A New Paradigm

January 2, 2011

The state of transsexualism, 2011

The start of a new year is an auspicious time for turning over a new leaf.  The last 2 years have seen a great shift in the area formerly known as trans.  Identity politics is on the decline and with it the force that held the fragile trans model together politically.  No longer is it necessary to toe the line of transtalk when discussing this issue, though it can still require fortitude to overcome the conditioned aversion that has been laid over us all.  The idea that being TS is “hate” is still prevalent, and this must change.  This will happen because the bullies have given back the ground they took and are still in retreat.

My hope for the near future is that men and women in transition may speak their mind completely free from the control scheme and bullying that fettered the area before.  This is possible because internally within the trans world, there are clear lines being redrawn even now between crossdressers, people who transition due to sexual orientation, and people born with the transsexual birth defect.  They are doing it themselves, out of what they believe to be political necessity.  It is too little, too late.

This is in no small part due to the dogged determination of a dedicated few who persisted in the face of the absolute onslaught sent their way during the last several years.  And along with  that, some of the more outrageous behavior of the trans-people had the leading figures shaking their heads and reconsidering the wisdom of trying to represent the interests of lifestyle artists and intersex in the same breath.  This is a paradigm shift in the trans world.

It is time for the transsexual area to evolve.  In the past we had been clasped into chains by people who want to establish hierarchy and raise themselves up at the expense of everyone else.  As TG increasingly took ownership of the word transsexual, they brought with them this notion that there are degrees of transsexualism and that some transsexuals are better than others.  The flurry of so-called narratives became diagnostic of what “type” of TS you were.  This must change.

There are no legitimate hierarchies here.  You either are or you aren’t.  You do, or you don’t.  That’s all there is to it.  All the different narratives are simply expressions of the things we experience as we go through life- they are not indicative of being TS in and of themselves.  This is a result of the psychiatric ownership of this issue to this date, where we are judged based on who we have sex with and what our mothers may or may not have done properly in our upbringing.  Completely left out of the equation was the primary problem that led to all the others; the eventual absolute alienation from your own body that every TS person arrives at.  Everything flows from that, and if you don’t put the cart before the horse as the sexologists and TG do, every TS “narrative” will make perfect sense in light of circumstance.  This would make it easy to account for such things as societal attitudes growing up, family background, feelings about sexual stereotypes, or any of the other things that currently confuse many when trying to understand this condition.

If there is a measure of degree at all here, it is the speed with which one arrives at this point of no return, not the nature of what is reached.  I suppose some of the anger that arises, a lot probably, is the equivalence drawn between people who are obviously enjoying their “journey” and TS people who have known nothing but misery before transition.

To be transsexual is to grow up watching your body become twisted into a form so grotesque you can’t bear your image in the mirror.  You are so deformed that other people can’t even see who you really are, and you lose the ability to interact socially as a result.  To be transsexual is to walk the earth as a ghost, seeing everything but touching nothing.

Some people reflect on these kinds of things and think “I don’t hate my body so much.  You know, like hate it, hate it…”, and think there is something amiss somewhere.  This is often a matter of time, perspective, and personality.  It’s difficult to quantify something like the loathing of ones sexual characteristics.  It is such an odd state of being with no comparison for people to make judgments that it can be very confusing to “diagnose” oneself.  How can you know what the difference between being comfortable with your body and not, if you have nothing to compare it to?  Indifference can either be a perception of congruence with your body… or it could be what we tell ourselves when we don’t actually “like” it, one of the coping mechanisms TS people use to get through life before transition.  This is what led to the confusion with TG in the first place.  Also, there are many other defense mechanisms in place that cloud memories and confuse issues after the fact.  Many people face more than just the TS problem in their lives and the longer you go without fixing it, the more mixed up the world will seem as everything conflates.

There are other cosmetic differences to consider as well.  If you manage to figure out on a conscious level the nature of the problem you face (more common now than in the past), your perception of the issue will be very different than someone who reached the final point of collapse and burns in agony at their very existence.  I believe this is the main source of the confusion for psych practitioners about so-called “primary” and “secondary” transsexuals.  They have constructed a spectrum solution to the problem that doesn’t see the actual spectrum they try to describe.  They put all transsexual experience at one end into a single point and dismiss anything that does not conform, even while they construct what they believe to be a sliding scale of “gender behavior”.

If there were degrees to transsexualism, they still would not correspond to degrees of stereotyped sex-role behavior as they believe.  As a result of this “expert help”, people who are TS go through life increasingly miserable thinking that because they do not fit the crazy stories that psychs tell they must not be TS.  And people who have no business taking hormones and getting surgery are called “transsexual” by iatrogenic artifact.  This must change, and is changing even now.

It is time for a blanket amnesty for all of us.  We must stop using the words of our enemies to describe each other.  No more accusing people of being autogynephiles, or judging each other by the difficulties or blessings we have been born into.  No more acceptance of bigotry toward sexual orientation.  We must stop playing into the hands of people who divide and conquer, and stop trying to qualify each others birth defects based on the false criteria of the past.  We must dismiss “narrative” from our lexicon, and dismiss sexology from our lives entirely.

We need a diversity of voices coming together as one.  Straight and gay, poor and rich.  People from all walks of life with the same message:  We are men and women, without qualification.

Men and women.  Always and forever.


In a recent December letter, Anne Lawrence bemoans the DSM-5 Gender “Incongruence” sub-committee’s recommendations.  As some have noted, the new proposed standards include an exit clause for anyone who feels they are transitioned enough, which bothers Lawrence probably because it doesn’t allow her to continue to be “transsexual” since she is supposed to be treated.  And it’s just not stigmatizing enough- it frees people too quickly.

But what’s more important, and less remarked, is that they propose doing away with describing different types of TS.  This is an amazing development, and very encouraging.  The two type nonsense is dead, the unitary phenomenon view is on the rise.

Despite the population of the “GID” committee with people who are completely hostile to the notion of biological TS, there are enough other people out there who know better and are willing to speak out.  This may suggest a consideration that the increasing biological evidence presents an insurmountable problem for talk therapists.  It is only strange that it took this long for such a recognition given that the basis of TS treatment was that it was not amenable to any kind of cure; talk, electroshock, drugs, imprisonment, or otherwise.  The worm is indeed turning.

In the United States our situation is very different than in countries where they have government run health care.  In those countries, medical authority is wielded with all the force of the government, and if patients want treatment for something considered new or unproved they often face the uphill battle of trying to prosecute a case against an intractable bureaucracy.  And even if successful, what is given can easily be taken away.  You must petition the government for special rights and privileges in many of these places, and you end up with things like that UK Gender Act of 2004, which creates a special status rather than simply switching you from one column to the other.  While imperfect, it’s at least a path to change that allows unchallenged marriages for some.

Here in the States, it’s a wide open field.  We don’t need to go begging the psych establishment hat in hand for the ability to transition.  The legal structure that allows this has already been in place for decades and we have made small gains despite the TG interference.  These gains are trumpeted as wins for the TG paradigm, but that is simple rebranding and propaganda.  A couple states have liberalized legal sex change requirements, but you must still find a doctor to certify that you have completed clinical treatment. This will be more difficult to get with the coming changes, something that is not good for anyone.  In fact, a few states have actually become more restrictive in granting these changes, but this isn’t something that affects post ops very much.  It’s more of a pain, but you can usually gather the material with a little more effort.  This, in fact, is what the TG have accomplished, shooting us all in the foot.  And nothing more.

The good news is that anyone who wants to can transition and have almost universal access to change the few things you need to address with the government- and without the psychs.  In 47 of 50 states, you can change your birth certificate.  In all 50 states you can change your driver’s license.  And upon presentation of a surgery letter to the Social Security administration, you can change your “federal sex” for almost all purposes, without a birth certificate.  Taxation, marriage, other things of that sort.  Some states completely observe our marriages and even in those where it is dodgy at best, such as Texas, there are opportunities for positive outcomes.  Things are still very, very good for us.  But they can be better.

We are very close to being able to cement our rights in terms of legal sex designation.  The only thing that should concern men and women of TS background is whether or not our paperwork carries the same weight as everyone else’s.  That’s all we need.  This solves our marriage issue without reference to same-sex marriage  and completely extricates us from the gay world.  This, along with the new escape clause from the psychs that is probably forthcoming removes the institutional stigma that has dogged us all these years.  It rescues us from the realm of the TG and the process of repairing the public perception of this birth defect will begin in earnest.

The best part about this is that it is all for the individual to choose, we are all free to do whatever we wish.  We define ourselves by our actions:  Those who are TS will cure and move on.  Those who aren’t will remain where they are by choice, and have no one to blame but themselves.  There is no judgment but what we deem of ourselves.  And also no one to blame for living in the ghetto.

It also has the merit of not feeding into a creation of a forced 3rd sex category, as all the TG efforts have to date.  Their agenda has been completely detrimental to our rights and needs.  Their gains would have been our losses.  It is sad that was the path that was chosen, and it will be a blessing to be separated from people whose goal is to radically alter society.  Whether or not you agree with that goal, it should be for the individual to choose.  It is not right to conscript a minority of people, who have a birth defect, as a battering ram at society’s gate to enforce your views and social agenda on the vast majority of he public.  And it was an effort doomed to failure in any case.

It is sad that those who would be transgender chose to attack and destroy us rather than recognize our differences and embrace acceptance of one another.  It does not make me happy to see so many people drowning in misery, regardless of the animosity that has characterized this area and the wars that have been waged against us in the media by these people.  It is with nothing but relief that I recount this sea change, this closing of the transgender chapter.  It is a great weight lifted from our shoulders.

Along with the new leaf we are turning over regarding authenticity, we must also establish a new paradigm for presenting the transsexual syndrome in the years to come.  Freed from the fetters of gender theory, a herculean task remains; construct our own.  While the legal victories in the years to come will no doubt provide the individual with everything they need to complete transition, the establishment of a truthful paradigm for transsexualism will prevent problems from arising in the future.  The concept is already deeply rooted in the public mind; it requires only the water and sunlight it has been starved of all these years in order to blossom.

This is my challenge to all of you who would write the future.


The Crossdreaming Lie

November 19, 2010

There is something profoundly disturbing to women about transvestites.  Most women don’t deal with that issue much and they express little more than annoyance,  or perhaps laughter, at the sight of a man in women’s clothes.  But by virtue of our exposure to transvestites which often occurs if you follow the conventional wisdom for transition, some transsexual women develop an unwanted familiarity with the subject.  That, plus the fact that at every turn transvestite men attempt to own us.

So let me enlighten you transvestite men about they way you appear to the women who find you upsetting.  It’s the fact that you turn us into objects, hollow us out, climb inside and then act out a caricature of who we are.  It’s repulsive.  It’s scary.  And a lot of us instinctively feel it can be dangerous for some of you who take it too far.

“Jack Molay” writes a blog dedicated to attaching transvestism to transsexualism, and trying to entice transvestites to continue colonizing the transsexual birth condition, while trying to blur the lines between two completely different things.  Lines that would not exist to be blurred if these sorts of people did not create the false connection in the first place.  Molay writes:

The myth says that crossdressers and crossdreamers (men who get aroused by the idea of being a woman) become what they are when puberty hits. The myth is wrong.

There are to many crossdreamer childhood stories around for this to be true.


The fact is that there are a lot of people, researchers as well as transwomen, who deny that M2F crossdressers and crossdreamers experienced gender dysphoria or gender confusion when they are kids. The idea is that since crossdreamers are purely sexually motivated, their fantasies and dreams cannot appear before puberty.

I do not doubt for a minute that some crossdreamers wanting to transition told the doctors what the doctors wanted to hear. Why shouldn’t they, when the doctors at hand were so hung up in 19th century stereotypes of what it means to be a man or a woman?

But that does not mean that their childhood memories were false. Given the stories told on this site, and all the crossdreamers I have been in contact with, I can say with 100 percent certainty that yes, many crossdreamers dreamed of being girls at a very early age.

And from this you can see where it is going.  Much the way “autogynephilia”, an iatrogenic condition created by “researchers”, mimics classic transsexuality, the AGP preachers mimic the standard transsexual narrative.  Notice the attempt to join the idea of AGP to childhood.  It’s simply a rewriting of the transsexual narrative into an autogynephilic narrative.  Just the way transvestites write themselves into women when they desire.

It’s important to differentiate between transvestites and transsexuals in this particular area because a lot of the AGP “symptoms” are taken directly from TS “symptoms”.  This is an attempt to trick TS women who are in the process of figuring things out into thinking they are merely “AGP”, so that they will pursue their surgery under AGP protocols.  If you look at the list of things claimed by “AGP” and find some of your experiences there, don’t just jump to the conclusion that’s who you are.  AGP is a carefully constructed trap that you should simply just ignore once you are satisfied as to your true state.  And you don’t need to worry about it.

The diagnostic is simple.  If you are attracted to yourself as a woman, meaning you fancy yourself for a shag when “dressed”, you are a transvestite.  If you do not experience this, but have other sexual feelings perhaps related to your “condition” in your mind, you should explore the other alternatives.  It is entirely possible that the odd condition of having a particular neurology, mixed with the attitudes society hold, plus our innate primate nature, can produce any number of “symptoms” for transsexualism.  It is also possible that “gender issues” are related to difficulties some gay men have in dealing with society’s homophobia.  As humans we internalize a great many things, and living with them can be difficult.

What makes this troubling at this point is that it is a continuation of the transvestite behavior that lead to the current situation in the first place.  Men want to domiate the transsexual issue for their own purposes.  See this?

Some of these narratives point to a childhood that is similar to the ones reported for androphilic transkids and classic transsexuals. That is, there seems to be at least three categories:

(1) Those kids that appear as “normal” boys, taking part in rough and tumble play etc. etc.
(2) Those that “pass” as boys, but display some “girl-like” behavior. They avoid rough and tumble play and do prefer more peaceful activities. I was one of them myself – a kind of “proto-nerd”, I guess. I preferred drawing to soccer and skiing, but also found building model warplanes a good thing.
(3) Those who clearly identify with girls, often cross-dress as kids and prefer playing with girls.

These are not absolute categories, I believe, but more like a gradual continuum.

This is a shmoozing of the TG continuum back into the picture.  It’s designed to appeal to people who find comfort in the idea of a spectrum.  And these quotes from the comments on that post:

On the contrary,TG is a much broader umbrella term that refers to not just the transsexuals who are at the most extreme end, but to those who for various reasons exhibit an interest in cross-gender expressions.

Afterall,I would like you to know that it is not only transsexuals who are discriminated against in society.

Transvestites are discriminated against, transsexual issues aren’t really that big a deal.

Your comments illustrate to me the issue in getting the data. We have taken ‘transsexual’ and made it the exclusive property of those who never question their feelings or the difficulties of the life of medical intervention.

It’s not fair that transsexuals have something that we don’t.  We need to take it from them.  And that’s the transvestite way.

This is how men talk themselves into doing things to other people.  This is also how men commonly excuse their abuse, though because this is still a theoretical position and not a situation involving specific people, its not entirely “fair” to characterize it like that here.  I just want to illustrate the parallels to this male behavior, and try to show some people why as women we find it upsetting.

The people “crossdreaming” is designed to entice are those crossdressing men who want to find a way to excuse their behavior.  Just like the earlier problems between transvestites and transsexual women, this is a case of identity theft.  I find it reprehensible that people like Jack Molay write blogs that attempt to erase us and take “our” issue.  Yes, Jack, transsexualism belongs to those who suffer from it.  You don’t get to waltz in and take ownership of a condition you don’t have.

There is no such thing as “crossdreaming”, because there is no such thing as “autogynephilia” in the sense pushed by these “reasearchers” such as Blanchard.  If you are a transvestite who has moved on to getting hormones and surgery, you remain a transvestite.  If you are a transsexual woman who has various “symptoms”, you remain a transsexual woman.  These people don’t get to own your experiences, and they certainly don’t get to own you.

Each person knows deep down which of these they are.  If you don’t want to be a “crossdreamer”, and instead think you are transsexual, then toe the line and do what transsexuals do.  Otherwise all of this is simply nonsense and hardly matters anyway.  Men’s issues should not eclipse women’s issues, no matter how angry at us they get.

“Try walking in my shoes, and you’ll stumble in my footsteps.”

Transsexualism has nothing to do sexual liberation. Period.

October 7, 2010

I think there is something to the whole visibility question when it comes to certain issues, but not others.  Not every paradigm is extensible.  When you have a melting pot situation for example as in New York, people from very different cultures living side by side who are exposed to each other’s habits and traditions are a bit weirded out at first, but become good neighbors over time.

I’m not sure that model extends in all areas though.  When it comes to such a rare occurrence as this transsexual condition, which to me is simply a case of biological variance at birth, the answer isn’t quite so clear as the immigrant example.  With immigrants the threshold for understanding is much lower, and the goal of mutual understanding is shared by both parties.  Everyone acknowledges some basic commonalities to being human and time will settle the matter.

With transsexual it is very different.  Most people don’t really want to understand, and forcing it on them is seen as an attack.  That’s how I view the trans*/TG efforts at education.  Further, the goal of the person trying to cure themselves of transsexual syndrome is simply to be a man or woman like other people.  Exposing yourself as ‘a transsexual’ defeats that goal and interferes with not only your own treatment but also actively reduces the amount of meaningful exchange that can take place right from the outset.  The concept of being transsexual is so foreign to people who don’t experience it that I’m not sure any amount of education could bridge the gulf.  And the whole time you are educating by exposure, the gap between transsexual and ‘normal’ increases as does your somatic, emotional, and cultural dysphoria.  It’s bad all the way around.

We already have very good evidence for what works and what doesn’t.  In the past, as SA ET and Cat have written extensively, we had a very good model for success in treating this problem both medically and socially.  People accomplished it in private and without fanfare, and the government made accommodations where it could.  We were getting very close to having a permanent legal solution to our status that didn’t involve getting put on some government registry, at least here in the US.  The reason we did it quietly wasn’t shame, as alleged by trans* activists.  It is because to be public about  it precludes the treatment!  If everywhere you go, people know you as “that sex change”, you will never simply be a man or woman.   That’s another reason that insults like ‘stealth’, or ‘in secret’ don’t apply here, yet make perfect sense to people who believe they are putting on some kind of show for the public.  This is diagnostic of the transsexual syndrome, and the trans* obfuscation of this central fact is at the heart of our dispute.

Subsequent to that, we have the track record of the other ‘solution’ to examine after the last 20 years of TG activism.  Telling everyone all about transsexual issues such as surgery in lurid detail is a spectacular failure, one so bad that it makes the observer think that it was done on purpose to ruin any chance a born transsexual would have of curing their problem.  We can see negative results everywhere this ‘education’ has been tried.  It interferes with not only our legal rights and privileges, due to the losses we have incurred where transgender activists have set out to represent our interests, but it also get in the way of the very treatment itself.  If everyone knows you have a transsexual background it keeps the issue from resolving, it is an open wound that never heals.  This is what the TG fail to understand about the condition, and I’m not sure anything I or anyone else says can get through to them.  This is one the central things that sets us apart, and defines our condition.

And this is one of the things that drives me to rage when the TG types are playing that game of “you can never escape”.  Monica Roberts especially likes to zero in on some story about a post op getting dissed as a TG, as if to say “We will own you forever”.  As if that event is a selling point for the trans* dogma!

See, I and the others aren’t just some TG’s putting on airs, so the game they are playing is deadly serious to us.  When they say they will own us and use us regardless of our wishes… well what other situation with women does that remind you of?  Whether or not you believe in the biological origin of our condition, people have to admit *something* is driving us to the extremes we go to.  People who aren’t driven to those extremes think its all fun and games when they expose us, to turn us into TG’s like them in the public eye due to the situation they themselves have engineered via propaganda.  It’s just one-upsmanship to them, playing their game of hierarchy.  But the ones who know better, the ones who have been at it all these years, who have met real deal transsexuals in the past and DO know the difference- they are the truly guilty parties.  Shame on them!

What they are actually doing is fucking with something so deep, so primal in us that words fail to describe what we are going through.  When you constantly attack the core of our being, you are going to elicit such a rage that I’m honestly surprised how civil most of us are about this.  Given the kinds of things we’ve had to endure from the likes of Autumn Sandeen talking about our crotches and the outright misogyny of all the long-forgotten TG warriors of the internet over these years I think we are doing pretty well in the civility department.

So you see why I am not really feeling it when people tell me that my issues need to be tied to crossdressing, or that somehow I bear the burden of explaining ‘gender variance’ to the public because we are one big happy queer family?  Does it make a little more sense why I view crossdressing men and women who claim transsexualism as part of their political crusade as invaders and enemies rather than brothers and sisters?

Having them misinform the public and happily go along with the gay appropriation of transsexual syndrome is a direct affront to my personal sovereignty and to the truth itself.  It is an assault on my dignity.  It turns my life and everything I’ve been through into a joke for the titillation of uninformed masses, a gale of laughter at my expense which the trans* crowd joins in gleefully.

It is obvious that the trans* crowd knows literally nothing about transsexual syndrome, and they betray that fact every time they open their mouths on the subject.  At this point I honestly don’t give a shit if Bob the pantywanker has to head back in ‘the closet’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean to a crossdresser) and keep his sexual fetishes to himself from now on.  I don’t care if gay boys who want to play around with straight guys have the ‘right’ to get their licenses and birth certificates changed before surgery.  Their fights are not ours!!  Enough of their sexual liberation at our expense.

The course of LGBT activism

June 20, 2010

There are some very disturbing trends here in the States lately.  As our economy continues to go downhill and our government seems increasingly incompetent, people grow more fearful.  The longer we continue to view our institutions as ineffective the stress and worry among us will increase.  So will distrust.

In the past this has led to greater acceptance of authoritarian measures than people were willing to accept in times of plenty.  Compare Depression-era Germany with the Germany of the 90’s, for example.  When we get desperate we countenance a much stronger hand for civil authority.  Here, too we have our own examples such as the Civil War and more recently 9/11 in 2001, when people were fine with suspending individual rights because of perceived security needs.  The more desperate the situation, the more people are willing to give away.

We are not in good shape right now.  There is a looming financial crises for the government which will of course translate into financial disaster for the public due to the government’s efforts to handle its problem.  They have already started the first round of “quantitative easing” (printing money) and all signs point to more of the same.  Much more.   Add to this the pending debt wall, and there is a hard limit approaching fast.

I don’t think we appreciate just how much of our social fabric rests on perception.  We live our lives against a backdrop of assumptions.  The lights will come on when I flip the switch, water will flow when I turn the faucet.  Driving down the road, most people will obey traffic laws.  My neighbors will respect my property and strangers will respect my boundaries.

The underpinning to all of this is our great national contract with each other as represented by our mutual faith in our government to handle problems.  Most of this is a convenient illusion, a sort of mass delusion that we all share.  The system works because it works, not because there is a great force overseeing us all and making sure that we behave.  If but a few people out of our 300 some million were to be naughty, police forces would not be able to handle them.  The illusion would be shattered and the true nature of our fragile civilization would be revealed.

This is what will happen should the US Government decide to destroy the dollar.  Even if they stop short of full devaluation (something I am not sure is possible given that most of the problem is already out of their hands- they suffer from their own delusions of control) the resulting cascade would still accomplish the same effect.  Public confidence will be destroyed and we’ll have financial chaos- followed shortly by civil chaos.

Even before we get to nightmare scenarios like that one, we can all sense the rising paranoia and worry among ourselves.  While overall crime rates, especially against property, are said to be down random outbursts of violence occur more frequently.  Police response is growing more brutal, just scan the headlines around the net.   Relationships and trust are breaking down.

So why did I title this LGBT activism?  I see some of this anger manifesting among activists and the rank and file in the blogosphere just as it is with everyone else.  As the coalition disintegrates, people are struggling to establish a new paradigm and as part of that process various factions and strategies will jostle for position.  No one knows for certain the course they will choose to take.  There have even been angry calls for some kind of armed militancy, though I am sure it was mainly frustration.  Still, can you imagine lesbians and gays talking like that just a couple years ago?

I’m getting worried at the kind of activism being proposed.  There are some rousing calls for the activism of old; marches, sit ins, disrupting meetings and harassing officials.  General civil disobedience. But there is a time and place for everything; that kind of activism was appropriate in the 50’s and 60’s, when we had a different sort of government and atmosphere.  Right now these things still sound reasonable, if not particularly effective in this day and age, due to our knowledge of their use by Dr. King and the activists of the 60’s fighting for social causes.  What will these sorts of strategies sound like as we careen further down this rabbit hole and our government grows ever more menacing in its efforts to enforce order?

Ghandi, speaking about nonviolence as means of change, remarked that it rests on the assumption of having a principled opponent.  I’m not so sure they will be up against that kind of adversary as things unfold.  It can happen here.


May 13, 2010

Pripyat was the company town for the Chernobyl facility.  It was home to 50,000 people whose lives revolved around keeping the reactors glowing.  Happy workers make for good production, and nuclear energy was a high priority for the government of the old Soviet Union.  So in a land of scarcity the residents of Pripyat were perhaps a little more equal than others.  Pripyat had all the trappings of a consumer city in the West, including an amusement park.

Today Pripyat is a ghost town.  It was evacuated in the immediate aftermath of the Chernobyl meltdown as panicked people fled.  They left life as they knew it and all their worldly possessions behind in the rush to escape the poisonous clouds drifting from the facility that had only yesterday been the source of their good fortune.

Today though the people have long gone, Pripyat yet stands.  It is a city frozen in time; a snapshot of the moment when its inhabitants disappeared on that fateful day 25 years ago.  Chalkboards still have lessons in the schools, plates sit on tables for meals that were never eaten.  Empty windows stare lifelessly at dead streets.


I was chatting with Cassandra the other day, reflecting on how much has changed on the internet with the whole TG thing.  In the early to mid 2000’s there was a party atmosphere among the TG.  ENDA was still a great hope and the DSM fight still held promise.  Anything was possible to the gender crowd, even the normalization of clothing fluidity for men, the transgender thesis which became “gender expression” in later days.

There was so much positive energy among the gender crowd, everyone from casual crossdressers to full time transvestites came out of their closets and formed an identity out of their behavior.  Effeminate gay men, long vilified by their own community and the country at large  became “non op transsexuals” to escape the stigma, spurred on by example of the crossdressers and the cheerleading of therapists following a misguided theory of sexual identity.  A virtual rainbow of behavior presented itself for public inspection- and demanded rights.

This was the height of transgender.

The contrast with today is striking.  With the twin hammer blows of a hostile DSM revision and the specter of a transsexual-only ENDA looming, the party atmosphere is long gone.  People have been quietly leaving the ranks of the TG and returning to their closets, shedding their aquired identities.  The explosion of transvestite vanity pages is a thing of the past.  Blogs fall silent.  Even the militant activists are resigned.  No champagne or streamers to be found anywhere.

Looking around the net at old messageboards and other transgender venues is like looking at Pripyat.  It’s a reminder of a time already past.  Only the clean up crew remains and soon even they will have to recuse themselves.  Their source of power, the transgender reactor core, has melted down and what once sustained life is now completely toxic.  Transgender has consumed itself and left only pollution behind.  And someday even that will disappear.

Disaster for the GLB-TG

May 1, 2010

All the king’s horses, and all the kings’s men…

Today the Obama administration announced, in the typical sideways fashion of modern US politicians of letting your underlings take the heat, that it will be putting off the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” until after Obama’s next election cycle.

If anyone needed evidence that the TG are having a negative impact on the equal rights quest of gay men and lesbian women, all they have to do is open their eyes. Maybe Sandeen’s little stunt the other day didn’t break the camel’s back- but it sure didn’t help. It’s just one more event on the massive pile of TG dead weight that is drowning GLBT chances to get any of their concerns handled in the years to come.

There really isn’t much time before big changes in Congress this fall close the window on GLBT issues for the time being. Some pundits say that the agenda is already set in stone and it is just playing out as pre ordained; the GLBT may be completely shut out already and not realize it. And in the longer term, social issues like equal rights for specific minority groups may be eclipsed by more pressing needs as society shifts its concerns to the great economic and global challenges that most assuredly await us in the coming years. The list of “nice to have” will be filed away for the future if and when we return to a mood when we have the luxury of concerning ourselves with such things.

While it is probably true that Obama had wanted to put this off in any case, it is likely that Sandeen’s stunt contributed to the growing body of information that the powers that be reference when they think of gay rights. The Senators, members of the House, the President, Governors, State Reps, Mayors- everyone at all levels of government and industry have it firmly in mind that to support gays and lesbians is to support the wackiest of the crossdressers. At this point, the needs of the crossdresser movement have shoved gay rights aside and freedom of wardrobe is in the driver’s seat of the GLBT. Maybe they should call it the TG-GLB now. Or simply the Transgender movement.

Can the GLB reunite (conquer) the TG? Can they put that genie back in the bottle and get them under control? Or will transgender theory overtake the entire gay and lesbian movement? There is no middle ground here, the crossdressers won’t allow it. If sympathetic gay men and lesbian women think they can reason with the TG contingent, they are in for a rude awakening. I have a feeling that if they don’t understand what we (classic) transsexual women have been talking about with regard to the TG, they soon will.


TS Si ran an editorial criticizing Sandeen, which Sandeen referenced in a new post over at Pam’s. Sandeen is attempting to characterize any criticism as hatred, etc. while wielding that false morality of political correctness as a weapon to hammer home the Transgender Talking Points. I left the following response.

An entirely selfish act

It is ridiculous and insulting to compare this “transgender” farce to the civil rights struggle of African Americans.

Getting arrested and talking about your genitals to cause some kind of incident benefits no one but Autumn Sandeen. This utterly thoughtless and irresponsible activity is apparently aimed at amusing Autumn, and is probably also done with an eye at creating an opportunity for Autumn to become a paid activist at some point. This isn’t about a brave person fighting for rights; its a job interview.

This self-centered person does these things no matter how bad the impact on Autumn’s own GLB-TG movement. Gay men and lesbian women will pay a high price for these kinds of sideshows; the historic legislation pending before Congress has been put in jeopardy by precisely these kinds of self-aggrandizing stunts.

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that Autumn’s antics turned a poignant protest by Lt. Choi and the others into a laughingstock. These selfish actions deserve criticism, not praise. They come at great cost to lesbian women and gay men.

You should be ashamed for what you have done Autumn Sandeen.

Here we go…

April 26, 2010

I’ve been working on another post, but there is a news story that jumped out at me that I wanted to share. Often we critics of “transgender” are accused of alarmism for pointing out the very real danger of unbalanced individuals using trans- status in the furtherance of their misdeeds, and the backlash that will inevitably result. Now it seems we have a prime example.

Man sues University Hospital over cross-dressing worker’s amorous pursuit

Chad Thrasher was a nurse convicted of sexual assault against Dereco Evans, a patient, at a Cincinatti hospital in 2009. During the trial it was revealed that Thrasher had fondled the patient’s privates leading to Thrasher’s conviction on charges of gross sexual imposition. Dereco Evans is now suing the hospital because, as the filing reads, the hospital should have known from the outset that Thrasher was “incompetent, inappropriate, or defective, and that his employment while masquerading as a member of the female gender in a hospital environment involved an unreasonable risk of harm to others”.

According to the legal mind behind one blog the hospital stands a good chance to beat the lawsuit because of the recent Smith v Salem ruling.

The case appears to rest on the shakiest of foundations — not least because Thrasher’s choice to present himself as a woman was protected under a landmark 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision that says employers may be held liable for discriminating against transsexuals based on their gender nonconformity. Smith v. City of Salem, 378 F.3d 566 (2004)

Some of the other details, while not entirely germane, provide clues as to what really went on. According to Evan’s lawsuit, there was some additional hanky panky.

Despite that, his suit alleges, hospital officials didn’t provide adequate safety and allowed Thrasher, dressed as a woman, to move his bed out of sight of the nurses station, fondle him, put lip gloss on him and passionately kiss him. The agencies and businesses sued allowed Thrasher “to dress and present himself to patients and the general public as a female member of defendants’ nursing and/or phlebotomy staff,” the suit notes.

If nothing else, it should be clear that this is yet another example of how male sexuality imposes itself on the transsexual “narrative”. Two men had sexual contact, and through the magic of “transgender”, the status of “transsexual” is put at risk and smeared in the public eye. It’s a deplorable state brought on entirely by the transgender lie.

But things are not all bad. If indeed the hospital raises the “transsexual” defense, although this Thrasher person is clearly just a male sexual predator wearing women’s clothes, the net result out of the courtroom will be that “transsexual” status is solidified. It may seem counter-intuitive at first but legally the concept of transsexual vs transgender will be fleshed out. I know privately that certain “TG” individuals chuckle with a sinister sort of glee every time “transsexual” gets smeared, but the last laugh is coming and it won’t be they who are having it.

Reality and common sense dictate that you can’t just have any person at random claiming “minority” status, and with the purposefully vague definition of “transgender” the law will have no way of addressing it. By its very nature the law cannot recognize an undefined transgender, and will seek to define it despite the best efforts of those who have spent so long trying to remain unbound by our silly labels. Their quest has been futile from the beginning.

Similarly, the quest to remove themselves from the DSM will fail simply because they have attached themselves to “transsexual”. As has been pointed out by others that was a HUGE mistake on their part. Because “transsexual” requires medical help, it will always be in the medical realm. There is no way to separate us from medicine, and therefore no way for “transgender” people to escape the psychs as long as they claim to be us.

A third outcome of the transgender campaign is an end to the notion that “transgender” will ever have any kind of “rights” associated with it. If anyone can be transgender simply by donning a skirt, it is impossible for the courts to address it and the lawmakers now crafting ENDA know this. Whatever comes out of the US Congress at this point is unlikely to be favorable to the weekend gender warriors.

The drive to destroy the so-called binary has at this point failed and the sooner they recognize that the sooner we can all move on. It’s unfortunate that they used the rhetoric of freeing men and women from the bounds of sexism, because that is a worthy goal. Their effort was disingenuous from the outset, due to the attempt to hide their true intent, and this sort of dishonesty always comes back to haunt you in the end.

There will be a backlash against TG, as part of an overall societal tide away from such outlandish rhetoric. This will also fall on the sort of feminism from which TG sprang which told us there are no differences between men and women except what we imagine. As a result men and women will face even more restrictive gender roles in the near future.

The strategy of hiding the truth of “transgender” in a sea of swirling mists has completely backfired and the truth is coming into play against transgender supporters at long last. Each new case against these “transgender” criminals will only harm that concept and finally put it to rest. In the end, when it comes to this subject, it will be transsexual or nothing.