What is transsexual?

Transsexualism is a birth condition in which a person is neurologically “intersexed” with respect to their reproductive sex.  Physiological features and functions of the brain are at odds with the primary and secondary characteristics of the body.  The symptoms of this condition were outlined by Jan Wållinder:

1. A sense of belonging to the opposite sex, of having been born into the wrong sex, of being one of nature’s extant errors.

2. A sense of estrangement with ones own body; all indications of sex differentiation are considered afflictions and repugnant.

3. A strong desire to resemble physically the opposite sex via therapy including surgery.

4. A desire to be accepted by the community as belonging to the opposite sex.

It is common for people to assume the symptoms are the cause, however this is inaccurate.  Transsexualism is not a psychological condition.  The cause is physical, either genetic or developmental in some fashion, just as with other birth defects.  The specifics behind the condition are currently unknown although there is some promising research into this area.

Despite the lack of a detailed cause and effect schema, the there is already an extremely effective treatment available.  Some sources put satisfaction rates after treatment at near 99% (excluding non-transsexual people who access the treatment for their own reasons).

Transsexual is not a expression of one’s clothing and sexual practices. (see transgender)

Transsexual is not avoidance of being gay. (see transgender)

Transsexual IS a birth defect with a known treatment.

That’s all there is to it.


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