January 16, 2011

When I first started writing here I wanted to let other people know they were not alone in feeling the way we do about the whole trans world.  I feel anger and frustration at our use and abuse at the hands of GLBT Inc, the vicious attempts to destroy us by the sexologists, and our outright mockery from the transgender portion of the gay and lesbian world.  I know that many if not all transsexual-born people feel the same way, yet there is absolute silence outside a few voices in the wilderness.  No one should have to put up with any of this, and it was only allowed because of the concerted efforts of these groups to separate us from the mainstream and tarnish our reputation.

To look into the trans world is to look into the world of psychopathy.  It is a vicious pit characterized by the psychopath’s view of life, that of the food chain.  To them if you don’t prey on others, you will be preyed upon.  This is why the hierarchy concept is so resilient there.  In this bizarre world, everything is a game and nothing matters but winning.  Whatever winning means.

Over the last year I’ve been involved with efforts to form a new identity outside of that paradigm.  Or so I thought.  I didn’t want new transitioners to fall prey to these monsters.  It worries me greatly that young, vulnerable people will become food for these snakes.  If you don’t know who and what psychopaths/sociopaths are, you are an easy victim.  Everyone should educate themselves on these predators that walk among us.

Once you understand what goes on with them everything becomes clear.  The shaming, the abuse, the total lack of regard for the consequences of their actions.  The trans world as it exists now is simple a reflection of “the game” that psychopaths play.

Born without empathy, they are incapable of feeling what most humans do.  Empathy itself is what makes us human.  It is the seat of compassion and morality, and is the source of our love for one another.  Empathy created our civilization.  Without this, we are nothing more than brute monsters that can do little but destroy.

It is no accident that empathy comes under attack as foolish these days.  Psychopaths think our emotions make us weak and vulnerable to their predations.  There are psychopaths among us in places of power, playing their games and pitting us against one another for their amusement.  Our popular culture and governments reflect much of the psychopaths’ credo.

Most people think these conscienceless creatures are all serial killers, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Most of them look and sound like anyone else until the mask slips.  People look at vile governments, poverty, war, man’s inhumanity to man, and think “We are a horrible species”.  They feel guilt and shame and hatred of their fellow humans.  And without reason.

The vast majority of the evil in this world is perpetrated by people born without empathy.  I believe this is a fading group in evolutionary terms.  Once empathy appeared in our population, the percentage of these predators started dropping.  It is no accident that we have ascended from barbarism to a global civilization.  Empathy changes us from solitary predators to social animals.  The cooperation that civilization requires could only come from love and understanding.

Don’t be fooled by the talk of the dog eat dog world and looking out for number one, and don’t buy into the idea that people are horrible.  That is the trickery of the psychopaths who currently shape much of our lives, working its way through us.  They want us to hate each other as much as they do.  Their words are just vile poison, reflective of their hatred.  Much of our government and business world reflects the psychopaths’ toxic magick; it does not come as a natural result of humanity itself.

Wars, famine, hatred… If you’ve ever asked yourself how these things happen again and again in bewilderment, the answer is clear.  We live in pathocracies, where our best intents are turned against us and we are set to endless fighting.  Then we blame ourselves while the psychopaths laugh.  People think that somehow being high up in government is some excuse for this gamesmanship, that being at the top of the human world changes people in some way.  But in truth, would any of us make the decisions those people do, leading to the slaughter of tens of millions of people?  People don’t turn evil, they are born that way.

You can read how they view us in  The Psychopath’s Bible.  The more functional psychopaths, and ultimately the most dangerous, hide their difference and use their lack of morals to inflict untold harm to the rest of us.  This is not inadvertent either; they feel anger at their deprivation, and feel we have something they don’t which is theirs by right.  That is the fuel that drives their games, the absolute emptiness from having no emotions other than anger when they don’t win and get what they want.  And the most vicious of them, like the author of the book just mentioned, tell themselves that their role is to utterly destroy humanity so that something “more interesting” can evolve.

Because this shift from psychopath to empath is an evolution of humanity, its all about shifting populations.  As the number of empaths, (now) normal people, rises the number of psychopaths falls.  They have dwindled to 1-4% of the population, though the number fluctuates on a regular rhythm.  This becomes important when you look at the transsexual issue.

I believe the human population creates transsexual people to reduce the number of psychopaths, in the process of our evolution to a higher state as a species.  We don’t need psychopaths or sociopaths anymore, they have done their work culling the species.  The destiny of the transsexual population is to help end the psychopath reign once and for all.

Psychopaths are often very alluring to normal people.  Whether its sex or power, people are drawn to them like moths to a flame.  For their part psychopaths are drawn to particular sorts of prey.  They can spot people who have been wounded emotionally, abused, or are otherwise ripe for predation.  This is why you will find so many low-functioning psychopaths in the trans world.  They are drawn to transsexual people like a moth to a flame.

This sounds bad on its face.  Evil monsters drawn to vulnerable people.  But if you look at it another way, it serves a purpose.

The campaign of hate and slander against us is meant to isolate us as prey from the rest of society.  Keeping us alone and vulnerable in a web of deceit is the favored method of these creatures.  But as society evolves, so does its treatment of us.

As we all become more empathic as a people, our natural inclination to love and cherish one another will eclipse the world the psychopaths have built.  As that happens, more and more transsexual people survive and thrive.  We are no longer the broken down victims that we are made out to be.

Due to the way we spend time outside the normal world before we are healed, we gain insight into what being an outsider means.  This is akin to what the psychopath feels their whole life.  Once we are healed, we take that experience with us into our new life.

Psychopaths have an uncanny ability to read people.  They live in a different world and use that to their advantage.  They know how to push your buttons and get an almost robot like response.  Using this, our programmed social nature, they play people against one another hoping to cause as much destruction as they can.  This is such a powerful motivator that they can use it to turn family members against one another, shape an organization to their will to benefit themselves, or even rise to the presidency of a country so they can play even bigger destructive games.  That’s what they live for.

Transsexual people by nature are powerful empaths, more so than most humans.  We feel and see things that no other people do.  A fully actualized transsexual-born person is almost preternaturally gifted with understanding others.  We have the power to uplift and give hope to those around us, to forge bonds and bring people together.

Where the psychopath hurts, we help.  Where they bring pain, we bring joy.  Where they destroy, we build.  The two groups are polar opposites and natural enemies:  We sense this instinctively.  That is why they are drawn to us; not just because we are good victims before we blossom, but because their evil world will cease to exist if we are allowed to flourish.

And woe betide the scheming psychopath who targets the fully actualized transsexual.  There are no buttons to push.  There are no games to play.  The web of lies and deceit is torn asunder without a thought.  Any number of those foul psychopathic beasts could dash themselves against such a transcendent figure and send themselves over the edge, destroying themselves as they have tried to destroy so many others in their lives.

A society that embraces difference, that nurtures everyone regardless of difference, is a society that will prosper and grow.  It is also a society where transsexual-born people will be treated with dignity and respect, and their numbers will flourish.  This is very bad for those who want to use difference to destroy us.

The trans world is now thankfully bereft of all but a few transsexual people.  Lacking any other prey, the predators who live there now feast on each other, exposing the ugly reality of what they really are.

It is almost impossible to convince other people they have been duped by a psychopath, so effective is the emotional button pushing, and our disgust with ourselves at having been tricked so easily.  The only way to expose these predators and their webs of deceit is to encourage them to be themselves.  They also have buttons that can be pushed, and if you know what you are doing you can cause them to frenzy and expose their true visage.  And that is precisely what has been done.

I came into writing this blog with great hope.  I hoped that we could come together and move beyond that horrible trans world which was built by trans-predators.  As time went on I realized that wasn’t possible, not all at once.  Some things had to happen to clear the way.  There are so many schemes, and plots, and backstabbings going on that any attempt by transsexual people to come together in unity was bound to fail.  So the only thing to do was to make it all plain so they would be deprived of new victims.  This was a process that was going to happen anyway, but now it will take months rather than years.  At this point, the way is clearing for a new transsexual paradigm.

With this success, I feel my small role is done in the trans business.  I wish I could have been a part of the the wonderful things that will come later for us, but that’s past the time I had allotted to me to be a voice here.  I am happy that others will be able to move forward and play their own parts in our redemption and eventual triumph.

To those who have followed and supported me, I thank you.  This chapter is closing, and the next will open.


Humanity is good; never lose faith in that.

As a transsexual person, you have a beautiful heart and a powerful mind; never let anyone tell you differently.

Our destiny is wonderful, and the future is full of bright promise.

I have no more to say.


The Choice

January 11, 2011

The failed character assassination of Ashley Love by Autumn Sandeen is a watershed moment in the trans-world.  Never has it been more clear that the people who contend for positions within Gay Inc, our transgender ward bosses, have our worst interests at heart.  The transgender and transsexual agendas are not compatible, and the notion that what is good for TG is also good for TS is coming into sharp focus for what it really is.  A boldfaced lie.

There was a long string of victories for transsexual people which began back in the 50’s and 60’s before there was ever a gay movement, and long before the creation of “transgender” as a political movement in the 1990’s.  We owe our ability to transition and live happy lives to those people who went to government officials with the backing of their doctors, not to any latter-day shenanigans of the patently non-transsexual transgender movement.

The rise of TG dogma put an end to progress for transsexual people, and their brief moment of fame and fortune has come at great cost to those they co-opt.  At this point with a dead ENDA and the GLBT descending into civil war, it is clear that the transgender activists have not only tried to negate any gains made for transsexuals, but also contributed quite a lot toward the demise of a once vibrant cause.

There can be no doubt at this point that what is good for the transgender activists, by their own admission, is bad for transsexual people who simply want to cure their ailment and move on in life.  And yet at the same time the reverse is not true:  What is good for transsexuals will also benefit those who call themselves transgender.  After all, it was the existence of our birth defect and the medical world’s tentative support that gave them everything that they have.

In essence, it is we who gave to them and now they spit in our faces and declare themselves lord and master while trying to take everything from us.

Enough is enough.  It will not hurt the transgender one bit to let us have our rights, and yet they rail against them night and day.  They tell us we don’t exist except as a flavor of transgender.  We are not men and women, merely pretenders.  And then the leaders of the vile movement that transgender has become add insult to injury- they claim to speak for us and any of us who speak for ourselves are labeled hateful and bigoted, shifting the blame from their shoulders onto the targets of their aggression, in true propagandist fashion worthy of any fascist.

If we attain our rights, it can only benefit everyone.  Holding us hostage to their agenda is not a legitimate position.  Anyone who supports this tactic is not only an enemy of transsexual people everywhere, they are an enemy of freedom and civil rights themselves.

It is time to choose.  I support Ashley Love one hundred percent, she has every right to speak the truth to our assailants.  But she cannot serve two causes.  The cause of transsexual people could have been a doorway for others, but the way the transgender played things out has made them a destructive enemy rather than an ally.  That was their choice.

The choice for Ashley and those who will follow in her footsteps is whether they will stand up for transsexual rights, or if they will continue to try to represent everyone else.  You can’t do both, and it’s a shame it has come to this.  But the fight has been created by the transgender, and the only choice left to us is whether we surrender to their wants, or we pursue our own needs regardless of what the interlopers try to do to us.

What is it going to be?

A New Paradigm

January 2, 2011

The state of transsexualism, 2011

The start of a new year is an auspicious time for turning over a new leaf.  The last 2 years have seen a great shift in the area formerly known as trans.  Identity politics is on the decline and with it the force that held the fragile trans model together politically.  No longer is it necessary to toe the line of transtalk when discussing this issue, though it can still require fortitude to overcome the conditioned aversion that has been laid over us all.  The idea that being TS is “hate” is still prevalent, and this must change.  This will happen because the bullies have given back the ground they took and are still in retreat.

My hope for the near future is that men and women in transition may speak their mind completely free from the control scheme and bullying that fettered the area before.  This is possible because internally within the trans world, there are clear lines being redrawn even now between crossdressers, people who transition due to sexual orientation, and people born with the transsexual birth defect.  They are doing it themselves, out of what they believe to be political necessity.  It is too little, too late.

This is in no small part due to the dogged determination of a dedicated few who persisted in the face of the absolute onslaught sent their way during the last several years.  And along with  that, some of the more outrageous behavior of the trans-people had the leading figures shaking their heads and reconsidering the wisdom of trying to represent the interests of lifestyle artists and intersex in the same breath.  This is a paradigm shift in the trans world.

It is time for the transsexual area to evolve.  In the past we had been clasped into chains by people who want to establish hierarchy and raise themselves up at the expense of everyone else.  As TG increasingly took ownership of the word transsexual, they brought with them this notion that there are degrees of transsexualism and that some transsexuals are better than others.  The flurry of so-called narratives became diagnostic of what “type” of TS you were.  This must change.

There are no legitimate hierarchies here.  You either are or you aren’t.  You do, or you don’t.  That’s all there is to it.  All the different narratives are simply expressions of the things we experience as we go through life- they are not indicative of being TS in and of themselves.  This is a result of the psychiatric ownership of this issue to this date, where we are judged based on who we have sex with and what our mothers may or may not have done properly in our upbringing.  Completely left out of the equation was the primary problem that led to all the others; the eventual absolute alienation from your own body that every TS person arrives at.  Everything flows from that, and if you don’t put the cart before the horse as the sexologists and TG do, every TS “narrative” will make perfect sense in light of circumstance.  This would make it easy to account for such things as societal attitudes growing up, family background, feelings about sexual stereotypes, or any of the other things that currently confuse many when trying to understand this condition.

If there is a measure of degree at all here, it is the speed with which one arrives at this point of no return, not the nature of what is reached.  I suppose some of the anger that arises, a lot probably, is the equivalence drawn between people who are obviously enjoying their “journey” and TS people who have known nothing but misery before transition.

To be transsexual is to grow up watching your body become twisted into a form so grotesque you can’t bear your image in the mirror.  You are so deformed that other people can’t even see who you really are, and you lose the ability to interact socially as a result.  To be transsexual is to walk the earth as a ghost, seeing everything but touching nothing.

Some people reflect on these kinds of things and think “I don’t hate my body so much.  You know, like hate it, hate it…”, and think there is something amiss somewhere.  This is often a matter of time, perspective, and personality.  It’s difficult to quantify something like the loathing of ones sexual characteristics.  It is such an odd state of being with no comparison for people to make judgments that it can be very confusing to “diagnose” oneself.  How can you know what the difference between being comfortable with your body and not, if you have nothing to compare it to?  Indifference can either be a perception of congruence with your body… or it could be what we tell ourselves when we don’t actually “like” it, one of the coping mechanisms TS people use to get through life before transition.  This is what led to the confusion with TG in the first place.  Also, there are many other defense mechanisms in place that cloud memories and confuse issues after the fact.  Many people face more than just the TS problem in their lives and the longer you go without fixing it, the more mixed up the world will seem as everything conflates.

There are other cosmetic differences to consider as well.  If you manage to figure out on a conscious level the nature of the problem you face (more common now than in the past), your perception of the issue will be very different than someone who reached the final point of collapse and burns in agony at their very existence.  I believe this is the main source of the confusion for psych practitioners about so-called “primary” and “secondary” transsexuals.  They have constructed a spectrum solution to the problem that doesn’t see the actual spectrum they try to describe.  They put all transsexual experience at one end into a single point and dismiss anything that does not conform, even while they construct what they believe to be a sliding scale of “gender behavior”.

If there were degrees to transsexualism, they still would not correspond to degrees of stereotyped sex-role behavior as they believe.  As a result of this “expert help”, people who are TS go through life increasingly miserable thinking that because they do not fit the crazy stories that psychs tell they must not be TS.  And people who have no business taking hormones and getting surgery are called “transsexual” by iatrogenic artifact.  This must change, and is changing even now.

It is time for a blanket amnesty for all of us.  We must stop using the words of our enemies to describe each other.  No more accusing people of being autogynephiles, or judging each other by the difficulties or blessings we have been born into.  No more acceptance of bigotry toward sexual orientation.  We must stop playing into the hands of people who divide and conquer, and stop trying to qualify each others birth defects based on the false criteria of the past.  We must dismiss “narrative” from our lexicon, and dismiss sexology from our lives entirely.

We need a diversity of voices coming together as one.  Straight and gay, poor and rich.  People from all walks of life with the same message:  We are men and women, without qualification.

Men and women.  Always and forever.


In a recent December letter, Anne Lawrence bemoans the DSM-5 Gender “Incongruence” sub-committee’s recommendations.  As some have noted, the new proposed standards include an exit clause for anyone who feels they are transitioned enough, which bothers Lawrence probably because it doesn’t allow her to continue to be “transsexual” since she is supposed to be treated.  And it’s just not stigmatizing enough- it frees people too quickly.

But what’s more important, and less remarked, is that they propose doing away with describing different types of TS.  This is an amazing development, and very encouraging.  The two type nonsense is dead, the unitary phenomenon view is on the rise.

Despite the population of the “GID” committee with people who are completely hostile to the notion of biological TS, there are enough other people out there who know better and are willing to speak out.  This may suggest a consideration that the increasing biological evidence presents an insurmountable problem for talk therapists.  It is only strange that it took this long for such a recognition given that the basis of TS treatment was that it was not amenable to any kind of cure; talk, electroshock, drugs, imprisonment, or otherwise.  The worm is indeed turning.

In the United States our situation is very different than in countries where they have government run health care.  In those countries, medical authority is wielded with all the force of the government, and if patients want treatment for something considered new or unproved they often face the uphill battle of trying to prosecute a case against an intractable bureaucracy.  And even if successful, what is given can easily be taken away.  You must petition the government for special rights and privileges in many of these places, and you end up with things like that UK Gender Act of 2004, which creates a special status rather than simply switching you from one column to the other.  While imperfect, it’s at least a path to change that allows unchallenged marriages for some.

Here in the States, it’s a wide open field.  We don’t need to go begging the psych establishment hat in hand for the ability to transition.  The legal structure that allows this has already been in place for decades and we have made small gains despite the TG interference.  These gains are trumpeted as wins for the TG paradigm, but that is simple rebranding and propaganda.  A couple states have liberalized legal sex change requirements, but you must still find a doctor to certify that you have completed clinical treatment. This will be more difficult to get with the coming changes, something that is not good for anyone.  In fact, a few states have actually become more restrictive in granting these changes, but this isn’t something that affects post ops very much.  It’s more of a pain, but you can usually gather the material with a little more effort.  This, in fact, is what the TG have accomplished, shooting us all in the foot.  And nothing more.

The good news is that anyone who wants to can transition and have almost universal access to change the few things you need to address with the government- and without the psychs.  In 47 of 50 states, you can change your birth certificate.  In all 50 states you can change your driver’s license.  And upon presentation of a surgery letter to the Social Security administration, you can change your “federal sex” for almost all purposes, without a birth certificate.  Taxation, marriage, other things of that sort.  Some states completely observe our marriages and even in those where it is dodgy at best, such as Texas, there are opportunities for positive outcomes.  Things are still very, very good for us.  But they can be better.

We are very close to being able to cement our rights in terms of legal sex designation.  The only thing that should concern men and women of TS background is whether or not our paperwork carries the same weight as everyone else’s.  That’s all we need.  This solves our marriage issue without reference to same-sex marriage  and completely extricates us from the gay world.  This, along with the new escape clause from the psychs that is probably forthcoming removes the institutional stigma that has dogged us all these years.  It rescues us from the realm of the TG and the process of repairing the public perception of this birth defect will begin in earnest.

The best part about this is that it is all for the individual to choose, we are all free to do whatever we wish.  We define ourselves by our actions:  Those who are TS will cure and move on.  Those who aren’t will remain where they are by choice, and have no one to blame but themselves.  There is no judgment but what we deem of ourselves.  And also no one to blame for living in the ghetto.

It also has the merit of not feeding into a creation of a forced 3rd sex category, as all the TG efforts have to date.  Their agenda has been completely detrimental to our rights and needs.  Their gains would have been our losses.  It is sad that was the path that was chosen, and it will be a blessing to be separated from people whose goal is to radically alter society.  Whether or not you agree with that goal, it should be for the individual to choose.  It is not right to conscript a minority of people, who have a birth defect, as a battering ram at society’s gate to enforce your views and social agenda on the vast majority of he public.  And it was an effort doomed to failure in any case.

It is sad that those who would be transgender chose to attack and destroy us rather than recognize our differences and embrace acceptance of one another.  It does not make me happy to see so many people drowning in misery, regardless of the animosity that has characterized this area and the wars that have been waged against us in the media by these people.  It is with nothing but relief that I recount this sea change, this closing of the transgender chapter.  It is a great weight lifted from our shoulders.

Along with the new leaf we are turning over regarding authenticity, we must also establish a new paradigm for presenting the transsexual syndrome in the years to come.  Freed from the fetters of gender theory, a herculean task remains; construct our own.  While the legal victories in the years to come will no doubt provide the individual with everything they need to complete transition, the establishment of a truthful paradigm for transsexualism will prevent problems from arising in the future.  The concept is already deeply rooted in the public mind; it requires only the water and sunlight it has been starved of all these years in order to blossom.

This is my challenge to all of you who would write the future.

The Trouble with Harry

December 16, 2010

A pre-postscript:

Some people I respect felt I was too harsh on Harry Benjamin, and I thought about it a little more and in some aspects they are right.  I am rather upset that Harry’s scale was constructed the way it was, and I do believe he could have done a lot more to speak on his belief that transsexuals are a distinct group, if he did believe that.  It’s difficult to tease it out of the text itself but if others see it I am not going to contradict them.

I still believe it was a grave disservice to us when he decided to put it all together the way he did, and this is the main point of my post.  The results of his book are the real issue.  My effort here was directed at  pointing out the spots where people commonly try to misuse the work to blur and obfuscate.

In light of all that, one thing stands out about Harry.  Despite whatever he may have personally thought about the condition, it didn’t matter when it came to helping people.  He was professional enough, and compassionate enough, to do what was right.  It’s a rare individual who can put misgivings aside and do what is proper in the face of overwhelming opposition from ones’ peers and the public.  He may have not been the perfect humanitarian, but he was a caring human.  That’s far more than can be said by the vast majority of the people who attempt to own the transsexual area with their academic credentials and committee-driven “medicine”.

I don’t believe in a devil.  I do believe in human avarice, moral weakness, and greed.  Those who torment us, who attempt to shame us and control us do so because it benefits them.  I can think of no better definition of evil than humans who attempt to raise themselves up and profit at others’ expense.  And these are the sorts of people we face when we attempt to avoid the chains of bondage they would lay on us.  The effort they make with their endless faux internet personalities is nothing to them.  They create tools to hurt and torture and then throw them away when done.  The cost to we who fight them is great, both in terms of thought and emotion.  That is why so few make the attempt.

There is such a thing as right and wrong.  It is measured by how we treat others.  And these people who attack us relentlessly are very much in the wrong.  It’s ok to recognize that, to speak accordingly and with great conviction.  That is the first step to ending this farce.  No matter how arrogant or condescending they may seem, always consider the source.  These people have no right to cast any stones and they only do so as a tactic to cow anyone who stands up to them.  Laugh in their face, do not be intimidated.

We are in need of a new paradigm.  It’s time to build on the work of Harry Benjamin and the few others who have spoken on this issue with any degree of wisdom… and go beyond.  That is progress, something sorely lacking in many areas lately.  One of the reasons I use transsexualism right now instead of terms like HBS or others I’ve heard is because I think we need to do some custodial work clean up the mess made over the word “transsexual” before we can move on.  Nothing is ever perfect, and not all damage can be undone so easily.  But it doesn’t have to be, does it?  Sometimes there is such a thing as good enough.  Simple lines have to be drawn, and people must be free to choose, finally given good information.

I am content to let others choose the new name and build whatever must be built in the years to come.  That is the work of the future.  The work for people like me, and any others who choose to take up the task,  is now.  We must handle the nasty garbage thrown our way in these dying days of the transgender and sexologist religion.  And then the work of building anew can begin.

I’ll post on this New Years Day.  That’s always a good time for new beginnings.


The first thing in any discussion about TS should be an analysis of where our ideas about the condition originate.  Much of our current thinking still comes from Harry Benjamin, despite the fact that modern science has completely discredited his scale.  It’s an unfortunate fact that Harry got a lot wrong in his musings, and Harry’s mistakes continue to bedevil the area today.  Blowhards and fakes continue to hold up this scale to puff up their own egos and lord their “superior” condition over others who are in the process of correcting nature’s mistake.  This is often done to enact some ridiculous agenda, and in some cases to salve a deeply wounded ego.

Harry was enamored of the idea of “inversion”, a 19th Century conceptualization of homosexuality.  It was originally thought that being gay was a form of being trapped in the wrong body.  This seems funny to us today because we have a very different idea about what is essential to the sexes, but at the time it was a plausible “theory”.

At some point it was realized that “inversion” was false, and that men who were attracted to other men… were still men.  It is not necessary to be a woman in order to experience that particular orientation.  And vice versa for women.  So in many ways this degradation of today’s sexology into “psycho sexual inversion” is a return to the ignorant 19th century. (Thank you for pointing this out Hipparkhia)

Benjamin tried to take all behaviors of people born with penises and force them together on a scale demarcated by this inversion concept.  Even at the time it was a clumsy, atavistic attempt to merge quite different phenomena together.  To a “sexologist”, having a penis is the equivalent of the patient in question stipulating that they have a “male brain”.  It doesn’t rise to that level of consciousness in these people who are utterly fascinated by the sex act.  They simply assume the sexual organs are the source of all personality and anything that runs counter to their expectations is “deviant” and in need of study and correction.

As a friend recently told me after reading The Transsexual Phenomenon, Harry was no humanitarian.  He had uncharitable thoughts about homosexuality and viewed transvestites and transsexuals as similarly disordered people.  (The expansion of the “disorder” term to intersex is in large part thanks to modern sexologists)  This is what Harry had to say about all these conditions he blended together:

The transvestite has a social problem.
The transsexual has a gender problem.
The homosexual has a sex problem.

Now, few people would argue that homosexuality and transvestism are related at this point.  So why is it so difficult to separate transvestites from transsexuals?  Thanks to sexologists we have gone back in time, and if you read through their recent papers in such places as the Archives of Sexual Behavior you’ll see they are even trying to rope gay men and lesbian women back into this scheme through studies of left handedness and other phrenology.  This is their “unified field theory” of queerness.  And it was Harry himself who conceptualized TS as a gender delusion.

The figure below is Harry’s infamous scale, the source of all the trouble.

There are a few things to note about this proposed categorization.  One, we must always remember that Harry was a sexologist and saw the world through the lens of the sex act.  Anything that deviated from his idea of procreative sex trended towards uselessness and constituted some kind of error, whether psychological or biological. (current problem-children sexologists maintain this view)  Next you’ll see that the Kinsey scale is also applied on the chart in an attempt to link this concept to Harry’s own work.  This is one of the more common observations made about Harry’s scale, but its still important to note.

Next, you can see the connection to today’s problems with the BBL clique by its blurring of the symptoms between the transvestite and the transsexual.  A type 3 transvestite may have dual personalities, for instance, and this was thought to “trend towards transsexualism”.  Today, we know they are completely separate things only sharing a few symptoms at times.  Overreliance on the therapist’s opinions about the meaning of symptoms changes the nature of the condition being diagnosed.  This isn’t a diagnosis; it’s quackery.

This has lead to much confusion, and if you look at the entire chart with a modern eye the whole thing is a mess.  Sex is mixed with gender is mixed with sexuality.  It’s all based on how often the person in question crossdresses.  So this is, in effect a scale of crossdressery and therefore flawed from the inception.  It surely doesn’t help that so much of his book on transsexualism concerns transvestites (for some reason) and the contributions of one Virginia Prince.

On one hand Harry could see that there was some biology involved (read that chapter in the book), but as a sexologist Harry preferred to regard the transsexual dilemma as a “gender problem”.  This fact cooperated with the later “gender revolution” to produce the silly mess we have today.  In a later paper he wrote:

Perhaps the chain starts with the hippie movement (with its long haired boys and trousered girls) and continues with the effeminate, but otherwise normal man, and its parallel, the masculine woman.  A further manifestation may only be concerned with the direction of the sex urge.  Perhaps then it could result in one of several forms of homosexual behavior.

Next on the scale may be the transvestite.  First the one who merely wants to wear the clothes of the opposite sex, then the one who -in addition- likes to acquire some of the other’s physical characteristics through hormone therapy.  Finally, there is the true transsexual whose craving aims to bring the entire body into harmony with the mind, by every means medical science can provide, including surgery.

You can see the extremely speculative nature of the Benjamin theory, later disproven, right there.  It’s merely a variety of “if it ain’t straight, it’s queer”.  The unified field theory continued to elude him.

One of the best parts of the chart though is the third row down, right side.  This one is for all the effeminate gay men who think they own the “type VI” category.  If you’ll look at the type V and type VI categories, Harry observed that either may have been married with children prior to transition.  And despite the changes to society over the years, this is still true.  Due to the misrepresentation of the transsexual condition as some kind of crossdressing perversion, or an option for certain gay men and lesbian women to play at being the opposite sex, many young transsexual people will not seek treatment.  This is a tragedy created and compounded by the BBL clique and their insistence on lumping “TG” and “TS” together, as well as a transgender movement that has cooperated completely with the BBL agenda.

This is where a lot of modern “somatically compliant gay men” who attempt partial transition have been confused.  And therapists comply with this confusion.  To these young gay men, the chief aspect of womanhood is making oneself ready for sex with men; they project their own desires onto women and seek the costume without wanting to actually take up the burdens and joys of actually being a woman.  And why should they?  They are men.

Being a woman to these (usually young) gay men  is being a sex object, and given their fixation on this one has to assume it is a very large component of the gay male personality for the “effeminate” types.   There is little else to being a woman in their eyes, because they are outsiders to that state of being and care nothing about it.  They do not understand the difference between being feminine, and inborn trait, and being effeminate, an act of mimicry.  In much the same way, the whole transsexual process is merely an act of mimicry for anyone not born transsexual.

Harry’s mistake in the term “complete psycho-sexual inversion” was that he regarded women who were attracted to other women as “less woman” than heterosexuals.  This reflects the sexism of the day.  Further, in order to be completely inverted, you had to be a “homosexual transsexual”.  From this sprang the stories about loving boys and never conceiving of marriage with a woman, and all the rest.  While the idea of marriage as the wrong sex is abhorrent to the TS person, life becomes complex and twisted.  It’s wrong to dismiss someone’s biological state due to a one bad choice, and I dislike this trend in certain quarters.  It’s unprofessional and unscientific. And under Harry’s scheme, it’s all too easy to diagnose a young gay male as transsexual based on these kinds of urban myths.

Today these exigencies of life are used against people born transsexual to shame them, and make them feel like a “lesser transsexual” by those with a more typically gay background.  But according to Harry himself, his “type VI” included a variety of people and traits.  His chief differential, as a sexologist of course, is who you slept with.  And we know how much that has to do with what kind of person you are; nothing.

The take home from this chart which encapsulates Harry’s philosophy is that Harry got it wrong, as another friend remarked recently.  He did state that:

“These speculations in symptomology are not meant to indicate a common etiology”

What a weak “apology” after the definitive argument made in his book!  Harry tried to leave himself a lot of wiggle room, but his conclusions come across in the end as anything but equivocal.

Today we know that gay men are not “related” to women.  Male effeminacy is a gender performance by gay men which attempts to mimic the neurologically-based “femininity” of women.  The brains of gay men are, if anything, “over androgenized” with respect to other men.  They are not “under androgenized” relative to men as would be the case with women, or MtF transsexuals.  The brain work slowly proceeds, coming ever closer to squeezing out the sexologists entirely.

The chief danger to science at this point is the continued reliance of the scientists on assembling their findings into a gender theory.  Men do this, women do this.  This is nonsense.  This mixes their social performance aspect of “gender” with their biologically-based ideas about “gender”, producing nothing of value.  Some still seek “gender” in the brain rather than stepping back and looking at the totality of the situation that would give them the perspective to understand the whole.  We are not just the sum of our parts as defined by people in lab coats.


I wanted to end on a note about why I write on these topics.  I know that many people worry over these things in their transition, and sometimes even after surgery.  This is due to the confusion sown by people who try to profit at our expense.  I don’t write things to justify myself; my life is all the justification I need.  I write to give people the information they need to fight back against the vultures and ghouls who have been preying on us for all these years.

A critic recently wrote of my quoting brain differences between us and gay men and said, “What does that have to do with being a type VI transsexual?”  The answer is; absolutely nothing.

But it has everything to do with being a woman.

We are different from the modern version of the gay type VI in the same way we are different from men.  Our minds are female at the elemental level, and we are women in that aspect our whole lives.  It never changes, and we never have to “perform gender”.  Those who fail to understand this are not transsexual.

We must stop allowing people to grade us and rank us according to their whim.  It is not their place to do so.  This fight against the sexologists is gradually drawing to a close.

This is a war we can win!

The first step is to reject those who place themselves in the role of master by simply acting as though it is theirs by right and seeing if everyone lets them get away with it.  They can only do this with our consent.  So don’t give it, and don’t be fooled.  Hucksters often set themselves up as indispensable authorities. Don’t let others control how you feel about yourself.

Always consider the motives of the strangers who show up on the internet with sterling tranny credentials and an agenda.  Don’t believe everything you are told.  Question everything.

And above all, be well. 🙂

Transsexualism has zero to do with being gay

November 30, 2010

As I wrote before, there is currently a campaign to erase true transsexuals from the books and replace them with effeminate gay men and transvestites.  There are some serious obstacles in the way for those who pursue this though.  Hard science contradicts their wishes, and their own soft-science evidence often does as well.

When I pointed out that transsexual children (reproductively male) are not effeminate, I had a specific purpose in mind.  While it is true that these children displayed little outward sign of the true problem, that is because by that point the window of opportunity for observing them had passed.  There is no data at all on true ts children prior to this wall of silence.  At the point the child is being put to the question by a cold, authoritative figure, the child has withdrawn from the world and you will gain no insight into them whatsoever.  You other TS people will understand why this is so.  Others can just guess.

By 7-10 years of age the transsexual individual has long passed the stage where their self-knowledge can be expressed freely; the real world has come crashing in and the bleakness of their fate is clear.  Whether its the admonitions of their parents or the evidence of their own eyes, these kids are all too aware of reality.  Transsexual kids have a physical birth defect; that doesn’t mean they are crazy.

So while the “effeminate” young boy (pre-homosexual) is expressing himself freely with gender play and his open mannerisms, such things are clearly forbidden to the transsexual child and serve only as a reminder of the horror that awaits them later in life.  As time goes on, dreams are dashed before they were dreamt, and the future descends into a dark cloud of sadness.  The affectations of gender as social play are meaningless to the TS child.  And this is where you can draw clear distinction between the young pre-homosexual and the TS child.

Of course this says nothing about the child before this point, during that window when they could be observed.  And in fact these TS kids appear to be completely left out of the literature.  I hope it stays that way for a long time, long enough for the current crop of sexologist jerks to be pushed aside.  But assuming you could watch them, they would probably seem no different from the other boys and girls… until the onset of self-knowledge when they clam up and fall silent to the world.  The reasons for their behavior and lack of obvious cues will be completely inexplicable to sexologists who assume everything is about sexual orientation.  I could explain it to them clearly, and it would simply pass in one ear and out the other.

In fact, Zucker’s own work shows that “non-gay” kids have no preference as to who they play with, while “pre-gay” kids prefer opposite sex kids as playmates more often.  Where do you suppose a transsexual child will fit in before the moment of clarity that silences them?  This will further confound the researcher who wants to study these kids as if they are little lab rats.  The more these hacks bathe in their own theorizing the less they actually know.

I read with some amusement the writing of people who claim they were just so effeminate that they couldn’t help themselves.  They couldn’t stop themselves from making out with boys when they hit puberty, and the reason they want a sex change (or in some cases already had one supposedly) was because they need to have sex with straight men.  Sorry to inform you, that’s just called being gay.

The only reason to get surgery is because your body is driving you mad.  All that nonsense about playing out the proper gender roles is fluff from people who have no clue about the core condition.  Sex and marriage are a result of the bodies we wear, they are huge aspects of a full life.  But they are not the cause of transsexualism.  That little lie is put out there by people who want to change the condition from a birth defect to two conditions of sexuality- namely the “HSTS” and the “AGP” argument.  These people want everyone to go along with them when they chant the mantra.

Its also interesting to see these people, claiming the top of the TG-inspired hierarchy by their “HSTS” status”, then handing out judgments on the rest based on sexual orientation.  If you aren’t an effeminate homosexual as they were, then you are an AGP.  Over the last 5 years I have seen this scenario time after time on the internet.  These are the same people pushing the same harmful agenda.  They prey on those who may in a difficult place in their life.  They are trying to get momentum behind their false little model, using people in distress as fuel.

While it is difficult to win these arguments in the “soft science” of psych literature, there are some clear differentials between homosexual men and transsexual women in the neuroscience that has been done to date.

There is a clear difference between the super-chiasmic nucleus of gay men and transsexual women.

There is a clear difference between the INAH-3 area of gay men and transsexual women.

There is a clear difference between the BSTc of gay men and transsexual women.

So already at this early point, we have three solid points of difference before we even get to EEG and fMRI.  In any other area, this would be enough to create a separate category.  But in the soft “science” of sex, we have people trying to mash everyone into the same bin because base prejudice is still acceptable there.

Thinking back to the lives of children, what would you expect from a little girl once she realizes something is very wrong?  Would you expect her to go blithely about her life, knowing that she is horribly deformed, with no ill effect whatsoever?  Knowing that everyone has labeled her wrong, would she then stupidly proceed to act out “effeminately” and chase boys as if nothing is wrong?  Of course not.  It’s the basic definition of the condition itself.  And that lack of self-knowledge would be a sign of delusion, not transsexualism.

Transsexualism is not defined by sexual orientation no matter what some people would have you believe.  When someone tries to make you feel “less than” because of who you love, treat that person as you would any random stranger started talking down to you because of your sexuality.  Don’t give self-appointed trans “experts”, whom you don’t even know past the internet persona, the power to make you feel insecure about yourself simply because you don’t fit some ancient scale that has been misapplied in the first place.

There are transsexual men, and transsexual women.  There are transsexual gay men, and transsexual lesbian women.  There are transsexual men and women who are bisexual.  Being gay, or lesbian, or bisexual is not a pathology, and neither is it diagnostic of TS.  Sexuality has no bearing on TS whatsoever.

There is only one kind of TS.  It is a birth condition that has specific characteristics.  It is not defined by sexuality, but by the sexually dimorphic brain.  Reject attempts to categorize you by your orientation.  Don’t let these people split us up.  They have succeeded at the divide and conquer strategy far too long.

-Sexologists- ruining lives, and other things

November 22, 2010

So we’ve established beyond a reasonable doubt that there is only one type of  “transsexual”, and that is a person who suffers from a specific birth defect.  Transsexualism, then,  describes a particular set of symptoms experienced by a real, true transsexual.  And further, there is a treatment with a very good outcome, and most former transsexuals go on to lead happy lives.  There are no “other types” of transsexuals, just the one.  So who are all these pseudo-transsexuals created by the psychs?

In the United States we have a serious problem with the idea of variant sexualities.  This creates all sorts of problems for people whose experiences lie outside the norms.  There are two types of pseudo-transsexuals who emerge out of this situation.

The first is a gay or lesbian person who has trouble coming to terms with their sexuality.  This one came in two stages; the first stage happened when the effeminacy was forcibly ejected as an acceptable way to be from the gay scene.  Soon, nelly gays were not only rejected from mainstream society, but also found themselves scorned by their own community.  After a number of years this situation became the norm and a new generation of gay and lesbian youth were born into a world where they truly had no place.

Some of these rejected people found escape in the emerging “trans” identity.  Many people have difficulty dealing with a homosexual orientation, and the “trans” option gave them an escape route.  But this turned out to be a terrible mistake, leading to wrecked lives and a dialogue more confused than ever within the GLBT.  Eventually, the trans confusion reached a point where some women, who had previously been lesbian, started experimenting with hormones and finding they enjoyed a limited “male” existence.  Further, some other “heterosexual” women who simply had personal issues with relationships did the same, becoming “gay FtM’s”.  While there are such things as straight and gay TS men, there is a vast difference between TS men and transgender females.

We ended up with lesbian and gay “transmen” who didn’t want to abandon their female roots and maintained those connections, but who used their newfound status to access “male privilege” when they wanted.  These are the “FtM spectrum” types, or “female transgenders”.  And they make TS men just as livid as the transvestites and nelly gays make us TS women.  Just ask one if you can find him.  If you ever do meet a real TS man, there is no doubt that this is a man.  As in all dude, all the time, totally legit.

There is simply no comparison when you stand a TS man next to a female transgender, it’s pretty obvious.  One is not better than the other, but they are VERY different.  This is an ongoing problem for the men, but it all started with the confusion over TS women much earlier.

Although a young, effeminate boy may seem to be the “perfect transsexual”, it is now clear that there is no relationship between their homosexuality and the transsexual birth defect.  You can’t simply take a man, no matter how gay, and turn him into a woman.  It doesn’t work that way no matter what some people would have you believe.  Young effeminate males are simply young effeminate males; they do not have a birth defect, because this is a normal human variation and requires no medical attention or treatment whatsoever.

While there was some confusion among the less “effeminate” types about the “trans” thing,  the main outcome of driving effeminacy underground was to create a class of “non op transsexuals”.  Basically full time drag queens who thought they were transsexual despite not having any of the characteristics of transsexuals.

The fallout from this standard practice of enabling this escape, telling these people they are justified in transitioning to avoid their sexuality, has yet to reach its full effect.  It is hard to imagine how such a thing came to be these days in our increasingly litigious society.  You’d think that at least a few of the people involved would have a fear of lawsuit, as the age of permissiveness comes to a close.

The other pseudo-transsexual subtype is the transvestite who has been encouraged by the therapist that “transition” is possible, and that they are indeed a type of transsexual, though they do not desire surgery.  When a non-transsexual person says they are going to “transition”, what are they really talking about?  How?  Transition to what?

If you speak to the wives of the “afflicted” crossdressing husbands, many of them talk about how the problem started small and then grew out of control.  Fetish overtakes their lives, to the detriment of the wife and children.  This isn’t something to be encouraged by a permanent fetish state!  This is a tragedy that needs to be avoided.  Instead, we have certain people in the industry throwing “transition” gas on a transvestic addiction fire.  How irresponsible can they be?

I believe this practice of enabling of the fetish addiction is just as reprehensible as encouraging gay and lesbian people to transition.  In the case of the transvestic pseudo-transsexual, the mental health professional who encourages “transition” is actively participating in the progression of this addictive behavior, which is extremely troubling.  And to suggest that such people are good candidates for surgery is beyond the pale.

Such an approval from psychs for any of these non-transsexual people to access transsexual treatment seems practically designed to ensure a rash of regrettors suing the few surgeons who treat transsexuals, perhaps finishing the campaign against us that McHugh started.

Given that the psychs themselves will have the cover of the APA Bible, those who have been overseeing the transitions will probably escape all scrutiny and blame.  It will, however, result in the destruction of the careers of the very few medical doctors who treat us.  There can be no other result of allowing so many non-transsexual people to access the transsexual treatment regimen.

And in other news…

There are times when some of this stuff stretches the belief of even the most jaded watcher of the GLBT.  Take, for example, the case of the “non op” who feels that those who get surgery or dislike their parts are “immature”.

If you  go on to this most controversial of all body parts in transsexual MtF circles, the (wait for it, lifting my hand in front of my mouth and looking through the corner of my right eye at you whispering…) penis.  To me it had very good utility over my life time so far.  It is probably the best construction for pointed peeing (you know writing in the snow), it delivers sperm exactly where it should go if you do it right, and it contains so many nerve endings that it can deliver interesting sensations and resulting emotions including what we call relief.  Do I love it? Not really, it just is there.  And yes I am grateful it was and is there, part of what I was outfitted with.  Do I hate it then?  It is like asking the same question about a rock on a beach.  It is in short a stupid question.  And anyone who hates their genitals, or loves them is, I am sorry to say lacking some fundamental judgment.  It is incredibly immature, similar to naming your body parts.

What kind of “transition” will this person have?  And if that’s not enough to get you scratching your head, how about a little advice on how to get it up for men when you’ve taken too many hormones?

If you advertise for men looking for trans women, rather than tucking and hoping not to have an issue, then you’re going to be expected to use that something extra. And if you’re on hormone replacement therapy, this will be further complicated by the fact that Spironolactone or (worse) Androcur will reduce or even end all ability to do so. Not good. Some girls will use Viagra — I found that to be only marginally helpful, and certainly didn’t help with the mental squick.

Nothing is more womanly than taking viagra for some hot gay man sex.  And on another note, I was just thinking to myself it was about time we had another article like the aforementioned that brought the tranny hooker “meme” back into the spotlight.  Can you feel the progress?

With all the fakes, frauds, and just plain confused, how is anyone to sort out all the bs?  The only people who stand a chance are the born-transsexual, because we always eventually hit that wall and the solution becomes obvious.  In a lot of ways then, the sexologist clique is merely using knowledge of us to prey on the gay community.  Rather than helping people accept themselves, there are those who encourage the “pseudo-transsexual” people into the transsexual treatment program.  This is nothing but malpractice.

But we aren’t quite out of the fire yet.  TS men and woman are largely beyond the reach of the sexologists thanks to laws and regulations fought and won by courageous TS people long before any of this nonsense came about.  While the current DSM proposal contains the carrot of dismissal from disordered status from the psychs once surgery is complete, this is predicated on the notion that you approach them for approval in the first place, something that isn’t necessary at the present time.  This is an inroad to a transsexual population that currently doesn’t need them at all.

If this carrot is dangled before people who would otherwise avoid the psychs, and there are a lot, then you go on record as a transsexual.  Whether it is in private or government records, there is a paper trail of you being “disordered” in one way or another.  Right now, that may or may not be a very bad thing depending on your situation.  But who is to say it won’t get worse down the road?

The current trend is to try to pathologize more and more people.  Why would a significant exception be made for curing transsexualism?  It’s just a way to drum up more business, and it’s something none of us really need.  Keep the psychs irrelevant; they have nothing to offer most of us.  We simply don’t need them.

So please do carry on, and enjoy the Day of Forgettance!

The Crossdreaming Lie

November 19, 2010

There is something profoundly disturbing to women about transvestites.  Most women don’t deal with that issue much and they express little more than annoyance,  or perhaps laughter, at the sight of a man in women’s clothes.  But by virtue of our exposure to transvestites which often occurs if you follow the conventional wisdom for transition, some transsexual women develop an unwanted familiarity with the subject.  That, plus the fact that at every turn transvestite men attempt to own us.

So let me enlighten you transvestite men about they way you appear to the women who find you upsetting.  It’s the fact that you turn us into objects, hollow us out, climb inside and then act out a caricature of who we are.  It’s repulsive.  It’s scary.  And a lot of us instinctively feel it can be dangerous for some of you who take it too far.

“Jack Molay” writes a blog dedicated to attaching transvestism to transsexualism, and trying to entice transvestites to continue colonizing the transsexual birth condition, while trying to blur the lines between two completely different things.  Lines that would not exist to be blurred if these sorts of people did not create the false connection in the first place.  Molay writes:

The myth says that crossdressers and crossdreamers (men who get aroused by the idea of being a woman) become what they are when puberty hits. The myth is wrong.

There are to many crossdreamer childhood stories around for this to be true.


The fact is that there are a lot of people, researchers as well as transwomen, who deny that M2F crossdressers and crossdreamers experienced gender dysphoria or gender confusion when they are kids. The idea is that since crossdreamers are purely sexually motivated, their fantasies and dreams cannot appear before puberty.

I do not doubt for a minute that some crossdreamers wanting to transition told the doctors what the doctors wanted to hear. Why shouldn’t they, when the doctors at hand were so hung up in 19th century stereotypes of what it means to be a man or a woman?

But that does not mean that their childhood memories were false. Given the stories told on this site, and all the crossdreamers I have been in contact with, I can say with 100 percent certainty that yes, many crossdreamers dreamed of being girls at a very early age.

And from this you can see where it is going.  Much the way “autogynephilia”, an iatrogenic condition created by “researchers”, mimics classic transsexuality, the AGP preachers mimic the standard transsexual narrative.  Notice the attempt to join the idea of AGP to childhood.  It’s simply a rewriting of the transsexual narrative into an autogynephilic narrative.  Just the way transvestites write themselves into women when they desire.

It’s important to differentiate between transvestites and transsexuals in this particular area because a lot of the AGP “symptoms” are taken directly from TS “symptoms”.  This is an attempt to trick TS women who are in the process of figuring things out into thinking they are merely “AGP”, so that they will pursue their surgery under AGP protocols.  If you look at the list of things claimed by “AGP” and find some of your experiences there, don’t just jump to the conclusion that’s who you are.  AGP is a carefully constructed trap that you should simply just ignore once you are satisfied as to your true state.  And you don’t need to worry about it.

The diagnostic is simple.  If you are attracted to yourself as a woman, meaning you fancy yourself for a shag when “dressed”, you are a transvestite.  If you do not experience this, but have other sexual feelings perhaps related to your “condition” in your mind, you should explore the other alternatives.  It is entirely possible that the odd condition of having a particular neurology, mixed with the attitudes society hold, plus our innate primate nature, can produce any number of “symptoms” for transsexualism.  It is also possible that “gender issues” are related to difficulties some gay men have in dealing with society’s homophobia.  As humans we internalize a great many things, and living with them can be difficult.

What makes this troubling at this point is that it is a continuation of the transvestite behavior that lead to the current situation in the first place.  Men want to domiate the transsexual issue for their own purposes.  See this?

Some of these narratives point to a childhood that is similar to the ones reported for androphilic transkids and classic transsexuals. That is, there seems to be at least three categories:

(1) Those kids that appear as “normal” boys, taking part in rough and tumble play etc. etc.
(2) Those that “pass” as boys, but display some “girl-like” behavior. They avoid rough and tumble play and do prefer more peaceful activities. I was one of them myself – a kind of “proto-nerd”, I guess. I preferred drawing to soccer and skiing, but also found building model warplanes a good thing.
(3) Those who clearly identify with girls, often cross-dress as kids and prefer playing with girls.

These are not absolute categories, I believe, but more like a gradual continuum.

This is a shmoozing of the TG continuum back into the picture.  It’s designed to appeal to people who find comfort in the idea of a spectrum.  And these quotes from the comments on that post:

On the contrary,TG is a much broader umbrella term that refers to not just the transsexuals who are at the most extreme end, but to those who for various reasons exhibit an interest in cross-gender expressions.

Afterall,I would like you to know that it is not only transsexuals who are discriminated against in society.

Transvestites are discriminated against, transsexual issues aren’t really that big a deal.

Your comments illustrate to me the issue in getting the data. We have taken ‘transsexual’ and made it the exclusive property of those who never question their feelings or the difficulties of the life of medical intervention.

It’s not fair that transsexuals have something that we don’t.  We need to take it from them.  And that’s the transvestite way.

This is how men talk themselves into doing things to other people.  This is also how men commonly excuse their abuse, though because this is still a theoretical position and not a situation involving specific people, its not entirely “fair” to characterize it like that here.  I just want to illustrate the parallels to this male behavior, and try to show some people why as women we find it upsetting.

The people “crossdreaming” is designed to entice are those crossdressing men who want to find a way to excuse their behavior.  Just like the earlier problems between transvestites and transsexual women, this is a case of identity theft.  I find it reprehensible that people like Jack Molay write blogs that attempt to erase us and take “our” issue.  Yes, Jack, transsexualism belongs to those who suffer from it.  You don’t get to waltz in and take ownership of a condition you don’t have.

There is no such thing as “crossdreaming”, because there is no such thing as “autogynephilia” in the sense pushed by these “reasearchers” such as Blanchard.  If you are a transvestite who has moved on to getting hormones and surgery, you remain a transvestite.  If you are a transsexual woman who has various “symptoms”, you remain a transsexual woman.  These people don’t get to own your experiences, and they certainly don’t get to own you.

Each person knows deep down which of these they are.  If you don’t want to be a “crossdreamer”, and instead think you are transsexual, then toe the line and do what transsexuals do.  Otherwise all of this is simply nonsense and hardly matters anyway.  Men’s issues should not eclipse women’s issues, no matter how angry at us they get.

“Try walking in my shoes, and you’ll stumble in my footsteps.”