If you aren’t transsexual, don’t transition

November 2, 2010

SA ET has a great post at her blog Enough Nonsense.  It’s really about time that someone pointed out that the world does not, and will not, change to accommodate the wishes of those of us who transition- lots of people seem to think that saying you have a medical diagnosis of being a transsexual means that people must treat you a certain way.  And when it doesn’t they think something is wrong with the world.  That’s one of the key problems with the transgender approach.

Half transition is not a cure for a “partial gender identity”.  That is patent nonsense.  Transition is for transsexuals and there are no half measures involved.  You either do it and accept the consequences or you leave it be.  People who think they can live between genders are fooling themselves and wrecking their lives.  And those who push this gender identity garbage have done major damage through their advocacy for a false construct both to themselves and their families, as well as to the overall state of transsexual medical treatment and public acceptance.

As a friend says, if your life isn’t better after transition than before, then what are you doing it for?  To live “authentically”, comes the refrain.  But that doesn’t really mean anything does it?  A life can be measured with objective criteria of happiness and fulfillment, and the transgender lifestyle fails at these tasks not because society simply doesn’t understand them (as it is with gays and lesbians to an extent), but because the transgender lifestyle itself creates misery.  It is not a legitimate way to live.  And you know why?  It’s axiomatic, and it’s what I just said.  TG produces a misery index every time it is injected into someone’s life and it causes demonstrable harm.  It misdirects a person’s time and energy away from handling their issues with false hope and false promises of a better life.

And once you tell everyone you are TG with the obligatory coming out routine that is prescribed for all trans* people, you can’t take it back.  It’s forever.  Unless of course you disappear and resurface.  But your ties with your family and other loved ones can never be untainted.  Trans carries a high price, a price that is denied by those who try to sell that snake oil.  If you try to transition and are not a transsexual you will quickly find that life becomes all but unlivable over time.  Visit any TG “community” and look around.  A bastion of hope and change it is not.

Do I say these things to harm people?  No, exactly the opposite.  I have seen first hand what trans does to people’s lives and it never turns out well.  By being straightforward, and even angry, I hope to impart an urgency and a truth to the dialog that doesn’t exist now.  The world is not a place where we can all just join hands and play let’s pretend and have everything magically appear the way we want it.  But neither is it the cold, cruel world the TG imagine must await them outside the ghetto walls.  You just have to be honest with yourself, and take that first step towards your future.

For some being truthful with yourself is the hardest thing you can do, as another friend just pointed out to me. (Hey Lisa! :))  But that’s where your life begins.

If you aren’t transsexual, don’t transition.  Sooner or later you will regret it.




Why I’m angry

October 30, 2010

…and you should be too.  One of the usual criticisms of any woman who speaks her mind is that she’s angry, as if it is completely illegitimate for a woman to ever be angry about anything.  If a woman expresses displeasure, she isn’t really angry about what she says she is.  No, it must have something to do with her silly irrelevant feelings.  Maybe she feels jilted and wants to take it out on everyone.  Who knows, women are such mysterious (ancillary) creatures it hardly matters.  Women should never be angry or have opinions, you see.

So when I get angry about some very real injustices it comes as no shock that most people who may otherwise agree with me criticize me for being angry.  I’m supposed to put up with all the the garbage with a smile and apologize for my own anger at being wronged.  It was an offense for me to speak up in the first place.  It’s a natural (sexist) double standard that both men and women enforce on women without thinking about it.  If you want people to like you, a woman can never be seen as “angry”.  It’s unfeminine to have opinions and to speak up for yourself.

I understand why people don’t want to be seen as mean or angry.  I understand that most people just want to get along and have others think nice things about them for the most part.  What I don’t understand is why others like me aren’t angry about our predicament at the hands of the GLBT.  Why aren’t they angry about gay men speaking for us?  Why aren’t they angry about the damage that has been done to our legal rights since the transgender have started impersonating us?  Why do they meekly accept whatever they are told?  Do they even feel vestigial anger, privately to themselves, at the injustice that they must feel on some level even if it is buried deep?

Then there is the phenomenon of people who agree with me yet feel the need to criticize me for a strident tone or being abrasive.  If you can think of a better way to start getting this point across to the know-nothings in the trans crowd, by all means go right ahead and put that plan into action.  It probably doesn’t occur to anyone that reasonable discussion has been tried, and resulted in the current situation.  No, angry writing isn’t going to solve the problem by itself.  But people speaking up and voicing opposition to the transsexual blackout that has characterized the situation for the last 15 years is a start.

When I say I am angry about a specific list of things, that’s actually what I am angry about.  There is no secret agenda at work here, I am not going hormonal.  I really, truly am pissed right off at gay politics and the lies told about transsexualism by the GLB-Tg.  That’s all there is to it.  I thought I was pretty clear about that, but apparently some people feel that the subtle nuance of my unbridled anger requires interpretation.  Let me assure you, that when people get pissed about being silenced and spoken for, that is what they are really pissed about.

So thanks for making excuses for me, to preserve my femininity.  Thanks for reducing -our- issue to one of some personal grievance that only I must have, to insulate your own feelings from criticism.  Thanks for sucking up to the people who use and abuse us so that you personally will be liked.  And most of all thanks for letting this abhorrent treatment of all of us to continue by your meek acquiescence.  I’m sure our masters appreciate it all.

I don’t apologize one bit for being angry at the shit that is still going on.  I have every right to this anger, and so do you.  And in fact I suppose I am angry at those of you who enable this state of affairs in their scramble to be seen as one of the good ones.  Have you so little respect for yourselves that you’d sell everyone else out to be liked?  Did you ever stop and think that part of the problem you feel the way you do is BECAUSE of the very people you seek approval from?

Calling gay men out on their misogyny is not homophobia.  The alphabet soup tried to blame Choi’s outburst on the military culture, but I’ve never, ever heard straight guys say these particular kinds of things about women even when they were being complete asses.  I’ve never heard straight guys get bitchy and call women “fish”.  This antipathy that exists in the GLBT towards women and therefore transsexual women is real, and it is at the source of all our problems with them.  If they had the least little bit of respect for any of us, they wouldn’t stand for this sexist, misogynistic behavior.  Making excuses for racists, sexists, gynophobes, and misogynists makes you as bad as the people you are defending.

As it stands, a large number of those who live in the assigned GLBT ghetto  still feel somewhat entitled to control our access to rights as much as they can, though this is changing.  The extent of that control is debatable, but the fact that many in the GLBT believe it is their right and duty to control us is cause enough for action.  We have made great strides, aided by the prevailing social winds, in turning back these unwanted advances.  We must continue to push back and finish the job.  We must see this through.

As strange as it must sound, women do get to feel offended when they are offended, and men of any sort are not the deciders of that issue.  Maybe the word hasn’t gotten around the world yet, but the minority card is no longer playable in here in the States.  You don’t get a free pass on racism, sexism, or any of those other isms by virtue of membership in some imperially-designated “minority” group.  Those days are over… this country is starting to change, and the pace of that change is going to accelerate.  People are leaving their assigned ghettos and starting to speak up.  This is a wonderful time to move issues forward.  The status quo is falling apart and the vacuum that will briefly exist is a perfect time to establish new paradigms.  Catastrophe is opportunity.

This isn’t the time to be timid.  This isn’t the time for fear.  We stand at the beginning of a new era and the sky is the limit.  We will all have choices to make soon, and our judgment must be guided by our hearts.  Not what we wish was true, but what we in our hearts know to be true.  Stand together with those who will go forward, or stand out of the way.  You can’t play both sides of the fence any more, you must choose.  And the choice is clear:  Either you continue to live in that cloud of darkness created and maintained by those who benefit at your expense, or you choose to walk out into the light and live on your own terms, without fear of retribution.

You can do this.  All you have to do is choose.

Bilerico’s Bil gets a taste of his own medicine

September 15, 2010

Some people may remember awhile back when Bil told us that transsexual and transgender are the same thing, declaring imperiously that it was merely a matter of semantics.  Well it seems he doesn’t like it when someone else does the same thing to him.  He whines here about one of his “allies” using the wrong language to describe his group:

After a co-host explains why the LGBT community doesn’t use “homosexual” to refer to itself, Uygur goes on an incredibly arrogant rant about how he’s “drawing a line in the sand” and refuses to say “gay,” “lesbian,” or even “LGBT.”

The sheer amount of privilege Uygur demonstrates so aptly is overwhelming. Not only does he refuse to refer to our community by the name we prefer, he sets himself up as the arbiter of what is or isn’t acceptable to gays and lesbians…

What’s good for the goose, Bil.


May 13, 2010

Pripyat was the company town for the Chernobyl facility.  It was home to 50,000 people whose lives revolved around keeping the reactors glowing.  Happy workers make for good production, and nuclear energy was a high priority for the government of the old Soviet Union.  So in a land of scarcity the residents of Pripyat were perhaps a little more equal than others.  Pripyat had all the trappings of a consumer city in the West, including an amusement park.

Today Pripyat is a ghost town.  It was evacuated in the immediate aftermath of the Chernobyl meltdown as panicked people fled.  They left life as they knew it and all their worldly possessions behind in the rush to escape the poisonous clouds drifting from the facility that had only yesterday been the source of their good fortune.

Today though the people have long gone, Pripyat yet stands.  It is a city frozen in time; a snapshot of the moment when its inhabitants disappeared on that fateful day 25 years ago.  Chalkboards still have lessons in the schools, plates sit on tables for meals that were never eaten.  Empty windows stare lifelessly at dead streets.


I was chatting with Cassandra the other day, reflecting on how much has changed on the internet with the whole TG thing.  In the early to mid 2000’s there was a party atmosphere among the TG.  ENDA was still a great hope and the DSM fight still held promise.  Anything was possible to the gender crowd, even the normalization of clothing fluidity for men, the transgender thesis which became “gender expression” in later days.

There was so much positive energy among the gender crowd, everyone from casual crossdressers to full time transvestites came out of their closets and formed an identity out of their behavior.  Effeminate gay men, long vilified by their own community and the country at large  became “non op transsexuals” to escape the stigma, spurred on by example of the crossdressers and the cheerleading of therapists following a misguided theory of sexual identity.  A virtual rainbow of behavior presented itself for public inspection- and demanded rights.

This was the height of transgender.

The contrast with today is striking.  With the twin hammer blows of a hostile DSM revision and the specter of a transsexual-only ENDA looming, the party atmosphere is long gone.  People have been quietly leaving the ranks of the TG and returning to their closets, shedding their aquired identities.  The explosion of transvestite vanity pages is a thing of the past.  Blogs fall silent.  Even the militant activists are resigned.  No champagne or streamers to be found anywhere.

Looking around the net at old messageboards and other transgender venues is like looking at Pripyat.  It’s a reminder of a time already past.  Only the clean up crew remains and soon even they will have to recuse themselves.  Their source of power, the transgender reactor core, has melted down and what once sustained life is now completely toxic.  Transgender has consumed itself and left only pollution behind.  And someday even that will disappear.

Here we go…

April 26, 2010

I’ve been working on another post, but there is a news story that jumped out at me that I wanted to share. Often we critics of “transgender” are accused of alarmism for pointing out the very real danger of unbalanced individuals using trans- status in the furtherance of their misdeeds, and the backlash that will inevitably result. Now it seems we have a prime example.

Man sues University Hospital over cross-dressing worker’s amorous pursuit

Chad Thrasher was a nurse convicted of sexual assault against Dereco Evans, a patient, at a Cincinatti hospital in 2009. During the trial it was revealed that Thrasher had fondled the patient’s privates leading to Thrasher’s conviction on charges of gross sexual imposition. Dereco Evans is now suing the hospital because, as the filing reads, the hospital should have known from the outset that Thrasher was “incompetent, inappropriate, or defective, and that his employment while masquerading as a member of the female gender in a hospital environment involved an unreasonable risk of harm to others”.

According to the legal mind behind one blog the hospital stands a good chance to beat the lawsuit because of the recent Smith v Salem ruling.

The case appears to rest on the shakiest of foundations — not least because Thrasher’s choice to present himself as a woman was protected under a landmark 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision that says employers may be held liable for discriminating against transsexuals based on their gender nonconformity. Smith v. City of Salem, 378 F.3d 566 (2004)

Some of the other details, while not entirely germane, provide clues as to what really went on. According to Evan’s lawsuit, there was some additional hanky panky.

Despite that, his suit alleges, hospital officials didn’t provide adequate safety and allowed Thrasher, dressed as a woman, to move his bed out of sight of the nurses station, fondle him, put lip gloss on him and passionately kiss him. The agencies and businesses sued allowed Thrasher “to dress and present himself to patients and the general public as a female member of defendants’ nursing and/or phlebotomy staff,” the suit notes.

If nothing else, it should be clear that this is yet another example of how male sexuality imposes itself on the transsexual “narrative”. Two men had sexual contact, and through the magic of “transgender”, the status of “transsexual” is put at risk and smeared in the public eye. It’s a deplorable state brought on entirely by the transgender lie.

But things are not all bad. If indeed the hospital raises the “transsexual” defense, although this Thrasher person is clearly just a male sexual predator wearing women’s clothes, the net result out of the courtroom will be that “transsexual” status is solidified. It may seem counter-intuitive at first but legally the concept of transsexual vs transgender will be fleshed out. I know privately that certain “TG” individuals chuckle with a sinister sort of glee every time “transsexual” gets smeared, but the last laugh is coming and it won’t be they who are having it.

Reality and common sense dictate that you can’t just have any person at random claiming “minority” status, and with the purposefully vague definition of “transgender” the law will have no way of addressing it. By its very nature the law cannot recognize an undefined transgender, and will seek to define it despite the best efforts of those who have spent so long trying to remain unbound by our silly labels. Their quest has been futile from the beginning.

Similarly, the quest to remove themselves from the DSM will fail simply because they have attached themselves to “transsexual”. As has been pointed out by others that was a HUGE mistake on their part. Because “transsexual” requires medical help, it will always be in the medical realm. There is no way to separate us from medicine, and therefore no way for “transgender” people to escape the psychs as long as they claim to be us.

A third outcome of the transgender campaign is an end to the notion that “transgender” will ever have any kind of “rights” associated with it. If anyone can be transgender simply by donning a skirt, it is impossible for the courts to address it and the lawmakers now crafting ENDA know this. Whatever comes out of the US Congress at this point is unlikely to be favorable to the weekend gender warriors.

The drive to destroy the so-called binary has at this point failed and the sooner they recognize that the sooner we can all move on. It’s unfortunate that they used the rhetoric of freeing men and women from the bounds of sexism, because that is a worthy goal. Their effort was disingenuous from the outset, due to the attempt to hide their true intent, and this sort of dishonesty always comes back to haunt you in the end.

There will be a backlash against TG, as part of an overall societal tide away from such outlandish rhetoric. This will also fall on the sort of feminism from which TG sprang which told us there are no differences between men and women except what we imagine. As a result men and women will face even more restrictive gender roles in the near future.

The strategy of hiding the truth of “transgender” in a sea of swirling mists has completely backfired and the truth is coming into play against transgender supporters at long last. Each new case against these “transgender” criminals will only harm that concept and finally put it to rest. In the end, when it comes to this subject, it will be transsexual or nothing.


February 21, 2010

The transgender seem to be confused about rights. They don’t know what they really are, they just know they don’t have them. Like everything else when it comes to transgender they are long on words and short on specifics. You can’t really pin down TG philosophers to any particular position; nothing said is ever definitive. It’s all vague, rhetorical, and ever changing depending on the questions being dodged. That’s the nature of discourse when the truth is being obscured. Some transgender supporters recently even started to make noises of reconciliation with classic transsexuals and others who have issues with them. It should go without saying that they have not changed and their words should be ignored.

The fact remains that no matter how it is repackaged, transgender is intentionally harmful to transsexual. The concepts are wholly incompatible, and no amount of false promises or sweet talk will change that. Transgender simply cannot exist on its own without attaching itself to something real, i.e. the transsexual birth condition. It is necessary that transsexual is erased in this process in order for transgender to carry on. Anyone who supports the transgender version of reality needs to own this and admit to it. Moreover, there was never a time when the transgender intended to do right by us, so it begs belief that they all of a sudden have seen the light and will soon admit that we have separate “conditions”.

There is no middle ground here. Transgender “compromise” means that the other side gives up entirely and is destroyed. The concept of political correctness has been turned inside out to accomplish this by silencing people who are critical of transgender ways and means. This is a common pattern in politics these days.

It’s the fundamental dishonesty of the transgender “paradigm” that is so irksome. Everyone knows it’s utter nonsense, but we are all supposed to pretend that there is such a thing as people who are born with biological variance in their learned adult gender roles; a kind of intersex condtion that only affects clothing. We are supposed to pretend there is nothing sexual about what the transgender do. And while we are doing all this pretending, we are supposed to keep quiet and not be bothered by all the harm the transgender sexual fantasy does to real people out here. Harm to our reputations, our jobs, our legal status, and especially our families. We are supposed to bear this burden for them and accept all these things as our own, in silence.

It’s time to start speaking the truth about this. The original purpose of political correctness was to remind those with privilege that they have been blessed, and that they should remember that others aren’t as fortunate in a given social order. It was supposed to be about awareness and helping people understand each other. It has since lost its original meaning and now is employed to silence dissent.

The reason the transgender have been so heavy handed in their silencing of transsexual women is that they don’t want their secrets told. Classic transsexual people know exactly who the transgender are, probably better than anyone else. And if we choose to we can spill the beans to those in authority who can make things happen at the various levels of government. It was always a nuclear option that no one wanted to exercise, but the political situation is deteriorating rapidly.

The pace of transgender repudiation is picking up, and things are going to get worse. Out of sheer survival instinct it may be that some people have to make the case for difference clearly and sharply to those in the government who are about to come down on the trangender like a ton of bricks over the next few years. The transgender can hardly complain about this, as it has been their position since the start that they were willing to see transsexuals and their rights destroyed, spent on transgender wants.

Transgender is a choice, a political fiction at best. The true goal of transgender activists is to create a protected category with co-equal status to race and ethnicity under the law. Then, any member of the “majority” who finds themselves with a hankering for alternative sexuality can live it 24-7 with impunity. Much as political correctness has been twisted to its opposite end, laws aimed at protecting equality will be twisted to serve the needs of people who would not otherwise have access to such things. And in the process it will cheapen the law and have a decidedly negative impact on the rights of true minorities.

Far more than transsexual existence is at stake here- the transgender political “movement” is one of the many symptoms of our crumbling society and in its own little way it can contribute to the assault on the institutions that define our social fabric. These institutions cannot survive if their founding principles are debased by this kind of trickery. And there a thousand of these little cronyist schemes coming down the pike as people struggle to get their pound of flesh before the inevitable collapse of the current political environment.

There is no comparison between “transgender” and race, and no basis in rational law for creating protections out of whole cloth for people’s chosen sexual behavior, or their dysfunctional coping mechanisms. Any such parallel drawn by transgender activists to the civil rights struggle of African Americans and others is horribly insulting and completely wrong. It’s disgusting that this is going on. And I resent my condition being held up as an excuse for what they are doing.

I have a right to voice my dissent for this wrongdoing, and so does everyone else. No amount of phony political correctness is enough to take away our right to free speech on this matter. It is my reputation at stake and I have no choice about that. We classic transsexual people have not been given choice of non-involvement, due to the accident of our birth being exploited by opportunists who think its their right to create a brave new world of their own design over the wishes of everyone else.

This protest against the blatant power-mongering going on is the very essence of politics and political speech. It is thus protected speech here in the United States, and we all have a right to speak. There is no political correctness clause that can trump our right to free and unfettered speech in this matter. Simply put, any demands for silence by transgender supporters are flat out wrong and should be met with harsh criticism. And that goes for anyone who is tired of tg nonsense, whether you are classic transsexual, a gay man or lesbian woman fed up with the whole thing, a family member, or anyone else negatively impacted by this toxic “philosophy”. Speak up! It is your right. There will soon come a time and place when your voice will count for far more than all the years of transgender skullduggery combined.

The truth has a ring. Make sure the right people hear it.

A definitive test for transsexualism

January 30, 2010

The single defining characteristic of transsexual syndrome is the complete and total rejection of the of one’s reproductive sex. Specifically, the physical “markers” caused by male- or female-typical hormone milieus as a person matures cause a feeling of horror and revulsion. The most important “marker” of course being the genitalia. This is why there can be no such thing as a “non op” transsexual. If a person does not experience the symptom of having a problematic physical condition, i.e. rejecting the “markers” on their body, then it is not transsexualism. This is also why phrases like “woman trapped in a man’s body” do not really make sense to the person suffering from transsexualism: It is my body, I am a woman… things are just messed up and need to be fixed. Phrases designed for gay men 100 years ago should be cast aside.

There has been great difficulty in isolating this syndrome in the brain up until recently. There have been some interesting differences found in the hypothalamus, which point to biological causation. There have also been some recent in vivo studies done with the emerging fMRI technology that show the actual operation of the brain as being “cross sexed” with respect to reproductive sex. But the answer remains elusive because we continue to remain mired in the gender paradigm.

The problem is that even though these scientists are approaching the issue from a neurological perspective, they overlay social concepts of “gender” onto the results and indeed even predicate some of the work on it. In certain cases, they look for “gender markers” in the brain and seek out behavioral roots in white and gray matter. While this may be fascinating in a general sense to understand the differences between men and women, it does little to help a diagnosis of transsexualism.

There is so much overlap in many of the aspects of the brain between the (reproductive) sexes and without a more laser-like focus on specifics it is unlikely we will see anything like a “man brain” or “woman brain” model developed for quite some time. Without looking at what makes the brains truly dichotomous, and instead focusing on broad cognitive factors that exhibit themselves as behavior, we are stuck at the level of regarding everything on a sliding scale. This of course feeds into the less-than-helpful gender paradigm.

The fMRI technology can be put to more interesting uses in this area. Recently, a researcher hypothesized that the rejection of the primary “sex marker”, the penis, by “MtF transsexuals” was due to its not having a representation in the brain. Post operatively, transsexual women do not experience “phantom limb” after correction. This is a common characteristic of all those who experience “true”, or “classic” transsexualism. The findings indicate quite simply that the penis is not recognized by the brain as it is in males, giving us our first clue about the real transsexual condition. This of course could lead to all sorts of problems such as the perception of deformity, etc. This is transsexualism in a nutshell.

Using this as the fundamental diagnostic criterion a series of studies could be done to model the rest of the “transsexual brain” to look for other commonalities and finally unlock the truth behind transsexual syndrome. A more comprehensive model of the brain would follow, exposing areas that are closer to absolute in their dimorphism and leaving aside those with too much overlap to be of use. This could be carried out in conjunction with post-mortem studies cross referenced to relate the function being observed to physical structures being cataloged in a laboratory setting.

In the meantime, knowledge of this test could be used to aid diagnosis and fast track those who need surgery. Having a physiological test for a (now) physiological problem would have a greatly beneficial effect on efforts to have transsexualism removed from the mental disorder category. We completely remove the identity paradigm from our situation. No more hack sexologists trying to rule us.

Medical practitioners could use this one-to-one relationship of test-to-surgical-need to change the nature of how transsexualism is treated by insurance companies, reinforcing the stance that the AMA recently took. In doing this, they open the pathway for broad reimbursement of treatment as we now have a physical test for a physical malady. This is a strong case for insurance coverage.

In the process of placing it squarely in the medical realm, we also remove transsexualism completely from the gay world. Everyone will finally be able to see that this is not a “gender” or sexual orientation issue, because being gay does not require any treatment.

The association of natural sexual orientation with the physiological pathology of transsexualism has been entirely harmful to the equal rights movement for lesbian women and gay men. As a further result, the discovery of the real transsexual condition by medicine would stop the co-option of Intersex by the remains of the discredited gay lobby, as the wall of separation comes crashing down and it becomes politically impossible to reach through TS to get to IS. This should help spur the creation of a new rights movement to replace the GLBT with something that works. Achieving this separate state stands to benefit everybody involved in the politics here.

Those who do show this “representation of the penis” in the brain when tested could still access “gender change” through existing GID protocols, up to and including surgery if indicated by psychiatrists and psychologists. Or as more and more “classic transsexual” people have been forced to do, via “elective” surgery overseas.

It is time that those of us who were born to difference once again become the focus of the treatment designed to help us. Catering to the needs of non-transsexual people has wreaked havoc on our already-poor public image and has decimated the system put in place to help us. We have done enough tearing down over the years. Now it’s time to start building again.