“Marriage equality” versus same sex marriage (for transgenders)

October 11, 2010

One of the latest trends among those who shove the transgender religion down our throats is this mysterious notion that the phrase “marriage equality” is somehow different than the slightly older term “same sex marriage”.  This represents not only an affront to all post-corrected transsexual people, but is a reinterpretation of the political phrase itself as envisioned by the gay and lesbian political groups who coined it.

The chief proponent of this new interpretation of “marriage equality” is of course Autumn Sandeen.  In fact, I am not sure if anyone else currently has the temerity to reinterpret this central issue of gay politics without consulting anyone involved, but if there is one person who feels entitled to do so it would be Ms Sandeen.

This is the issue:  Transsexual people, by and large, do not feel that the same sex marriage debate  is our fight.  We argue that our current sex as reflected by genitals and other somatic criteria should be the standard by which we are judged.  The balance of traits that we posses is that of the sex to which we transitioned, and this obviates the need for our involvement with the gay and lesbian cause on this point.  There is of course much more to reticence of the 50,ooo+ post operative transsexuals who decline to engage or publicly accept this GLBT activism, but that is the basic premise.

The attack upon the status and lives of transsexual people takes the following basic form:  You are transgender regardless of what you think.  Therefore anyone who rises up in the activist ranks of the GLBT has the right and duty to speak for you.  Because *I* (the activist) view all things as a form of gender transgression, and I also take (tacit) the essentialist position that a person is their genitals at birth, you are not really the sex you say you are.  Therefore all your marriages are same sex by default, and fair game for my politics.  Pursuant to the need to continue the imprisonment of transsexuals in the gay ghetto, I the transgender activist will create a new category out of the existing terminology.  “Marriage equality” is not another name for the former “same sex marriage”; it is a term that encompasses same sex marriage as well as transgender marriages.

This would be quite a leap for anyone outside of the trans* ghetto, but it is par for the course within.  The chief proponent of this latest propaganda, in the transgender world, is Ms Sandeen, though the sentiment is widely held among the transgender who believe they are transsexual. (That last is an important point that needs to be discussed soon, blog posts will follow)  It all boils down to the notion that transsexual is part of transgender, and transgender is a form of being gay.  In essence, the only difference between gay and transgender is the clothes.  That may be the real problem here;  the TG/trans* activists hold the same bigoted views about sex as the people they claim to be fighting against.  Here is what Ms. Sandeen has to say on the topic:

“Marriage equality is the header that the LGBTQ community has for our community issues related to marriage. The solution to those common and related problems involve solutions that provide the results of the freedom to marry whomever one loves to all LGBTQ people, which includes the recognition of the gender identities of transgender people, transsexual people, and people who identify as both transgender and transsexual.”

“I know I say this over and over again: marriage equality is very much an issue for transgender people, transsexual people, and people who identify as both transgender and transsexual. The reasons why marriage equality is an issue for trans people are often very unalike from the reasons why marriage equality is an issue for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. But, the commonality of experience — where trans, lesbian, gay, and bisexual people don’t have the freedom to marry whomever they love — is why marriage equality is an issue for all of these minority populations.”

From www.marriageequality.org‘s get the facts page:

Canadian same-sex unions growing at five times that rate of heterosexual ones: census…

Same-sex unions are growing at five times the rate of opposite-sex ones according to census numbers that also reveal, for the first time, the number of homosexual marriages in Canada.

The historic Statistics Canada query on same-sex marriage, coming in the wake of Parliament legalizing such unions in 2005, revealed 7,465 homosexual marriages.

Clarence Lochhead of the Vanier Institute for the Family says the homosexual community’s successful fight for marriage reflects the desire to be accepted in the larger community.

And on and on.  click on the link and look at the number of times the term same sex marriage is used in just that first segment alone.  Next, from Marriage Equality New York:

Marriage Equality New York is an all-inclusive organization whose mission is to educate the public by raising awareness of the important right of all persons to enter into legally recognized gender neutral civil marriage with all the benefits and responsibilities that entails. Without marriage, committed same-sex couples are denied over 1,138 federal rights and obligations including social security, hospital visitation, co-parenting rights, estate tax, and immigration, just to name a few.

They at least mention the word gender (lol), but not in a context that supports the idea that Marriage Equality is about transgenders as a separate group from gays under this view of marriage.  Last and definitely least, let’s look at the wikipedia entry for Marriage Equality USA to get the official activists’ view of the subject, since WP pages seem to be owned by nutjobs of varying sorts with a political ax to grind:

Marriage Equality USA (Marriage Equality, or MEUSA) is a national organization fighting to secure the legal recognition of same-sex marriage through education and outreach in the United States. Officially founded in 2000, its mission statement is to secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all, at the federal and state levels, without regard to gender identity or sexual orientation.

I could spend all day citing the facts here, but let’s take my word on this obvious truth and move on.  The only way that “Marriage Equality” encompasses post op transsexuals is if post op transsexuals are considered gay.  And that is exactly what Autumn Sandeen is saying.  I would expect to hear this from a certain number of uninformed people and a rather large number of gay men.  But I definitely do not expect to hear this hateful and bigoted view from people who claim to represent my interests.

Labeling us gay using this underhanded tactic is reprehensible, and clearly the action of an enemy.  Anyone who thinks that transsexual has something to do with being gay, or something to do with crossdressing in any way is completely ignorant of the truth of the condition and should not be considered a credible source when outlining our interests.  Such a person has demonstrated their complete ignorance of the subject, and therefore is not transsexual.  Anyone who has experienced this condition would never speak that way about themselves.


Transgender fails to pass the torch

August 7, 2010

“I just thought I was gay because that’s all I knew. Other than straight there was gay. There wasn’t transsexual, transvestite or transgendered people or whatever you want to say.”

-Nikki Araguz

This is something I have heard before from the “women of history” around my age who I have known. It’s a common theme for us, one which I lay at the feet of the lover’s quarrel between Paul McHugh and John Money. The outcome of the tantrum thrown by McHugh over the study of the transsexual phenomenon was that transsexual abruptly ended in 1979. For the next decade, there was no such thing as transsexual. This left a gap into which transgender emerged.

The standard narrative of the earlier era is that of the largely white population of transitioners who lived in “enlightened” cities, and who had access to the infrastructure to support medical transition. They usually ascribed to the proper “gender roles” of the time, at least publicly, so as not to be denied treatment- especially when dealing with people from the psych establishment. A lot of people from that time referred to Christine Jorgensen as an inspiration, or at least they do today if they pop out to comment on the internet. This group disappeared into the mainstream quickly for the most part. They were the last ones to be regarded by their peers and society’s institutions as anything but the freaks and perverts which we are now.

Those who came of age after 1979, up until the early 2000’s or so, are a different group entirely. Generally speaking, there were no Christine Jorgensens for us to look to and have that lightbulb go off. Even if we had heard of her, time and social changes made her seem alien. It is very hard to identify with Christine because it is so difficult for us to understand that world that came before the consciousness revolution in the 60’s and early 70’s. Yet that wasn’t the main issue; it was the total lack of any public representation of real transsexualism in the media or medical references we had available. Instead we had Donahue, and later Springer. This led to a total confusion on the subject that left us adrift to cope any way we could.

This is why I have tried to point out some of these differences; for those my age there may have genuinely been difficulty sorting out some of these things. I hope that people don’t feel fake because they didn’t have the same kinds of childhoods described on the internet among the professional tranny set. That’s simply a lot of bs for the most part, pushed by crossdressers playing the “mine’s bigger than yours” game. It is largely driven by the false representations of the “standard transsexual narrative” that developed from people trying to wrangle their medical treatment out of the psych establishment.

Yet at the same time there are some common themes that do tie all real transsexuals together. We have grown up in different times, and experience the world through the lens of our own perspectives. The idea of the string-of-pearls housewife bringing her husband his slippers was not held forth in the public consciousness by the time I was a child, so my view of womanhood is different from those who were victims of that propaganda, though they may have shaken off most of it later. It is the first years of out lives that give the framework for our understanding of the world, and some of those features never change. The key is understanding how the some things may look vastly different from different perspectives, yet are still the same. If you have a more general case to compare things against, you pull the lens back and expand the field of vision, making clear that we are all talking about the same thing.

Unfortunately, transgender “philosophy” has inserted itself into the conversation, and exploited some of these apparent contradictions (which are nothing more than people’s different life experiences). We have not been able to speak to each other and thus the growing years since the discovery of the transsexual phenomenon by western medicine have clouded things, and made it difficult to see the common truth of the matter. The fact that it is impossible to create a universal experience of transsexualism in one particular aspect is used to justify the existence of “transgenderality” and trumpet it as the general case. It is not. There are fundamental conflicts between transsexualism and transgender(insert ending of the week here) that belie any connection. First and foremost the completely polar opposite experience of our bodies, which is later made plain by the drive for surgery once we understand our true condition. There are many others, but there will be another time for that.

A common frame of reference would put an end to the ambiguity that allows transgender pushers to point to minor differences of ornament between us as proof of their patently false statement, “Gender is a social construct”. It is this equivocation of the word “gender” that allows for the existence of the transgender lie in the first place. People who do this are taking two separate meanings, aspects really, of the word gender and conflating them. This is usually accompanied by switching back and forth between meanings when convenient, often in the same paragraph or even in the same sentence. It’s pure deception.

There is a social meaning of gender, clothing and behavior, and there is the newer meaning of the word gender which is a substitute for the word “sex”. By playing fast and loose with the definition they create their own phenomenon and report it gleefully. But there is nothing more to it than that. It’s simply bullshit.

Social gender is a social construct, but we are born who we are. Their point is sophomoric and false. And nobody is listening any more.

Since 2000 or so, there has been another group of people who transition. The youngest set generally has no idea about the issues and defaults to the “transgender” position until it becomes unbearable. The information gap that I grew up in was replaced by a sea of utter nonsense which masquerades as “transgender”. Younger people have been taught very different things than we older folks (think inclusion and enforced positive behavior). They generally feel guilty for setting themselves apart even privately in their own minds, and are ashamed of “negative feelings” of any sort, thanks to a sort of brainwashing that has gone on in our educational system. They are very group oriented and dislike making decisions that could be seen as exclusionary. They are a fertile ground for exploitation, unfortunately. This is the only thing keeping the transgender thing alive on life support at this point.

Yet even with this factor in play, the torch has not been passed. This is the triumph of a visceral knowledge of truth over any other consideration, even shame and guilt. It’s quite inspirational, especially to people who have lived in fear that the lies would eventually become the “truth”.

Though it is dismaying to see all the guilt-mongering by transgender firebrand preachers, who use the better parts of our human nature against us, it’s becoming more clear by the day their crusade has failed. It has been an effective way of suppressing the truth and keeping the Great Shining Lie going- but recent events and the reaction in the media reveal the trends I have been writing about on this blog are coming to pass.

As the aging transgender types fall by the wayside, there will be no one to replace them. They have failed to inculcate their belief system into younger people. There are a small number of college age people who play at genderqueer, but there is no new generation of transgenders waiting to rise up to replace the retiring professional trannys. It simply isn’t going to happen.

As Nikki said, “I hate that word”. One more nail in the coffin.


May 13, 2010

Pripyat was the company town for the Chernobyl facility.  It was home to 50,000 people whose lives revolved around keeping the reactors glowing.  Happy workers make for good production, and nuclear energy was a high priority for the government of the old Soviet Union.  So in a land of scarcity the residents of Pripyat were perhaps a little more equal than others.  Pripyat had all the trappings of a consumer city in the West, including an amusement park.

Today Pripyat is a ghost town.  It was evacuated in the immediate aftermath of the Chernobyl meltdown as panicked people fled.  They left life as they knew it and all their worldly possessions behind in the rush to escape the poisonous clouds drifting from the facility that had only yesterday been the source of their good fortune.

Today though the people have long gone, Pripyat yet stands.  It is a city frozen in time; a snapshot of the moment when its inhabitants disappeared on that fateful day 25 years ago.  Chalkboards still have lessons in the schools, plates sit on tables for meals that were never eaten.  Empty windows stare lifelessly at dead streets.


I was chatting with Cassandra the other day, reflecting on how much has changed on the internet with the whole TG thing.  In the early to mid 2000’s there was a party atmosphere among the TG.  ENDA was still a great hope and the DSM fight still held promise.  Anything was possible to the gender crowd, even the normalization of clothing fluidity for men, the transgender thesis which became “gender expression” in later days.

There was so much positive energy among the gender crowd, everyone from casual crossdressers to full time transvestites came out of their closets and formed an identity out of their behavior.  Effeminate gay men, long vilified by their own community and the country at large  became “non op transsexuals” to escape the stigma, spurred on by example of the crossdressers and the cheerleading of therapists following a misguided theory of sexual identity.  A virtual rainbow of behavior presented itself for public inspection- and demanded rights.

This was the height of transgender.

The contrast with today is striking.  With the twin hammer blows of a hostile DSM revision and the specter of a transsexual-only ENDA looming, the party atmosphere is long gone.  People have been quietly leaving the ranks of the TG and returning to their closets, shedding their aquired identities.  The explosion of transvestite vanity pages is a thing of the past.  Blogs fall silent.  Even the militant activists are resigned.  No champagne or streamers to be found anywhere.

Looking around the net at old messageboards and other transgender venues is like looking at Pripyat.  It’s a reminder of a time already past.  Only the clean up crew remains and soon even they will have to recuse themselves.  Their source of power, the transgender reactor core, has melted down and what once sustained life is now completely toxic.  Transgender has consumed itself and left only pollution behind.  And someday even that will disappear.


February 21, 2010

The transgender seem to be confused about rights. They don’t know what they really are, they just know they don’t have them. Like everything else when it comes to transgender they are long on words and short on specifics. You can’t really pin down TG philosophers to any particular position; nothing said is ever definitive. It’s all vague, rhetorical, and ever changing depending on the questions being dodged. That’s the nature of discourse when the truth is being obscured. Some transgender supporters recently even started to make noises of reconciliation with classic transsexuals and others who have issues with them. It should go without saying that they have not changed and their words should be ignored.

The fact remains that no matter how it is repackaged, transgender is intentionally harmful to transsexual. The concepts are wholly incompatible, and no amount of false promises or sweet talk will change that. Transgender simply cannot exist on its own without attaching itself to something real, i.e. the transsexual birth condition. It is necessary that transsexual is erased in this process in order for transgender to carry on. Anyone who supports the transgender version of reality needs to own this and admit to it. Moreover, there was never a time when the transgender intended to do right by us, so it begs belief that they all of a sudden have seen the light and will soon admit that we have separate “conditions”.

There is no middle ground here. Transgender “compromise” means that the other side gives up entirely and is destroyed. The concept of political correctness has been turned inside out to accomplish this by silencing people who are critical of transgender ways and means. This is a common pattern in politics these days.

It’s the fundamental dishonesty of the transgender “paradigm” that is so irksome. Everyone knows it’s utter nonsense, but we are all supposed to pretend that there is such a thing as people who are born with biological variance in their learned adult gender roles; a kind of intersex condtion that only affects clothing. We are supposed to pretend there is nothing sexual about what the transgender do. And while we are doing all this pretending, we are supposed to keep quiet and not be bothered by all the harm the transgender sexual fantasy does to real people out here. Harm to our reputations, our jobs, our legal status, and especially our families. We are supposed to bear this burden for them and accept all these things as our own, in silence.

It’s time to start speaking the truth about this. The original purpose of political correctness was to remind those with privilege that they have been blessed, and that they should remember that others aren’t as fortunate in a given social order. It was supposed to be about awareness and helping people understand each other. It has since lost its original meaning and now is employed to silence dissent.

The reason the transgender have been so heavy handed in their silencing of transsexual women is that they don’t want their secrets told. Classic transsexual people know exactly who the transgender are, probably better than anyone else. And if we choose to we can spill the beans to those in authority who can make things happen at the various levels of government. It was always a nuclear option that no one wanted to exercise, but the political situation is deteriorating rapidly.

The pace of transgender repudiation is picking up, and things are going to get worse. Out of sheer survival instinct it may be that some people have to make the case for difference clearly and sharply to those in the government who are about to come down on the trangender like a ton of bricks over the next few years. The transgender can hardly complain about this, as it has been their position since the start that they were willing to see transsexuals and their rights destroyed, spent on transgender wants.

Transgender is a choice, a political fiction at best. The true goal of transgender activists is to create a protected category with co-equal status to race and ethnicity under the law. Then, any member of the “majority” who finds themselves with a hankering for alternative sexuality can live it 24-7 with impunity. Much as political correctness has been twisted to its opposite end, laws aimed at protecting equality will be twisted to serve the needs of people who would not otherwise have access to such things. And in the process it will cheapen the law and have a decidedly negative impact on the rights of true minorities.

Far more than transsexual existence is at stake here- the transgender political “movement” is one of the many symptoms of our crumbling society and in its own little way it can contribute to the assault on the institutions that define our social fabric. These institutions cannot survive if their founding principles are debased by this kind of trickery. And there a thousand of these little cronyist schemes coming down the pike as people struggle to get their pound of flesh before the inevitable collapse of the current political environment.

There is no comparison between “transgender” and race, and no basis in rational law for creating protections out of whole cloth for people’s chosen sexual behavior, or their dysfunctional coping mechanisms. Any such parallel drawn by transgender activists to the civil rights struggle of African Americans and others is horribly insulting and completely wrong. It’s disgusting that this is going on. And I resent my condition being held up as an excuse for what they are doing.

I have a right to voice my dissent for this wrongdoing, and so does everyone else. No amount of phony political correctness is enough to take away our right to free speech on this matter. It is my reputation at stake and I have no choice about that. We classic transsexual people have not been given choice of non-involvement, due to the accident of our birth being exploited by opportunists who think its their right to create a brave new world of their own design over the wishes of everyone else.

This protest against the blatant power-mongering going on is the very essence of politics and political speech. It is thus protected speech here in the United States, and we all have a right to speak. There is no political correctness clause that can trump our right to free and unfettered speech in this matter. Simply put, any demands for silence by transgender supporters are flat out wrong and should be met with harsh criticism. And that goes for anyone who is tired of tg nonsense, whether you are classic transsexual, a gay man or lesbian woman fed up with the whole thing, a family member, or anyone else negatively impacted by this toxic “philosophy”. Speak up! It is your right. There will soon come a time and place when your voice will count for far more than all the years of transgender skullduggery combined.

The truth has a ring. Make sure the right people hear it.

“The Politics of Failure Have Failed”

January 28, 2010

Where do we go from here? This is the question that many people are asking themselves today. As the job situation remains bleak, debt mounts, and people become increasingly upset with the state of things here in the US, our leaders seem to be blindly pushing the same old agenda despite its obvious inadequacy.

This situation confronts us at every level of society from the Federal government to the local, from giant corporations to small business, and of course from the major political parties to their hangers-on in the lobby business. The GLBT construct as a corporate “movement” was no different. Last year, it got a wake up call.

2009 was not Pearl Harbor for the GLBT leadership. It was Waterloo.

The D.C. establishment, including the lobbyist sycophants, doesn’t quite understand this yet but bell has tolled for politics as usual, and we are quickly moving into a new phase of US political history. The times they are a’changing.

As Generation X moves into midlife, it has started to assume leadership roles in the institutions that define our nation’s character. This changing of the guard has profound consequences for society and it is going to take time for the true depth of these shifts to sink in. We have all gotten used to how things have been done for the past 25 years or so, and we feel that is “the way it is”. We have forgotten that things can be any other way, due to people’s famously short memory on such topics. The generational shift combined with the crises phase we are in is an explosive combination. Our world is about to turn upside down.

Generation X is the polar opposite of the preceding generation, but the comparison is best left to another post. Suffice to say due to the under-the-radar approach this generation takes the media has scarcely noticed it and has ill-prepared the public for the seismic shift in thinking that is about to take place across the country. This has profound implications for politics and movements like the GLBT.

At its inception in the 60’s, the gay movement represented a human rights protest to the inequity of society. As time went on it morphed into what we see today. It is a hierarchy designed to serve the desires of those at the top, using the lives of those underneath for fuel. Rising from its humble roots, the gay movement eventually became a tool of those with means, and turned into the GLBT.

Letter by letter people were subsumed into an imperialistic “movement” that told everyone to sit down and shut up until the plutocrats got what they wanted. It is no different than many other movements that matured out of their protest roots in the 60’s into the corporatist organizations we see today. This establishment-think at every level of politics is what has the public up in arms and feeling very underrepresented by those who rose to the top of the old order.

Elitist gay men at the helm of the GLBT cynically use the rank and file for their own purposes. They have organized everyone else to serve their own needs, while attempting to give the appearance of caring about the issues of the masses. The order of the letters has been a topic of conversation at times, which led to the superficial move of altering the order between G and L on occasion. But the purpose and operation of the of the so-called “gay lobby” has always been to meet the needs of the very few at the expense of the many. It’s all window dressing besides.

Where does the T question fit in to all this? It is readily apparent that T was swallowed up to give the elites a bargaining chip to throw away when the time is right. I don’t think anyone disputes that now. Also, the elites have a vested interest in TS/CT women becoming gay men in the eyes of the public, so they actively encourage this misrepresentation.

In this, they join the likes of Blanchard and his CAMH crew attempting to spread this ridiculous lie in the face of mounting biological evidence to the contrary. It has gone so far that we have come to the point where the agenda of the sexologists to draw “IS” into the gender fight intersects with the GLBT lobby’s need for new tools in their arsenal in their time of desperation. This is a sign of the absolute bankruptcy of two small groups of people who have wielded far too much power over the lives of many. It is here the breaking point will come, and rip the GLBT facade asunder.

Generation X is rising to power, and we have no time for old games played under the old rules. We have our own ideas about how things should be done. The GLBT construct’s time is over; it is a remnant of the old order that must be swept away to allow for advancement of human rights for all people, not just the elite. It is time to evolve.

Putting so many different people together to serve the needs of the few at the top is not a movement: It is an imperial prison. We have come full circle from gays and lesbians protesting the establishment in the 60’s to the few, the proud, the well-off among them becoming the establishment in the 90’s and 00’s, proving that the GLBT has done some good in its own way, in its time, and served its purpose. It has, however, become overripe and in its hubris is doing more harm than good. At this point certain people seek special favors from the authorities above them, and in entreating their betters they promise to keep everyone else down. Is this the future that everyone really wants? Is this the promise of a brighter tomorrow?

Time marches on, and we go forward. While recognizing the contributions of those who braved the front before us, we must forge our own destiny. There is no resting on laurels when it comes to improving the human condition. Lesbian women and gay men have a wonderful opportunity to make great strides in equality as the new generations come into their own. 2009 will be a distant memory soon. And we, outsiders caught up in the frenzy will have our own peace as well. I know that day is coming too.

Speak out against the platitudes; they are a narcotic. Voice your discontent. Challenge authority, and take the reigns of leadership from those who would drive you to ruin for their own petty needs.

A new day is dawning. Our time is now.

Reader mail

December 31, 2009

One of the people who read my blog wrote me a note, and I thought she had a good question. Why do I write this, after exhorting people to “move on”. While the writer meant it as a honest, serious question, it also happens to be a common criticism from the people who want to erase the distinction between transgender and transsexual. So I’ll answer and handle two things at once.

I want to clear something up: My main focus is not about transition, and I am not particularly interested in trying to counsel people, or argue about personalities or make judgments on specific people. Occasionally someone starts a conversation in the comments section and in genuine concern for this person, I’ll give my opinion of what will lead to the greatest happiness, long term, for the post-transsexual person.

I write under the assumption that the vast majority of people who are coping with real transsexualism have come to an understanding of what is really going on long before they get to the internet, and blogs like this. To speak to them of these things is preaching to the choir. I do however hope to offer an alternative viewpoint to those few real transsexual people who read blogs with an eye to their future plans, that may yet be solidifying them and are thinking about involving themselves with the TG.

I am not telling people that to be a “real transsexual” you have to pursue correction in any particular fashion. The notion that process and surgery defines who is and isn’t transsexual is totally false; we are born, not scheduled in.

In fact, I am not interested in sorting people into bins at all, except when they attempt to do so to me. It is a strange situation when good manners in dealing with people also push you to the limits of sanity… and addressing certain TG glitterati by their preferred pronouns naturally sticks in your throat. What I am saying, to those who will listen, is that putting the needs of transsexual men and women into the hands of patently non-transsexual “TG” care is a recipe for disaster.

So, here’s my response to that letter.

Hello 🙂

I’m not really writing a blog about how people should transition. I’m writing about how there is such a thing as a real transsexual biological condition, and that we who have experienced it are ill-served by the assumption that we are all supportive of a particular brand of politics. Namely, that we all are automatically part of the GLBT, and beholden to anyone speaking in that group who calls themselves transgender. I find it intolerable that crossdressing men speak on women’s issues, and even more outrageous is their casual assumption that we should shut up and let them do all the talking.

My main goal is to put out a lamp in the darkness for people who may be questioning their sudden forced inclusion in the GLBT ghetto. I’m not interested in creating some GLBT-style group, political action committee, public persona, or some weird movement. It’s just about telling people like you and me it’s ok to go your own way. Don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself; you really are different from them. They certainly wouldn’t lift a finger to help any of us, and in many cases these “community leaders” are actively hostile to our interests. Case in point is the ridiculous way they bring suit against various states to advance the transgender agenda, which usually ends up costing us some hard-won legal gains that we have enjoyed for decades, such as the ability to change our birth certificates.

That brings me to the other reason I write. I see a terrible danger to us because it costs these people NOTHING to roll the dice with our rights. They claim to be us, go into court, and if they win, great. Usually they don’t, and we (transsexual background people) have a set back. No big deal to the transgender lobby, they still have everything they had before, i.e. the rights of their birth sex plus more due to their appropriation of “transsexual”. They can keep gambling away using our legal status until its all gone and shrug their shoulders and say “Oh well”, before moving on to their next kink.

Sorry to be so wordy, I just wanted to tell you why I still care. Yes, I have moved on in my real (non-internet) life as you have. At the same time I am not blind to the danger of poisonous politics. This stuff can still come back and bite us, and we should at least have one eye on the GLBT as long as that construct exists in its current form that claims us as constituents. With any luck, we can get some other people to say “enough is enough” too, and start voicing their concerns.

Take care, and thanks for writing 🙂

Gender Identity Disorder requires serious study

September 19, 2009

The Jasper controversy continues at Susan’s support forums as the people there come to grips with the reality of what transgender has become.  It is increasingly difficult to justify the subordination of so many different individuals to the concept of transgender when people’s needs and goals are so varied, and so often at odds.

One group in particular that I feel is being done a grave disservice are the core transgender people for whom the word really came to have meaning.  Leaving aside Arnold Lowman’s/Virginia Prince’s “transgenderist” for the moment, the person who is currently most typified by the transgender label is someone quite different from the fetishistic crossdresser that was the target audience of Transvestia.

Cassandra writes about her experiences as counselor to people in gender support groups, and her thoughts make a lot of sense when considering my own experiences.  There are usually all sorts of people who attend these meetings, not all of whom would consider themselves transgender in the sense you get from the internet cadre.  There are sometime crossdressers, the occasional person passing through transsexual transition, fetish-based transvestites, and of course the full-time transgender people.

All of them have their own different life courses and their own needs.  Some only want to express themselves in a safe environment, some want to see their feelings echoed in others, some want to engage their sexuality in a public place, and some are the people whom Cassandra says “wear the label transgender most comfortably”.  It is this last group that I’d like to talk about, because despite the current talk they seem particularly ill-served by the cobbled-together association that has come to be “transgender”.

I used to believe that all transgender people had at their core the same issue.  Not being transgender myself, I had only the dogma and edicts from the most vocal people that claimed to represent the whole group to go by.  I deferred to their pronouncements because my personal philosophy is live and let live.  Being an outsider to their group, I had no basis to judge the truth of their statements.

At this point it is safe to say that transgender is not a monolith as is presented politically to the world at large.  It is many different people who feel lost, and are looking for answers.  With the benefit of experience and hindsight, I now believe that “transgender”, that core group that speaks of Gender Identity Disorder as their primary issue, is a distinct group of people who deserve to have their needs addressed by proper medical and/or psychiatric authorities.

“Gender Identity Disorder” itself is a poorly understood condition, one which I didn’t used to accept as real because it has been talked down into an issue of self-expression by outspoken transgender politicians, much the same as “transsexual” has been subsumed and talked down.  But if you’ve ever known anyone who has serious problems with society’s imposed gender, you know it goes beyond role strain.  And it tortures them.

Whatever demons chase those who suffer from this problem must be fleshed out by people who can help, and handled for the benefit of those who suffer from this affliction.  I don’t think this can happen as long as this issue is trivialized by those who speak for the transgender yet don’t themselves suffer from it.  I find it just as shameful when they subjugate people with GID as when they subjugate people born with the transsexual condition.

A big part of the problem is that when people attempt to come together to discuss these issues and gain an understanding of them, those who place themselves in “leadership” roles within that forced “community” stifle all talk.  No research will be done on GID because those who have the problem are marginalized by their own community, and subsequently mislabeled by the psychiatric profession, which portrays them all as fetishistic sexual deviants.  I fail to see how core transgender people are served by this situation in that community.

I’d like to close with something I wrote in that thread on Susan’s.  The thread was subsequently locked, so no responses will be forthcoming.  But it’s something we need to talk about with people on the other side of the fence.

One comment I’d like to make for clarity is that men and women born with the transsexual condition do not experience “GID” in the sense that it is used with respect to transgender issues. “GID” most properly describes people who do not have the transsexual “syndrome”, and whose problems seem to orbit around “gender roles” and “gender presentation”.

I think this is another source of confusion that facilitates the mixing of two separate conditions, transsexual and transgender, together. For the transsexual-born, societal gender is a consequence of the physical condition, not the cause. I’m not certain what causes a putative “transgender” condition. It is a condition that causes a person significant distress which we currently don’t understand fully. This of course has nothing to do with bohemian types who simply do not care about societal standards, aka “genderqueer”.

These are three separate things that people have a tendency to mix together. I’ve modified my views on “GID” since my initial belief it was a freedom-of-expression issue. I’ve come to believe that there are people who do experience serious problems with their “gender” that go beyond the role strain that everyone feels at one time or another in a restrictive society. At the same time, this is not related to the problem of those who are born differently, aka transsexuality.

It does everyone a disservice to ignore the truth, because that ignorance feeds an atmosphere of denial and leads away from getting the proper help to those who need it. Physical transition is not a panacea for “GID”, and the current practice of pushing hormones and surgery as a solution for it is harmful. We need a better understanding of what causes GID before psychology or psychiatry can address it.