Why not “transgender”?

People need to know that no matter who you are- transvestite, someone who believes they suffer from “GID”, or transsexual man or woman, nobody has the right to force you into the political ghetto known as transgender. Those who push that identity onto you are committing an act of political violence by taking away your rights and your voice.  They are forcing you to accept something that benefits them, not you.

Argument Of The Beard: Assuming that two ends of a spectrum are the same, since one can travel along the spectrum in very small steps. The name comes from the idea that being clean-shaven must be the same as having a big beard, since in-between beards exist.

Claims of transgender dominion over transsexual people always begin with this logical fallacy.  Forgetting for the moment that the cherished transgender spectrum is a myth, let’s accept their premise for argument’s sake and see where that leads.

The overarching idea used to legitimate transgender identity is that crossdressing is a lesser form of transsexualism.  Followers of transgender “philosophy” state that there are grades of transgenderism, from closet crossdresser to full time transvestite, to post operative transsexual man or woman.  Therefore, in their estimate, every degree of crossdressing is transsexual.  The next step is to turn the relationship around and state that transsexual is part of transgender, thus creating a general case and relegating the true phenomenon to a mere subset of the false.


“Transgender” is such a specialized topic that few people really understand it, and what little study there has been on this social phenomenon has been confounded by political concerns of the researchers as well as the activities of transgender activists themselves. Though the underlying factors are relatively simple, it will take some time to fully explore the cause and effect of the “transgender condition” as well its place in the gay (and sometimes lesbian) movement.

Most of what I write is directed at the misappropriation of the transsexual condition by “transgender” activists, who use this purposeful confusion to further their own ends. There are victims of the transgender paradigm who never speak out because of the bullying that goes on and the general toxicity of the subject. Because of my views of “transgender”, and based on the pattern of behavior as well as who the victims are, I can’t help but feel this is a case of men abusing women. And not just “transsexual” women who speak up. There is an increasing insistence that “transgender” people be admitted to “women’s space”, and that “transfeminism” must come first in feminist discourse.


Another extremely troubling aspect of this transgender identity paradigm is the way it requires children be placed into a category that includes sexual fetishists, etc. and then plunges them into a highly-charged political situation. Worried parents reach out for answers and find “transgender” experts, who guide them along a path that is designed to create a particular world view.

These transgender “experts”, activists really, have been influencing the discourse among professional colleagues who accept the labeling scheme at face value, not realizing that their desire to avoid sexualizing children with a word like “transsexual” (as they see it) is actually a move to create a change in society.  That part is politics, not treatment.  And by adopting the “transgender” term and applying it to children due to this distaste for the “sex” part of the word transsexual, they are actually accomplishing the very thing they were trying to avoid; forcing the sexuality aspect onto children and associating them with sexual “deviations” such as transvestitism, as well as the whole gamut of very adult sexual behaviors that transgender describes.

Children become political pawns in the game between activists and those who oppose them. Neither this danger to children nor the pushing of “transgender” people into traditionally “women’s territory” would be possible without the precursor of there being such a thing as transsexualism. That is why the first move the activists made was to solidify the strong desires of the disorganized “gender crowd” into a cohesive form, using the excuse of the medical condition known as transsexualism.

Proselytizers such as Virginia Prince worked the transvestite club circuit, preaching freedom from shame under the transgenderist rubric. It was like manna from heaven to people starved for self-esteem. That is why the word “transgenderist” was coined in the first place; to remove stigma from male crossdressing.  As time went on supporters of this term saw that it was necessary to dominate any discourse because of the duplicitous nature of the claims that later arose.  From Arnold Lowman’s original term “transgenderist”, the transgender paradigm took shape.

The problem was that it needed legitimacy, and the first place they found it was in transsexualism.  It was an easy mark because so few people suffer from it, and transvestites (crossdressers) can mimic some of the symptoms to unwary practitioners and an ignorant general public.  Transitioners through the earlier years, those transsexual people who were in current or recent treatment, protested this outrage and it became necessary to erase and silence them from the conversation lest they reveal the big secret.  From the beginning a “loud, brash” narcissistic transvestite was in charge and that pattern continues to this day. Prince’s initial politicking enabled the spiritual successors that now occupy that position in the transgender sideshow.

Transsexualism is a very specific condition, with a very specific treatment. Transgender is a purposefully opaque term that attempts to occupy as many people’s lives as it can. The other people claimed by transgender politicians are just as much a victim of this political monster as any person born with the transsexual condition.  This includes not only current and post-transsexual men and women, but also gay men and lesbian women in general.

The costs to the equal rights movement for gays and lesbians at this point are mounting, as the non-marriage oriented part of their movement has ground to a halt due to the “transgender rights” aspect.  What is especially difficult to stomach in this situation is that the non-transgender groups , such as PFLAG and the many local activist organization who are for transgender inclusion are supportive mainly because they are thinking “transsexual” when they support “transgender”.  Open minded and supportive though they are, I doubt that they would be nearly as strong in their support if they knew the truth about transgender.

Transgender people are escaping from the stigma of being gay and/or the stigma of having a sexual fetish through the adoption of a cross-sexed persona.

That’s it.

Earlier I wrote about non-transgender groups who suffer under the gender paradigm; children, transsexual-born people, and women.  There is another group of people that is mistreated by the gender paradigm and its politics- the “transgender” themselves. There are quite a number of transvestites who claim the GID diagnosis as a rationale for their “transition”, just as they claim to be “transsexual”.  But that is merely a smokescreen.

There is a big difference between people who are confused by their feelings, and the loud, arrogant transvestites who tend to rise to the “top” of the transgender subculture. The big boys are not confused at all about who and what they are; they are just confused about what kind of “rights” it gives them over other people’s lives.

There is no consensus among believers on whether GID is truly a “gender condition” or something else. But there does seem to be a group of deeply troubled individuals who need help coping with whatever causes the symptoms of this “GID”. It is for them, in part, that I write this page.

I think they are getting horrible advice from the full-time transvestites who currently exploit this diagnosis. It is my  opinion that at some point GID will be explained as a person’s an attempt to escape the horrible shame that occurs in a society that strongly disapproves of homosexuality. Until this can be explored in psychology and other treatment-related vocations, the harm will continue.

The way to deal with shame is not to deny that it exists.

Activists who preach freedom for “transgender” people to “be themselves” while ignoring this reality do a grave disservice to those who really should be figuring out the truth.  John Money’s gender paradigm casts a long shadow, throwing everything into darkness and leaving people fumbling for answers.  Certain people who are bent on making a difference in the world, as they say, are opportunistically using this situation to their advantage.

The “transgender” mantra consists of telling people they must “come out”, and “transition” in some degree to make themselves comfortable, and to make a the world a better place. Why? Before you think of advice from certain therapists and other supporters of the transgender paradigm, ask yourself what there is to be gained by what you are doing.  Remember, despite claims to the contrary, there are no therapists who are true “gender experts” because there is no true understanding of what GID is.  That can’t be, because gender is a philosophy and doesn’t have a clinical aspect, does it?  Such is the nature of this “condition”, and shame is a poor guide to the truth.

The consequences of “coming out” as “transgender” are just as irreversible to your family as any surgery.

This is the injustice committed when those with transvestic issues conflate their belief in “GID” with transsexualism to hide their motives and political activities. The wishes of those who desire to crossdress freely supersede the mental health of the “GID” sufferer, the health of those coping with transsexualism, the rights and well-being of lesbian women and gay men, and the identity and needs of the intersex. No one touched by this foul, false mixture of two separate conditions benefits except those who created it in the first place- the transvestites who currently dominate the “gender identity” discourse of the GLBT.

The taint of that lie poisons everything the GLBT is currently trying to do; there is nothing to be gained by fighting for the rights of sexual fetishists. The costs of linking the “rights” of full-time transvestites to the social equality of gay men and lesbian women are high.

It is for these reasons that I say no to the false construct of transgenderism. It is a lie whose time has passed. There is a better way for everyone, and that includes the very people who propagate this lie. We will all be better off when truth returns, and transgender is behind us in the dustbin of bad ideas.

We all deserve better!


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