first time.  This stands in direct contrast to the attitude coming from the professional TG of perpetually excusing their behavior to the public at large and lobbying for new exceptions in the law for themselves.  We don’t care about the things that the TG do, such as bathroom privileges.  Pre ops have been fine with bathrooms for 50 years or more; its the crossdressers who endlessly obsess over where they pee.  Transsexual issues and Transgender issues are at cross purposes politically.  But they don’t have to be.

The origin for this acrimony is in the old nature vs nurture debate among psychiatrists and others who seek to weigh in on that topic.  When the word went out that transsexualism was purely mental (McHugh v Money), it left the field to fall into disrepair.  The only ones left looking at the issue were rather fringe.  People like Blanchard were free to dredge up old garbage from Kurt Freund and restate the earlier stuff as original work.  Gender therapists sprang up to cater to “gender needs”.  The only thing that remained of science was the tiny bit of work that grew out of the study of the gay “condition”.  A few studies about LH response in gay men, and a couple other avenues.  The balance was a bunch of Freudian nonsense from people like Stoller,  Person and Ovesey, etc. that described the transsexual condition as a kind of extreme dissociative trauma response.  And this was all that was left- kooky junk that isn’t even science, just pure psychiatric conjecture. (No psychiatry isn’t a science, sorry people)

Then Gooren and his team took their studies of gays in a new direction and started looking at transsexuals.  In 1990 Gooren published a study that showed that a part of a gay man’s brain was generally larger than his straight counterparts, who in turn had a larger number of cells than women.  This places transsexual women at the opposite end of the spectrum from gay men, as far as this particular trait is concerned.  This was the birth of the science that will eventually replace the gender paradigm.

More later.

Tilting at windmills

November 7, 2010

The need to separate the categories continues.  Apparently a transgender judge was elected in California.  Bully for her, I’m sure it’s a great victory for everyone who has transitioned and moved past the trans problem, though it was a major media issue in the campaign, right?  Yet in a comment the good judge says the following:

However, until people are open about their gender identity as confortably as others are about being happily straight and married with children, we will never move beyond this being considered newsworthy. This is why I talked about my wife on the website, and explained why electing a transgender person to be a judge would be positive.

Yet again we are treated to a comparison of transgender to gay, and how a propos.  (comparing transsexual to gay is not, and is a plain insult)  Yet again we are accosted with the hypothesis that if more trans people would just be out and proud, we’d normalize “gender variant” behavior and everything would be fine. There are two big problems with this view. 1) It isn’t true 2)  The nature of such “normalization”, if actually realized, is dubious.  For a “transgender” person, I’m sure having that status recognized constantly in public and then in law would be great.  For a transsexual person, it would be a living death.  But let’s look at 1 and 2 for now.

In the first place, there simply aren’t enough trans*people to ever make it normal.  Setting aside the fact that most trans is simply maladaptive behavior and therefore can never be normalized, the percentage of full time crossdressers in society is, and always will be, vanishingly small.  There are no hordes of would-be full time crossdressers just waiting to burst out of the closet, despite the fervent beliefs of the current “out” TG.

Thus they reveal their campaign is actually about making crossdressing comfortable for the people who enjoy that activity, and has little to do with “gender roles” or making a freer society beyond their one pet issue.  Rather, they hope to make transvestism commonplace enough that people just accept it at face value, and don’t put up any resistance to the things they want.  This is why I write that it is a matter of politics, not civil rights, and as such people are free to oppose this behavior without the specter of being called that range of names that the GLBT is so fond of throwing around.  Like bigot, or phobe.  Crossdressing is not the same as being gay.

Next is the notion that there should be a campaign to get into people’s faces with “gender variant” behavior because it would be good for trans*people.  Yes, it would be great for certain “trans*people”, and by that I mean of course the full time crossdressers.  The other “trans*people”, such as transsexuals and intersex people (who have not quite escaped the grasp of the GLBT at this point), would be poorly served by such notoriety.  It’s an entirely selfish proposition that benefits only the fetishists and the genderscrews, while damaging transsexuals and possibly “intersex” people depending on the strength of the GLBT takeover of that category.

The prospect of non-transsexual people “educating” the public about the condition is absolutely horrifying.  Yet many of the people who are doing this have no idea they are not transsexual.  They have been lead to believe that the condition is acquired by getting surgery and nothing more.  I’d like to believe that if the majority of them knew that they were doing harm to people like me by their public proselytizing, they would refrain.  And at the same time, we have to realize there are some people who conduct these disinformation campaigns with the specific intent of wiping our existence from the public mind.

What the GLBT fail to understand about transsexualism is that being “out” precludes a successful treatment of the condition, before you even get to the other arguments.  If you are “out” you are constantly confronted with the transsexual problem and it will never resolve.  That is why so many transsexual people look askance at people who claim to be “out” post op transsexuals.

If you make the condition the centerpiece of your life you would be overwhelmed by this issue which we all supposedly share(d).  Your life would become a daily horror show as y0u were confronted over and over with being forced back into the role of a man to everyone you meet.  If you don’t understand why this is so and disagree, you are beginning to ask the questions that will give you a better understanding of the condition and show you how it is completely at odds with the accounts of “transsexuals” who populate the youtubes, podwaves and blogosphere with their out and proud lifestyles.

And so because the transeducation campaign continues, it is necessary to continue to draw apart their construct.  As long as the denial of the separate nature of transsexualism continues, efforts to point out the truth to people who matter will continue.  They may dash themselves against those windmills.  They may not dash others, however.

Their failure to realize that their political campaign is coercion and force is another one of the key points that they must understand at some point.  Cries of hate against us are foolish when it is they who hate, they who try to manipulate and control and dissemble.  You cannot tell post transsexual people, or anyone for that matter, that they must join your political crusade or be called bigots.  To do so is to employ a kind of violence.  And that is exactly what they do when they deny us our voice.

In the end they are hurting only themselves because by the foolish attempt to normalize their behavior, they have accomplished just the opposite and set themselves out and apart.  As they continue to insist that transsexual is transgender is transvestite is gay is lesbian is straight, people become more and more aware of the duplicitous nature of the claims.  And as they do that, others will make the differences clear in other venues, out of the public shouting match that we call the internet.  Like it or not, people can tell the difference between us and them, and all the wishes and words in the world aren’t going to change that.

If you live your life as a transgender person, that is what you are going to be.  No transsexual person would ever find that acceptable.  You can save yourself a lot of pain and moving expenses if you learn that lesson early.

If you aren’t transsexual, don’t transition

November 2, 2010

SA ET has a great post at her blog Enough Nonsense.  It’s really about time that someone pointed out that the world does not, and will not, change to accommodate the wishes of those of us who transition- lots of people seem to think that saying you have a medical diagnosis of being a transsexual means that people must treat you a certain way.  And when it doesn’t they think something is wrong with the world.  That’s one of the key problems with the transgender approach.

Half transition is not a cure for a “partial gender identity”.  That is patent nonsense.  Transition is for transsexuals and there are no half measures involved.  You either do it and accept the consequences or you leave it be.  People who think they can live between genders are fooling themselves and wrecking their lives.  And those who push this gender identity garbage have done major damage through their advocacy for a false construct both to themselves and their families, as well as to the overall state of transsexual medical treatment and public acceptance.

As a friend says, if your life isn’t better after transition than before, then what are you doing it for?  To live “authentically”, comes the refrain.  But that doesn’t really mean anything does it?  A life can be measured with objective criteria of happiness and fulfillment, and the transgender lifestyle fails at these tasks not because society simply doesn’t understand them (as it is with gays and lesbians to an extent), but because the transgender lifestyle itself creates misery.  It is not a legitimate way to live.  And you know why?  It’s axiomatic, and it’s what I just said.  TG produces a misery index every time it is injected into someone’s life and it causes demonstrable harm.  It misdirects a person’s time and energy away from handling their issues with false hope and false promises of a better life.

And once you tell everyone you are TG with the obligatory coming out routine that is prescribed for all trans* people, you can’t take it back.  It’s forever.  Unless of course you disappear and resurface.  But your ties with your family and other loved ones can never be untainted.  Trans carries a high price, a price that is denied by those who try to sell that snake oil.  If you try to transition and are not a transsexual you will quickly find that life becomes all but unlivable over time.  Visit any TG “community” and look around.  A bastion of hope and change it is not.

Do I say these things to harm people?  No, exactly the opposite.  I have seen first hand what trans does to people’s lives and it never turns out well.  By being straightforward, and even angry, I hope to impart an urgency and a truth to the dialog that doesn’t exist now.  The world is not a place where we can all just join hands and play let’s pretend and have everything magically appear the way we want it.  But neither is it the cold, cruel world the TG imagine must await them outside the ghetto walls.  You just have to be honest with yourself, and take that first step towards your future.

For some being truthful with yourself is the hardest thing you can do, as another friend just pointed out to me. (Hey Lisa! :))  But that’s where your life begins.

If you aren’t transsexual, don’t transition.  Sooner or later you will regret it.



Why I’m angry

October 30, 2010

…and you should be too.  One of the usual criticisms of any woman who speaks her mind is that she’s angry, as if it is completely illegitimate for a woman to ever be angry about anything.  If a woman expresses displeasure, she isn’t really angry about what she says she is.  No, it must have something to do with her silly irrelevant feelings.  Maybe she feels jilted and wants to take it out on everyone.  Who knows, women are such mysterious (ancillary) creatures it hardly matters.  Women should never be angry or have opinions, you see.

So when I get angry about some very real injustices it comes as no shock that most people who may otherwise agree with me criticize me for being angry.  I’m supposed to put up with all the the garbage with a smile and apologize for my own anger at being wronged.  It was an offense for me to speak up in the first place.  It’s a natural (sexist) double standard that both men and women enforce on women without thinking about it.  If you want people to like you, a woman can never be seen as “angry”.  It’s unfeminine to have opinions and to speak up for yourself.

I understand why people don’t want to be seen as mean or angry.  I understand that most people just want to get along and have others think nice things about them for the most part.  What I don’t understand is why others like me aren’t angry about our predicament at the hands of the GLBT.  Why aren’t they angry about gay men speaking for us?  Why aren’t they angry about the damage that has been done to our legal rights since the transgender have started impersonating us?  Why do they meekly accept whatever they are told?  Do they even feel vestigial anger, privately to themselves, at the injustice that they must feel on some level even if it is buried deep?

Then there is the phenomenon of people who agree with me yet feel the need to criticize me for a strident tone or being abrasive.  If you can think of a better way to start getting this point across to the know-nothings in the trans crowd, by all means go right ahead and put that plan into action.  It probably doesn’t occur to anyone that reasonable discussion has been tried, and resulted in the current situation.  No, angry writing isn’t going to solve the problem by itself.  But people speaking up and voicing opposition to the transsexual blackout that has characterized the situation for the last 15 years is a start.

When I say I am angry about a specific list of things, that’s actually what I am angry about.  There is no secret agenda at work here, I am not going hormonal.  I really, truly am pissed right off at gay politics and the lies told about transsexualism by the GLB-Tg.  That’s all there is to it.  I thought I was pretty clear about that, but apparently some people feel that the subtle nuance of my unbridled anger requires interpretation.  Let me assure you, that when people get pissed about being silenced and spoken for, that is what they are really pissed about.

So thanks for making excuses for me, to preserve my femininity.  Thanks for reducing -our- issue to one of some personal grievance that only I must have, to insulate your own feelings from criticism.  Thanks for sucking up to the people who use and abuse us so that you personally will be liked.  And most of all thanks for letting this abhorrent treatment of all of us to continue by your meek acquiescence.  I’m sure our masters appreciate it all.

I don’t apologize one bit for being angry at the shit that is still going on.  I have every right to this anger, and so do you.  And in fact I suppose I am angry at those of you who enable this state of affairs in their scramble to be seen as one of the good ones.  Have you so little respect for yourselves that you’d sell everyone else out to be liked?  Did you ever stop and think that part of the problem you feel the way you do is BECAUSE of the very people you seek approval from?

Calling gay men out on their misogyny is not homophobia.  The alphabet soup tried to blame Choi’s outburst on the military culture, but I’ve never, ever heard straight guys say these particular kinds of things about women even when they were being complete asses.  I’ve never heard straight guys get bitchy and call women “fish”.  This antipathy that exists in the GLBT towards women and therefore transsexual women is real, and it is at the source of all our problems with them.  If they had the least little bit of respect for any of us, they wouldn’t stand for this sexist, misogynistic behavior.  Making excuses for racists, sexists, gynophobes, and misogynists makes you as bad as the people you are defending.

As it stands, a large number of those who live in the assigned GLBT ghetto  still feel somewhat entitled to control our access to rights as much as they can, though this is changing.  The extent of that control is debatable, but the fact that many in the GLBT believe it is their right and duty to control us is cause enough for action.  We have made great strides, aided by the prevailing social winds, in turning back these unwanted advances.  We must continue to push back and finish the job.  We must see this through.

As strange as it must sound, women do get to feel offended when they are offended, and men of any sort are not the deciders of that issue.  Maybe the word hasn’t gotten around the world yet, but the minority card is no longer playable in here in the States.  You don’t get a free pass on racism, sexism, or any of those other isms by virtue of membership in some imperially-designated “minority” group.  Those days are over… this country is starting to change, and the pace of that change is going to accelerate.  People are leaving their assigned ghettos and starting to speak up.  This is a wonderful time to move issues forward.  The status quo is falling apart and the vacuum that will briefly exist is a perfect time to establish new paradigms.  Catastrophe is opportunity.

This isn’t the time to be timid.  This isn’t the time for fear.  We stand at the beginning of a new era and the sky is the limit.  We will all have choices to make soon, and our judgment must be guided by our hearts.  Not what we wish was true, but what we in our hearts know to be true.  Stand together with those who will go forward, or stand out of the way.  You can’t play both sides of the fence any more, you must choose.  And the choice is clear:  Either you continue to live in that cloud of darkness created and maintained by those who benefit at your expense, or you choose to walk out into the light and live on your own terms, without fear of retribution.

You can do this.  All you have to do is choose.

The Argument of the Beard

October 26, 2010

“How many hairs does a man have to grow before he has a beard? Since there is no specific number at which an unsightly clump of hairs becomes a beard, the argument is that no useful distinction can be made between a clean-shaven man and Santa Claus.”

One of the most cherished fictions of the transgender mythos is that of the spectrum which joins all humans together on a glorious rainbow based on how often you crossdress.  The occasional trip into the wife’s closet on one end, the completely deranged mutilated post op on the other.  There are two major problems with this view.

The first has to do with “The Continuum Fallacy”, also know as “The Argument of the Beard”. Basically this is what happens when the mental construct of a scale which joins different things for convenience is taken to an extreme, and you end up looking at both ends as essentially the same.  Let’s see what that bastion of knowledge, Wikipedia, has to say on the topic.

The fallacy appears to demonstrate that two states or conditions cannot be considered distinct (or do not exist at all) because between them there exists a continuum of states.

Narrowly speaking, the sorites paradox refers to situations where there are many discrete states (classically between 1 and 1,000,000 grains of sand, hence 1,000,000 possible states), while the continuum fallacy refers to situations where there is (or appears to be) a continuum of states, such as temperature – is a room hot or cold? Whether any continua exist in the physical world is the classic question of atomism, and while Newtonian physics models the world as continuous, in modern quantum physics, notions of continuous length break down at the Planck length, and thus what appear to be continua may, at base, simply be very many discrete states.

Fred can never be called bald. Fred isn’t bald now, however if he loses one hair, that won’t make him go from not bald to bald either. If he loses one more hair after that, then this one loss, also does not make him go from not bald to bald. Therefore, no matter how much hair he loses, he can never be called bald.

You can see how patently false the gender continuum is on its face.  Even accepting that there is some as-yet-undefined ethereal string binding all “gender variant” behavior together, there is no credible way to conclude that every point on the “gender continuum” is essentially the same.  The TG politicians gloss over this fact in their attempts to sell us on the idea that we are the same in a de facto fashion, due to prejudice.

Further, there is nothing except the casual observer’s opinion to suggest there is any real connection between the born transsexual and the crossdresser.  Absent other evidence, it’s easy to see why people might think this at first.  But evidence is now coming in and will continue to do so.  On every level, the TG paradigm is false.

The really disturbing part of gender politics is how the wants of the retired and well to do crossdressers have taken precedence over the needs of those who are born with the transsexual birth defect.  TG has been a movement largely driven by the 50-60 somethings who have retired from long successful careers as men.  After retirement these older individuals had the free time to pursue their crossdressing hobby as much as they wanted.  And like any addiction it quickly got out of control to the point where they convinced themselves they had special rights relating to their crossdressing.

In contrast, the life of the transsexual is one of quiet desperation and abject want until they complete treatment.  Only then can the (post) transsexual person truly begin to live.  It is extremely unlikely that a person who has untreated transsexualism will go very far before hitting the wall.  Only the strongest individuals, and those with a bit of luck on their side, will make it into the beginning of a real career in this increasingly two-tiered society of ours.  And that is done usually to enable transition; once the ability to transition is obtained, things rush forward to completion.  This certainly casts doubt on the rash of sudden “transsexuals” who discovered that they needed to transition (without surgery) after a 30 or 40 year marriage, producing many offspring and grandchildren in the bargain.

At issue, as always, is the definition of the term “transsexual”.  The TG/trans camp says that anyone can be transsexual just by saying so.  There are even support groups for “non transitioning transsexuals”.  People are using this term to hide from their own issues and damaging the status of transsexuals in the process.  This is a birth condition, not a security blanket for people to comfort themselves with.

Any time someone attempts to assert the truth about the transsexual birth defect, crowds of angry naysayers spring up to rip the blanket back from the big meanie.  Transsexuals are supposed to put up with their abuse and misuse of the treatment protocols designed for the few of us who were born with this problem.  In short, because this is largely a fight between transsexual women and crossdressing men, we are supposed to allow men their fantasies because facing their issues will be too painful for the poor dears.  And therefore we must put up with any amount of misogyny from them because we have stepped out of our place and forgotten that they outrank us somehow.  I saw a shameful example of this recently when Catkisser was recently attacked by a misogynist in a comment on another blog.  It’s par for the course though, and she’s used to it.  It happens time and again, and never is there a price to pay when trannies attack us using the most hateful language they can dream up.

And that’s always the way, too.  You try to keep the argument on topic, and invariably one of the trannies (or a horde of them when they can organize themselves) tries to make it nasty and personal.  They can’t win an argument because the truth is not on their side, so they pound the table and paint scarlet letters on witches.  To them, all of this is a joke and they have no real stake in the outcome.  It’s a game to them and they think its all quite entertaining to attack women like me.

This is not a game.  This is deadly serious.  People like me don’t have some closet to run back into if things go wrong the way trannies do.  This is my life, and the lives of the 50-100 thousand other post ops here in the US.  It even affects people in other countries around the world.  So when you attack the truth of our birth condition and laugh about the little personal wars you conduct, you expose yourselves for the misogynistic asses that you are.  You seriously want TG rights?  Go stuff yourself.  Crossdressers get the same rights as anyone else, what the hell could they possibly want?

You are going to get zero sympathy from people that you use and abuse.  And I’m not doing you any favors by humoring your delusions that you are transsexual.  That’s one big reason the APA is revising the standards right now in this area; I’m sure the fear of coming lawsuits from “transsexual” regretters that they have enabled looms large.  They had also better be aware that when more science is available they may find themselves in court with transsexuals fed up with the APA joining us to the fetishists.